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Primary 1.2 newsletter Jan 2014

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Friday 11th October

I can’t believe it is the last day of term already! The term has flown by and everyone in Primary 1/2 has worked so hard! A special well done to Cerys, Leighton and Alfie who received certificates in special assembly today! It has been a busy week in school as our houses and homes IDEA came to an end, with the children sharing their learning about homes from the past. We also enjoyed visiting the P2/3 Egyptian museum, where we learned lots of interesting facts about ancient Egypt.

I will be on maternity leave after the October holidays and the P1/2 class will be taught by Mrs Robertson, who came in today to meet everyone. The children are very excited to be getting their new teacher! Thank you all so, so much for all my lovely gifts, cards and wishes. Have a great holiday week!

Mrs Snowdon

Friday 20th September 2013

A short, but very busy week in P1/2…

Numeracy: We have been continuing our work on number sequencing. This week we have focussed on number before and number after.

Maths: We have been learning about 2D shape and can now describe the properties of simple shapes, using the words corner, side and angle. P1 went on a shape hunt with Mrs Smail and found lots of shapes hiding around the school!

Phonics: P1 have been revising s, a, t, i, p and n. They have been working hard to read and write words using these sounds. P2 have been learning the ‘th’ sound. We have been word detectives and have found many ‘th’ words in our library books. Thank you for all the support with homework.

IDEA: The children have been busy designing and building their model houses for the three little pigs. They decided that their models needed to be strong, waterproof and look cool! The children are working in pairs to build their models and I have been very impressed with their team-work skills. Let’s hope the big bad wolf doesn’t blow the houses down!

Art: We are focussing on portraits this term. This week, we turned our attention to the technique of collage. The children began to create a portrait of a friend, using different materials.

Next week, we will be busy baking jam tarts for the MacMillan coffee morning. We are looking forward to our Mad Hatters Tea Party!

Have a great weekend P1/2!

Friday 6th September 2013

A big thank you to all those P1 parents who made it along to the Primary 1 welcome morning today. It was great to see so many people here! We have had a super week in p1/2. Here are some of the things that we have been doing in class this week:


IDEA: This week, we received a letter from Mummy Pig. She wants our help to build houses for her three little pigs, as they are moving out of home. The boys and girls in P1/2 are very keen to help! We have been planning our learning for our Houses and Homes topic and the children recorded all their ideas and questions on brick. We have also been talking about different types of homes and created some superb black line drawings of our own homes.


Numeracy: We have been learning to read, write and sequence numbers to 10/20 and 100. The children have been busy making number rockets and practising their number formation

Maths / ICT:  We have been learning about 2D shape. The children have enjoyed creating pictures of their houses using shape and exploring the shape drawing tools on KidPix. We also played a feely bag game and the children are learning to describe the properties of a range of shapes.

Phonics: P1 have been learning to read, write and use the ‘t’ and ‘i’ sounds. P2 have been practising their blending and learning to use the ‘sh’ sound.

Reading: We have been learning to identify and describe the main characters in a story. P2 are working hard to revise their word wall words. Thank you for all your support at home with this.

Well done to everyone for handing in pink homework jotters today! New homework will be given out on Monday. Good job P1/2!


Friday 23rd August 2013


A big welcome back to all the Primary 2 children and a very special welcome to all the Primary 1 children! I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday. Everyone is settling in beautifully to our new class and we are looking forward to the busy year ahead!


Mrs Snowdon



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