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Friday 16th May 2014

Wow, what a busy week we’ve had! We were at the East Lothian Rugby Festival on Wednesday and on Thursday most of P7 were at the netball tournamnet and then we all had a drama workshop in the afternoon!
We’ve also managed to fit in class work, rehearsals for our JRSO performance and practice for Meadowbank athletics!

I enjoyed playing different schools at netball. By Anna

I’ve really enjoyed doing lots of sports this week. By Erin

I really enjoyed the tag rugby and netball tournament. By Chris

I enjoyed the drama workshop. By Isla

Friday 9th May 2014

This week has been a short week since we had the Monday, Tuesday Holiday but we have still been really busy!

We have completed the yearbook and it is ready to be sent off to get made! Everyone enjoyed looking back of all our fun memories of Stoneyhill!

In Maths we were learning about Percentages and Angles. We all found it really intresting learning new things every week!

We have finished our B.O.S.S club apprentise  scheme. It worked out really welll for most groups but sometimes not everything went according to plan! We are all looking forward to starting B.O.S.S clubs again in 2 weeks time!


In P.E we have been playing rounders to practise our throwing skills and even Mrs Mercer took part and got half a rounder.


In French we have been practising our cafe words and have been acting it out with Partners and Groups.

‘I enjoyed helping Ciaran finish the yearbook!’ -Anna

‘I enjoyed doing french because we acted out a cafe scene’- Isla

‘I was really happy of how my B.O.S.S club went really well’-Emily

‘I really liked playing rounders!’-Erin

‘I enjoyed the singing practise!’- Raveena







Friday 25th April

This week is our first week back after the holidays!!!!

This week we having been working with p4-6 with our B.O.S.S clubs as apperentices to show the pupils how much work goes in to the clubs they have fun in. Some of the B.O.S.S clubs went really well with the apperentices as they really helped and joined in with the fun!

I really enjoyed the assembly this week as i finally got to hold the house of the week cup for the Rockin’ Romans!! By Emily

I enjoyed French because were learning food and drinks and got to preform ordering at the cafe in french.- By Nicole

I liked playing rounders outside!!! – By Erin



Friday 4th April


We are all ready for our Easter holidays after another week in P7.
This week we have been finishing off our Science Lab IDEA. It has been a great IDEA and everyone really enjoyed learning about a few different aspects of science, including experimenting, writing reports and learning about the effects of drugs.

It was great fun researching different science experiments on the Internet. We found lots of really interesting experiments which looked very impressive!

Everyone enjoyed watching and discussing ‘Choices For Life’. It was really interesting to see how making the wrong choices could have such a big impact on someone’s life.

It was good to share our work with our parents on Tuesday evening. Everyone seemed impressed with all of the work going on in P7.

Congratulations to our fab footballers who won their match against Loretto this week. Well Done.

I enjoyed parents evening. Ross S

I enjoyed the Easter Assembly. Anna

I enjoyed doing probability in maths. Isla

I enjoyed doing Netball. Lois

I enjoyed doing art in the style of different artists. Josh

I was happy that we beat Loretto 2-1 in the Football game. Ross E
Friday 28th March 2014

This week we have been learning about lots of diffrent things!

In maths we have been doing Algebra with Mrs McMath on Tuesday and that was really fun.On Wednesday we were learing about Mean, Mode, Range and Median in averages with Mrs Mercer and one Thursday we were doing time with Mrs Mercer.

In P.E this week we had Mr Thomas and we were playing basketball!!! We all seemed to really enjoy it! On Wednesday we were doing netball outside with Mrs Mercer and it was really fun!!


In IDEA with Mrs Mercer we have been talking about alcohol and drugs and how they can  effect our body. We watched 2 stories about Liam and Sophie that were about getting peer pressued into doing things like drinking alcohol and smoking.


