May & June

We have been spending a lot of time learning about castles. We made lots of different posters about aspects of castle life including clothes, jobs, entertainment, defences, interiors and food and drink. We designed and built our own castle out of junk. We are having a Medieval Banquet when we will dress up in costumes, try food and learn some dances.

In science we have been learning about forces like push and pull. We made a table of all the things we could find in the classroom that push or pull – and some did both! We went outside with toy cars and pushed them as hard as we could to see how far they went. Then we marked chalk to see whose car went the furthest. It was great fun! We did an experiment where we tested the effect of push and pull on different objects to see if they changed. There were some surpring results and some accurate predictions!

In literacy we have been learning all about fairy tales. We have planned our own tales using a story mountain. We made our own bookworms so we can record all the different books we have read in class and also by ourselves. We also mimed lots of different fairy tales in drama and the rest of the class had to guess what they were. It was really funny!!!

In numeracy we have been learning our 3 and 4 times tables and investigating fractions. We have made fraction posters and fraction pizzas.

By Imogen and Miss Tait

Friday 25th March 

We have been very busy with all sorts of things in P3 over the last few weeks!

We took part in the Youth Music Initiative, ‘BFG’. We created our own lyrics and music to tell the story of Bonecruncher, one of the most fearsome giants in the BFG. We also learned the ‘Giants’ song and performed both in front of P3 classes from Loretto RC and Whitecraig primary schools. They had also composed their own music and songs which we watched. This was a great experience for all and it was made more exciting as we were all dressed up as our favourite characters for World Book Day.

Shortly before Health Week we took part in a football festival with lots of other East Lothian schools at Pinkie. We had already learned some basic skills at a football taster session and this gave us the opportunity to develop these skills as well as learn new ones. We worked our way round a variety of active stations and had the chance to play several mini games of football against our classmates and other schools. It was a great day out especially as the rain held off!

During Health Week we took part in a variety of activities including curling, golf, tae kwon do and enjoy-a-ball. It was exciting to try things we had never done before! We learned lots about healthy eating and different food groups and what we should eat and drink to stay healthy. We identified where food comes from and how it gets to us ‘from farm to fork’. We worked in groups to make a lovely fruit salad in class and made our own recipe cards for it. We tasted it and rated the things we did and didn’t like.

Our ‘Spring’ IDEA topic has been going really well! We have been planting broad beans, cress, rocket, basil, sweet peas and lots of other things brought in from home too. We have been learning all about how to grow things, what plants need to grow and have even planned an experiment to see how cress grows best. We have been investigating new life outside and finding signs of springtime in the school garden. Our class display is being built up in layers using different craft techniques to make a colourful collage of a spring garden scene. With the lovely sunny weather we truly feel like Spring has sprung!

Friday 28th January

With the glitter and sparkle of Christmas art behind us, and the Nativity show a proud memory, we have moved into an exciting start to 2011. Our IDEA topic is literacy based around the books of Katie Morag, a young girl from the fictional Isle of Struay, the people she meets and the adventures she has.

As the topic was introduced Miss Tait described how the little girl looked and we all drew a picture of her at the same time. We have had great fun investigating the stories and exploring aspects of island life. We have been looking at sequencing events and what interesting words we can use to make sentences more interesting. Through VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) we have been learning to use connectives and openers with success!

In art and design we have been looking at the huge variety of tartan patterns and where they come from as well as investigating particular tartans by looking up the clan names. We noticed how they are all made up of straight lines going either up and down or left to right. Most were made up of three or four different colours that complemented each other. We all made our own tartan patterns and turned them into kilts by folding them up concertina-style and adding some legs underneath. These kilts have attracted lots of attention in the corridors of Stoneyhill!

In health & wellbeing we have been applying the travelling movements we know to Scottish dancing. This is brilliant fun and everybody has been enjoying themselves! We have been learning ‘Orcadian Strip the Willow’ with Miss Tait and Miss Morgan, who is a student teacher in P4/5, as they are both from Orkney. It is fast and whirly but definitely makes us smile!

We were able to show P1, P1/2 and P2 what we have been learning so far when we gave the class item at assembly last week. We explained what we’d learned in Katie Morag, showed off some of our kilts, and a group performed the Orcadian Strip the Willow.

