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Friday 25th April

On Thursday 24th April we had to come to school early because we were going to Broomlee. We all got on to the bus and to keep us occupied there was a TV on the bus. When we arrived at Broomlee we met a man called Mark who showed us where we were to put our bags. Then we got split into groups. We went to do all the activities.

The activites were, Mohawk Walk, Flying Fox, Nightline and Crate Climb. The instructors were called Olly, Craig, Kevin and Martin. We did two activities before lunch and two activities after lunch.

In the Mohawk Walk we followed an obstacle course made of rope. You stood on a wire cable and you had a partner called a spotter and their job was to make sure you never fell off. You had to make it to the end of the course. Some people had to carry a jug of water and try not to spill it.

On the Flying Fox there was not a seat and you had to hook yourself on to a harness. Louisa said that the harness sometimes gave you a wedgie! You had to climb onto a cargo net to get on the platform and you had to follow steps to get you down at the bottom because it was so high. When you were on the top it felt like you might fall off.


to be continued……………………………………………………


Friday 28th March

We were set to do a homework task to make a Viking artefact and we all brought it in on Monday. Everybody enjoyed and they were all different and brilliant. Please come and see them all on Tuesday at parents night. We also think it will be a good idea if we share it with the rest of the school and are planning on inviting everyone to come and see our wonderful artefacts.

We enjoyed doing Similes for the BFG and our homework. On Monday we made a simile man or lady and labelled it with many descriptive similes. On Tuesday we wrote a story about our characters. A visitor came in and watched our lesson. She also spoke to Louisa, Esme and Nicole about Houses and Wake up Shake up.

In Maths we are studying 3D shapes. We were looking at the properties of the different shapes including faces, vertices, edges and parallel lines.

On Wednesday we went to a Rugby Festival at Pinkie Playing fields and we all had lots of fun. Some of us met our friends from other schools as it was a cluster event.  When we were coming back people were complaining that they had sore feet and were hungry !

On Thursday we were looking at directions and were using compasses round the school.  We used the 8 point compassess in different places around the school. We had to find what direction different places and things were.

In RME we were drawing pictures of Buddha. They were very detailed.

It was a special assembly today. Well done to Melanie, Rory and Abbie who all got a certificate. The Feel Good Choir sang and the Wake up Shake up danced. It was great. We spent some time writing our blog hope you enjoy reading it.

by Primary 5


 P5 newsletter January

Please click on the link above to access the Primary 5 January newsletter.

Friday 10th January



This week has been our first week back.A lot of us are still tired from New Years Eve!

This term we are starting to learn and write poetry.On Monday we all wrote a Haiku poem and listened to some as well.We also wrote New Years Resolutions for yourself, family and friends and school.

In the rest of the week we were working on a new Scotish country dance called the Haymakers and the Peebles bus.We also were making a kindness tree and each of us got told a another person that they had to write a kind and thoughtful comment  about,and after we made the kindness tree we all heard the comments everyone had written about one and other .

Sophie- I am realy enjoying practicing my times tables.

Lewis H- this term we have been working on healthy bodys.

Emma D- It has been so fun seeing all our friends back at school.

Melanie- It has been realy fun doing brass with Mr Reeves.

Nicole- I have enjoied doing our fitness.

Esmé-I have enjoyed doing poetry.

By Melanie, Nicole and Esmé.






Friday 11th October

Ladder of Success

What a very busy class we have been!!!! The following people have all got their bronze certificates and we are really proud of them. We are having a few problems uploading the photos but will hopefully get them up soon.

Well done to: Abby Falconer, Emma Keenan, Ewan Campbell, Ross McDonald, Rory MacKinnon, Jack Cameron, Esme MacBride- Stewart, Holly Thomson, Louisa Hamilton, Daniel Sinclair, Emily Park, Nicole Thorburn , Sophie Keenan, Lewis Hay and Aaron Egilmez.

This week we have been making our Rainforest in a Box . We have put a lot of detail into our work and they were all very different. We all enjoyed making them. We used different techniques like tissue paper, painting and using pipe cleaners to make ivy and vines and snakes. Some of us made a collage in our boxes. We used toilet rolls to make trees.

We did a health poster and it was very detailed. It was about healthy teeth. The poster had to be big and bold. We had to put in facts and pictures and very colourful.

 I enjoyed making the Rainforest in a Box and showing it to our parents – Sophie

I enjoyed making the healthy teeth poster – Connor

I enjoyed doing the animal fact file – Nicole

I enjoyed writing the letter to Quentin – Ross

I enjoyed making the movable animals – Jack

I enjoyed writing the Rainforest Dreams story – Louisa




Friday 27th September

Ladder of Success

Congratulations to Georgia and Naomi who have earned their Bronze Award for a fantastic attitude towards School and Learning.

We have been very busy preparing for our assembly item this week. As our IDEA is The Rainforest we made up the word Rainforest and then thought of words associated with each letter of the word. We came up with Rainforest, animals and Amazon, Insects and Iguana, nocturnal, fish and frogs orangantan, reptiles and rhino, elephants and eagle, snakes and sloths and scarlet macaw and Tarantula. We drew pictures with facts on the back. Nicole really enjoyed the assembly and drawing the animals.

In maths we are doing subtraction. Some of us are doing it with Thousands, hundreds, tens and units. Everyone is working really hard on their presentation and layout as well as their accuracy.

In Health we have been studying teeth. We have been learning the different types of teeth and where they are in your mouth. We have been learning about when our teeth grow in.

I have enjoyed maths – Ewan C

I enjoyed the Macmillan Coffee morning and the hat parade – Emma D

I enjoyed baking the jam tarts – Rory and Daniel

I enjoyed doing Health because we learned about teeth. – Holly

I enjoyed going with the P1/2 for the Hat parade. – Abby F




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  1. hey p5 its Erin Peacock here i hope u are all enjoing p5 and have fun because mrs Nstastuke and MRS colvile are amazing they are the best teachers you could posibly have ! so have fun guys xxx p.s i am enjoing my new school xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What a wonderful special assembly this morning. As well as all the hard work and certificates for the children, P5 and Mrs Colville have worked hard to give Mrs Nastastzczuk a very special send off, it was lovely to be a part of it.

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