Friday 3rd July 2015

Primary 4 would like to wish everyone a very happy summer holiday!

Mrs Colville and Mrs Snowdon would like to say a great big thank you for all our lovely gifts and cards. You have worked really hard this year and everyone should be very proud of their achievements. Well done P4! We hope you have a lovely holiday and Mrs Colville is looking forward to working with you again in Primary 5. Mrs Snowdon is going to miss you all!


Friday 19th June 2015

Today we watched a performance by the African drummers. Then we got to take part in a workshop. We played the drums and we danced to the music. It was great fun!

In swimming, we did our assessments. We did butterfly stroke and find the treasure. In PE we played a game of Rounders. We are also learning cricket with Mr McCann.

In writing, we wrote a decription of a new land for the Magic Faraway Tree. In Art and Design, we designed the land we had written about. We did a sketched and planned how we would make it.

In RME we did our puppet shows of The Good Samaritan. They were all really good. Well done P4.

In IDEA, we made youghurs using 2 ingredients. Then we tried it and we shared these with other people. We wrote down what we thought about them. Then we designed and made a packaging for our healthy youghurt. It had to be bright, colourful, have a name, have a use-by date, have information about the ingredients and be appealing to either children or adults.

I enjoyed RME – Georgia

I enjoyed PE – Jamie

I enjoyed cheering on the nursery at their sports day – Gabriella

We all loved the African drumming – even Mrs Snowdon!


Friday 12th June

We have been doing art and design and we have been making the Faraway tree/Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt and Abigail and Carmen got a positive referral. – Maia

In swimming we were doing breast stroke and Jenna and Skye got star swimmer.  Tom

In music we were doing a concert of performances and Angus and Lyle had the best music. – Oliver

This week we have had two visiting teachers come in to teach us some lessons. Erin

I enjoyed the Rocking Romans winning Sports Day. – Isla

I enjoyed homework, making a menu for a healthy breakfast. Kyle

Today I really enjoyed Golden Time – Sophie

At Golden Time we got to go outside and skip. Mrs Colville did a flip on the bar and Miss Tierney is good with the hula hoop. – Maia

Mrs Snowdon noticed five people who were very good at handwriting. Ellie

I enjoyed the spelling and numeracy tasks because I only got one wrong. Charlie

In IDEA we were doing healthy pyramids and we had to do the different food groups. – Gemma and Gabriella.



Friday 5th June

In swimming we were doing breaststroke. Tom

In Art and Design we are learning about Gustav Kimt. We did a background using paint for a Magic Faraway Tree painting based on ‘The Tree of Life’. Rhys

In Literacy we wrote about the Magic Faraway Tree characters. Angus

In IDEA we were doing the digestive system. We had to be tour guides and take everyone on a tour of the digestive system. Abigail

I liked assembly this week because my friends got certificates. Well done Kerra, Dayle and Oliver! Sophie

I enjoyed doing writing this week. I got a positve referral. Oliver

I enjoyed Art. Carmen

In ICT we were learning about surveys and we did one to find out what people thought of Musselburgh Sports Centre. We put the answers in Excel and made them into a column chart. Junaid

In RME we did the Good Samaritan story and we made a puppet show to tell the story. Ewan

In Co-operative Learning we made a kindness tree and we wrote kind things about other people in our team. Kimberly


Friday 29th May

At swimming we were doing front crawl and back crawl. – Jenna

Today we did RME and we did the puppets for our puppet show. – Cameron

In cooperative learning me, Maia, Gabriella and Erin got a positive referral for working really hard in our groups. – Tom

In comprehension we were working on prepositions. – Gabriella

I really enjoyed working on the school fayre in my meeting. – Isla

I enjoyed making up our imaginary stories because it was hard and challenging. – Daniel

I enjoyed the maths this week. It was mental maths and we looked at halves and quarters. I enjoyed getting on to something new.  Charlie

In numeracy we have been doing division with remainders. – Gemma

I liked trying to finish off our puppet show. – Skye

I enjoyed numeracy and spelling because I got 10/10 and 8/8 .- Jamie

I thought that doing the imaginary story was fun because we got to finish the story. – Sophie

