On Thursday we had a brilliant day! We held a Medieval Banquet to celebrate our learning about castles. In the morning we had Medieval dance lessons, we learned different dances and steps. Our favourite was called the Jenny Nettle. In the afternoon we got dressed up in our costumes and we showed off our costumes, practised our dancing and had a medieval snack of bread and cheese. We all had a really good time!

Our final IDEA in P1/2 is Our School. We set up a school role play and wrote a poem all about life at school. Next week we are going to take photos of the school and share them with our future P1 classes.


We hope you had a lovely Royal Wedding weekend!

This week we have been learning about our new IDEA Castles. We found out how castles were built and then worked in groups to make posters about it. We learned about 2D shapes and made beautiful castle pictures with them. We also had brilliant fun using our model castles and construction to build our own.

We have had great fun working with the PE students, learning new games and activities outside. We are learning to dribble a ball and play a game of mini rounders.

We enjoyed doing maths this week and were practising our numbers, ordering them, counting and forming them neatly. We made numbered flags for our castle and put them in order.

In art we looked at how artists make pictures with shapes and next week we will be looking at modern artists and thinking about what the shapes represent.

Reading will be on Wednesday and Friday this term. Please bring book bags everyday.


This week we have enjoyed having Mrs Aitkins in to visit to tell us the Easter story. We retold the story using our own words and pictures. In maths we were continuing to work with money and are becoming even faster at counting coins! In writing we wrote our very own imaginative stories about the Easter Bunny, he had lots of adventures including decorating easter eggs, getting farm animals to help him deliver the eggs and running out of Easter eggs!

In PE we have been working on balance and movement with Mrs Sellwood. We had great fun learning to play dodgeball.


P1/2 have had a brilliant Red Nose Day! We very much enjoyed participating in a whole school Strip the Willow with our buddies in P6/7. We all enjoyed wearing something red, which included red faces, clothes and red hair!

Health week has been fantastic and we enjoyed working with all the super visitors who came to teach us new skills. We loved the hip hop dancing, curling and making up our own songs and music with Notes on a Story. One of our favourite activities was making a delicious fruit salad, which we really enjoyed eating!

Next week P2 are looking forward to a trip to the farm. We will also be very busy experimenting with growing seeds. At the beginning of April we look forward to a class visit to Newhailes Estate where we will be learning even more about Spring.

February 4th

In IDEA time P1/2 have explored what it might be like to go to an island school, we compared it to Stoneyhill school and talked about what was different.

We found out about Scottish artists and created our own Charles Rennie MackInosh art work. We shared our opinions on different types of art by Scottish artists.

In phonics p1 learned the ng and v sound. We made Vic’s Van art work and used plasticine to model volcanoes. p2 have been learning the wh sound, we wrote questions and practised forming wh in cursive handwriting.

In maths some of the children have been learning the 2 times table and have been practising sorting objects into sets. P1 have been learning subtraction and have had fun singing Ten Green Bottles.

January 28th

P1/2 have been having great fun building models of the Isle of Struay and Musselburgh this week. We compared what they look like and what it might be like to live on an island. We explored Google Maps and were amazed at the pictures of Musselburgh, then we had a look at Coll and saw how different it is from Musselburgh.

We enjoyed reading more Katie Morag adventures and this week we wrote our very own Katie Morag stories. We had some great ideas and Katie got into lots of mischief.

We also shared our favourite books and have enjoyed listening to everyones stories.

January 21st

This week we have been working very hard! We have been making the Isle of Struay from the story Katie Morag. We painted, drew and made collages. We are very proud of our display and are going to add some more detail to show the characters who live there.

In IDEA time we have also written a diary describing how Katie Morag feels in the story.

We have designed our own tartan fabric and made it into kilts. They look amazing!

In PE we have been learning to play play as part of a team and developing ball control- passing and trapping a ball with a partner. We then played mini-football.

In maths P1 have learning to subtract. We sung lots of take away songs. P2 have been working on adding and taking away. We also worked with tens and units.

November 26th

P1/2 have had a fantastic day performing in the school assembly. We shared a song and dance from our Cold Lands IDEA. We wore our amazing penguin masks that we had made in class.

