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Blogs from 2nd September :

……..and last blog of the night goes to Sanaa : hi mum, dad, Sara and Aleena.  I’ve had a good time.  I’ve got a nice dorm.  Rachel U has really made me laugh (and Mrs W too!).  I really enjoyed abseiling.  Miss you loads, can’t wait to see you tomorrow. x x x x x x 😀 😀

Jane : hi Emily at least you know how to use the computer.  Say to mum and dad that I miss them lots and I miss you.  I’ll tell you all the gossip from the dorms when I get back (it’s not safe on the web).  Tell mum I would like cottage pie when I get back from Benmore. xx. 😀

Molly : loving it.  Hi mum, dad and Anna.  Having a good time at Benmore.  Disco tonight.  Sorry mum but I’ve got a case load of wet, smelly clothes.  See you tomorrow.  Lots of love, Molly. xx 😀

Megan : hey mum.  Had a blast.  Benmore was brilliant. Loved the food.  HA, HA, KIERAN, I DID ALL THE ACTIVITIES INCLUDING KAYAKING AND I LOVED IT.  I’d love chicken, cheese and ham kievs for tea please. 😀 😀 😀  (PS Hey dad)

Sophie : loved your messages.  Hope Charlie is enjoying his time without me because he’s not getting any peace tomorrow.  Hope you are enjoying yourself mum and say hi to Scott for me.  Have had a great time and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Hugs and Kisses from Sophie.  😀

Lauren: happy birthday dad – you look amazing for 21!  Hi mum.  Hope we’re having a Chinese tomorrow.  See you soon.

Karen : thanks for the messages.  See you tomorrow, too busy to blog!

Ross : hi, loving Benmore.  Activities have been great fun.  See you on Friday.  Make sure Mum has pasta for dinner. 🙂

Nicole: loved the messages.  Got really wet today but still had fun.  See you on Friday. Love Nicole (give Bailey a big hug and kiss)xxx

Jay : to mum, dad and Sam – loving Benmore.  Had loads of good activities.  Favourite was Caving and I also liked kayaking ( didn’t fall in).  Got loads of clothes wet, get the washing machine ready.  Best meal so far has been the chicken curry.  See you tomorrow, fire up the PS3.  😀

Tristan : hi mummy and daddy.  I miss you, I miss you, I miss you! See you soon.  Kieran better not be touching my stuff.  Bye.

Shelley: thanks for the messages mum.  Got a birthday cake tonight at Benmore.  It was good, it was chocolate.  My dorm is good.  I have lots of my friends in my dorm.  Weather been great.  You’ll never believe it but I’ve climbed up a wall, I got up the high ropes.  I loved the caving and the gorge walking – I like getting wet!  Dominoes Pizza for tea tomorrow please.  Miss you loads.

Jordan : hi mum, thanks for the message.  I’m missing you loads as well.  Hope Miller is getting on well at school and I hope that Murphy’s coat has grown back in.  Tell Ben that he’ll never beat me at FIFA.  🙂

Kyle :  Hi mum an dad (and Lewis I suppose) I’m having a great time.  No I didn’t eat all my sweets on the bus down but I ate them all on the first night.  Night, night, see you tomorrow.  lol. z

Michael : thanks for the message mum.  Missing you loads.  Did you get my postcard?  Have just shoved all my clothes in my bag without drying or folding them!  Can I have a chippie for my tea (Kyle wants one too). 😀  PS Are we packed for Blackpool yet?

Mrs Thomas/Mrs Walker : Mr Thomas I hope you have sky+’d Waterloo Road and NOT watched it or there will be trouble.  Can you make sure that there is a cold glass of “juice” and a Thai takeaway, mine is a pad Thai and a red curry, waiting for me. 😀  Mr Walker I hope that the girls have been to school all week and that it didn’t interfere with your golf too much!  I’d like some “juice” as well, beef in black bean sauce and a HOT bubbly bath!  Cheers.

Rachel E : me again, can I have a chicken feast pizza for dinner?

