Friday 17th June 2011

This week in Numeracy we have been doing adding and taking away. We used a caterpillar to help us! In Health and Wellbeing we talked about our weekend news and keeping ourselves safe. Yesterday, we had a Medieval Banquet. At the Banquet, we had fizzy ‘cider’, raisins, sausages, bread and cheese and we danced. Earlier in the day, we had some special visitors who showed us how to do Medieval Dancing. They gave us some magic dust and we went back in time. It was awesome!

My best bit of the week was the Medieval Banquet because I liked the dancing, the food and the drink. Evan

I liked doing the ‘ng’ sound because the action is good. Katie

I liked writing the poem, because I liked the way it had the title down the side. Hannah

I was a knight at the banquet. It was fun. Ty

In Maths, I liked doing the pictogram. We found out that the role play area was Primary 1’s favourite activity. Liam

Friday 3rd June 2011

The boys and girls in P1 have been busy planning and making model castles. The chlidren worked in pairs and the results were fantastic! I was particularly impressed by their team work and problem-solving skills. This week, we have been learning to use information books and pictures to find out further about life in a Medieval castle. We have found out the answers to many of our questions.

This week, as part of our transition arrangements, we enjoyed a visit from the Nursery children. The boys and girls in P1 were given a nursery buddy to show around, play with and help. It was great fun!

As part of Challenge week, we will be celebrating our learning by holding a Medieval Banquet, where we will be singing songs, learning traditional dances and eating medieval style food! As a home learning activity, we would like you to create a costume/hat to wear during these events. You could make a Medieval hat, crown, jester’s hat, cloak, knight’s armour etc. Please have your costume/hat in school for Monday 13th June. Thank you for helping with this at home.

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Friday 6th May 2011

Primary 1 have had a great week! We have been enjoying our new IDEA work on Castles. Today was our class assembly. The children retold the story of ‘Little Miss Princess and the Very Special Wedding’. They sang a song about a princess, acted out the story and shared some of their learning. Well done everyone, you were stars!

This week I enjoyed doing our assembly – Tiegan

I liked painting the big castle for our role play area – Erin

I enjoyed Phonics this week. We did a worksheet and activities – Abbie

I liked learning about the different parts of a castle and what they were called – Liam

I played with the small world castle, it was fun – Ben

Friday 1st April 2011

On Wednesday 6th April, the children would like to invite you to school to share their learning with you. It would be great if you could join us at 9:15 – 9:45am. There will be an opportunity to buy the plants that the children have been growing, so please bring small change with you (within 10p). Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, we only have space for each child to invite one guest.

 Hope to see you there!

Friday 18th March 2011

P1 have had a fantastic Health week. These were some of the highlights:

–          We liked curling, even though it was tricky to get the target!

–          We enjoyed making fruit salad.

–          We really liked doing the Scottish dancing.

–          We liked doing the hip hop dancing with the nice lady!

–          It was fun cooking with Mrs Smail.

–          The Live n’ Learn assembly was funny.

–          The Fizzy Pop workshop was great. We liked making the fairy puppets. It was good learning about the milk and the fairies that ate healthy and unhealthy food.

–          Enjoy-a-ball was good because it was fun with all the balls. Clare was fantastic because she was funny.

–          Sorting the food on the big mat was fun. I liked making the paper plate collage meals. It was so fantastic.

– Writing recipes was a wee bit tricky, but I tried my best.

– We liked playing games outside. It kept us healthy!

Friday 4th March 2011


In P1 we are enjoying our new IDEA about Spring. The children have been very busy setting up their own class garden centre. We have been planting bean seeds and learning to recognise coins so that we can open for real customers in a few weeks! The children are recording the development of their seeds and we are eagerly watching and waiting for them to germinate. We are also looking forward to our trip to Newhailes, where we will be participating in a Spring workshop with the ranger. Next week, we will be setting up a class experiment to find out what a seed needs in order to germinate.

In Numeracy, we have been using our subtraction skills to solve word problems. In Literacy we have been learning the ‘ch’ sound and have enjoyed making chocolate and cheese out of playdough and building a choo choo train.

