Throughout the year we hope to share what we have been learning and enjoying in Primary 1. The children love it when you leave a comment about their work and experiences. Please do this at the bottom of the page.

Friday 26th June 2015

We have had a busy week. We’ve been learning about first aid and keeping safe. It was very exciting in class on Monday because Mrs Santos brought three special visitors – Guide dogs! She told us all about how the guide dogs help people who are blind and she told us how she trains the dogs. The dogs were adorable and so well behaved apart from Mickey because he was so excited to see us!

“I liked when the guide dogs came.” Innes

“I liked when we learned what to do if someone is unconscious.” Josh

” I liked going to watch Primary 1A’s assembly. ” Ella

“I liked telling everyone about my asthma and showing them how I use my inhaler.” Leah

“I liked learning what to do if someone breaks their arm.” Syafiah



Friday 5th June 2015

We had lots of fun when we went to Dirleton Castle on Wednesday. We hope you liked our slideshow. Many thanks to all the parents who came with us on our trip.

“I liked when we tried to attack Dirleton Castle. I liked when Max’s dad fired his bow and arrow at us!” Innes

” I liked sliding down the hills at Dirleton Castle and dancing in the Great Hall.” Erin

“I liked going in the Prison.” Katrine

“I liked seeing the toilets they had to use.” Leah

“I liked going to the great hall.” Syafiah

“I liked seeing the toilet.” Brandon.

P1 Visit Dirleton Castle Part 2! on PhotoPeach

Friday 29th May 2015

This week we worked really hard to prepare for our assembly. We felt a bit nervous but it was lots of fun! We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as us. Today we felt really proud because Ms Macartney gave the whole class a  positive referral for all our hard work. Well done P1B! You were amazing!

“I liked doing our assembly. My favourite bit was gymnastics.” Innes

“I liked BOSS clubs. My club is the treasure hunt club.” Syafiah

“I liked doing the phonics quiz.” Robyn

“I liked ending my story about Merida.” Aurla

“I liked doing my story about Merida too.” Brandon

” I liked assembly. I liked dancing at the end.” Katrine

“I liked assembly and doing the dancing too.” Leah

“I liked my Make Up Boss Club.” Ella

” I liked doing the Scottish dance at the end.” Max

Friday 15th May 2015

We have really enjoyed Science week and it was great fun when our parents came today to help us learn about floating and sinking. Thank you!

” I liked ‘Get Fizzy’ (Generation Science workshop). My favourite bit was when the foam came out the tube. It was like an explosion!” Josh

” I liked when mum came. I liked the boat race.” Katrine

” I liked writing about my evil character in Brave.  I drew and wrote about a ghost. She had a special pointy finger that made magic spells.” Erin

” I liked when mum and dad came and we had a boat race.” Max

” I liked my parents coming to my school.” Syafiah

“I liked BOSS clubs. I am in the doodle club.” Liam

” I liked writing about Merida.” Robyn

” I liked learning about Scientists.” Lucas

” I liked writing about the wicked character. My character was balloon man!” Innes

” I liked learning about pushes, pulls and twists and finding them in the classroom.” Emilie

I liked my BOSS club. I had to go on a treasure hunt and I find lots of coins in the playground.” Leah
Friday 24th April 2015

It has been a great first week back. We have really enjoyed our mini topic ‘Healthy Me’. We  would like to share our favourite activities with you.

“I liked doing fitness with Martin from Bannatyne” Max

“I liked making fruit and vegetable collage face.” Innes

“I liked doing fitness with Martin.” Josh

“We liked making the fruit face.” Emilie and Robyn

“I liked doing yoga.” Lucas

“I liked telling everyone about Tae Kwon Do and showing them a side kick.” Jacob

“I liked telling everyone about swimming.” Ellie

Next week we will be starting our new topic Castles. We can’t wait!

Friday 27th March 2015

Below are our favourite moments from this week.

