Friday 08/05/15

This week for literacy we have been creating Theme Park information leaflets as part of our IDEA! We have also been learning how to use and read grid references as part of our map skills and created our own maps in pairs for other pairs to read and note down the grid reference of things we put onto our island.

We have been doing subtraction in maths and sharing different strategies we can use for both adding and subtracting from 2 digit numbers.

Next week is going to be a really busy week for our class! It is Science Week at school and we are going to be learning about Electricity! We have a Science workshop called “Little Giants” on Wednesday afternoon too! We also have a football festival on Wednesday morning for the P3’s which is at Pinkie Primary School. Also on Thursday we have our class assembly which is going to be on Electricity too! Then finally on Friday we will have a Science themed Come Learn with Us for an hour in the morning! We hope you all come along!!

Friday 13/03/15

Happy Red Nose Day!

In maths this week we were doing measuring using scales. we weighed a book, a ruler, a sharpener, a pencil and a rubber.

In numeracy we were learning our two times table, the circles started their 3 times table and the rectangles did doubles to 12.

In literacy we were writing the end of the story of the Gingerbread man. We also wrote endings to the Key in the sea. In spelling the crayons did the ng sound, the pencils y (aye) sound and the pens did the ue/ew/ u-e sound. We went to P3/4 and told them our Big Pancake story.  They then told us  the story of “How the Bear lost his tail.”

In IDEA we were learning about the organs in the body. The stomach digests your food. The heart pumps blood all around your body. Your lungs help you breathe. Your brain tells your body what to do.

Friday 27/02/15

Welcome back after our half term holidays. I hope you all enjoyed it.

This week p2/3 have just started a new IDEA.

Molly- Our new IDEA is called Marvelllous Me.

Ellie- We did a placemat activity where we told out team about what we already know about our body.

Lewis M- In maths we started to learn how to do a chimney sum.

Jake- We have been doing balances in Gymnastics

Scott- We can use fluency in Gymnastics.

Lewis W- We have been using the aparatus to create flight. Flight is jumping and landing with squishy knees and hips.

Alfie- In literacy we have been learning about the Gingerbread Man and were writing about the start of a story.

Emily- With Mrs Taylor we were learning about RME. We learned about the festival called Purim which is a Jewish religion festival. There was a queen called Esther.

Cerys- In comprehension we were answering questions on looking at books.

Chloe-With Mrs Taylor we will be making cupcakes next week,because we are learning how to weigh and measure things correctly.

Friday 13/02/15

P2/3 have been learning all about Music and sound during our IDEA this term. In maths we have been continuing to practice addition and subtraction and have also looked at money and time. Our focus for writing has been instructions and we have written lots of different kinds of instructions over the past few weeks.

Jake- We learned that sound is made by vibrations.

Lewis- Everyone in class got to make their own instument. I made maracas out of a tub, some dry peas and masking tape.

Ellie-We learned about sound and the different families of the orchestra, they were woodwind, percussion, brass and strings.

Lewis M- We have been learning about half past and o’clock in Time.

Skye- We learned about coin up to £2.00 we made amounts up to £1.00.

Molly- We used cubes to investigate hundreds tens and units.

Emily- We have been writing lots of instuctions. We made instructions for how to play snakes and ladders.

Natalie- We made hot chocolate and then wrote instructions for how to make it.

Amy- We cut and stuck down instructions for beans on toast and stuck them on a brown piece of toast sheet.




 Welcome to P2/3’s Blog

On our class blog we will be regularly updating you on what we have been learning during the week. We will also upload some photos and videos of what we have been learning about.

Our blog will also be used to share any special news or events which we have been part of in our class or within the wider school.

Please feel free to leave any comments about what we have been doing!


Week Ending 19/09/14

Today, as a class, we discussed what we have been learning this week.

Here are just a few of the things we have been doing:

This week in maths we have been focussing on subtraction.