Everyone enjoyed World Book Day yesterday and the costumes were fantastic. In P1 we read the story of The Gruffalo and carried out lots of fun activities. We also enjoyed reading our favourite books whenever the bell rang and talking about our favourite characters.

Friday 4th February 2011

Another busy week in P1. In IDEA, the children have been learning to discuss the similarities and differences between Musselburgh and the Isle of Struay. They created models and drawings to share their learning. We have also been learning how to ask questions in order to find out more about a character. The children wrote, made or recorded their questions on a microphone before our surprise visit from Katie Morag, who did her best to answer all the tricky questions. Katie Morag looked surprisingly like Annie from P3! This week, we have also been writing our own Katie Morag stories, using our story mountain plans to help us. Well done P1, your stories were fantastic!

In Literacy, we have been learning the ‘ng’ sound. The children have been making ‘ng’ out of plastecine and painted pictures of kings. They have also tried really hard to write words and sentences using the ‘ng’ sound.

In Numeracy, we have continued to focus on subtraction and we used a song about a boat to help us with our taking away. Please continue to practise the number bonds at home, as this will really help.

We are really enjoying Scottish Country Dancing this term. This week, we learned ‘The Highland Welcome’. It was tricky, but everyone did very well!

Thank you to all the children who have brought in Childline sponsor forms. If you still intend to take part, these need to be handed in by 11th February.


Friday 28th January 2011

Primary 1 have had a lovely week. Here are some of the things that we have been doing:

We have learned about electricity and how it can be dangerous – Ailsa

We were learning ‘w’. I liked drawing the webs and the witches – Hannah

I liked doing P.E. this week because it was really fun. I did lots of jumping with Mrs Selwood – Tiegan

I liked dribbling with the football in P.E. – Ben

We have been taking away 1 and taking away 2 in Numeracy. We sang the 5 little frog song. – Abbie

In Art, we went to a pretend art gallery. When we got there we looked at Scottish paintings and talked about them. I liked the boat one best. Liam

We read Katie Morag stories and drew pictures on a story mountain. Then we made up our own story. Erin

Well done Primary 1!

Friday 21st January 2011

Happy new year from Primary 1! We are delighted to welcome Miss Chadwick to P1. She is a 4th year student from Moray House and will be working with us until March. This term our IDEA is taking a Literacy focus. We are using the Katie Morag stories as a basis for our work in Reading, Writing, Social Studies and Health and Wellbeing. We are learning about life on an island and will be comparing this to life in Musselburgh.  This week, we have read ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail’ and have used drama to explore Katie’s feelings in the story. The children have been busy making a class display of The Isle of Struay and have designed and set up the role play area as a post office. This has led to lots of letter writing at the writing table! We have also made the island out of sand and the children have enjoyed building the jetty and houses out of Lego. We are very interested in island life and have many questions that we hope to answer over the next few weeks.

This term, reading will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please sign the reading record each time you hear your child read and make sure that reading folders are brought to school on these days. Well done to all the children that have been busy learning to spell their common words. You can learn them in many different ways. If you need any ideas, please ask!

Friday 26th November 2010 

This week we have learned the ‘ai’ sound and the ‘j’ sound. It was fun. We used our imagination to go on a walk in the cold lands. Then we did writing about the adventure. In Art, we drew trees outside. The trees had spiky branches. Some were slim and some were fat. We used our eyes and our drawings looked really good. In Maths we made patterns with big beads, Hama beads and elephants. We used 3 or 4 colours. In Science, we poured water on lots of things to see if they were waterproof. We found out that some things were waterpoof and some things were not waterproof. In Numeracy we have been adding numbers and counting up to bigger numbers. We found this easy because we put numbers in our heads and counted on. Today we went to an animal parade. The big boys and girls dressed up as animals and wore masks. They told us all about endangered animals. It was cool!

