Friday 19th June

This morning we watched the Africian Drumming performance, we had to keep the beat and at the end we learned some dance moves – Hannah.

In PE we played 2 innings cricket.  It ended in a draw of 75 – 75 – Millar.

We are creating a book about the solar system by researching the questions we came up with as a class – Mason.

In Health and Wellbeing we were learning about smoking and how it effects the body.  In pairs, we created a poster about what we had learned – Holly.


Friday 5th June

Last Friday P5 went to a pond dipping session where they identified different pond creatures.  We found lots of tadpoles even some rare creatures such as Sticklebacks and non biting midge larvae.

In dance this week we learned how to include everyday actions into a routine like, brushing my hair, driving the car and going to bed. – Alisa

In maths we have been learned to measure and draw scale drawing – Mason.

We had football this week and we were learning how to do lots of different turns with the ball – Michael.

As Sports Day is next week we were practicing for the events in PE – Amy.


Friday 8th May

Our new IDEA this term is Pond life.  So far we have found out why ponds are important, the different layers in a pond and life cycles of some pond creatures.

In numeracy P5 have been learning to place numbers correctly on a number line – Erin.

We are learning how to play golf with Mr McCann – it’s really good fun – Hannah.

We are also doing dance this term with Mrs Cleeton, learning about walk, kicks and punches – Mason.

Why do you ask us about our teeth decay experiment using eggs?


Friday 24th April

What a busy first week back!

On Tuesday P5 visited Newhailes as part of their John Muir Project, where they identified different types of Bluebells and other flowers.

On Thursday we went to Broomlee Activity Centre.  We did four activites each – the flying fox, mohawk walk, night-line and crate climb. We all had a fantastic time and if you want to find out more – come and ask us, we would like to tell you more.

Flying fox
Flying fox
Crate climb
Crate climb
Crate climb
Crate climb
Mohawk walk
Mohawk walk
Flying fox
Flying fox


Mohawk walk
Mohawk walk


Friday 6th February

On Thursday we went to Musselburgh museum as they were having a WW1 exhibition. Some people have also brought in their own artefacts from home. We have really enjoyed everything we have done so far, but are looking forward to learning more about the battles, trenches and what the children did after the February break.

With Miss Boreland working have made poppy field pictures and messenger pigeons. We have had really good fun with her.

On Tuesday we had our second trip to Newhailes as part of our John Muir Award. It was absoloutely FREEZING!!! We had a great time though, Mason’s favourite part was making dens using branches, sticks, leaves and logs. We also changed dirty water into clean, drinkable water by using moss, sand, leaves and a sock! We played a team game where we pretended to be a family of mice and we had to find food, water and shelter. If the noise of the barn owl came on, you had to freeze. Hannah got eaten twice. We also had to identify twigs using an information card.

Have a lovely weekend!!!


Friday 16th January

Today we signed up for our boss club.  We are really looking forward to them starting next week.  Ewan and Liam.

I enjoyed doing drama, where we had to relpy to a letter through a telephone conversation. Katie, Mason and Emma.

We learned how to use quiet voices and remind others nicely. We designed posters about this.  Ailsa.

I enjoyed learning about food groups this week and what different foods can give us. Michael.


Friday 9th January

Happy New Year!

I really enjoyed moving in to our new tables, it was fun doing the question and answer activity! Holly and Tiegan

I really enjoyed doing our new IDEA: World War One. I like learning about how it all started. Evan

I liked doing gymnastics with Mr McCann. Olivia

I liked measuring the corridor with the trundle wheel. Hannah


Friday 12th December

Only 1 week left until the holidays!

On Monday we had rehearsal for our Christmas show and Mrs Mercer came in to visit us. She is getting on fine at her new school, it was lovely to see her.

On Tuesday we did an exhibition of our Light IDEA and all the classes came to see it. We showed our hard work, homework, experiments and lots more. We got some really nice feedback. We did PE with Mr  Mccann and some of us did badminton with him at lunch time.