I thought finishing the puppet show was fun. – Ewan

On Monday we did skipping and we had to make up a routine with dancing moves and skipping moves to I like to move it, move it and I liked it because me and Tom got to show it  to Mrs Taylor. – Maia

On Thursday we did measuring with right angles in maths and we had to use text books and write down less than, more than or equal to for the the right angle.  Holly

On Wednesday we did writing and we had to write an imaginary story. Everybody did really well. – Dayle

Today we did spelling and numeracy and I got 10/10 on my numeracy. – Kerra

On Monday we wrote thank you cards in cooperative learning. It was very very cool. – Oliver

In IDEA we were looking at the map to find places where we could keep fit. We made up a questionnaire about Musselburgh Sports Centre. We made up yes and no questions and one big question. – Erin

On Monday we did skipping and we did a skipping routine. – Lyle.

Friday 22nd May

We have had a fabby doodah week!

In IDEA, we played ‘Who wants to be an osteologist?’. An osteologist is a bone expert. We had to write out questions and all the other teams had to guess the answers from a,b,c or d. It was like ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ It helped us learn lots of different facts about the bones in the human body. We also went outside and did skipping. We had to make up a new skipping trick to share with the class. We learned about the joints in the body and it was bonylicious!

In PE we combined with P3/4. Half of us were inside and half of us were outside and then we swapped over. The inside people were practising jumping and the oustide people were doing relay races with the batons. In Swimming, we did back stroke. We also went in the deep end and did starfish shapes on our backs.

In Literacy we have been learning about adverbs. An adverb is like an adjective, but for a verb. They describe verbs. The colour for an adverb is orange. In Handwriting, we were writing words and practising our alphabet. Gabriella and Jenna were star writers and got positive referrals. Well done girls!

In Numeracy, we have been doing division and in our mental maths practice, we have been revising our doubles and near doubles. Tom, Maia and Charlie got positive referrals for dividing really well. Well done! In Maths, we have been learning about area. Area is the space in a room. We had a worksheet and we had to work out cm squared. You might use area if you are buying a new house and you want to know how big the rooms are.

I enjoyed being in the secret team. Oliver

I liked swimming. Sophie and Holly

I liked skipping. Kimberly, Jamie, Reece, Angus and Lyle

I enjoyed PE Rhys

Friday 15th May

We have a fab week. It has been Science and Walk to School week. Science Week

Today Generation Science visited  us. The workshop was called Power from the People. At the workshop you were put in a team of three or two and you had different magnets and wires and you had to see how much electricity you could make. We had to charge up a hex bug and we used our human power to charge it up. We used a battery type thing to charge it up and put it in a hex bug race. It was a fantastic workshop and as it was Come Learn with Me some of our parents and family came along to help and watch.

We made Pasta Skeletons in IDEA. We have been learning all about the bones and all the special names for the different bones in our body. The skeletons were really hard to make.  For homework we had to draw or make a labelled skeleton.

We did different science projects with P3/4, and P5 and we were all in different groups.

Activity 1: We were investigating how far different objects could go, for example – trains and cars. We were looking at the different effects the amount of wheels have and what the objects weigh.  We were given a car with a balloon inside it and you blew up the balloon to see how far the car would go.

Activity 2: We looked at structures and you had to make a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti. The main idea was to build a strong base, the wider the better and to see if you could make the tallest tower.  You got to eat the marshmallows!

Activity 3: We tried to make a paper flyer. We had to follow the design at the beginning and then see if we could improve it by making the design different.

In reading we have been doing comprehension to get better at reading texts and answering questions.

In numeracy we have been looking at dividing and in mental maths we looked at change from £1.

I enjoyed eating the marshmallows – Maia, Oliver

I enjoyed doing division – Erin, Sophie

I enjoyed making the paper flyers – Angus

The marshmallows gave me a quesy tummy – Carmen

We liked Generation Science – Everyone

099 100 101 102 103 104105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118119 120 125 131 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146






Friday 8th May

This week has been short, but exciting!