By Hannah, Evan, Ben and Bobbi

Friday 19th November 2010 

We have had a fun week in P1. Here are some of the things we have really enjoyed: 

I liked sorting the materials in science. Bobbi 

I liked doing my writing. We wrote about being a penguin. Emma 

I liked doing the sky with the blue paint in Art. Hannah 

My favourite thing was side-slipping in P.E. Tiegan 

I liked making my Winter painting. Evan 

I liked doing the snowflake dancing. Erin 

I liked playing with the trains. We were learning the ‘ai’ sound. Ben  

I liked doing the Cold Lands painting. Liam 

I did good drawing on the writing table. I want to be able to draw a house. Ty 

We have enjoyed being in non-uniform today. Thank you very much to everyone for your generous contributions to Children in Need. Well done to Jamie for being the badge winner this week! 

Friday 12th November 2010 

In Primary 1, we have been enjoying our IDEA on Cold Lands. We have been busy playing in our role play area, which is set up as a research base within a cold environment. The children have also created some beautiful art work using chalks and pastels. Today we presented our snowflake dance to the whole school in assembly. We managed to dance very gracefully. We also performed a song about the snow, which we wrote ourselves with Mrs Roberts. We are going to film this and put it on the website for everyone to see. Well done Primary 1! 

Friday 5th November 2010 

Primary 1 have had a fantastic week! Here are some of the things that we have enjoyed: 

  • I enjoyed writing about being an explorer – Tiegan
  • I liked IDEA time. Learning about cold lands is fun – Hannah
  • I liked lunch time. All the school dinners were yummy – Kelvin
  • I like golden time. I liked playing with my toys and my friends – Bobbi
  • I enjoyed learning about ‘o’. I did an ‘o’ at the painting easel – Ailsa
  • I like going to assembly. I like it when the songs go on – Abbie
  • I enjoyed art. We made snow suns with cold colours – Ben
  • I enjoyed making snowflakes – Evan
  • In dance, the music was nice and I enjoyed dancing like a husky dog! Liam
  • I liked putting the numbers in order in numeracy – Holly


Friday 29th October 2010 

Welcome back everyone! I hope you have had a lovely October break. In IDEA this term, we will be learning about Cold Lands. The children have got lots of brilliant ideas for activities in Art, Writing, Dance and Sciences which we hope to cover. This week, we have been busy creating a cold land in our role play area.  

Today, children from P5 came to our class and read us their spooky halloween stories! This was great fun and we were all very brave! We also had a super collection of pumpkins brought into school. Well done everyone! 

P.E. this term will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that P.E. kits are in school on these days. We will continue to read on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Have a spooky Halloween! 

Friday 8th October 2010 

It has been yet another busy week in Primary 1. In Literacy, we have been learning the ‘r’ and ‘m’ sounds. The children painted some beautiful rainbows and have enjoyed making meals and monsters at the playdough table. We have also been learning how to read and write simple words, using the sounds that we know. It is quite tricky to blend sounds together, but everyone is working really hard. We have been using our outside area for Literacy this week and have had fun making words using the big letter tiles. 

In Numeracy, we have been learning how to find 1 and 2 more than a number. The children have enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard to play games and have made their own number lines.  

In IDEA, we have been working in research groups to find out about aspects of life in Mexico. The children have chosen an area that they were interested in. They then used information books and the internet to find out about Mexican food, clothes, homes, children and Spanish. Next  week is challenge week and the children will be sharing everything that they have learned with the class.   

I look forward to meeting with you during the parent interviews next week. Have a great weekend! 

Friday 24th September 2010 

Today we have had a lovely time on our cookie march! We marched around the playground and then came back to eat the delicious cookies that the children had baked themselves! P1 were able to spot the numbers on the cones that we walked around. Thank you very much for all your generous donations to the MacMillan Cancer Research Fund.  

In IDEA this week, we went on our imaginary journey to Mexico. The children acted out our visit to the airport, our trip on the aeroplane and our bus ride to the hotel once we arrived. We remembered to take our passports and tickets. We changed our role play area into an aeroplane and everyone is very excited to finally be in Mexico. Next week, we will begin to learn about different aspects of life in Mexico.  

