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Friday 30th May 2014

Here are our favourite moments from this week…

“I really enjoyed when my friends from Stoneyhill came to my class at the Hub and we made cheese scones. They are so good my daddy wants to put in an order.” Ellie

“My favourite thing this week was when I went to Ellie’s school because I like baking and Ellie is my friend.” Katie

“I liked practising my handwriting” Jenna

” I liked making the South African loom bands. We are South Africa in our school’s Commonwealth Week.” Cameron and Eoin

” I liked my BOSS club. We were drawing nature pictures.” Cassie

” We  liked when we were making our South African tops.” Mia and Danny

Friday 23rd May 2014

“This week we have been learning about different pirate jobs and we had to fill in a job application to become a pirate on the Sudden Death pirate ship. I wanted to be the Captain.” Jessica

“We continued making our Pirate Ships. We are making a treasure chest for our ship and we are going to put lots of treasure in it.” Aaron

“In Maths we have been solving money problems. We have been adding and taking away. I am really fast at taking away now.” Katie

“We started making a BIG pirate ship to play in. I’m looking forward to playing in it. The Jazzy Jockeys won this week at assembly. I had an extra play time. It was fun ” Ruby

“This week we started BOSS clubs. I made some amazing crazy loom bands to sell at the School Fayre.” Tino

Friday 16th May 2014

This week we have been learning lots more about Pirates. We created our own pirate characters and worked hard in our groups to make pirate ship models.

In maths we have been adding and subtracting and solving money problems. We also made a maths quiz powerpoint in ICT. We continued to learn about directions and angles in Maths. We even learned direction words in Chinese!

On Wednesday we had lots of fun playing football at Pinkie.

Here are some of the our friend’s favourite moments this week…

“I liked playing football at Pinkie. I scored 6 goals!” Aaron

“I liked making my pirate ship.” Katie

“I liked making our own characters. My character is called Dead Leg!” Daniel

“I enjoyed making the pirate ships.” Luke

By Ruby, Catarina Luca and Cassie

Friday 2nd May 2014

We have had a really busy week in P2/3 and we have worked very hard. Here are some of our highlights.

‘This week I liked doing Topic. I liked learning about Blackbeard and Anne Bonny.’ Eoin

‘I liked Maths. I was doing multiplication.’ Jack

‘I liked writing about the pirates and drawing them.’ Daniel

‘I am good at literacy and I liked writing my diary entry. The pirates buried treasure in my garden on Rainbow Street.’ Mia

‘I really liked the Maths quiz. There were lots of questions.’ Zara

APRIL 2014

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable break.

We started the new term by learning that our new IDEA is ‘Pirates’. Just like the storybook ‘The Pirates Next Door’, pirates have moved into Rainbow Street. The children living in the street are excited about their new neighbours but the older residents are not very impressed.  We wrote diary entries explaining how our characters felt. We also worked in small groups to design a 3D pirate ship. Next week we hope to start making our ships.

In Numeracy we continued to practise our addition and subtraction skills using money. We also learned about compass directions incase the Jolly Rogers invite us to go on a treasure hunt with them.

In PE we worked on our racquet skills with Miss Craig and developed our athletic skills with Mr McCann.

On Friday P3 started their new BOSS clubs and P2 enjoyed a Golden Time session.

MARCH 2014

Our new IDEA is now well underway. It is ‘The Street’. Our learning in Social Studies, Drama, Technologies and Writing is being taught through this theme. Our recent walk in the local area helped us learn about different houses, street furniture and other land use. We are now busy creating our own street which the children have decided to call ‘Rainbow Street’. The children have created families who live in houses on the street. They are currently busy preparing for the grand opening of Craig’s Coffee Shop on Thursday 20th March. In future weeks the children will explore different scenarios such as a refuse strike and the possibility of a bus station buying a vacant lot in the street. Such scenarios will involve the children having meetings and debates, creating posters and writing formal and persuasive letters.  In RME we are learning about weddings and hope to have a street wedding too.

In Numeracy, we have been exploring number sequences, grouping and multiplication. We are now moving onto money. We will be investigating different combinations of coins and notes that can be used to pay for goods and be given in change. We will be applying our addition, subtraction and multiplication knowledge. In Maths, we are continuing to focus on analogue and digital time

This week we had lots of fun exploring the properties of solids, liquids and gases when we participated in a Generation Science workshop. We will explore this concept further in class by carrying out more experiments over the next few weeks.

The children are continuing to develop their skills in PE on Mondays and Tuesdays and now have fitness on a Thursday. Some children regularly don’t have a gym kit. Please help ensure your child has their kit on these days.

In ICT the children have been busy creating short animations using ‘I can animate’.

On Friday the children are looking forward to sharing their learning with the school and family members at their class assembly. I hope you can make it.

P2.3 Class Newsletter Jan 2014

Please use the link above to access the P2/3 Newsletter.

