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Friday 15th May

I loved making a train track with my mum at the science come learn with me. Jack

We were learning about magnets. Peter

I liked when we went upstairs to Get Fizzy. We did experiments. Ruby

I loved making my game with my mum. I used paper and a magnet. Sadeer

I liked doing the Rainbow Fish. We put some paper in the purple cabbage water and it turned purple. Angelina

We painted the fish with lemon jucie and it went pink. Evie

We added bicarbonate of soda and it turned green/blue. Layla R

We make predictions about what will happen in our experiments. Nico

Friday 8th May

We have been learning to do some weaving in art. Sophie

I liked making a shape castle for our Castle IDEA. Jack

I liked learning about volume and capacity. Ruby

We are trying to find out how many things you can fit into something. Libby

We use litres when we measure volume and capacity. Ruby

I like making the drawbridge for the castle. Zoe

I love doing the spelling quiz on Friday. Sadeer

I liked making the jester for the castle. Jamie

A jester plays tricks on people and makes people laugh. Faris


Friday 24th April

I like signing up for new boss club because I picked the scavanger hunt club. Niamh

I liked going outside to do the races and finding out which team won. Faris

We did some weaving outside on the fences. We are going to learn how to weave in lots of different ways. Jamie

I really really liked making lots of different patterns by weaving on the fences. Libby

We did weaving on the fence and it was lots of different shapes and colours. Ruby

I like making the castle for the wall display. We printed with grey paint to make the walls. Sadeer

The times work was sometimes easy and sometimes hard but I did it. Chris

I like doing number work. Layla R

We used the magnets for picking stuff up. I used about 5 different kinds of magnet. Bailey

We played duck duck goose outside and I loved it. Jack

I liked making the castle with our shoulder partner. My shoulder partner was Eve. Zoe

We were doing volume and capacity and we had to see how much stuff fitted in the beaker. Sophie

I liked doing volume and capacity and I liked filling up the containers. Evie

Friday 20th March

We like our boss club.  I like the athletics club and I like the nail art club. Peter and Ruby

We like our boss clubs that we go to and those boss clubs are face painting and football. Libby and Chris

Me and Layla go to the same boss club and it is called nail art. Sophie got stripes and I got doggy prints. Next time I am going to get purple and pink doggy prints. Layla wants to get sparkles. Sophie and Layla F

We like spelling. Matthew and Sadeer

I liked making the potato pal. I made it into a weight lifter. My dad and my gran helped me. Connor

It was the solar eclipse today and it was dark. Layla R


Friday 13th March

Our new topic is the Human Body and I am really enjoying it. Libby

I liked making the skeletons. Jack

I like doing money sums. Zoe

I like the pancakes for the big pancake story. Niamh

I liked the squirrel story when it was book week. Amy

I liked our new maths that is hand spans, footsteps and strides and the metre sticks. Nico

When we were doing the human body we made some posters about the organs. Ruby

At homework we did a skeleton for our new topic the human body. Sophie

I like doing sums especially take aways. Layla R

I liked the elephant story in book week. Murray

P6 came to our class and we told them a story and they told us a story. Zoe

I like today because it is red nose day and I liked putting on my face paint. Evie

I liked getting dressed up for red nose day at school. Niamh

I liked learning about the human body. Eve

I liked using the stethoscope to listen to our shoulder partners heart. Layla

Mrs Santos brought in some equipment so we could listen to the blood going around our body. Jamie

Friday 27th February

We have been learning about the human body. Zoe

We have been making brains. Jamie

For our topic we have been learning about the human body. Angelina

In RME we have been learning about God and Jesus and the Bible. Sophie and Niamh

We made a poster with sentences and facts about the human body. Layla R

We drew a human body by using a person. It was Amy. Zoe

We were trying to think of ways to learn about the body. Some people thought we could ask the mums and dads to help. Jack

We had to keep a secret about numbers and then we had to work with our team to count the correct number.




Friday 13th February

Mrs Sim thinks that the puppet shows were amazing. They were so good that we will soon be inviting all the mums and dads to come and see them. I hope you all have a happy holiday and come back feeling refreshed.

I like boss clubs and playing football. Jack

My favourite thing was to play with my friends in outdoor games. Sadeer

I like playing in the playground with Chris, Jamie and Bailey. Faris

I liked making the sock puppets. Chris

I like helping everybody. I worked with my shoulder partner called Eve. We had to choose left or right. Angelina

We did puppet shows for P4  P2/3  and P1b. My favourite puppet show was all of them. Jamie

Layla R, Zoe, Connor and I did a gingerbread man puppet show. Nico

We made a backcloth, poster, puppets, tickets and wrote a story. Murray

I love helping my friends when they get hurt. Eve

I love going to BOSS clubs with Chris and Sadeer. We all go to the outdoor games club. Our P7 helpers were Charlie and Lewis. Bailey

I really really enjoyed doing the puppet show and making the posters. I enjoyed working with my team. They are Chris, Angelina and Eve. Libby

Friday 6th February

For the last two weeks the boys and girls have been writing super stories about traditional tales. They have included capital letters, full stops, joining words and events. They have worked so hard so WELL DONE EVERYONE!