Message for Tom : hi Tom, how are you?  Hope your arm is getting better – we are all missing you, rofl.  Tom get mum to send Mrs W a text to tell her what your wellies look like.  Sam’s got your eye popping out of a cow toy!  Theo found Rory’s tenner.  Mrs Thomas beat (actually thrashed) Rory at table tennis, lol.  Craig vacuumed up David’s sock and David then thought they were clean and is now re-wearing them.  Disco tonight, really upset you are not here we wanted to dance with you (from the boys!).  Jake’s been telling ghost stories.  See you tomorrow.  From Sam, Rory and Liam.

Liam : Thanks for the messages mum – my nose is fine!!!  I went abseiling and gorge walking today.  The African rock isn’t very big but I did get very wet – no chance that they’ll dry before tomorrow.  Can we go to Pizza Hut tomorrow night?  lol.

Rory : hello mother.  Hope you aren’t missing me too much.  I don’t miss the boys but I’m missing you mummy.  I lost a tenner and I was more worried about not getting World of Warcraft but I found it so panic over.  Bye motherin. 😀

Rachel  E : hi mum, dad, Keiran, Adrian and Alfie – thanks for the message – I’m still having a gr8 time.  I’ve been abseiling and problem solving today.  Can’t wait to see you.  Hope Alfie is fine, have you taught him any new words? 😀

Emma : thanks for the messages everyone – I’m having a good time and I don’t want to come home!  It’s gone so fast.  I went abseiling and gorge walking today.  It was really fun and I’ve tried everything.  After the disco I’ll have to pack, get ready mum everything is soaking! 😀

Craig : thanks for the message.  I went caving today and did the high ropes as well.  Looking forward to seeing you.  Everything is wet and smelly.  I want pizza for tea! 😀

Yeah – normal service has been resumed.  Thanks for all your comments the children are enjoying reading them.

Apologies for the technical difficulties that we have been experiencing but unfortunately broadband is a thing of the future in the middle of the Argyll forest!  We had planned to upload photos and videos but alas the most we can manage on an internet connection routed via Italy is a few updates and comments from the children.  We promise that we’ll upload all these goodies on our return!

So, the story so far.  The weather has been fantastic and we have been able to really take advantage of this.  So far we have been caving, canoeing, abseiling, gorge walking, high roping and problem solving.  Even with the great weather we have managed to get wet doing every single one!!  Lots of the children have conquered fears and are feeling very proud of themselves – great to see the child scared of heights at the top of a 30ft pole ready to throw themselves at a trapeze bar.  Even more amazing to see those scared of the dark deep within the cave network of the mountain squeezing their way through a very (and I mean very) small tunnel.  Most of all it has been very gratifying to see them all working together as groups to achieve their end goals.

On the lighter side of things – the teachers and adult helpers have been having a great laugh watching the children carrying out their daily chores.  We never knew that you vacuum cleaners could be used to clean socks.  Obviously all the children have self making beds at home and magic carpets that when clothes are dropped on them miraculously re-appear clean and pressed in drawers and wardrobes.  Velcro has a lot to answer for with basic shoe tying skills sometimes being a stretch and one nameless soul actually managing to tie their shoelaces together and falling flat on their face much to the amusement of others! 

Enough from us, lets see what the children have to say.

Jake : Benmore is awesome.  My favourite activity so far has been canoeing and caving is the second best.  Mrs Thomas and Mrs Walker made me write this!

Paul : I’m really enjoying myself because Benmore is so fun.  My favourite activity yet has been kayaking and I tipped my boat and it was really funny.

Liam : Benmore is amazing.  I’m having a great time.  I had a nose bleed during the night (but I’m okay now mum!)  The best activity so far has been caving and I nearly got stuck but I made it through.

Craig : Benmore is really fun.  Having a gr8 time.  Got a fun dorm.  The best activity I have done so far is climbing and abseiling because I was proud that I climbed up really quick and get down safely.

Nicole : I’m having a great time.  The activities are really good and I like my dorm.  I’ve been bitten to death by midgies though!  My favourite activity so far is climbing and abseiling.  It was scary but I managed to do it.