This week we have also been busy finshing our Cold Lands IDEA. We have written lovely descriptive stories about a snowy day and designed a suitable outfit to wear in a cold land.

In maths we have been busy learning our number stories and used a snowflake context to help us. We are going to keep practising writing out sums next week. P2 have been busy adding and subtracting and working with numbers to 100.

Next week we are looking forward to starting our new IDEA- Christmas! We will be learning the Christmas Story and will begin planning for our Nativity show.

November 19th

This week we have learned about the ai sound. We learned a rhyme to help us ‘when 2 vowels go the first one does the talking.’ We also learned the b sound and made boats and wrote on blue paper. P2 have learned about pronouns and when we can use them. P2 also learned the ss and zz sounds.

In our cold lands topic this week we made polar bear masks, wrote snow poems and used a story mountain to plan a piece of writing about a snowy day.

In science we looked at waterproof materials and had great fun experimenting. We also enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard to play a game.

In maths this week we have been learning about pattern, we used the in teractive whiteboard, threading, cubes and different objects to create our own patterns. In maths we have been continuing to count forwards and backwards, add and subtract and use different strategies to help us.

November 12th

We have had a super week learning about cold lands and the weather. we wrote beautiful poems about a rainy day. We used our senses to describe a rainy day. We came up with amazing describing words like splish, splash and soggy.

In art we made super collages inspired by the artist Renoir. We created an rainy scene with cold colours and explored materials to create umbrellas.

In phonics P1 have been learning the l sound and made lovely lollipops, they also learned the f sound and decorated fish. P2 have been learning the ff and ll sounds and have explored how we make words plural.

In science we had great fun exploring materials and thinking about what they feel like. We used our senses to sort them into categories. Next week we will be learning about waterproof materials and hope to have fun experimenting.

November 5th

This week we have been enjoying learning about Cold Lands. We drew beautiful penguins using pastels and chalks. We made snow flakes and had great fun using lots of glitter.

We wrote stories about a polar bear’s adventure. We acted our stories out and had great fun pretending to be polar bears.

In dance this week we learned some penguin dancing and next week we will be creating our very own dances.

In phonics P1 have been learning the o and u sound. Making octopus and umbrellas at the craft table and practising writing and spelling these sounds. P2 have been revising the sounds, learning short vowels and when to use a and an.

October 29th

Today we enjoyed the Pumpkin Walk held by the JRSO, some of the children designed super pumpkins and dressed in spooky Halloween costumes. We also enjoyed listening to P5 share their spooky stories.

P1/2 are very excited to be starting their new topic Cold Lands. Together we have decided what we would like to learn about from writing Polar Bear adventures, investigating polar animals and theri habitats to creating our very own snowflake dances. We also got very busy designing our new role play area. We drew what we would like and how we could make it. We look forward to creating an igloo role play area next week.

In maths P1 are continuing to learn about addition and will be using different contexts to work out the answer. Next week we will be creating a Stoneyhill bus and counting how many children are on the bus. P2 are continuing to explore addition and will be developing theri subtration skills.

PE will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this term. Reading continues on Monday and Thursday. Phonics home learning will be sent out Monday and should be returned Thursday. Thank You!

P1/2 have had a very busy week! In our IDEA time we have been investigating and finding out about life in Africa. We used books, ICT and photos to find out about houses, animals, food and traditional dress. Next week we are going to design posters to show what we have learned. In art we made some amazing lion masks with collage. We can’t wait to show them off!

In literacy P1 have been enjoying learning the r and m sound. We painted rainbows and made a meal with playdough. We also practised writing the sounds we know and tried hard to write some words by ourselves. P2 have been focusing on capital letters and have learned about Proper nouns and Common nouns.

In maths we have continued to focus on numbers, forming them carefully. We also explored addition and had great fun adding 1 or 2 more to our list of items in our suitcase. P2 have been using their addition skills to solve numbers bonds to 20.

P1/2 have had a few missing jumpers and coats over the last few weeks. We would really encourage names to be written on all school clothing to help us with this. Also if you could assist us with checking your child has the correct sweatshirt, coat etc.

Apologies for the lack of posts on the P1/2 website, unfortunately although we have been adding lots of new information every week, there was a slight problem with our page and they have vanished into cyber space!

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