Friday 12th June

This week we had a visitor called Mrs Carmichael.  She read us a story called How Full Is My Bucket.  We were learning how to be a bucket filler.

In PE we were making up dance moves.

We also had Sports Day!

“We got ice lollies!” Cameron MacSorley

“We had parents races! My mum, Coral’s gran, Mia’s mum and Alan’s auntie raced.”  Ruby

“I enjoyed the obstacle course. It had a tube, a net, a walking plank, and a horse you had to jump on then off.”  Luca

Today we used glitter to investigate how germs spread.  Almost everybody in the class got infected!


5th June

This week we started our new IDEA and moved into new tables.

Our new groups are called:  Minecraft Players, Non-stop Youtubers, Party Poppers, X-box Gang, Haribos and Amazing Irn-Brus.

Our new  IDEA is called Happy Me.

We made skeletons out pictures of bones and added labels.  We also made self portraits out of oil pastels.


29.5.15   This week we designed and made our own sweets!   We worked out our costs and here are the profits we made:

Our Profits

Candy Rush £2.45

Awesome Toffees £2.51

Tiny Toffees £2.77

Popping Bubblegums £3.47

Swirly Pops £4.23

Fantastic Toffees £5.17


Our total was £20.31 and we have decided to donate it to charity.  Well done p3/4!!!



This week we have been doing lots of science!

“My favourite part of science week was making paper flyers.” Angus

“The paper flyers were made from paper that we cut and folded.” Aleena

“The air resistance stopped the gravity pulling down as fast.”  Alan and Katie

“We looked at the effect of gravity on different cars.”  Jenna

“Some of the cars were wooden and some of them were plastic.”  Ryan

“In the P4 classroom we made a tower of marshmallows and spaghetti.”  Liam

“Today the parents came in for Come and Learn with Us.”   Jessica     

“We made rockets out of balloons, string, straws and tape.”  Coral




This week is science week!  We will be doing science activities at school throughout the week.  You can also try some at home if you want.   These are some fun activities to try at home.  If you do try them, be sure to tell us about them or show us!





This week we did some writing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We wrote a newspaper article about the golden ticket winners.  Some of our headlines were:  2nd GOLDEN TICKET WON!  GIRL WINS SECOND TICKET!    SECOND TICKET FOUND!  VERUCA FOUND SECOND TICKET!

Yesterday, we went to the GP room and melted chocolate.  We made shapes with the melted chocolate.  Some people made letters and some people made a smiley face.

In ICT we were practising typing on a keyboard using the correct fingers.   We practised keeping our fingers on the home row.


This week we started our new IDEA, which is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We have new tables and groups for our new topic and we made up sweets for our group names.  Our new groups are:

Tiny Toffees,  Fantastic Toffees, Popping Bubblegums, Candy Rush, Swirly Pops and Awesome Toffees.

We went outside for PE this week because it was a nice day.  We were doing athletics with P4.  This week we were learning about running long distances and not using up all our energy.

In maths we have been working on subtraction.   One thing we used was triangles with 3 numbers to show adding and take away.  We also counted back in 1,2,3,4,5 or 10.

Today we are signing up for our new BOSS clubs.  Cameron said, “I am excited because we get to choose our new BOSS club.”    Danny said, “I am really happy because I like BOSS clubs.”

On Tuesday, Mekenzie started at our school and joined our class.  She is Australian!Mekenzie said, “all the girls were helping me.”



Maths Games:

Topmarks: http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/multiplication-and-division






30th March 2015

Last week was Parents’ evening.  I enjoyed when we showed our parents the sandals we had made.  – Jenna

Last week we made Roman pots.    We decorated them with special tools.  – Zara and Ruby

In science we were investigating how fast toy cars could go.   We pushed and pulled them and tilted the roads. – Lia, Luca, Tino and Alan.