On Wednesday we had our class treat for winning class of the month. We decided to watch a movie and the movie was the Grinch. We had sweets and popcorn, it was great fun. We had our Christmas lunch and it was delicious.

On Thursday we had our Christmas performance and sung our song. We were really good and the soloists were Mason, Ailsa, Katie and Jamie N.

By Charlie, Mason and Shaun.


Friday 5th December

I enjoyed getting organised for our Light exhibition next week. Bobbi.

I really enjoyed when Mr McCann took people in the afternoon for badminton.  Abbie & Liam

I really enjoyed looking at and listening to everyone’s homework presentations.  Holly, Millar and Michael.

This week we rehearsed our Christmas performance as a school.  I liked watching everyone’s performances.  Ben Mc & Amy.



Friday 28th November

This week we have been practicing our Christmas song for the school Christmas performance. We hope you like it.

We have been learning about fractions in maths. We were a bit surprised when we found out that we could do complicated fractions once we had learned an easier one. For example if we know 1/4 of 36 we can work out 1/4 of 3600 or 1/4 of £3.60.

In IDEA we made a spinner which if you blow it, turns white. This shows that when all the colours are together they make white.

We were delighted to find out we had won class of the month with a record 52 STARS!!!



P5 Trip to Newhailes – 11th November

P5 had a fantastic time at Newhailes on Tuesday on the first of our visits for the John Muir Award.  Stuart, the Ranger, had arranged some super activities for us including mini beast and tree identification.

P5 Trip to Newhailes on PhotoPeach

Friday 7th November

This week I enjoyed going on a trip to Saltoun woods doing the outdoor activities.  Evan.

I enjoyed creating the new front covers for our reading books today.  Michael.

I really liked doing the positive comments challenge where we had to pick a name from a hat and watch the person during the day.  At the end of the day we gave a positive comment about them.  Katie.

I really enjoyed doing badminton with Mr McCann and Mrs McMath this week.  Abbie

I enjoyed RME and doing the Sikh presentation as a team table. Bobbi



Friday 31st October

Happy Halloween! This week, we said goodbye to Oliver E who has now moved to Perth, Australia.

This week we started our new IDEA and it is Light. It is fun. Sophie.

I enjoyed playing bench balls in our teams. To get into our teams we had to arrange ourselves from smallest to tallest without talking. Liam.

Another day, we did a different class builder before PE and we had to arrange ourselves by birthday order, also while not talking. Ewan

I enjoyed our PE with Mr McCann because we got to have a taster session of badminton. Tiegan

I liked maths when we were learning to do subtration really quickly. Bobbi.

I liked when we moved into our new teams. We each got a piece of paper with our name and a colour on it and we had to find others with the same colour. Our team realtes to that colour. Our team is called the Blueberry Smurfs! Hannah

I enjoyed doing the reading and writing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was exciting when Charlie was building up suspense by saying ‘and’ lots of times. I liked writing the next part. Evan.

I liked doing our experiment on light because it was fun to make. We got 2 bits of card, put a mirror at the end, cut holes in the card so that the light passed through. We proved that light travels in straight lines. Cole

I enjoyed doing our Light posters. Dawson

I enjoyed doing the report on our science experiments because it was fun. We had to do a diagram, equipment list, conclusion and describe what we did. We had to say if our experiments worked or not. Mason



Friday 3rd October

Wow, we can’t believe it is October already! We have had a very busy week in P5 and everyone is acieving very well and enjoying all of our work.