David : Benmore is the best place I’ve been on my own.  It’s great having all your friends around you.  My favourite activity so far has been abseiling and climbing because it was gr8 to think you had climbed all that way.  I can now tie my shoe laces separately!  Thanx Benmore.

Rachel : I’m having a brilliant time in Benmore.  The food is good.  I’m enjoying all the activities.  I’ve managed to do them all!  Mrs Walker says I can now make my own bed!

BYE  Thanx Benmore.

Emma : I’m having an amazing time.  I’ve enjoyed the rope course the best so far.  I managed to get up to the second level first time but the second time I got right to the top and even managed to hang upside down.  By the way mum – “I’m fine and the food’s great”.  It has gone really quick as well.

Mrs Walker & Mrs Thomas  : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Keith : trying my best to keep up with group 4 as they climb up climb down, run, solve problems and had even managed to stay dry until today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Emma: I did not realise I wouldn’t get away with out doing the activities, kids are awesome and competitive!  Up for all the activities and challenges that are being thrown at then. Weather has been really good and here’s hoping it lasts!  Bring on Friday!

On this page P7 will be blogging about their experiences at Benmore…

You can leave them a comment at any time by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

P7 are experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ at Benmore so may not be able to blog as often as they hoped!!  Everyone arrived safely and took part in a night walk on Monday evening.  They all got very muddy.  Mrs Thomas and Mrs Walker said it was funny watching P7 attempt to make their beds.  This morning (Tuesday) some of the boys woke up VERY EARLY.

Day 2 Benmore House…

Mrs Thomas was pushed into the loch by her group, very funny! So far the weather has been amazing but there are lots of midgies.  Some groups have taken part in caving, high ropes and abseiling and the chicken curry for tea was “awesome”!

49 thoughts on “Benmore Blog 2010”

  1. Hope you all have a fantastic time cant wait to hear about your adventures.
    Have fun – I’m jealous!!!

    Juliet (Karen’s mum)

  2. Hope you are all having a great time! Can’t wait to hear everything that you are doing , we are so proud of you Emma. Hope you liked the photo we couldn’t give a serious one!!!!!!!
    Lot’s of love mum & dad
    P.S how do you do the yellow smiley faces??????

  3. Hi

    We hope you all arrived safe and well and that you all managed to make your beds without to many difficulties.

    Have an amazing few days, enjoy all the activities and try not to stress out the teachers too much!

    Oh and Megs don’t eat all those sweets granny gave you in one go and hope the foot’s ok. x x x

  4. Have a great few days, enjoy all the activities and try not to get up too early !!!
    Hope you found the note 🙂

    Lots of love Mum, Dad, Aimee & Bailey xxxx

  5. Hi Liam,
    Everyone is really missing you. Shaina sits at the door waiting for you coming in from
    school. Hope your ok and enjoying yourself. How was the night walk? Can’t wait to
    hear about all your adventures. Have a great time and we will see you soon.
    Love you loads,
    Mum, Dad, James, Sian and Shaina. xxx
    P.s. We will keep you a piece of Grandma’s Birthday Cake (it’s a chocolate one) x

  6. Hi Rachie!

    Hope all is going well. The weather has been good here and we hope you have had the same. It’s been very quiet with you being away 😉 and I think the boys are missing you although they wouldn’t admit that!

    Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing. I loved Benmore when I was at school – it’s a really fun place. Try everything!!!

    Love you xxx.

  7. Hi Ali and Keith,
    Hope you are having fun and getting some sleep! Woops is fine and has been rolling about in his ball and eating lots of fruit. We have been feeding the fish too!
    Love Claire and Mum xx

  8. Hi Craig, Hope you are having a great time and enjoying all the activities. Looking forward to hearing about all what you have been getting up to when you get back.