“I liked making rhubarb sponge. I might make it at home. I liked gymnastics too and showing my mummy and daddy my video.” Innes

“I liked learning to be a waiter. I am looking forward to next Tuesday when our cafe is open to our special visitors. I want to be the Chef.” Jacob

“I liked looking after the tomatoes which we planted last week with Josh.” Max

“I liked when the parents came in for Parents Evening. They liked my jotter.” Josh

“I liked the Easter assembly with Mrs Atkins and Mrs Taylor.” Lucas

“I liked the Easter assembly too.” Ella

“I liked being a customer in the cafe and Mrs Taylor was the waitress!” Emilie

“I liked doing gymnastics and watching everyone’s videos.” Erin

“I liked when my daddy came in. I liked showing my daddy my jotter. He said wow!” Robyn

“I liked when my daddy came in too.” Aurla


Friday 20th March 2015

We had a brilliant start to the week. Mrs Santos brought in her bread maker so we could make our own bread for our cafe. It was so much fun. Thank you Mrs Santos!! We made the whole school hungry because you could smell the bread baking throughout the school. We read and sequenced the Little Red Hen story to help us remember where flour comes from…..a vital ingredient for bread! Later in the week we made vegetable pizza. It was so delicious lots of us had seconds. We wrote a recipe for our pizza so we can make it again at home. Some of our Cafe customers might want a copy too.

Throughout the week some of us have been sharing our favourite healthy snacks and recipes. Josh and Aurla made some yummy healthy smoothies which they brought in for us to sample. Miss Craig was very impressed with Innes’s vegetable lasagne. She thought it looked amazing and has taken a copy of the recipe so she can make it at home at the weekend!

On Tuesday, Josh the Newhailes gardener, came to school to help us sew tomato and courgette seeds. We now need to water them everyday. Josh is then going to take them back to grow at Newhailes. After the Easter holidays we will go to Newhailes and help him look after the vegetables and learn more about gardening.

In Phonics we learned about the letters that make the ‘I’ sound – igh, ie and y. We learned to read and write lots of different words with this sound. It’s a tricky sound so we are practising it more next week.

In Numeracy we are continuing to use money to pay for items and give change so we can use the money correctly in the Cafe.

In PE we continued to develop our travelling and balancing skills. We filmed our work on the apparatus and we are looking forward to sharing our mini films with our parents at the Child-led parents evening next Tuesday.

In RME we learned all about visiting a Mosque and used different 2D shapes to make a collage of a Mosque.

We were in a bit of a rush this morning but some of us managed to share our favourite activities from the week. Jacob really enjoyed your smoothie Josh. You will have to give him a copy of your recipe.

“I liked making my Mosque picture.” Max

“I liked Josh’s vegetable smoothie.” Jacob

“I liked making Pizza.” Syafiah

“I liked making bread.” Brandon

“Gymnastics was fun.” Erin

The children are very excited about next Tuesday’s Parents Evening. They are really looking forward to sharing their learning. They have lots to show and tell you! I look forward to seeing you with your child at your allocated time. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Craig

Friday 6th March 2015

Today we had lots of fun at our ‘Come Learn With Us’ Literacy event. Thank you to all the mums and dads who came in and helped us read and sequence the ‘How to grow Cress’ instructions. Hopefully our cress will grow soon and our funny tub faces will get some green hair!

This week we have been learning to recognise different coins in Maths and use them to pay for different foods. We made some super purses, wallets and piggy banks! Robyn’s mummy showed us a £5 coin this morning. It was very big and heavy! We think that is why they don’t make them anymore. Robyn’s mummy also showed us a coin from Denmark. It had a whole in the middle and a very pretty heart pattern.

Our ‘book of the week’ this week was ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. We made our own books to retell the story and an Oliver puppet. We are practising to tell the story without the book and hope to share it with Primary 2 soon. We tasted some of the different vegetables from Oliver’s Vegetables and we used our senses to describe them. We really liked the carrots and red cabbage. The rhubarb was very sour. Only Max, Ella, Katrine, Innes and Liam liked it. Next week we are looking forward to making some soup with the vegetables. In the next few weeks we hope to make a rhubarb crumble or sponge and see if we like rhubarb better when it is cooked.

“I liked tasting the vegetables.” Jacob

“I liked tasting and smelling the vegetables.” Ellie

“I liked trying the vegetables.” Josh

“I liked when my dad came in to ‘Come learn with us.’ We planted cress.” Syafiah

“I liked when my mum came.” Emilie

“I liked when we tasted the vegetables.” Katrine

Friday 27th February 2015

Our new topic is the Cafe. We  had a vote and we have decided to call our Cafe the Happy  Cafe. This week we talked about our favourite Cafes and Restaurants and shared our favourite foods. We are making a cafe in our role play area. We made menus and we made food and drinks. Ellie brought in a super cookbook for our topic and we are looking forward to making some delicious foods from her book.