Friday 24th January 2014

This week we were reading all about the ‘Magic Paintbrush’ and we wrote our own ‘Magic Paintbrush’ stories. We were concentrating on our introductions and next week we are writing about being kidnapped by the Emperor!

In Numeracy we were learning about multiplication and we made clocks to help us tell the time. If you have a watch at home try and wear it every day to school.

We started learning how to do the dragon dance and have been making masks this morning using collage. By Katie, Coral, Jenna and Jack

“I liked multiplication.” Danny

“I liked making dragon masks.” Luca

“I liked my animation. I made a moving ball that turned into a stickman and then a ball again!” Alan

“I liked art when we made clocks and dragon masks.” Ruby



dragonFriday 17th January 2014

This week we learned about China. We used an atlas to find out where China is. China is in Asia. China is one of the biggest countries in the world. Mount Everest is in China. It is the biggest mountain in the world. (by Angus, Alan, Luke and Coral)

“This week I liked making the dragons.” Cameron

“I liked making the puppets and playing with them in the theatre.” Jessica

“I liked making the Chinese zodiac story.” Zara

“I liked using an atlas to find China.” Katie

“I liked doing Maths. It was fun learning about Calendars.” Rhys

Thursday 9th January 2014

Happy New Year!

This week we made resolutions for the new year. Have you made any?

We started our new topic ‘Chinese New Year’. We learned all about the Chinese Zodiac story and wrote our own class zodiac story. Today we have been making puppets from the story. Next week we are going to make a puppet show with the puppets we have made.

“We liked making the puppets.” Rhys and Coral.

“Learning about the months of the year was fun.” Cameron.

“We liked gymnastics” Aaron and Tino.

“I liked making the Chinese lanterns.” Daniel.

“I liked making the book with Zara. We had to write the introduction.” Cassie.

Friday 4th October 2013

Over the weeks we have had lots of fun learning about the Egyptians. This morning we shared some of our amazing facts with the rest of the school at Assembly. We are very excited about our trip to the museum on Monday. We are looking forward to seeing lots of interesting artefacts and learning even more about Egypt. On Wednesday Sarah Cowie from the East Lothian Museum Service is helping us use all our amazing work to create a museum in our classroom.

Friday 30th August 2013

It has been a busy and quick week in P2/3! In literacy we revised sounds and key words. We also practised our cursive handwriting. It’s surprising how much we have forgotten over the holidays but we are remembering quickly!

Flat Stanley arrived in our class this week. We enjoyed writing to his family to let them know Stanley was okay and that we would look after him. We also told his family a little bit about us. They thought we wore kilts all the time and ate haggis! Reading workshops have started and your child should come home with homework on Mondays and Thursdays. We will hopefully be able to use the school library next Thursday. 

In numeracy we have been practising counting, recording and sequencing numbers to 20/ 50 and 100 in different ways. In maths we practised measuring in centimetres using a ruler. It was tricky!

In art this week the children created super portraits. They were given half of their photograph and they had to complete their picture. Fantastic effort P2/3!

On Tuesday the children had lots of fun working with our new gym specialist Mr McCann. This week they were focussing on travelling skills.

We have started our Ancient Egypt topic by sharing what we already know and what we would like to find out. We are very excited about our new IDEA and we’re looking forward to finding out where Eqypt is next week and how we can get there. If there is time we may even travel back in time to the Ancient Eqypt era.

Friday 23rd August 2013

We have had an exciting and tiring week in P2/3. It was great to see our friends again. We had lots of holiday news to share and we had great fun getting to know new classmates. We are gradually getting used to new routines especially P3 who now have a much longer day at school.

Over the first couple of days we have been thinking about what we want to achieve this year. We made fantastic “Make it a year to remember’ banners and wrote our hopes for the year on them. We also devised our class rules and played different games to get to know a little more about each other.

In Numeracy we have been revising writing, counting and sequencing numbers to 100. We made super Snakes and Ladders board games which we will be taking home shortly.

When sharing our holiday news we have been learning about different places in the world. We are setting up a travel agents outside our classroom and we made brilliant posters advertising our holiday destinations. 

Well done P2/3! Great first few days at school – keep it up!  (Miss Craig)





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  1. I am sure all of the P2/3’s are having lots of fun learning lots of new and interesting things…I know Mia is. Thanks. Jill & Maxwell Robertson.

  2. I like the Chinese topic so far. I like it when Lucky and Jing come to our class and teach us Mandarin. We learned numbers 1 to 5 in Chinese.

  3. ;this week we have been learning about PIRATES . We have also been making a humungus pirate ship . for the whole class to play I in.we have been listening to different pirate jobs we even made wanted posters my name was daisy golden JENNA

  4. I liked learning about all sorts of weddings. I liked it when we where learning about rainbow street and we met Mrs Taylor. Zara

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