A man from Musselburgh museum came to talk to us about Romans.   He talked about how they found Roman skeletons and artefacts that had been found in Musselburgh.   He showed us an altar  stone that was found in Lewisvale park.   There were four faces to represent the seasons of the year.   – Cameron, Aleena, Alan, Eoin, and Luke.


21st March 2015

This week we watched p5’s assembly.  It was all about World War I.

We also made mosaics out of paint square ‘dabbers’ from the maths cupboard!

” I did a red and green sword”  – Ryan.

“For my mosaic I used gold, white, green, red and purple for my first and second name.” Aleena

“I made an eclipse mosaic with yellow, white, green and blue.”

We learned about how the eclipse could be dangerous and we watched it on the whiteboard.  We noticed that the playground got darker.

We also went to a special assembly! Well done Lia, Jessica and Danny!


Friday 6th March

This week we chose Celtic names because we were learning about the Iron Age.  The Iron Age was what we call the time in Britain before the Romans came.  We learned about the different jobs people did in the Iron Age.

“I was a healer.  I have to crush plants and make them into medicine.”  Luca

“We were blacksmiths.  We needed to make horse shoes and weapons.  We used a furnace and an anvil.”  Ruby and Cameron

“I was a hunter.  I needed to kill animals.  We used them for food, combs, buttons, rugs, jackets and more.”  Jenna

This morning our parents came for Come Learn With Me.

“I liked making the Mr Twit face.”  Liam

“It was fun sticking on all the paper and objects.”  Angus

This week we have also had a visit from brass players who did a workshop with us.  We had Book Week and a Big Book Breakfast.  We also went to Mrs Nastaszvzuk and heard stories and learned about storytelling.  What a busy week!



Friday 27th February

This week we had our class assembly.

We got to show the whole school our Harry Potter and pals song – Jenna

We also showed our instruments that we made in class – Jessica

My favourite part was when I had to say “Angy, Angy, Angy…” – Angus

My favourite part was when my group did “Dumbledore!” – Zara

I felt nervous but I liked doing the song.  – Ryan

I felt happy because it was our class assembly – Jack


Friday 13th February

This week we have been using Comic Life in ICT to write instructions for how to make junk instruments.   Comic Life was really funny but it was hard to get the pictures on!

On Monday, 2 percussionists came to school to show us their percussion instruments.  They first played in front of the whole school and then they did a workshop for our class and P2/3.  It was awesome!

We’ve also been using speech marks in our writing.  We learned where the ’66’ ”  and ’99’ ” go and have been using it to write sentences.

This week the most exciting thing we did was learn about brass instruments!

Mr Reeves showed us how to play different brass instruments.   He also showed us some instruments we hadn’t heard of, like the euphonium.  He had different mutes that made his trumpet sound jazzy or squeaky or funky.

Eoin and Jack played the trombone.

eoin trombone2

Tino, Alan and Katie tried the french horn.

tino french horN2

Ryan, Tariq, Coral and Luca tried playing the tuba.

ryan tuba 2

Ruby, Aleena, Lia, Angus, Zara, Daniel, Luke, Cameron, Jenna and Catarina played the trumpet.

ruby trumpet2


30th January

This week we started to make our instruments out of rubbish.

Mia: I made a percussion instrument that you can shake

Ruby: I made a harp and you have to pluck the strings.

Ryan:  I made a xylophone out of  glass jars.

In the hall, we moved to the music and listened to Peter and the Wolf and began to make up a dance.

In maths groups we have been learning our 4x table and we did some dividing on the computers.

We have also been using different talking partners to talk about our ideas.

And we’ve also got our 2nd week of BOSS clubs!

23rd January 2015

This week we have started to plan how we can make our own musical instruments.   We are making them out of junk.  Each group is making their own band with rubbish.  They will have a string, woodwind, percussion and a tuned percussion instrument.

We all learned Scots poems to perform in the class.  Then Angus performed his in front of the whole school at our Burns Assembly.   “He did really well and had a really clear voice.” Jessica

After assembly we went to get our class photo together.  It was a bit complicated working out where to stand but we had fun and hopefully it was a good photo!


