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Please click on the links below to view January’s newsletter and see some photos from P.6’s visit to the Nursery to share information about Rabbie Burns.

Here are some comments from the P.6 group;

It was really good and the Nursery children seemed to enjoy it.

It was very good and they listened well.

I enjoyed it and the nursery children contributed well.

It was fun!

nursery photo p6

jan newsletter.PM

Campfire Cooking!

The AM Nursery had a fantastic morning cooking marshmallows on a real fire. The idea came about from the campfires some children were role playing during outside play. A campfire committee was formed with Grace, Ava, Libby and Ellie organising a meeting with Mrs Taylor to discuss safety rules and food! The committee drew and wrote shopping lists, safety rules and very detailed pictures of the experience. Mrs Banks, Ms Irvine and Miss Keegan were so impressed with the organisation and behaviour during the campfire. Even PC Smith popped in to see what was happening as he could smell smoke! Look out for pictures, photos and writing about our morning.



The Pirates have invaded Nursery!!

We have had a super time during the past few weeks exploring all things pirate! We have enjoyed stories such as ‘The Jolly Rodgers’, painted pirate characters, put messages in bottles, drawn maps, explored directions, created treasure chests, coins and jewels. We have eaten like pirates, tasting fruit from all over the world and baking ‘hardtack’ bread. We were interested in cutlasses and what they were made from, this led to some excellent discussion and exploration of metal. Children have been sharing lots of knowledge at home and bringing in items to share and enhance learning. Role play within the playroom and beyond has been lots of fun. Building a pirate ship outside, becoming pirates with costumes and cutlasses in the playroom and looking for treasure throughout the school.

We have been so impressed with what the children have shared and learned, they know lots about the life of a pirate. map



World Book Day – Thursday 6th March

The Nursery children had a lovely time sharing stories with P.6 and P.7 during World Book Day. The hall was very cosy and we enjoyed being in our pjs! We have also enjoyed the Literacy themed activities the P.7 BOSS clubs have shared with us. Chantelle, Sophie and Samantha helped us explore pirates with a story, painting pirates, decorating treasure chests and sending messages in bottles. The afternoon nursery have been sharing their knowledge of books. They helped create a pictograph of the types of books they enjoy.

Thank you to all the family members that joined us on Thursday, it was lovely to see you.

Friday 14th March

We have been sharing lots of information about pirates. The children know so much. Our metal table has continued to be a point of interest with children bringing in objects from home. We were very surprised this week when a meteorite was brought in. This has sparked lots of interest in zooming into space!


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