    Mum and Dad x

  9. Hi P7
    Hope you are all enjoying yourselves. Have a great time and remember to look after Mrs Thomas and Mrs Walker!
    Love Iona & Charlie

  10. Hi Innes,
    Your muddy night walk sounds fantastic fun!!!
    Bet you’re all having the best time ever trying lots of exciting new activities. Can’t wait to hear all about them … remember to take loads of photos 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Mum, Dad & Ritchie xxxx

  11. Hi Tristan,
    We hope you’re having a great time joining in and enjoying all the activities. We hope also that the weathers’ as good as it is here.
    See you soon.
    Mum, Dad, Kieran and Obi.

  12. Hi Shelley babe,

    Only 2 more sleeps after tonight until your birthday. . . . . . . . .

    We have seen some of the wedding photos and you look beautiful, so proud of you, thank you for being our bridesmaid.
    Nothing much happening here other than the usual, Faith is missing you, and so is Adam (wow), not that he’d admitt that to you. Obviously we are to.
    I hope the weather is as nice there as it has been here, summer time! Be good, have lots of fun, see you very soon.

    Love you soooooooooooooo much
    Mum, Scott, Adam, Faith & Baillie x x x x x x

  13. Hi Michael

    Hope you are having a great time. We are all looking forward to hearing all about it on Friday. Remember the photos. Missin you.

    Love Mum, Dad and Ryan xxxx

  14. Hi Jay,
    How you doing! Hope you’re having fun, I bet you’re having the time of your life. It’s very quiet without you, no one shouting from your room (on the PS3). Enjoy the rest of the week and look forward to hearing all about it when you return. C u soon.
    X. Mum, Dad & Sam

  15. Hi Rosco!

    Hope you’re having lots of fun. It’s good here cos there are no footballs flying around the living room, but it’s very quiet without you. I’m jealous that you got the chicken curry, told you it was good! c u friday 🙂


  16. Hi Kyle! Hope you are having a fantastic time at Benmore. We look forward to hearing about your adventures when you get back. The house is very quiet without you. We are all missing you. Love Mum, Dad & Lewis xxx

  17. Hi Emma,
    I don’t need to ask as I know you and your friends will all be having a fab time. Try
    very hard not to break anything, you know how I worry about that!!!
    Hope you’re managing to get some sleep and not staying awake all night having girly chats and giggling. Enjoy your week as Friday will be here before you know it
    Lots of love Auntie Linda

  18. hi kyle

    sounds as if you are having an amzing time cannot wait to hear all about it, we hope you did not finish all your sweets on the bus down. we are missing you (yes even Lewis).

    See you on Friday.

  19. Hi Jane,

    Hope your having a great time at school camp! Looking forward to hearing all about the caving and the gossip from the dorms, but dont stay up too late, remember we are going out on Sunday night!
    BTW Mum and Dad say hi too but you know they wont do it on a blog!!!!!

    love you lots

  20. Hi Jordan!!!

    Hope you are having a fantastic time at Benmore – we are looking forward to hearing all about it.

    The house seems so quite without you, Ben is getting some practice on fifa for when you come back.

    love you sooo much – see you when you get home

    Mum, Mark, Robyn, Ben, Millar & Murphy.

  21. Hi Nicole

    Sounds like you’re having a ball, we’ve enjoyed reading the updates and can’t wait for Friday to hear all about it. 🙂
    Don’t tell Aimme but shes missing you!! As well as me *& mum.

    Looking forward to Friday.

    Lots of love….Mum, Dad, Aimee and Bailey xxx 😉

  22. Hi Molly sounds like your having lots of fun ,we re all missing you loads :).

    ps im going to give you a big smiley face 2 in fact or more!! (Anna) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    See you Friday love mum ,dad and Anna xxxxxxxx

  23. Oh, pushing the teacher in the water . . . . . .sounds great fun!

    And you can make a bed now, great you can have plenty of practice when you come home. I’ll let you off on your birthday though. . . . .

    Faith has been sleeping in your bed, you might have to sleep in her wee bed when you come home.

    Love you
    Mum & Scott x x x

  24. hiyaa kaz 🙂 !

    it sounds like you are all having a great timee at benmore 😀 !
    we are all missing you ! the house is really quiet without you !
    see you friday , lots of love ,

    mum+dad+jen ! x

  25. Hi Kyle

    Sounds as if you are all having a great time and weather really good, hope you are having an amazing time.