16th January

For IDEA we have been learning about musical instruments.  We went to the music room to investigate how musical instruments make a sound.  Then we made some instruments out of junk!  We also got to listen to Catarina playing her violin.

We are still working on the 3x table and we enjoyed playing Round The World.  We have been thinking about measure and this week we were reading scales.

In fitness in PE, we have been travelling in different ways and we had some relay races in our groups.


9th January 2015   by Jenna and Zara

Happy New Year!

This week we started a new IDEA called BIG BAND.

We swapped tables and chose our new table names. They are Terrifying Trumpets, Dancing Double Basses, Zibbly Zobbly Xylophones, Fantastic Flutes, Velvet Violins and Terrific Trombones.

Some of the instruments are: viola, violin, guitar and harp are the string family.

We learned 3 more families they were woodwind, percussion and brass.

We made a big orchestra for our wall and drew ourselves playing instruments. Can you recognise the children playing the instruments?


In maths we have been learning the 3 times table.


12th December 2014

This week we have been doing lots of Christmas activities.

In maths we have been learning about calendars and telling the time. We made our own calendars and we drew flowers.

We made placemats for our Christmas lunch on Tuesday.

We had our Christmas show and we sang a song called ‘We Three Kings’.

The class also made Christmas pop-up cards.

In science we made Christmas pictures that light up, using a switch and a circuit with a light bulb.    (Hopefully we will be able to add a photo to the blog!)

Today in maths we also did our weekly ‘Beat That’ and tried to beat our mental maths scores.




28.11.14  Blog, by Katie and Alan.

This week we have been practising our times tables.

In maths we are doing time and it was FUN!

In IDEA we have been learning about maps.

In literacy we have been writing leaflets about our bus tours that go round East Lothian.

In science we have been doing electricity and learning how to make a circuit with a light bulb. We tested if materials were conductors or insulators.




By Luca, Tariq and Aleena

In school we have been learning

About East Lothian. And the towns in East Lothian. And we will tell you the towns Haddington,Prestonpans,Dumbur,Tranent.

We have been putting money in a box for charity.

We had a superhero day to raise money for Children in Need.

We also did rugby outside and need to remember our OUTDOOR PE KIT!


Friday 24th October

This week we have started our new IDEA, which is East Lothian.

We have looked at maps to help us find out where East Lothian is. We used Google maps and found UK, Scotland, East Lothian and Musselburgh. Then we zoomed in to find our school.

In art we have been painting the sea. We made rough, stormy sea and smooth, calm sea and used white to show waves and splashes.  In PE we did some hula hooping and tennis.

‘My favourite thing this week was maths. I liked today’s maths when we did adding and tried to beat our scores.’  Eoin



Friday 3rd October

This week we went outside hunting for minibeats.

We have also been learning to mix colours.

And we have also been learning 5x table and it was FUN.

Typed by Jenna and Zara


September 19

This week in P3/4 we got a new teacher, Miss Tierney.

We have been learning about different kinds of animals. Some important words we learned are vertebrates and invertebrates.  We used MR FAB to help us remember the 5 groups of vertebrates: mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds.  We worked together in groups to make pictures of skeletons of different vertebrates.   We also had a visit from the SSPCA  to help us learn more about animals.  In PE we have been working on ball skills and have learned some new hula hooping skills!



We have been playing round the world which is a game to practise our mental maths. We have been challenging ourselves to see how many sums we can do in a minute.

We have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and we thought it was funny. We have been writing our own recipes for a  magic medicine! We have also been learning how to use a dictionary.


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  1. me and Jenna have had a good weekend. We went swimming and went to RZE it was so fun. Me and my mum went to a places in Mussubrugh it was so fun. Yesterday my whole family went to a staddy park in North Berwick. The end of my weekend

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