This week we also completed a book review on a book we chose ourselves. We had to explain what we liked and didn’t like, the storyline and the characters.

In maths we have been doing an assessment before moving on to number work. We have also been learning about directions: north, south, east and west, and making our own maps to navigate.

In health & wellbeing we made posters to describe the qualities that make a good friend and why.

We are looking forward to doing more Scottish art and learning more about Katie Morag. We have a Post Office to officially open for role-play, just like Katie Morag’s mum and dad’s and a tourist brochure to make!

Friday 26th November
We are coming to the end of our IDEA topic on endangered animals. This week everybody gave their presentations on the animal of their choice and we were able to learn lots of new facts about animals we haven’t studied in class. Examples of these are the blue whale, aye aye and red wolf. Everybody did a great job of presenting to the rest of class who peer assessed with two stars and a wish! The end of IDEA will be celebrated with an Endangered Animals Parade for P1-7.
In numeracy we have been continuing to learn times tables with some practising addition and subtraction, and others multiplication and division. We have aso been continuing learning about directions and are using our own maps to guide each other.
In literacy we are continuing to look at imaginative stories and have done more work on character. We have also been getting familiar with dictionaries by completing lots of mini-tasks to find words and their definitions.
In health and wellbeing we have been investigating angry feelings and describing when we might feel them as well as strategies we can use to help us we deal with them.
Friday 19th November
We have had a busy week continuing our IDEA topic on endangered animals. We have been thinking about why some animals are endangered and what we can do to help them survive. We found information from books and used our ICT skills to find things on the Internet too. We also watched an interesting film and discussed what we learned in groups.
In literacy we have been continuing describing the characters in Little Red Riding Hood. We worked really hard and it showed in our writing! We read the ‘real’ story of Little Red Riding Hood written by the Big Bad Wolf.
In numeracy we have been continuing with place value, addition, subtraction and have been practising our times tables. In maths we have been learning about direction and making our own maps.
We completed our feelings posters in health & wellbeing and presented our work to the rest of the class.


Friday 12th November


This week has been a really fun week where we have tried really hard and had some lovely learning experiences!

As we are learning how to write a good imaginative story by looking at traditional tales and have been looking at Little Red Riding Hood. We have been focussing on characters, in particular Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. We managed to think of lots of interesting language to describe these characters by reading the text and looking at the pictures.

We have been continuing to think about feelings in health & wellbeing. We started to make posters for lots of different feelings and give examples of when we might feel them. This raised some interesting ideas and has given us lots to think about for next week.

PC Smith came to see us again to talk to us about people who help us like the police, fire and ambulance services. As we all listened really well he took us outside to show us his police van even turned the siren on! We all got a shot of sitting in the back which was a bit cold and uncomfortable and really dark when the door is shut.

In IDEA we have been learning all about endangered animals. We did our own research and made fact files for an animal of our choice. In art we made some animal masks using coloured chalk and oil pastels. We also created some natural habitat collages for the animals using chalks, pastels, different kinds of paper, foam and cotton wool. We all had great fun!

Calum and his ‘Cool Creatures’ came to visit us yesterday. He brought his hedgehog, scorpion, chameleon and snake with him. We got to hold everything except the chameleon. We were all very brave and excited to be so close to such wonderful creatures!

Yesterday was Remebrance Day. We held a 2 minute silence and made posters to say why we have Remebrance Day and why people wear poppies.

Next week we hope to have just as much fun learning as we did this week!

Friday 5th November

We are all settling back into school routines and are underway with our new IDEA topic – Endangered Animals. We made a mind map together to see what we know so far and as it happens we know rather a lot about endangered animals, their different habitats and the reasons why they are endangered. We have been making our own animal masks using oil pastels, coloured chalk and drawing pencils and have thought of our own Key Questions we would like to find answers to. We are looking forward to finding out more over the coming weeks and even have a visit from Cool Creatures next week!

In Literacy we have started looking at Traditional Tales to help us write an imaginative story. We have begun with the story of Little Red Riding Hood and have looked in detail at the characters of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolves. We managed to think of lots of good describing words for them as well as for the setting of the Deep Dark Woods.