In Maths we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been practising to add 1, 2 and 3 to lots of different numbers quickly.

In Phonics we have been revising the ‘ai/ay’ sound and making and reading lots of words with this sound.

We also learned about Churches and made stained glass windows which made our class look very pretty.

In PE we were practising our gymnastic skills. Emilie amazed us by doing the splits all the way along the bench!!

“I liked making my model of food.” Josh

“I liked making a menu for our cafe.” Innes

“I liked gymnastics. I liked doing the splits on the bench.” Emilie

“I liked reading my new book, The Dolphin Pool.” Kenzie

“I liked gymnastics. I liked jumping from the bench.” Brandon
Friday 13th February 2015

We had a fantastic start to the week because we went to watch an amazing performance by O’Duo. They are very talented percussionists and the children were mesmerised! Ellie particularly liked when they performed the music from Harry Potter. Jacob got chosen to play some of their instruments and even performed with Olly and Owen in front of the whole school. The children are looking forward to learning to play different percussion instruments in Music after the February break. 

On Wednesday, despite the cold, we had a great time at Edinburgh Zoo. We were able to share our knowledge about penguins and learned even more facts during the workshop. When we went to see the penguins we couldn’t believe how fast they could swim in the water. We also went to see the Pandas. The boy panda was very alert and munching on lots of bamboo. The zookeeper gave us some bamboo to snap. We tried…and tried…..and tried but it was too hard and no one could do it. Pandas must be so strong!

At the zoo we also went to see the Meerkats, Monkeys, Chimps and Sun Bears. Sadly we ran out of time to see other animals. There were lots of tired children on the bus on the way home. Some of the children even fell asleep and I managed to capture them on camera!! Many thanks to our parent helpers for accompanying us. They helped make our first trip a great success. I have taken some photographs and will put these on the website as soon as possible. My holiday homework is to learn to make a slideshow!

On Thursday our popular Polar Land topic came to an end with an imaginary visit to the Antarctic. The children returned Cuddles to his family. They enjoyed stories and hot chocolate and marshmallows with all the penguins. I think some of the children were a bit disappointed about not going to the ‘real’ Antarctic but I don’t think the PFG would help subsidise that trip!

I hope you all have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 23rd February.

Friday 30th January 2015

We are really enjoying our Polar Lands topic. This week we learned some fascinating facts about Emperor Penguins because Cuddles is a baby emperor penguin. We also learned about some of the other animals that live in the Antarctic. Did you know that an elephant seal lives in the Antarctic? It has a little trunk and we thought it looked very strange! Mrs Smail is a talented cake maker and she helped us make Cuddles using fondant icing. It was tricky but so much fun. When our penguins dry we are going to add them to our Antarctic landscapes we made in art.

It’s brilliant that so many children have been talking about their learning at home and making ice. We have had lots of icebergs in our water tray this week …..we even had an red ice rink for Minnie! Thank you and well done P1B. This week in Science we carried out an experiment to find out the quickest way to melt ice. Lots of us thought it would be Mr Gray’s special salt but it was the hot water. Next week we will be finding out what happens to water when we heat it.

In literacy this week we learned all about the tricky ‘er’ sound. Well done to the boys and girls who worked out that it was Erin who has the er sound in her name! In reading we worked very hard to use our sound knowledge and blending skills to read lots of different words. We have been learning all about the features of non fiction/fact books. We even used labels from our book to make our own labelled diagram of an emperor penguin!

Our story book of the week was ‘Up and Down’ by Oliver Jeffers which is all about a penguin who wants to fly. In Writing we wrote amazing stories about how we could help Cuddles fly. We also worked with our literacy buddies to help us learn to spell tricky words.

In Numeracy we have been practising our counting and sequencing skills. We have also been learning to add using the count on strategy. As part of our mental maths, Primary 5 have been helping us learn our +1 and +2 number facts. Each Monday we practise our facts then try to get as many flashcard sums correct in 2 minutes. It’s lots of fun.

In PE we continued to develop our football skills by practising our dribbling and passing skills. On Wednesday the Wake Up Shake Up leaders taught us a dance to Happy Feet. Next week we are going to add our own dance steps to create our own dances.