I liked doing the paintings of elephants by Salvador Dali. We used different colours to paint our skies. By Ben M

I liked doing the french songs and rhymes because it helped me with the alphabet and learning greetings. Tres Bien! By Ailsa

I liked doing the Spanish tapas tasting because we got to taste new things. I didn’t really like the olives but I liked the cheese and rice. By Kerr

I enjoyed making a tapas plate, it was really fun! By Holly

I enjoyed when Mr Santos came in. He told us about living in Gibraltar. I enjoyed hearing about the apes! It was really interesting. By Millar and Mason

I liked playing the games of basketball in PE with Mr McCann. By Hannah

I liked when Mrs Mercer brought all of the Spanish food in, thanks! By Olivia

I enjoyed doing hockey in PE. I liked doing the relays! By Evan and Cole

I liked it when Mr Reeves took me, Bobbi and Hannah for our brass lesson. By Abbie

Friday 26th September 2014

I liked doing surreal art because it was fun. Bobbi

I liked when our parents came in to the class. It was interesting to share our learning with them. Holly

I enjoyed watching the Sesame Street Taking Turns video because it was funny and I liked making the Taking Turns mascot. Hannah

I enjoyed doing Hockey yesterday because I thought it was really fun. Especially the games at the end. Evan

I liked doing the number bonds puzzle in Maths because it was exciting. We found out what our picture was even though we didn’t quite finish. Ewan and Kerr

The weather report was exciting and fun. I liked doing the research. Ailsa

I enjoyed doing the research on websites for Maths this week. I learned alot about why we need to have Maths in our lives. Tiegan



Friday 19th September 2014

We went on our archaeological dig today at Newhailes. It was fun! By Fraser Some people found coal, metal, glass and other mysterious things. By ewan

I enjoyed doing my key questions sheet and Spanish flag in IDEA. By Evan

I liked hockey when we were dribbling and shooting with a partner. By Ben Mc

I liked playing the wee basketball games with Mr McCann because it was really fun and exciting. By Mason

I liked when we did making our Spain posters in ICT. By Olivia

I liked it when we were learning how to have a conversation in french. Tres Bien! By Bobbi

Friday 5th September

I like making the paper chains that we wrote social skills on. They are hanging up in our class, so if we get stuck we can look at them. Bobbi

I liked creating our listening superheroes. We had to label all the features of good listening on them, and we could also give them capes or gadgets as well. Hannah

I enjoyed doing dramas of including everyone. It was fun! Michael

I enjoyed making a T chart about listening. We showed what good listening looks like, sounds like and feels like. We used these to help with our super hero. Evan

I liked learning the French numbers 1-10 and making posters. Olivia

I liked doing our I am awesome posters. I also liked writing about Robin Hood. Cole

Have a great weekend everyone. See you on Monday!


It has been our first full week in P5 and we have been very busy in our Home Teams learning all about co-operative learning.

We have been working together in our Home Teams to develop a team song. It was really fun and we managed to get along well. By Tiegan

I liked making the posters for our Home Teams and our strengths and weaknesses. By Michael

I enjoyed PE this week, doing hockey. By Evan

I liked doing co-operative learning. It was really good and I enjoyed it. By Olivia

I think mental maths has been really fun playing all of the different games. By Mason

I like doing the quick starts, especially the zoo animals one! By Bobbi

I liked ICT when we typed a sentence in Word and then had to change all of the font details. By Liam

I liked doing the brass test with Mr Reeves. By Katie

5 thoughts on “P5”

  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed coming in to the class on friday and seeing all the children working so well together. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Hi guys I had a great week hope you all did to. I think we all tried to be kind and helpful to each other. Hopefully Rohan has a good time in his new school. I would also like to say a big thanks to Mrs McMath and Mrs Cleeton for organising a great day out with Mr Duff, I learnt a lot hope you all learnt lots to. I loved the game we played about spying it was really fun. Good luck for next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed the badminton club today with Mr McCann. And I also hope Millar is okay or feeling better. And I think seeing the whole school play together was great!! I really enjoyed doing the exhibition in class today aswell as doing a project in light was cool aswell. And hope that the next project is just as good!! It was really good to hear from Oliver Ellison and if I was Oliver I wouldn’t be starting sailing lessons!!! And Mrs Mercer came in for a visit yesterday and everyone was pleased to see her. I also would like to say thanks to Mrs Taylor and Ms McCartney for organising the Christmas show and think the p1’s have done well!!!

  4. I hope the Christmas show goes very well good luck on the show.
    I hope you enjoyed the newhails trip it sounded really fun.

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