In IDEA, we have been learning about the lungs. We carried out research into the lungs and how to keep our lungs healthy. Then we worked in our home teams to present our work in any way we liked. We did powerpoint presentations, puppet shows, posters, acting, TV adverts and made books. Everyone presented to the class and we learned lots.

In PE we have been doing athletics and it is really fun. Sadly, it was raining so we didn’t get to go outside this week but we did relay races inside with the batons. In swimming, we were practising our front crawl and doing our front crawl kicks.

We have been working really hard on our cursive handwriting. We practised a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h and joining these letters to write words. The star writers this week were Charlie and Kyle. Well done!

In numeracy we are doing times tables. We have been multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit with carrying. We are also busy getting better at our times tables by using Maths Magician on the netbooks. People are getting lots of stickers for completing the levels.

In our home teams, we have made quiet voice captains. The quiet voice captain makes sure that no-one talks too loudly and that other tables don’t distract you. The Sky Diving Skull Breakers team were the secret team yesterday. Everyday there is a new secret team and we have to work really well on our social skills to get picked.

Next week is Science Week and Walk to School Week. Parents are invited to Come Learn with Us on Friday and we have brought home a slip about this. Hope to see you there!

This week I have enjoyed ICT – Rhys

This week I have enjoyed PE – Abigail

This week I liked swimming – Angus and everyone who went swimming

I really liked doing maths magician – Kerra and everyone

I liked being in the secret team – Oliver

Friday 1st May

This week has been a cool week.

In numeracy we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 100 and we have been playing countdown to help our mental maths. We have also been doing maths magician. We have also been multiplying 2 digits by 1 and sometimes carrying.

In literacy we did some personal writing. We wrote about our favourite holiday. We used photos to help us think about our holiday. We used the photos as a mind map and we had to try and convince the teachers to go to the place that we went to. In reading we have been doing comprehension to help with our reading and our questionning.

In IDEA we learned about the heart and we played some games to help us understand. We had to find and measure our pulse. We wrote out a poem about the heart. We learned about the chambers our hearts have.  To measure our pulse we had to do exercises and then measure our pulse.  We also made up the Blood Highway code. We learned about the rules for the blood and made up road signs.

I liked doing the Blood Highway code – Sophie

I enjoyed learning about the four chambers of the heart – Gabriella

I enjoyed listening to each others hearts – Maia

I enjoyed doing the Personal Writing – Erin and Oliver

I liked doing Maths Magician – Gemma and Holly

I enjoyed doing the Good Samaritan story today – Isla

I like doing Handwriting – Dayle




Friday 24th April

We have just come back from the holidays and have had an awesome week. On Monday we moved home teams. We got given a letter (A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H) and you had to find the other letters to make up your team. We are getting used to working with new people and we are doing lots of cooperative team-building activities.

In mental maths, we have been learning to add and subtract with bridging. Our new IDEA is Healthy Me. We have made lift-the-flap human bodies to show all the main organs. We were also given a human body picture and we had to add all the body parts that we knew. We have been pretending to be Dr Frankenstein’s assistants and have made him a new companion.

In Literacy, we have done comprehension. We had to answer lots of different questions about the text. We are also working really hard on our cursive handwriting. In writing, we did personal accounts about our holidays.

This week, some of us also went swimming. We got to do flips and somersaults in the pool. In PE, we are doing athletics outside. We have been practising our throwing and long distance running. We need to remember to bring in our outdoor PE kits this term.

I liked everything! Daniel

I liked doing PE outside. Georgia

I liked going swimming. Angus

I liked writing the personal account. Kimberly

I liked doing Literacy. Dayle

I liked making the lift-the-flap body. Kerra

I liked doing the handwriting. Isla

Friday 27th March

We had a dynamic time this week. On Monday we did numeracy. We continued with money this week and in mental maths we did times tables. We looked at patterns of times tables and how to figure out how to find the answers quickly.

In P.E we were doing basketball with Mrs Snowdon. First we dribbled with the ball then we passed the ball. We learned how to do a bounce pass and chest pass.

On Tuesday the swimmers went for their last week. Charlie, Maia and Gabriella got an extra certificate for doing extra swimming techniques.