On Thursday we had a great time at our mini ceilidh. There were lots of smiley faces! Grace impressed us hugely with her amazing dance steps. We loved the Scottish stories Mrs N – thank you! Well done to the boys and girls that stood up and shared their poem with the rest of P1 and P2.

Have a good weekend everyone! Remember to watch Andy Murray on Sunday morning and cheer him on. I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

Friday 23rd January 2015

We have had a very busy week in P1B.

“I liked using different materials to make the Antarctic. Next week we are going to use icing to make penguins and fish.” Innes

“I liked learning about Antarctica. It’s really cold there and there are no trees because it’s so cold.” Josh

“I liked doing BOSS clubs. My club was gymnastics.” Emilie

“I liked making the Antarctica.” Brandon

“I liked when we put the water outside and it turned into ice!” Leah

“I liked making the star snowflakes. Star has the ‘ar’ sound in it. That’s our sound of the week.” Robyn

” I liked making the ice by putting it in the freezer and outside.” Jacob

“I liked making the snowflakes.” Ella

Friday 16th January 2015

This week our sound was ‘ng’. We enjoyed making and reading lots of ‘ng’ words. When we were practising the action we had to pretend we had big muscles and lift heavy weights. It was funny. We have all been working really hard to spell our key words. Well done everyone! We have also been practising our Scottish poem ‘Twa Leggit Mice.’ Some of us even recited it to the whole class on our own. We are looking forward to performing it at our school assembly next Thursday.

In Maths we have been learning to add two to different numbers really fast. We have been practising adding with bigger numbers and using different words to describe the position of objects such as between, beside, under, on, above etc.

We are really enjoying our Polar Lands topic. We watched a mini documentary about teachers going to the Antarctic. It was called ‘Teachers in the freezer’. If you type the title into your search bar you can watch it on your computer at home too. We learned lots of interesting facts about what it would be like to live there. We also made friends for Cuddles and wrote about our penguins in writing. In Art we made amazing winter landscape pictures. We can’t wait to show them all.

In HWB we read the book ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ and thought about ways we can be kind and helpful to others and fill their imaginary buckets.

We had lots of fun in dance with P2. We learned a brilliant Scottish dance. Thank you for teaching us P2.

“I liked learning about Cuddles.’ Innes

“I liked writing about the penguin I made. He is best friends with Cuddles.” Aurla “I liked that too.” Robyn

“I liked making the igloo for Cuddles.”

“I liked writing about Cuddles.” Josh

“I liked making the snowflakes.” Erin “Me too.” Brandon

“We liked making the snowflakes too.” Katrine and Ella

Friday 9th January 2015

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas. This week we started our new topic/IDEA which is called Polar Lands. We are very excited about our new topic because we have a penguin in our classroom called Cuddles! We are helping him get back home.

“I liked making friends for Cuddles. My penguin is called Mittens.” Aurla

“I liked making my penguin too. My penguin is called Anna.” Katrine

“I liked writing about Cuddles.” Josh

“I liked building things to help Cuddles get home to Antarctica” Innes.

” I liked practising my sounds and the Chip Shop story.” Brandon

” I liked making a home for Cuddles. We have an igloo and a snow cave.” Ella


Friday 28th November 2014

Wow! Lots of the class brought in their robots they made at home. They were AMAZING! They enjoyed sharing their robots with Lennox the Lion from Musselburgh library who visited us on Thursday.

This week we learned about astronauts and stars. We had lots of fun designing our own constellations and Josh told us about the Observatory in Edinburgh. We also learned about Vincent Van Gogh and made fantastic  Starry Night Pictures. Mrs Naysmith wants to put them in frames and display them in her house!

In literacy we learned about the sounds ‘oo’ and ‘ee’ and wrote about being astronauts on the moon. In Numeracy we have been learning to add and tell the time in hours.

We have also been busy practising for the Christmas Show. We made donkey headbands with Mrs Walker. They look super cute!

Friday 21st November

This week we have had lots of fun reading the books from our Bookbug Packs and carrying out different activities related to the books such as designing our own robots and predicting where the kitten would go at the end of Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten. We also thought about what we would draw if we were lost for words like Tapir in ‘Lost for words.’by Natalie Russell. Next week we are going to vote for our favourite book at assembly. I wonder which one will win?

“I like Princess Penelope and the runaway kitten best.” Robyn

“Robot Rumpus is my favourite.” Innes

“I like Robot Rumpus too.” Lucas

Here are our favourite moments this week….

