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27th June 2014

It’s got to that time of year!  I was looking at photographs that I had taken of the children in June 2013 and it is amazing how much the  children have changed over the course of the year.  When first meeting them in June last year I had thought that they had looked very young and now a year on I am thinking how grown up they are looking.

P4 have learned so much this year and have really embraced their IDEAs.  We’ve covered the Rainforest, Electricity, The Vikings, Christmas, Easter, Islam, Judaism and Germs and Genes and learned lots.  P4’s IDEA topics next year will cover lots of new areas but remind the children about HOW they learned and that will put them in good stead for next year.

We’ve covered addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing, multiplying and dividing, fractions, measurement, time, shape and information handling.  Heads “spun” at times but everybody put in their best effort.  We have found some maths topics very challenging but persevered and had “Eureka” moments when it all suddenly made sense – remind your child next year to keep asking for help if they don’t understand something. Mrs McMath is a maths whizz and will definitely challenge everybody!

P4 have been great literary workers!  We have covered all genres of fiction and non fiction whether through our IDEA or stand alone curricular work.  Our biggest success was the creation of our own Limericks!!  From not knowing what an alliteration was to being able to write rhyming couplets, news headlines, adverbs, etc is, is a fantastic achievement for the children.

We have been “dramatic”, we’ve drawn and painted, we’ve sang, we’ve danced and hopefully we’ve had fun.  Great job P4 – keep it up.

PS – Keep up the Geography work on

30th May 2014

Another busy week in P4.  This week was challenge week for our Water IDEA.  The class created super powerpoints to demonstrate their learning and also took part in an activote quiz.  We have enjoyed our water IDEA and have covered a lot of ground,  we know about the different oceans and seas, how the water cycle works, water as a liquid, solid and a gas and how rivers form (and the 15 biggest ones in the world!).

Hopefully you have recieved your assembly invitation – Friday 6th June at 9.15am – we are going to take the opportunity to showcase our learning.  The children are currently planning items about our different IDEAs, Literacy, Maths, Music and Dance to name a few areas.

We also have a rugby festival coming up on 11th June and I will issue the forms for the trip next week.  The children have been enjoying their weekly rugby tasters with Gabby so it should be a fun event.


Please click on the link below to read our P4 May Newsletter. 


28th March 2014

We have been very busy in class this term learning all about the Vikings.  The children have produced some amazing homework projects and you will be able to view all these on the Child Led Parents Consultation.  We are about to enter challenge week and the class will be producing a newspaper article to demonstrate their learning across the topic.

In Numeracy the class have been learning about measure, fractions, Roman Numerals and the current focus is on developing our skills in mental maths.

In ICT the class have been putting together animations using animation software.  They have been very creative and I know that you will enjoy them when the children are able to share them with you on 1st April.  The children have also been puting together PowerPoints on Islam and the Vikings.


Click on link above to access the P4 January Newsletter.

December 2013

I know that everyone is really looking forward to their Christmas Holidays – not least Mrs Cleeton and myself!   The class have had an amazing 2nd term and have achieved a lot of work and are making great progress.

In Numeracy we have been learning how to do vertical multiplication with carrying.  The children are at different stages in their knowledge of multiplication tables but I would expect the majority to be working on their 6 and 7 times tables at present.  We have also been learning how to divide using the written method with and without remainders.  Lots of great work has been done and I would ask that you continue to enourage your child to do their tables practice at home.  Mrs Cleeton has been teaching 2D and 3D shape this term so we all now know our hexagons from our pentagons and our cubes from our pyramids.

In Literacy the class have continued to work on their creative writing whether it is scene setting or creating acrostic poetry.  Mrs Cleeton has been teaching grammar and I have seen some great work in jotters showing excellent understanding of various parts of speech.  Reading has progressed well this term and the majority of groups are now reading with good fluency and expression.

Our Electricity IDEA went well and the children showed a great deal of enthusiasm towards the topic.  Our challenge week activities also demonstrated that the class had a great deal of understanding about the various aspects of electricity that they had learned about.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish everyody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Mrs Cleeton and I would also like to thank the children and their families for all the kind Christmas Gifts.  Mrs Cleeton and I bought the class an ethical gift from Oxfam.  We have paid for a goat to be donated to a family from a developing country to help them become more self sufficient.  If you want to know more about this please visit the Oxfam website.