In Literacy we used our work in drama to write about our journey to Mexico. We are beginning to write some sounds and words independently now. Well done P1! This week, we focussed on the ‘c’ and ‘k’ sounds. Your child has been given the first word wall to take home. These are words that should be recognised by sight and it is a good idea to practise the words on a little and often basis. They should be kept in a small tub in your child’s bag or reading folder. Once again, thank you for all your support! 

Friday 17th September 2010  

 In IDEA this week we have been working in pairs to make things that we want to take on our journey to Mexico.  We used junk, glue, paper and card. The sunglasses, suitcases, sunhats, beach balls, slippers and flip flops look fantastic! Miss Citroen was very impressed with our cutting skills. The children have now evaluated their models and we are ready to go on our journey. Next week we will be acting out our journey and starting to find out about life in Mexico.  

In Maths, we are continuing to focus on numbers to 10.  In Literacy, we have focussed on the ‘p’ and ‘n’ sounds. As always, the children have been learning through many different learning styles, including painting, playing number games in the water tray and making letters out of playdough. In reading, we have been focussing on story telling. The children have been given a book to take home so that they can extend this skill further. Sound cards have also been given out, together with some suggestions on how these can be used. Please come and talk to me if you need any further ideas.   

P1 hope you have a great holiday weekend!   

Friday 10th September 2010  

This week we have been extremely busy preparing for our imaginative  journey to Mexico. The children have made their own passports and written lists of everything that they will need to pack in their suitcases. We have also been thinking about what we would like to find out when we get there. Here are some of our questions:  

What do the people wear? – Abbie  

 How will the aeroplane land? – Bobbi  

What do people eat? – Liam  

How do people get to the shops? – Ty  

We hope to find out all the answers soon! As part of our technology work, the children have been working in pairs to design something that they will need to take with them to Mexico. The children are learning how to work collaboratively and this is quite a challenge! The children have drawn plans and have identified how they will make their item. Next week, we will be using our plans to make our models. If you have any junk at home, this would be greatly appreciated!  

In Literacy this week, we have been learning the ‘t’ and ‘i’ sounds. We have started to blend sounds together and can now read and write basic words. How exciting!  

Friday 3rd September 2010  


Primary 1 have had a great week and we are really happy to be at school for lunch! This week in IDEA, the children decided that they would like to go on an imaginative journey to Mexico. We have been busy writing lists of all the things we need to do to prepare for our expedition and have even made airline tickets. In Literacy, we have been learning the ‘s’ and ‘a’ sounds. The children have used collage to make Snake, the character in our Jolly Phonics story book and have also made lots of ants! Everyone has been working hard to learn the songs, actions and how to write the sounds. Your child has now been given a phonics jotter to take home so that you can go over these together.    

Here are some photos of our first few weeks at school! You can leave a comment for us by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.    


Friday 27th August 2010  

Primary 1 have had a fantastic start to school! Everyone has settled in extremely well and the children are quickly getting used to all the routines involved in school life.  Well done Primary 1! In our first week of school, we have had fun creating self-portraits and talking about what we are most looking forward to learning. Our first IDEA will be Hot Lands. Our Social Studies, Drama, Writing and Technology work will be covered through this theme. The children will soon be deciding which hot country they would like to learn about. We will then be planning an imaginative journey to this country.   

Thank you to all the parents who managed to come to the meeting today. The children will be bringing home ‘How am I doing?’ booklets today. At school, we have reflected on our learning this week and the children have set themselves targets for next week. Please read these through with your child, add a comment, sign and return to school on Monday. Every Monday, we will be sharing personal achievements and there is a section for this at the back of the booklet.    
The children in P1 are very excited about staying for lunch next week!  
Have a lovely weekend! 
Miss Citroen  







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  1. Wow amazing to see how much p1 have been up to .
    Laughing at the pictures of my wee brother Ty very cute .
    hope to see more pictures of p1 in the future .
    Ty comes home bosting about what he has been doing everyday felling a bit jealous !

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