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Welcome to the primary one page. Here you will find information about what the children have been doing. If you would like to leave a message for the class about how well they are all doing please do so.

Primary 1 Newsletter March 2014

The children of Primary one are constantly busy learning new things. They were excited and keen to share their learning with you at their assembly. I’m sure you will agree that they worked extremely hard to present everything to you. You will have seen that they are now working on their new IDEA(topic) of Katie Morag.

In social studies they are exploring what it is like to live on the Isle of Struay, otherwise known as Coll, and how it differs to living in Musselburgh.  They are finding out some simple facts about islands while learning how to use an information book.

In literacy they are working on reading a short piece of text and understanding sentence structure such as capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and describing words. Writing work includes forming sentences and using the information they have read to write a short description of a character from the Katie Morag stories.

The children are particularly enjoying the role play area of the shop and post office on Struay. They are able to sell items in the shop and write, post and deliver mail with great enthusiasm.

Numeracy and mathematics this term will continue to focus on addition, subtraction, number word problems (all in 5/10/20 and in some cases 20+) and time.

As part of home learning remember that  has lots of games to play for both literacy and numeracy.

In science the topic of forces has allowed the children to explore pushes and pulls, floating and sinking and the forces involved in starting and stopping. These explorations help to develop enquiry skills, making predictions, carrying out experiments and recording their results.

 We continue to enthusiastically learn Mandarin with the support of the two Chinese volunteers Jing and Lucky. We are now learning to count to 10 with the help of some kung fu moves and will soon be adding to our vocabulary with names for family members and the happy birthday song.  Try this site to listen to the number pronunciation and the BBC website to explore topics and play a matching number game.

We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you on Tuesday 1st April.

Primary one Newsletter

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October 2013

Hello to all the mums and dads. Sophie


I went to the gluing to make a duck because our new sound was d. Nieve M


We made a caterpillar with lots of numbers and we coloured it. Jamie


We made some monsters at the gluing because we were learning the m sound. Layla R


Peter brought a scrub board to school and we had a turn at using it. It was used for scrubbing the clothes. Nico and Layla R


We have been making faces of ourselves and our friends. We used collage. Evie


Well done to Murray, Nieve M and Zoe who got a certificate at the special assembly. Manaswini


Well done to all the boys and girls in Primary one. You have worked very hard this term and learned lots of new things. Have a lovely holiday and I will see everyone after the break. Mrs Sim



We made eggs, hands and rockets at the gluing to help us learn our sounds.  Manaswini


 We had dancing. We learned tango and cha cha. We all liked it.  Amy


We played a swamp game with Mr McCann in the gym hall. It was fun and we had to jump.  Heather


I like to draw at the drawing table.  I drew my daddy. Niamh


We did some talking about old and new houses when the mummies, daddies and grannies came to visit us. We stuck new things and old things on the houses.  Layla R


 We had to find missing numbers in number work.  Sophie


We went outside to look for shapes. We found rectangles, squares, triangles, cylinders, cones, spheres, cubes and cuboids. It was exciting.  Jamie


 Thank you for coming to visit us. We liked it when everyone came to see us. Zoe


September 2013

Another great week for primary one. We are getting faster and more confident with all the routines. Next week will see our first full day sessions, including getting used to the lunch hall routine. Please remember to put lunch money in a named purse or wallet.  

Thank you for all the word and sound tub boxes. The first homework will be coming home on Monday and consist of a pink jotter with a reminder of the 2 sounds already covered and some letter formation to practise. Please help your child to practise the cursive writing with a SWOOP to begin and a KICK to finish the letters. They should know what this means! They will also have a sound tub which contains suggestions to reinforce the sound. Maybe they will sing the song for you! 

We are beginning our new Houses and Homes topic next week and it would be helpful if you could talk with your child about what type of home they live in eg:-flat, bungalow semi-detached etc, which number they have, colour of door, how many people live in their house etc.

Thank you for your help,

Mrs Sim

August 2013

The children have made an excellent start to primary one. They are beginning to settle in and learn all the school routines. Over the next week we will be continuing to get to grips with routines and the children and I will be getting to know each other. In Literacy we have started to find out about the characters in the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. The children will have gym on Tuesday with the gym specialist but will not be getting changed into gym kit for the first session.

Mrs Sim

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