In Numeracy we have had an assessment of our learning and are continuing with place value and addition. We also started looking at making maps and talking about direction.

In RME we have been listening to Bible stories and started with Jonah and the Whale. We will be carrying on with Bible stories till the end of term when we will be taking part in the school nativity.

In Helath & Wellbeing we have been learning about feelings. We can identify different feelings by looking at pictures of people and can say when we might feel like this.

Next week we have two visits to look forward to! As well as Cool Creatures, when we will meet some interesting animals, we are having a second visit from PC Smith who will be talking to us about bullying.

Friday 8th October

As the end of term is only a week away we have been busy finishing things off. We have been working hard in reading and have been doing more follow-up activities. We have been practising working with flowing patterns to help us with our handwriting and we made up monster stories which we wrote out good for display and decorated with colourful pictures.

Everyone has been working hard in numeracy by doing lots of different calculations. We have been thinking about time by looking at the Commonwealth Games event timetable and working out times on a 24 hour clock. We will be carrying this on into next week.

In IDEA we have been watching some live events and seeing some of Team Scotland’s success. We have been learning to sing along to the Scottish National Anthem and are really getting the hang of it. We made our own medals in Art using gold, silver and bronze paper, which we decorated with our own designs for the Commonwealth Games. They all look amazing and it is lovely to see all the different colours and designs! We took some time to look at each other’s stadium designs, which were all of outstanding quality, and we peer assessed a classmate with two stars and a wish. We all had our photos taken with our designs too. In ICT we learned how to research the Commonwealth Games on the internet.

We had a great time in music watching a performance by the P5s who had been attending a music workshop. They were all playing different instruments to make a musical story and they were great! We were all really good listeners too!

As next week is the final week of this term we will be busy finishing things off and looking forward to the holidays! 


Friday 1st October

This week we started using task cards in our reading workshop to show our knowledge and understanding of our reading books. We sat in our reading groups and chose which task we would like to do in pairs. This was great fun and we really enjoyed showing what we know.

In numeracy we have continued to build on what we have been learning over the last few weeks. We are beginning to recognise and develop strategies to help us work with number patterns and place value. We had a great time working with 2D shapes this week and drew colourful 2D tile patterns to show how they fit together.

Building on from our travelling and balancing skills in Health & Wellbeing we have begun to work on our object control skills. We have been seeing what we can do with shuttlecocks and beanbags by throwing, catching and sliding them. We played ‘Clear the Playground’ and ‘Tunnels’ and plan to do more next week.

In circle time we have been talking about learning and what we can do to become better learners and how we can help each other. We had our first full week of our ‘Helping Hands’ and everyone did a really good job in their roles. Everyone is looking forward to taking their turns and being very helpful in class. We are enjoying having some special responsibilities!

In IDEA we have continued to learn about the sports in the Commonwealth Games and have looked at Team Scotland’s success over the years. We learned how to interpret data from a table and found when and where Scotland won lots of medals and whether they were gold, silver or bronze. Next week we are going to make our very own medals! To get us in the spirit of things we have been listening to the official Commonwealth Games song and are learning the Scottish National Anthem. We have been working together in groups in drama been miming out different sports for our peers to guess.

Our IDEA Technologies homework due in today has been arriving over the last week. The models are amazing and the different venues, styles and materials used show lots of imagination ans skill. Well done P3!

Friday 24th September

This has been a rather short week with the Monday holiday but we have still manged to squeeze in rather a lot! The main events were our visit from PC Smith and the Cookie March.

PC Smith came to visit our class and talk to us about bullying. We learned what bullying is and what to do if we or somebody else is being bullied. PC Smith told us some stories and we shared our views too. At the end he showed us his special police equipment and explained what everything was for. This was very interesting and we look forward to seeing him again soon.

Due to our server being down and our printer not working, we had to write our own letters home on Thursday explaining the Cookie March. This was good writing practice and everyone did a really good job. The Cookie March in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research took place on Friday morning. The whole school walked around the playground several times before returning to class to eat the cookies that some of us the class had made for everyone. We were able to enjoy them even more after our march outside!