Jonathan- We did take away up to 30.

David.- We did some taking away up to 50!

Lewis M and Sasha- We used dice in maths to make take away sums to 30.

We have also just started our IDEA on the Romans.

Lewis W- The Romans Live in Rome, Rome is in Italy. The Roman soldiers lived in two rooms, there were eight men in each room.

Jayden- Roman soldiers practiced fighting for 2 hours a day. They then played a game called little soldiers.

Lewis- Little soldiers was a bit like the game draughts.

Sasha- We created shields with gold paper and lots of different materials.

Jake- Romans eat porridge when they get up.

Cerys- We wrote a Roman soldier story.

Amy- We stuck on words to our Roman soldier which told us what he was wearing.

We have also been thinking about learning targets.

Natalie- We worked with our shoulder partners to think about what we want to get better at in school.

In literacy we have been practicing forming our letters, writing stories which have a beggining, a middle and an end and our sound this week was “th”.

Emily- We practiced our handwriting. We practiced the letters k, h, l, d, b

Molly- We watched a film clip to give us ideas for our writing.


Week Ending 10/10/14

This week in p2/3 we have been finishing off our Roman IDEA before the end of term.

We worked with our talking partner to discuss what we have been learning this week and share what we most enjoyed.

In our pairs we then gave the class our feedback on the week. Here are some of the things that we discussed.

We all enjoyed making the salt dough jewellery.

Sasha “I liked the salt dough jewellery, I enjoyed balancing the beanbag in P.E and I.C.T was fun.”

Joe “I enjoyed the team games in P.E and adding to 10 And 20 in maths.”

Leighton “I enjoyed the team games in P.E and designing the Roman jewellery.”

Ben “I had fun making the food chains in science and playing the rabbit hole game in P.E”

Alfie “I liked making the salt dough jewellery and going to the library. I really loved I.C.T and doing the maths game on Google.”

David “I enjoyed I.C.T when we played the maths magician game”

Ben F “I liked designing the Roman jewellery and colouring it in”

Amy ”I enjoyed designing the Roman jewellery and going to the library where I read George’s Marvellous Medicine.”

Molly “In writing we wrote about our own roman soldier. I really enjoyed the maths game on the computer.”

Lewis M “We sorted nouns and Proper nouns with our partners.”

Lewis W “We made food chains in science on the computer.”

Chloe “I liked making the food chains on the computer and I enjoyed writing about my Roman soldier.”


I would just like to wish p2/3 a wonderful October break and look  forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday 21st of October. From Miss Cunningham.



Welcome back to Term 2 in Primary 2/3

As part of our first week back after the holiday we reflected on our October break and wrote about what we did.

I enjoyed writing about my holiday- Scott

I enjoyed writing about my holidays on the trees- Molly

I enjoyed making the writing tree about my holidays.- Ben F

In Maths this week we have been adding single digit numbers together and taking away from 10 and number up to 20.

I enjoyed mental maths where we did adding- Natalie

We have also just started our new IDEA which is called “The High Street”. As part of our IDEA we hope to invite people who work in the local businesses and shops in to speak to us and so this week we wrote a letter inviting Jake’s mum to come in and speak to us about her job.

I enjoyed writing a letter to my mum (Mrs Nicol)- Jake

We have also begun to use cooperative learning strategies in our class where we work in table teams to do different activities. This week we have been building our team’s identities. To do this we first selected a shop for our team from a hat. Our task was then to give the shop a name and then plan and design for a 3d model of our team shop which we will be creating next week. We also had to work together to create a list of materials that we need to collect in order to make them.

I enjoyed picking a team shop out of the hat and listing the shops on the high street. – Jonathan

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  1. My sister Holly told grandad about her blog so we are looking for it and will look forward to reading blog in future.

  2. Thank you for helping us write our class blog today Lewis W and Lewis M! We hope you enjoyed having golden time with us today.

    P1b and Miss Craig

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