    Missing you here yes even Lewis

    See you on Friday enjoy your last day

    Love Mum, Dad & Lewis

  26. Hi Andrew

    Sounds like you are having a fab and very wet and muddy time, don’t think I want to see inside your case on Friday afternoon – lol. It’s so quiet at home, and Jek is missing you, and so are we. Can’t wait to hear all about it on Friday. Enjoy your last day

    Lots of Love
    Mam, Dad & Jek xxxxxx

  27. Hi Rory, hope your having a fab time at Benmore!!! Poor Tom!!!
    We are all missing you, hopefully see you on Friday, even if its just for a few minutes!!!
    Enjoy your last day, have fun!!! Love You, Mum xxx

  28. Hi Liam,
    Your postcard arrived today. Happy you like your dorm and the food is nice. Sounds like you are having an amazing time honey. You’ve done so much in the time you have been there. Just read your comment, don’t know if it has settled me or not. You had a nose bleed during the night and nearly got stuck in the caves. You can imagine what I was like when I read that. Everyone is really missing you, can’t wait until your home.
    See you tomorrow, love you lots,
    Mum, Dad, James, Sian and

  29. Hi Andrew

    Sounds like you are having a ball at Benmore. It’s really quiet at home ;-)) Jek is missing you, as are we. Can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow.

    Lots of Love
    Mam, Dad & Jek

  30. Hope you’re all having fun the weather here is good hopefully so is the weather there and your not getting too wet and muddy.Looking forward to hearing all the stories, thanks again for all the help when I got hurt see you soon, Tom

  31. Hi Jay,

    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time. Sam was really missing you last night, amazed so was I. Enjoy your last day and have a fab time at the disco. Hope you’ve taken lots of photos. Take care and see you Friday.

    Love Mum, Dad & Sam

  32. Hiya Soph
    The stories about your activities sound fab and I’m glad you are all having such a good time. We can’t wait to get you home again and give you a massive hug!
    Enjoy your last night at Benmore
    Lots of Love
    Mum & Wee Bro

  33. Hi Nicole

    Great to hear your having lots of fun and you’ve got a good dorm. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing and to see what the midges have done to you-lol 🙂
    Will Mrs Walker & Mrs Thomas survive another day!

    Missing you loads & see you on Friday

    Love Mum, Dad, Aimee & Bailey xxxxxxxx

  34. Hi Liam,
    Hope you enjoyed the disco last night. You should be tired from all that dancing. Your messsages are so funny, the one to Tom, ( poor Tom) I was laughing so hard. Think everyone has had an amazing time. So your nose is ok now, good. You reassured me a bit better this time than your last message. You know how I worry. So, you were abseiling and gorge walking yesterday. Just an average day in the life of Liam Carlyle 007. See you soon at when you arrive home. I’m expecting a huge hug remember. We’ll see about Pizza Hut for tea, think you deserve it though, very proud of you.
    Love you,

  35. Hey Jo!!!

    Cant wait to see you tomorrow!!! although i suppose ul just ditch us for your xbox when you get in hahaha.

    Love ya xxxx mum xx

  36. Hi Molly great to get your message ,enjoy the disco ,can t wait to see you tomorrow lots of love mum,dad and Anna 🙂

  37. It sounds like everyone is having a good time.I hope the midges have not been a big problem. Please make sure you look after Mrs Thomas for me.
    Mr Thomas

  38. Hi Guys,

    Hope you had a great time and just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Mrs T Mrs W Keith & Big Emma for taking such good care of you all and giving us poor parents peace !!!

    Can’t wait for the Black Bags!!!!

    Megs try and check you have everything. See you all soon.

    x x x

  39. me and jane had a great time at benmore. our mums are doing all the washing LOL 🙂
    see you on monday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

  40. Oh my, looking at all these comments sure does remind me of the lovely landscape of benmore, and by the way it was so cool but Tristan would not stop snoring Z Z Z Z Z Z


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