In IDEA we were learning the Roman numerals. Five was a V and four was IV. We went to P3/4 and someone from the museum came and spoke to us. We also learned the Latin names for the months of the year. We wanted to see what unfluence the Romans had on us today.

We made up three verses for the Tale of Custard the Dragon our narrative poem. We had to change the bad guy but Custard still had to save the day.

We had parents nights on Tuesday. We showed our parents all our work and they were very happy, some of us got a book from the book fair.

I enjoyed learning about the Roman numerals – Erin

I enjoyed the Roman months – Maia

I enjoyed writing the poem – Holly and Gemma

I enjoyed going through to P3/4 – Gabriella

I enjoyed  the last week of swimming – Charlie

I enjoyed Parents evening – Dayle

Friday 20th March

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We have had another incredibly busy week.

On Tuesday, in IDEA, we acted out the Battle of Colchester. This was when Boudicca’s army was rebelling against the Romans. It is thought that Boudicca drank poison instead of getting killed by the Romans. We found this quite shocking.

On Wednesday we went to the badminton festival at the sports centre. There were different games to play and it was really fun! We were all really tired when we came back.

In Maths we have been learning about time and in numeracy we have been doing money sums, using our borrowing and carrying skills.

In RME, we have been studying Judaism. This week, we learned about the Torah. The Torah is a special scroll written in Hebrew. Instead of writing from left to right, it is written from right to left.

Today we were very excited as it was the solar eclipse. We watched it live on the board and some people were able to see what was happening out of the window.  We had our special assembly today. Well done to Kimberly, Cameron and Jamie for receiving certificates!

I enjoyed the solar eclipse. Maia and everyone!

I enjoyed learning about Judaism. Gemma

I enjoyed my chill-out BOSS club. Lyle

I enjoyed the badminton festival and the assembly. Jamie

I am going on holiday and I’m going to miss P4. Isla

I enjoyed maths. Rhys


Friday 13th March
We have been really busy this week. On Monday we started a new topic in maths which was money. We made posters finding different combinations of money.  We went on the computers and we went on the Asda website and found different ways to pay for things for breakfast.

In literacy we wrote Kennings which is type of riddle turned into a poem. A kenning is when you get a noun and a verb to describe something but you don’t actually mention what it  is. Here is one about  Teachers:

A child educator

A child carer

A speedy typer

A naughty stopper

A pretty picture

A minion lover

A confidence booster

A helpful encourager

A kind friend

A letter giver

By the whole of Primary 4 🙂

Friday 27th February

We have had a really good week this week.

In IDEA we have been designing Mosaics. The Romans made mosaics out of little bits of tile called tesserae. The bigger the mosaic the more special and important the person was. Some of the pictures were flowers and some were Roman Gods. They stuck the tiles down with mortar. It was really good fun to make them. You mostly find them in the ground.

In Numeracy we did some mental maths looking at doubles and near doubles. Kimberly worked really really hard in her numeracy this week, well done Kimberly. We looked at subtraction with borrowing. We worked on chimney sums.

In Science we are learning about materials. We did a fun quiz and found out some important information. At the end of the quiz it said we were material millionaires. We had to write down the meaning of some of the key words.

We started a new novel called The Roman BeanFeast. We wanted to read more it was so good. There is a girl in the book who is very mean. It was really funny.

We had a badminton taster.  Jamie did a rally with Mrs Black.

I liked the badminton – Jamie

I liked the class novel – Erin

I have done really well in my maths – Kimberly

I loved doing the mosaics – Skye

I liked learning about materials – Daniel

I am a bit faster in my spelling – Dayle

I was good at badminton- Kerra

I liked doing the numeracy test this morning – Isla

I liked doing poetry – Maia

I was able to do a forward flip off the diving board in the holidays. – Sophie

I liked the first day back – Angus



Friday 13th February 2015


We had an awesome time this week getting our work finished before the holidays. In IDEA, we have designed, built and evaluated our Roman Chariots. We had a design brief that we had to follow. The chariots look amazing! We worked with our face partners to build them. Our social skill was to disagree in an agreeable way.

In Numeracy, we did our last week of column addition. It was fun and everyone can do carrying now! In Literacy, we have been learning about speech marks. We are also still practising using full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks and commas accurately.