“I liked drawing my ‘Lost for words’ picture.” Syafiah

“I liked designing my own robot.” Liam

“I liked practising our songs for the Christmas show.” Katrine

“I liked doing the songs too because I like  ‘Let it go’ .” Ellie


Friday 14th November

This week in literacy we have been learning aout the ‘qu’ and ‘th’ sounds. We made magic potions in phonics uisng the sounds we know. We have also been writing about superheroes and about the dragon from ‘Room on the Broom.’

In Numeracy we have been learning about dice patterns and practising our counting and number formation skills.

We had lots of fun taking part in Mr McCann’s obstacle course for Children in Need. We also liked designing pants, making masks and taking part in the Pudsey beetle drive and Wake Up Shake Up Pudsey dancing. Josh and his sister made lots of yummy cakes to sell at our tuck shop. They raised extra money for Children in Need. Well done Josh!

This week we  learned more about the seasons and painted beautiful Autumn tree pictures. During our topic time we learned interesting facts about the sun. The true/ false quiz was fun. Lots of us got all the answers correct!

Friday 7th November

We have had a busy week. We would like to share some of our favourite activities with you.

“This week we have been learning about the ch and sh sounds. I liked making the trains.” Max

“I liked making big numbers with the playdough. I had to make 20 coins!” Josh

” I like writing my story about the witch and what she saw when she was flying through the sky.” Matthew

” I liked Golden Time.” Ella

” I liked learning about night and day and making our earth and sun model. I got a positive referral because I was good at explaining how night and day happens.” Jacob

” Assembly was really good. Primary 2 were brilliant!” Erin

” I liked doing Phonics in my jotter.” Aurla

“I liked when Primary 6 came to help us.” Robyn

Next Tuesday we are raising money for Children In Need by dressing up as our favourite Superheroes and taking part in a special obstacle course/gym challenge. We should come dressed to school in our costumes. Josh is going to be Spiderman and Erin is dressing up as Bat girl!!

Friday 5th November

Happy  Halloween!

This week we have been practising the sounds x,y,z and v. We had lots of fun making different words. We liked making Halloween words with our sounds.

We read ‘Room on a Broom’ by Julia Donaldson and described our own witches in writing. We are busy making a witches castle in our role play area. If you have any resources we could use please bring them in.

In Numeracy we have been learning to count down from different numbers. We have been counting down and giving lots of people frights after zero!  In Maths we learned the seasons song and made season wheels.

We started our new topic Night and Day by reading ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ and shared what we already know about night time and day time. We are looking forward to learning how night and day occur. We are also looking forward to learning some facts about the sun and moon.

“I’ve liked learning all our sounds.” Aurla

“I liked colouring in my house and making one side night time and the other side day time.” Emilie

” I liked making spooky words in ICT.” Liam

“I liked learning about Biff, Chip and Kipper.” Innes

“I liked going to ICT.” Katrine

“I liked drawing and talking about my witch.” Robyn



Friday 10th October

Thank you Naomi! We liked reading your message.

“This week we learned about electricity and Primary 7 helped us.” Emilie

“I liked learning about the J sound.” Jacob

“I liked learning to write my numbers.” Josh

” I liked the music games. It was funny when we put chocolate in our soup.” Liam

Friday 24th September 2014

On Monday we had a fun start to the week. Rhianne came to our school and taught us some dances from ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. We learned the Cha Cha, Tango and Waltz. We are all ready for Strictly Come Dancing!

Our favourite day was Thursday. We had a great time on our first trip. We saw lots of different types of houses. We even saw a caravan in someone’s garden. Thank you to all the mums and dads who came along to help.

This week the children enjoyed…..

” I liked drawing the characters from our books. We have learned about Kipper’s mum and dad this week.” Robyn

“I liked playing with the numbers and fish in the water tray.” Innes

“I liked making houses and castles with the bricks. I also liked making the patterns on the hands. We made hands because we were learning about the h sound” Jacob

“I liked counting the fish in the water.” Katrine

” I liked painting Kipper.” Emilie

“I liked playing the teddy bear cake game on the computer.” Kenzie

Friday 19th September 2014

Our favourite activities this week……

“I liked drawing my house. I am looking forward to our trip next week.” Ellie

“I liked going on the computer in the ICT suite.” Erin

“I liked going to gym. My favourite game is the Pirate game.” Josh

“I liked the computers.” Lucas

“Playing the computers was my favourite activity.” Liam

“I liked being the special person.” Aurla


Monday 15th September 2014

I hope you have all had a super long weekend! We have an exciting first day back. Olympic gold medal winner Alex  Marshall is coming to school to show us his gold medals. I wonder if he will bring his bowls and teach us some skills?

