November 2014

Primary 7 are waiting with anticipation for the results of the Mock Court this week!  Both teams worked incredibly hard and should be so proud of all their efforts and hard work.  It really paid off!  We look forward to hearing the results next week.

We’ve had an extremely busy week alongside preparing for the Mock Court Case.  We are thoroughly enjoying our IDEA Lights, Camera, Action! This week we worked co-operatively to research the design of early cinemas and made comparisons with modern cinemas.  We created some fantastic art work and displays, which we enjoyed sharing with parents during Come Learn With Me this morning.

In writing we used music to inspire us and planned some fantastic stories.  We explored how to use emotive language and techniques for creating imagery.  We can’t wait to finish these off next week and share them.

3 thoughts on “P7”

  1. So proud of both teams at the Mock Court trial today. Both did extremely well and everyone involved have clearly been working really hard. From witnesses to lawyers, the well researched cases, artwork, wonderful robes and the work of the journalists you all should be incredibly pleased with yourselves and the way you worked, well done.

  2. Hi P7!
    We think you are amazing buddies. We love reading with you and we love it when Ashley and Ellie come and play with us at Golden Time.

    Aurla and Lucas and P1B

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