In PE we are doing gymnastics. We did a sequence of balance, travel and flight. It was really fun. In Music, we have been learning a song with Mrs Roberts. It is called Jeelly Piece. We also did the F, G and C chords with the ukeleles.

We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday!

I really liked the BOSS clubs. Mine was Games club. Dayle

I enjoyed making the chariots. Everyone

I enjoyed Literacy. Rhys

I liked Numeracy. Georgia

I liked it when I won the certificate in my BOSS club. Gemma

I enjoyed reading the rest of Roodica the Rude. Maia, Isla, Gabriella, Kyle, Abigail and Jamie

Friday 6th February

We have been very busy this week.

In numeracy we have been focussing on column addition. Mrs Colville says we have been brilliant at our addition. Column addition is like chimney sums.

In literacy we wrote about A day in the life of a Roman Soldier. We had to write about before the war and after the war. We had to think about how we would feel and what our emotions would be like. We planned it first and we had success criteria. One of the success criteria was to write in paragraphs. We had to talk about our weapons, our equipment and the organisation of the army.

We have also been working on punctuation. We have been looking at sentences, speech marks and commas. We remembered our speech marks were a 66 at the beginning and a 99 at the end.

In P.E we were doing football with Mrs Snowdon. We went outside and we had a football match but there was no goalie. You had to keep the ball below your knees. Oliver scored all the goals for his team.

Today we looked at the sense of smell. We got to smell coconut shower gel, banana smoothie, cinnamon, garlic, orange, onion and honey. It was really fun. Sophie has a terrible sense of smell though. We had to guess what they were first. Some  smelled weird.

I really liked doing the sense of smell – everybody

I like doing the Roman story illustration – Jenna

The Roman Story illustrations were amazing – Mrs Colville

I liked doing the story planning – Maia

I liked doing football – Erin


Friday 30th January

Today, we brought in our Roman shields that we have been making at home. They are absolutely fantastic! Well done P4. Thank you to all the parents for their help too!

In Literacy, we have been learning to write in paragraphs. We then applied this to writing about the Roman soldier. In ICT we have been learning to touch type. Everyone is busy practising and we are all getting faster!

In Maths, we continued our work on 3D shape. We had to make our own 3D shapes this week, using 2D nets. We had to try and guess the shape and then see if we were right. In mental maths we have been learning to find halves and quarters of numbers.

In Science, we looked at the sense of hearing. We read a poem called ‘The Sound Collector’ and then went to collect our own sounds. Then we wrote our versions of the poem.

In IDEA, we made a Roman soldier, found out about life in the Roman army and acted out the Roman invasion of Britain.

In Health and Wellbeing, we have been talking about what upsets us and what makes us annoyed. In PE we are doing gymnastics. It is really fun!



Friday 23rd January

We have had a fun week. On Monday in numeracy we started to revise division and multiplication again. We also did place value.

In writing we wrote about being a Celtic worker and we included lots of information and wrote about what it felt like.

On Tuesday we went to the National Museum in Chamber Street.  We had good fun at the museum. We went round different places and looked at artefacts about the Romans. In the gallery we had to spot different Roman things. We saw lots of pottery.  We also saw the Roman note pad which was a stylus and tablet. We also saw some chainmail. We got to handle the oil lamp. In the gallery we saw a slate on the wall with people sacrificing lambs on one side and on the other we saw the Romans at war. We all really enjoyed the show. We saw swords, shields and daggers. In the show the presenter, Mike was funny. Some of us got to be Romans and Gladiators. At the end of the show we got to hold the sword, spear and shield called gladius, peelum and scootum.

This week we made shields too, they were Celtic shields. Some Celtic shields have up to three colours. They all have different patterns.We used pastels to make them.  Some people were smudging the pastels which made it look realistic but also ruined the table and carpet.

We also had the Scottish assembly. Abigail, Sophie, Gabriella and Tom said the poem The Boy on the Train. They were really good. The whole school joined in the assembly.

Today we did taste in Senses. Everybody had funny faces when we tasted the lemon. There was some bitter tastes and some yummy tastes. The haribos were the yummiest. We made a mouth and a tongue out of paper and made a taste map on the tongue.

