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Thank you to everyone who visited The Great Exhibition of Primary 6.  The children really enjoyed putting on the exhibition and sharing their learning with everyone.  It certainly was an active and fun morning if not a little messy and smelly…blue vinegary eggs anyone?!


Rabbits Eating Ice-creams:

Emily – Flying Car

Abbie – Daguerreotype camera

Jack – Volcano


The Music Crew:

Louisa – Paper folding experiment

Katie – Mentos powered Volcano

Aaron – Rubber Egg


Pugs ‘R’ Us:

Ellie – Victorian Timeline

Harry – Volcano

Sam L – Submarine

Naomi – Volcano and a Tornado in a bottle


Howling Huskies:

Daniel – Lego model of a plane and a car

Sam K – A World War 2 scene

Ross – Volcano


Crazy Cats:

Ewan M – Volcano

Rory – Rubber egg and an egg in a bottle

Georgia – Volcano

Abby – Volcano


The Wimpy Sausages:

Emma – bouncy egg and wooden car

Lewis – homemade goo

Connor – flying car

Sam S – Mechano Car with electric motor


The Football Painting Pancakes:

Ewan C – Solar system

Holly – Solar system and artificial snow

Nicole – Camera

Jacob – Hydraulic (water powered) lift


Cycling Pigs:

Sophie and Emma – Lighthouse circuit model

Esme – Stethoscope


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The Great Exhibition of Primary 6

On Friday 5th December, Primary 6 will be holding an exhibition to show off the work we have doing in science and technology.  Each class will get an opportunity to come along and take part in experiments and experience some new technological ideas!

We would also like to invite family and friends to come along and visit the exhibition.  The exhibition will be open for parents and friends from 12.00 until 12.30 in the gym hall at Stoneyhill.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Victorian IDEA

For our first IDEA topic of this year we have been learning about the Victorians.  We will be learning about the lives of people in Victorian Britain; what were their daily lives like?  Where did they work and go to school?  What were their homes like? – these were some of the questions that the children asked in our pre-topic assessment which will form the basis of our learning into the first half of the Victorians IDEA.  The second half of the topic will focus on the amazing inventions from the Victorian period and how these inventions changed people’s lives for the better.  Do you still use any of their inventions in your own homes today?  Leave a comment and let us know!

“We have really enjoyed the Victorian’s IDEA so far.  Making our poor Victorian child character has been really good and we have learnt about their lives” – Top Dogs.

“We really enjoyed making our Victorian children and researching about their working lives” – Donuts Taking Selfies.


Co-operative Learning at Stoneyhill Primary School

We have had a really fun time in P6 setting up our new home group identities.  The groups are named as follows:

  • Scottish Eggs, Crazy Superstars, Union Unicorns, Pizza Crew, Top Dogs, Donuts Taking Selfies, #Pink Ponies and Fantasy Beasts.

During the co-op work the children’s social goal has been to include everyone equally in the work – this idea of having a social goal as well as an academic goal is one of the cornerstones of Co-op learning and is proving valuable in the classroom too!


Archaeological Dig at Newhailes

The class visited the site of an old walled garden that was being excavated, by the National Trust for Scotland, in the hope that the walled garden can be restored to its original glory!  The children were given several different jobs; from having to plot out and measure various features of the walled garden, to scraping away at the soil to gently reveal hidden artefacts and then sieve the soil to reveal any tiny hidden ones.

“We found NH really fun because we got to dig in the mud and got really dirty.  We found coal and half a key!” – Scottish Eggs.

“We thought it was fun and interesting because once they have rebuilt the garden it will be fun to think that we have helped them with it” – Crazy Superstars.

IMG_20140919_111552 IMG_20140919_111846 IMG_20140919_121651


Victorian Playground Games

We have been learning some playground games from the Victorian era, such as; marbles, hop scotch, leap frog, skipping, spinning tops and ball in a cup.  We have taught other classes how to play them.

“We liked sharing the games with the younger children” – #Pink Ponies.

“We really liked Leap Frog.  Sam L has the record for most ball in a cup catches, in a row, with 5!” – Fantasy Beasts.

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Class Visit to New Lanark World Heritage Site

The class visited New Lanark World Heritage Site as part of our Victorians IDEA.  New Lanark is the site of an industrial era cotton mill.  The children had a fascinating day exploring the lives of children who worked in the mill, seeing a real working mill and dressing up and experiencing a Victorian style lesson in a real Victorian classroom.

“It was really fun; we liked the Annie McLeod Experience ride in the darkness and seeing her ghost!  It was good to see the mill in action and learn what it would be like to be a mill boy or girl” – Union Unicorns.

“We really enjoyed the experience of finding out about children’s lives in Victorian times” – Pizza Crew.

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We’d like to offer a massive thank you to Linda Thomson and Karen Thorburn for accompanying us on the trip and to the PfG for supplementing our trip cost.

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  1. I’m very excited about P6’s Great Exhibition! I wonder what everyone will make?????????????!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Also well done to anyone who got a certificate today at the special assembly!

  2. everyone in primary 6 made awesome projects to do with the great exhibition
    🙂 🙂

    hopefully everyone that come along to the exhibition enjoys it as much as we will 🙂

  3. So impressed with your Great Exhibition P6. Some great ideas and hard work on show. Well done to everyone!

  4. Hi P6 I am missing you so much and am stile trying to fit in to my new school but will go well. I seen THE GREAT EXHIBITION OF P6 and think all of the exhibitions were great. I’m missing you all and hope you are enjoying Stoneyhill hope to hear from you all soon. P.S loved all the Christmas cards and decorations

    Lewis Hay

  5. hi Lewis good to hear from u, hope ur new school
    is good and that your enjoying it !:)
    hopefully we will get to see u and Keria
    soon and see your new house 🙂

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