I really enjoyed playing netball outside. by Isla

I liked learning about all the effects of alcohol and drugs. By Anna

I had lots of fun doing golden time with the P6’s! We played Bench ball. By Nicole

I enjoyed doing  Fitness. By Rachel

I enjoyed bench ball in Golden time! By Jack.S

I liked learning how to find avereges. By Toby







Friday 21st March 2014

I enjoyed walking a mile for sports relief. By Anna

I loved walking a mile for sports relief. I would go out and do it again! By Jack H

I really enjoyed doing our own pictures in the style of Picasso, Monet, Warhol and Van Gogh in Art. By Ross E

I enjoyed playing netball outside. By Ciaran

I enjoyed finding out about a famous scientist and making a powerpoint. By Josh

I liked playing netball in P.E. by Michaela

I also enjoyed netball. By Chris

I liked doing pictures in the style of famous artists. By Samantha

Friday 24th January 2014

It’s been another great week in Primary 7!

We have really enjoyed our second session of tag rugby and look forward to developing our skills more next week. As well as this, our netball skills are really improving and we are all enjoying trying out different positions in matches. It turns out there are some great netball players in the class!

It was great to help P2/3 with their animations. All of the class managed to create a short animation which included a moving image. Next week we will introduce the use of cameras and see what P2/3 manage to create!

We have all started researching a key question in groups for our transport IDEA. Some of the questions are: How does a boat float? How do hot air balloons fly? Our posters containing all of our information will be completed and presented to the class next week.

We have also been working on our French weather forecasts, complete with maps, weather symbols and lots of french weather vocabulary. We are looking forward to watching these next week. Tres Bien!

P7 Class NewsletterJan-Feb

Click on the above link to access the P7 January Newsletter.

Friday 10th January 2014

Happy New Year from p.7!!

We have all enjoyed our first week back, we have been really busy. By Rachel.

I enjoyed skipping this week. By Anna.

We enjoyed Art this week. By Scott and Michaela.

I enjoyed the part in Art when we had to draw the other side of an Olympic athlete from Britain.  I chose Chris Hoy because I admire him as a person. By Patrick.

I really enjoyed planning the B.O.S.S clubs this week.  We haven’t finalised the details yet but we have LOTS of good ideas.  By Emily and Chantelle.

I enjoyed the skipping in fitness.  We used the long ropes to have a competition to see who skipped the most.  Charlotte and Michaela got the highest scores. By Sophie.





Friday 25th October 2013

I enjoyed doing the work for BOSS clubs. By Sophie

I liked doing all of the different circuits in P.E. By Ellis

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday two people came in to run an ABEL (Anti Bullying East Lothian) workshop. It was interesting and we learnt about self esteem. By Annabel

I liked organising the BOSS clubs and doing the pitches. By Erin

I liked doing P.E. with Mr McCann. By Nicole

I learned something new in maths: any number after the decimal point is a little bit of a number. By Jack H

Friday 4th October 2013

Music was really fun, but it’s a secret so we can’t tell you any more about it! By Toby

I really enjoyed music. By Erin

It was fun to present my Human Body project to the class. By Denholm

I enjoyed making maths games using negative numbers. By Anna

I really enjoyed doing PE games with P3 because I liked teaching them the game that we made up. By Emily

I enjoyed doing my homework project about the heart and sharing it with the class. By Rachel

I enjoyed Health and Wellbeing because I liked working in a team. By Nicole

Friday 20th September 2013

We have managed to cram quite a lot into our 4 day week in P7.

From helping our P1 and P3 buddies to learning about the digestive system, it has been a very busy week!

I enjoyed making the passing games for p3s in p.e. by Anna

I enjoyed making the animations by Toby

I enjoyed working with negative intrgees by Ross E

I enjoyed working in a team for the health and wellbeing team games by Nicole, Erin, Ross S, Annabel and Chantelle

I enjoyed playing dodgeball in p.e. by Scott and Sohpie

3 thoughts on “Primary 7”

  1. Hi p7s,

    Rachel C and Becca A here from S1!! We are nearly at the end of first year.. It has been very fast but great fun! Hope the school hasn’t fallen apart without us :)! See you P7s after the summer!!

    x 🙂

  2. Hi Rachel and Becca!

    Lovely to hear from you and good to know you have had a great year. Pop in for a visit sometime if you can.

    Mrs McMath 🙂

  3. Rachel and Becca – I’m really happy to see your comment as well. Rachel, I’ve been watching your badminton progress through the East Lothian Courier and I couldn’t be more proud!! Becca, I hope that you are still being a real star in class and you are learning loads. Keep up the good work girls and like Mrs McMath I’d love a visit soon. Mrs Shona Walker.

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