I liked doing a verse in assembly – Sophie

I liked going to the museum. – Everyone

I liked making the Celtic shields. – Erin, Gemma

I enjoyed doing the senses – Rhys

I enjoyed the show. – Dayle


Friday 16th January 2015

We have been verry busy this week.On Monday we did numeracy with Mrs Colville. We did number sequences with numbers to 10,ooo and 1,000. We did spelling and we got a Scottish poem. We learnt a story of two boys called Romulus and Remus about how Rome was bult it took us about a day to learn it and we did scottish countery dancing with the p2.On Tuesday some people went swimming. We went to  P.E in P.E we did travel, flight and balance.We did map work of where Rome invaded and we had to colour them in.  IT WAS FUN.We did Judaisam . On Wednesday we did numeracy and we did joining words and then pretended to be a chararacters from the Iron Age.Then in P.E we did passing and receiveing the ball.We  also made celtic round houses.On thursday we helped p1 search information of polar bears. We also had an assembly. Then we did questions on our class novel which is Roodica The Rude. Today we have done a spelling / maths quiz then science then golden time. Then we did boss club sign ups and a lot of people got the one they wanted.

by Jenna ,Sophie and Kimberly

Friday 9th January 2015

This week we have been very busy with the Romans .We done a short play about Romulus and Remus which is a myth.We have got a new topic in maths which is money. On Tuesday some people went swimming .Today we did science and we were learning about senses also today we looked at different illusion. One was very scary. At P.E.we done gymnastics.



I liked the Romans.Sophie

Iliked sience.Kerra

Iliked P.E.Georgia

I liked typing this in today.Gemma and Ellie

I liked golden time. Carmen

By gemma and Ellie











Friday 19th December 2014

This week we have been busy with lots of Christmas activities! We had our party, we made a snowy picture using collage and paint, Christmas cards and a calendar. We had a special Christmas assembly with Mrs Atkins. In Science, we made Christmas pictures that lit up. We had to make a circuit, make a switch and then the picture lit up because the bulb worked. Today we did a Christmas crossword, a Christmas holiday word challenge and we also had the choice to do a Christmas maths challenge. We hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas holiday and we look forward to seeing you in 2015!


Friday 12th December

This week we had the Christmas Show. We have been very busy rehearsing for it. It was really good fun. We had to do it twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. Abigail did a whole verse of our song in Italian. All the parents loved it. We really enjoyed it  and we were all really tired after it.

Today we made a nice Christmas Picture and make a circuit to make our picture light up. It had to be really detailed, we had to put the lightbulb through the paper and make a switch up too.

We made reindeers by making a cone and then we made a head with eyes and ears and dangly legs and string to hang it up.

We also made a 2015 Calender. We needed to draw a picture of all the different seasons of the year or of christmassy things or one picture of the seasons.  Your picture could be of something creative too. You had to circle important dates.


I liked the Christmas show. – Everyone

I liked doing the calenders. Erin, Dayle, Ellie

I liked the drama games.  Skye

I liked doing the reindeers. Jamie, Ewan

I liked winning the hamper. Gemma

I liked the Christmas Dinner. Gabriella, Maia

I liked doing the Christmas pictures  and electricity. Sophie and Kimberly

I liked when my sister got the hamper at the show. Kyle



Friday 5th December

Today we put up our class Christmas tree, which must mean that Christmas is coming soon! On Monday, we went to the church. We learned about the different parts of the church and we had to be detectives to find answers to the questions. On Thursday, we had our class assembly. It went really well and Abigail had to propose to Maia in a play about Aladdin! Thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to come and watch. We would also like to thank Heather and Fraser for doing drama with us and lending us wonderful costumes. Today in science we were working with our face partners to complete a worksheet about energy changes. We learned about light energy, heat energy, sound energy, kinetic energy, chemical energy and electrical energy. We had our spelling test today and everyone tried really hard. Today we also went to see the P6 science and technology exhibition. It was really good! We loved the exploding volcano! This week, we have been rehearsing for the Christmas show. We can’t wait until next week for the performances.