November 2013

The class have been working very hard on their Electricity IDEA.  The children have really enjoyed creating their own electrical circuits and trying to find alternative sources to power them.  Our experiments with fruit and vegetables weren’t entirely successful but they did provide a great platform for discussion and exchanges of ideas about why they didn’t work and what we could do to improve on it.  Lots of great posters are now coming in for our Electricity Safety homework – well done, can’t wait to see the final ones.

This was our last week at Swimming.  The swimming teacher will shortly tell my how the children involved got on, so look out for a certificate coming home soon.  The children that were not swimming were doing fitness with myself and also looking at food and nutrition this term and listening and talking skills last term.

In maths we have now moved on from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division.  Everybody seems to be coping well with the concepts of borrowing and carrying and we will continue to practice and focus on these.  Mrs Cleeton is currently teaching 2D and 3D shapes in numeracy and maths.

We have started a creative writing project which aims to produce a high quality scene setting story.  So far the class have drawn their scene, are moving on to thinking about wow words for what they can see, hear and feel before moving on to writing their masterpieces.

The class continue to enjoy the benefits of both the PE and Music Specialists this term.

If you have any issues or problems please do not hesitate to contact me.

October 2013

Hard to believe that our first term is nearly over already.  The class have worked hard since coming back and we have managed to cover a lot of ground.  Our Rainforest IDEA has gone well and we have created a mini rainforest in our classroom and are now working on creating animals to live in it.  Challenge week will be w/c 7th October allowing the children to deomstrate what they have learned.


Friday 30th August

A busy week in class.  Lots of new experiences this week.  The class met our new PE Specialist Mr McCann and had their first experience of using the Gym changing rooms.  I don’t what they were most excited about – a new teacher or the changing rooms?

In literacy we have been learning about the “ar” spelling pattern and we have also used this for our handwriting practise.  When children are completing homework at home please encourage them to write in cursive.  The class now have their new reading books and I will start reading aloud with groups next week.

In RME the class are learning about Judaism with Mrs Cleeton.  They will also be staring hockey in PE next week.

Our rainforest topic is going well.  This week we have compared Scottish forests with a rainforest and using maps and atlases have found out where rainforests are.  Next week we’ll look at the layers of the rainforest and food chains.

Welcome Back

Primary 4 have had a running start at the new academic year.  We are still getting to know each other but I can say that we are having a lot of fun doing this.  We have already started our new IDEA which is the Rainforest.  This week we have been comparing a Scottish forest to a tropical Rainforest and the children have come up with great ideas about why they are different.  These include, number of trees, types of tree, temperature, rainfall, people and wildlife.  Well done P4 you have obviously really thought about your new topic already.  Our class novel this term is “Journey to the River Sea” by Eva Ibbotson and complements our Rainforest IDEA.

The class have had their first lesson with our new PE specialist Mr Graham McCann.  He seemed to be a big hit with the class.  Mr McCann and I spent a bit of time with the class explaining the rules of the changing room, numbering pegs, explaining what to do with pegs, etc this week.  Hopefully this will cut down on lost clothes, arguments and make sure the children change as quickly as possible and take full use of their PE time.  Half the class are swimming this term and the other half, whilst the others are away, are doing Fitness with myself.  We had a great week learning about warm ups, cardiovascular and cool downs.  The children took charge of the lesson and came up with great ideas how to warm up the muscles, get the heart racing and how we can get the body relaxed again.  Swimming diaries will go out to the appropriate children to fill out and bring back on a Tuesday.

I will update the class page weekly with our activities and also class comments.  In addition, if there is any parent that would like to come in to class to help out or has specialist knowledge about a subject area, please let me know.   I would be very keen to speak to parents that could support myself and the children during maths and reading.

Regards.  Shona Walker.


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  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed coming in to P4 to share your learning with you! You are obviously learning lots about this term’s IDEA of electricity…super work!

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