Mrs Sim

I like learning the social skills like being nice to people and sharing. Sadeer

At home I do a wee quiz to practise my history. Peter

I like making the sock puppets. Ruby

It is good writing  a story about the shoemaker and the elves. Faris

My favourite thing was making the string puppets. Jamie

I like reading with Mrs Nastaszczuk. Bailey

It is fun playing with my friends at school. Jack

At home I love playing chess with my dad. Evie

I like doing the sock puppets. Chris

I like learning cool in school. We learn how to do it the better way. Sophie

Friday 30th January

We hope you enjoy reading our page this week. As you can see we have been very busy! The boys and girls in P2 are amazing. I really enjoyed the Scottish afternoon and we would like to say a very big thank you to Mrs Nastaszczuk for her wonderful Scottish tales.

I like learning the puppet shows. We picked Little Red Riding hood and Jack picked the three little pigs. We don’t know yet which one to choose. We are going to vote. Sophie

Murray says “I like doing sums, adds and take aways.”

The string puppets were fun to make. Peter

Spelling and maths are my favourite. Matthew

I like doing puppets. Chris

I really like the boss clubs. I go to the ICT club. I can make a movie called I can animate. Fraser

I am looking forward to doing the puppet show in our groups for cooperative learning. Libby

The gymnastics boss club is fun. Amy

I like to write and I remember to put capitals and full stops in my sentences. Layla R

I liked listening to the stories at the Scottish afternoon. Mrs Nastaszczuk was really good at telling stories. Nico

I liked the Scottish dancing. I like the Circassian Circle dance. Zoe

I liked having the treat, it was shortbread. Connor

My favourite thing at school is reading. Niamh S

My favourite thing is playing with my friends. Heather

Friday 23rd January

I am enjoying learning about puppets. Evie

I liked doing Scottish dancing with P1b. Layla F

I like getting stickers when I do good work. Jack and everyone else in the class.

I like doing reading with the helpers who come into our class. Sadeer

I loved doing the circle dance with P4. It is called the Circassian Circle. Ruby

I love reading. Angelina

My favourite thing this week was playing outside in the playground. I like to play hide and seek with Chris and Faris. Bailey

The finger puppets were fun to make. Eve

In writing we rotate groups. Sometimes we play spelling games. That’s my favourite. Jamie


Primary 2 have had a very busy week learning lots of new things. We are enjoying our new puppet show topic and are having fun making different kinds of puppets.

We have been reading and writing about  story settings and learning about adjectives and verbs. Spelling for this week was tricky for some children as so many have been absent. I am glad to say that everyone was back on Friday and tried hard with their words.  

Numeracy this week included finding the missing number in between two numbers. For example 45__47    78__76. 

The children have been busy learning their Scottish poems. It will be very hard to decide which children will perform at the Scottish assembly on Thursday. They are all trying very hard to pronounce the words, remember the poem and add expression. They are doing very well. 

I have put a request in the newsletter for tissues as stocks are running low in the class. Please send in a box if possible. 

We are planning to put on some mini puppet shows and the children will be creating a simple backdrop for their show. Any budding artists out there who would like to support us with this are more than welcome to come in. Just let me know at the door if you can help.


Friday 24th October

We have been learning about our new IDEA which is Night and Day. We are going to read the story of The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark. It is about Plop the baby barn owl. Nico

In maths we have been learning how to tell the time. We have practised o’clock and half past. Sophie

We have been learning about take away. You can say subtract or minus. Jamie

We finished our old topic On Safari by working in a group of 3 or 4. We had to think of facts about animals. We had to take on a role. We could be the assistant, the reporter, the illustrator or the writer. Evie and Layla R

We have been learning about proper nouns and common nouns. Proper nouns have capital letters like “Fraser Montgomery”, days of the week and months of the year. Fraser

In our old topic I liked pretending to be an animal in the role play area. I liked being a leopard. Ruby

I liked being in the role play area and watching Connor playing in the gorilla suit while I pretended to be the dad. Bailey

I drew a picture of me writing because I like writing in school. Faris    Mrs Sim thinks Faris has beautiful writing too.

I want to hear the story of Plop the baby owl. Jack

We have been learning about Plop the barn owl. Layla R

Plop the baby barn owl stripey. Matthew




September 2014

Thank you to all the visitors who came to see us on Friday. We hope you liked our big numbers song and our months of the year song. We found them on you tube KIDS TV 123. We hope you will come again. Bailey

In literacy we had to describe our animal. We used adjectives. Mrs Sim said our writing was fantastic. Rudi

We made some zebras in art and design. It was running through the night. We had to tear up newspaper to make stripes. Layla F

We went outside with our P4 buddy. We did some games to help us get fit. I liked pirates. Sophie

Thank you to everyone who brought in some food for the food bank. The collection is open till next Friday. Nieve

Thank you P2 for all your good listening. You keep filling up my bucket.                                    Mrs Sim

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  1. Hi Primary 2,

    We thought your assembly was amazing! Well done! Can you please come to our class and teach us some of your songs?
    Primary 1b 🙂

  2. I like learning about castles. Thank you to all my friends who have looked after me while I have had to stay in the library at break.

  3. I really enjoyed going to Dirleton Castle today. My favourite part was going into the prison.

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