I enjoyed our assembly. Dayle

I enjoyed going to the P6 exhibition. Gemma

I liked doing science today. Sophie and Carmen

I liked walking to the church. Erin and Rhys

I liked golden time. Oliver

Thank you for your letter Keira! We hope that you are enjoying your new school!



Friday 28th November


This week we went to the Rugby Festival.  We were all split into groups and we there was two sections, skills and games. In skills we kicked the rugby ball and we tried to get it over the goal. It is called a conversion. We had to do a race where we had to jump through a ladder and then score a try at the end. We were playing tag rugby. We were practising tackling and we ended up really muddy. The rugby was really good fun.

We looked at time again. We tried to estimate how long it took to do things like walk round the school, walk to school and we guessed how much a minute was.

In drama we have been practising the bit after the happily ever after part of Aladdin. We have worked in groups to come up with a little play.

Today was special assembly and well done to Gabriella, Abigail and Erin.

I liked doing drama. Abigail

I liked doing the rugby festival. – Everyone

I liked doing singing practise – Gabriella

I liked special assembly – Sophie

I liked Golden Time – Angus

I liked doing electricity experiment. –  Isla


Friday 21st November

We have been busy this week! We have been planning and making a new attraction that will benefit East Lothian. First, we did a plan and the next day we made it. We worked with our shoulder partners. Next week, we will be presenting our new attractions to the class. On Thursday we had rugby with Andy and Ronan. We are really looking forward to the rugby festival next week. In Numeracy, we have been learning about time. We practised o’clock and half past times and had a go at some tricky word problems. In maths, we were learning about volume. We had to estimate and measure millilitres and litres of water. In Science, we made circuits and carried out an investigation. We found out that metals are conductors and non-metals are insulators.

I enjoyed rugby. Jamie

I enjoyed golden time. I did art. Carmen

I enjoyed making the circuits and finding out about conductors and insulators. Daniel, Ellie and Gemma

I enjoyed science. Kerra

I enjoyed numeracy. I liked the time work. Rhys.


Friday 14th November

On Tuesday it was the 11th of November which is Remembrance Day.  We had a minute silence at break outside. We remembered  the people who died in the wars. We wore Poppies to remember them.

We also celebrated Children in Need on Tuesday. We dressed up as Superheroes. We made up our own superheroes and made superhero underwear. We did the house activities and made superhero masks. We did a Beetle Drive but it was Pudsey. We also did an assault course to save Gotham City.

On Thursday we had rugby outside and it was fun and freezing for Sophie.

We  continued to look at East Lothian and we did an expert jigsaw on towns in East Lothian.

We drew circuits using symbols for batteries, wire and lamps.

I liked rugby. – Abigail

I liked doing the assault course. -Gemma

I liked doing the house activities. – Junaid

I liked dressing up as a superhero. – Maia

I liked Mr McCann’s Hulk costume. – Skye

I liked doing drama.- Kimberly


Friday 7th November 2014

Today we did science. We are learning about electricity. We tried to get the light bulb to work by building a series circuit. We worked cooperatively in our home teams. Everybody managed to do it! This week in Numeracy we have been learning about doubles and near doubles. We did lots of sums and we made a poster for P2. We did drama this week with Fraser and Heather from QMU. We were given the names of random objects and characters. We had to act out a story using these. In IDEA we made a big map of East Lothian. We also started to write leaflets about our school. Today we did our spelling and mental maths tests.

I liked doing drama. Angus

I liked doing the light bulb experiment. Gemma, Carmen and Abigail

I liked rugby. Skye

I enjoyed golden time today. I played on the netbooks. Isla

I liked making the East Lothian map. Sophie

I liked learning about electricity. Daniel


Friday 31st October

Its Halloween today . Happy Halloween.

We have started Rugby this week. We did some passing, we worked in groups, the boys went to one side and the girls went to the other side and we had to pass in a circle and run round the circle twice. We had fun in rugby.

On Thursday we did the Pumpkin parade. The JRSO helped Mrs Taylor judge the pumpkin contest. Unfortunately none of the pumpkins in Primary 4 won but everybody did very well. We walked from the co-op to the school.