Throughout the week we will be revising the sounds we have learned so far … s, a, t, i, p and n. We will also be learning the sound, action and song for c and k. We will make lots of words using these sounds. Can you think of any? 

In reading we will be meeting some of the characters from our new reading books. Tomorrow we will read about Kipper. Can you guess what his ‘real’ name is?

In Numeracy we are continuing to practise our sequencing skills. Have you worked out what our special numbers are this week? We are also going to work together to create a class pictograph about our favourite activities in school.

Tomorrow we will be starting our new I.D.E.A (topic) Houses and Homes by sharing what we already know and what we want to find out. On Thursday we will be talking about the houses we live in and drawing pictures of our houses.

We have an exciting end to the week because we will be going to the ICT room for our first ICT lesson. 

See you soon, Miss Craig

Friday 5th September 2014

The children have enjoyed staying for lunch at school this week. They have worked extremely hard to follow school routines and have learned lots of new things. They were very tired by Thursday and Friday!

In Literacy we have been learning about the sounds s, a and t. We sang songs and learned actions to help us remember these sounds. We also practised forming these letters in the sand, on the the interactive whiteboard and on our whiteboards with magical pens. In writing we wrote our first story by creating a black line drawing about reading with mum. We even wrote some of our first words and tried to remember finger spaces!

In Numeracy we have been practising our counting skills by playing lots of fun games. We also made a special rocket picture graph to find the most popular first letter in our names.

Our first topic is ‘Special Me’. We created excellent self portraits and enjoyed sharing our likes and dislikes with our classmates. On Tuesday we had lots of fun showing our baby pictures and learning the funny baby poem by Colin MacNaughton. We tried to remember what we were like when we were babies. On Friday it was very exciting because Innes’s mum brought Maisie (Innes’s little sister) into class and she shared how she looks after Maisie. Maisie liked it in our classroom. She kept trying to take her socks off and crawl around the classroom!

This week we went to gym for the first time on Monday and Wednesday and fitness on Thursday. We liked changing into our gym kits. In gym we practised our travelling skills and played lots of fun games such as the traffic light game and the pirate ship game. Next week we are looking forward to going to the school library to borrow a book which we can take home.

Before we go home on a Friday we reflect on our week and share what we have enjoyed. Here are some of the children’s highlights….

“I liked when Maisie and Mummy came to school.” Innes

“I liked doing drawing about Mummy and my favourite book.” Robyn

“I liked playing outside and taking the sound box home.” Liam

“I liked drawing my baby picture.” Josh


Friday 29th August 2014

We have had a very busy and exciting first week in school. We would like to share some of our favourite activities.

“I liked reading about the Rainbow Fish and making my rainbow fish.” Katrine

“I liked playing outside at break.” Max

“It was fun going on the trim trail.” Josh

“I liked having my lunch. I had macaroni.” Erin

” I liked playing with the puppets.” Aurla


16 thoughts on “P1b”

  1. hi p1b
    what have you been learning this week?
    have you learnt anything else on sun and moon?
    have you learnt any more sounds or words?
    could you tell us some new sounds?
    we have been learning about lights, camera, action and about cinemas its FUN!!!
    from Ashley and Ellie P7

  2. I have really enjoyed reading and learning all about the Robots and drawing and making my own robot, he is called Starbot.

  3. I really enjoyed making my robot I called my robot foot ball bot. I made my robot out of balloon, pipe cleaners, net, pom pom’s, string, foam and pen.

  4. Hi P1b! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break. Thank you for inviting me and Ellie to your Christmas party. I had a great time and I hope you all did too. What is your idea topic this term? Please write back and let me know. That would help me fill my bucket!! Hope we’re back in the classroom with you soon. Lots of love from Ashley (P7) xx

  5. I can’t wait to go to Dirleton Castle,i liked learning about castle’s. I also liked doing my gymnastics show with Innes at our P1b assembly

  6. Thank you Miss Craig for being such a good teacher and i am looking forward to being a P2.

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