We started our East Lothian IDEA and  designed a front cover for East Lothian and made gannets with key questions. We completed some mind maps on East Lothian too. We made buckets and spades with ideas about what we could do.

We looked at leaflets and picked interesting facts and identified key features of leaflets. Soon we will be making our own leaflets.

Today we started our Science topic – Electricity. We identified what needed batteries and mains.

I liked Golden Time today. – Tom and Charlie

I liked the pumpkin parade. – Jamie

I liked making an East Lothian front cover. – Rhys

We were happy we won against the Primary 5 and 6 at football. Skye, Lyle, Aaron, Ewan, Oliver, Jamie and Rhys

I liked numeracy this week – Gabriella

I liked doing electricity today – Abigail, Daniel, Maia

I liked rugby – The Whole Class

I liked doing the bucket and spades – Erin

I liked learning about medicines. Holly, Gemma, Dayle and Kerra

Unfortunately rugby was inside. Tom

I liked making the gannets – Angus







Friday 24th October

This week was challenge week! We held an exhibition for the whole school to share our learning all about the Rainforest. It was great! Lots of people left good comments for us. In Numeracy we did adding and taking away with big numbers. We used the numeracy map to help us. Today we moved home teams. When we got to our new teams, we did ‘voices on the table’ and then made a tour bus for our new IDEA on East Lothian. This is our team identity. We will be travelling around East Lothian in our tour buses! Today we are saying goodbye to Miss Shand. We will miss her lots and wish her good luck.

On Thursday, we will be starting Rugby taster sessions. Please remember to bring an outdoor PE kit (joggers, t-shirt, sweatshirt, trainers – no studs please).

I really enjoyed making the exhibition very fun. Lyle

I enjoyed switching home teams. Sophie

I enjoyed making the name for our new tables. Gemma

I enjoyed having Miss Shand. Erin, Isla and Maia

I enjoyed trying all the fruits from the rainforest. Dayle


Friday 10th October

On Monday we all went on a very exciting trip. In the morning we went to Saltoun Woods.Before we went to Saltoun Woods we went to the racecourse to get waterproofs.  We were looking for different sorts of leaves and we looked at how old a tree was. We put up a tent and it fell down on Jenna and Sophie! In the tent we made hot chocolate on a Kelly Kettle. We had to go on a mini bus to get there and get back.  In the morning it was pouring and it was soaking. In the afternoon we all got to go in a massive puddle. We also had hot chocolate in the afternoon. A frog jumped on Maia and Ewan picked it up. Reece was picking up all the spiders and Ewan caught the frogs.

We made our Rainforest in a box. We had to pick all the materials we needed and make a plan and make it work. Some things didnt go according to plan. Some of us had to change our plans.

We also finished off our powerpoints about the Rainforest.

I enjoyed making the Rainforest in the box – Abigail, Gemma,

I liked going on the trip – Kimberly

I liked planning the rainforest in the box – Junaid

I liked doing the power points – Erin and Skye

I liked getting the frog attack in the tent – Daniel and Charlie

I liked doing dividing – Oliver, Gabriella

I enjoyed seeing the frogs – Maia

I liked getting stuck in the mud – Reece

I liked going on the leaf hunt – Sophie

I liked making the hot chocolate – Angus


Friday 3rd October

We had a really busy week. In IDEA, we planned and made rainforest animals with moving parts. We worked co-operatively to do this, focussing on equal participation. It took lots of hard work but the animals now look amazing! Then we planned how to make a rainforest in a box. Working with our shoulder partners, we thought about how we could do this and what materials we are going to need. Everyone needs to remember to bring in a shoe box (or a box of a similar size) so that we can start this project next week.  In Numeracy, we have been working on our multiplication and division. In maths, we are learning about length. We went outside and walked for a whole kilometre. There are 1000 metres in a kilometre. Our legs were aching by the end! We are really looking forward to our outdoor education trip on Monday. Half the class will be going in the morning and half the class in the afternoon. We need

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  1. I LOVE BEING IN P4! It was a real shame rugby was inside on Thursday. I love our new topic East Lothian It’s brilliant! We’ve looked at the school from a satalite it was so cool!

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