In Literacy and English we have been writing stories about what we would do if we had a magic finger. There were lots of excellent ideas with funny stories and pictures. All the reading groups have been doing really well and are enjoying their books. Some of us have been rerading more factual books which we have found really interesting for a change.

We have been continuing our numeracy work in sequencing, counting on and back, and looking for number patterns. We have used maths games and lots of other activities to practise what we know.

In Health & Wellbeing we have been learning to play games co-operatively with our peers and enjoyed playing ‘Through the Hoop’.

In IDEA we have been learning about the different sports in the Commonwealth Games and what type of venue they take place in and the equipment used. This has been lots of fun and we certainly know a lot! Some of us have been keeping up-to-date with the Commonwealth Games by following the news and have shared this with the rest of class.

In RME we have been listening to and discussing a Hindu story and have shared what we know about the ‘aum’ symbol.

Next week we are going to have our first full week of responsibility in class with our ‘Helping Hands’ roles. We can’t wait!

Friday 17th September

This week we have been continuing to learn about India as part of our IDEA topic. We have been finding India and the surrounding countries and seas on a globe, colouring them in on a map, and learning lots of words to do with India. We have discovered India is shaped a bit like a triangle which makes it a little bit easier to find.

In Literacy & English we have written stories about playing a trick on the terrible Miss Trunchbull. We had lots of fun thinking up things we could do and used ‘who, what, when, where, how and why’ questions to help us.

In Maths we have been working with number patterns to help us with counting, adding and taking away. Some of us have been using a 100 square to help us play counting games like ‘Jumping Tens’ and some have been practising using thousands, hundreds, tens and units. We have also been learning about time and what we do at different times of the day. To help us we thought of the lists we wrote last week in English and planned out our daily routine.

We finally have our Helping Hands on display and have added class jobs so we can all share responsibility in the classroom. We will be given our first jobs next week and these will change each Monday. In PE we have been continuing to practise our travelling skills and in ‘Taxi’ we have been practising jumping as well. To help with our listening skills we have played ‘Pirate Ship’ and a new game ‘Remote Control’, which we did really well at. Miss Tait really liked ‘slow motion’!

Miss Craig came to class on Wednesday afternoon and showed us how to make our own Rangoli patterns. These are traditional Hindu patterns, which are painted on the front doorstep of their homes as a welcome sign during festivals. We used black paper and coloured chalk and made some very lovely designs.

Miss Harper continued our ICT learning from last week when we took pictures outside using the digital camera. Next week we will be saving them onto the laptops.

We are all really looking forward to the long weekend! We hope the weather is nice and that everybody has a nice time. Some of us are going away while others will be having fun at home. We will look forward to sharing our news next week!

Friday 10th September

This week P3 have been learning about India in Social Studies and Geography. We have been talking about what we know about India, including where it is, the people, clothes and food. We have also had fun using atlases and finding out where India is on the world map.

In literacy and English we have been practising how to set out our spelling homework and write sentences. This was quite tricky as we hadn’t done this before! Our spelling words linked to the Commonwealth Games topic and fast finishers made a poster using as many words as they could. We have also been writing lists of our daily routines and have changed our reading groups woth new names based on Roald Dahll books.

In maths some of us have been learning to count up to 40, some have been doing lots of number practice with maths games and ‘Around the World’, and the rest have been working with thousands, hundreds, tens and units. We are all keen to play ‘Maths Popcorn’ at the end of lessons and this week have been multiples of 5.

We have been learning about Hinduism in RME. We all made our own mindmaps to show what we know and had fun drawing the symbol for Hinduism.

ICT was really fun this week! We were learning how to use digital cameras, which we took outside to take our own photos of whatever we liked including the new Trim Trail.

We have been playing ‘Beat the Ball’ and ‘Dodgeball’ in PE. Both games are great fun! In Health & Wellbeing we finished off making our Helping Hands. We will display these next week with our class jobs. Fast finishers showed off their real helping hands by helping mount the posters we made using our spelling words. We did this just as well as the teachers can and enjoyed the responsibility so this is definitely something we will do again!

Next week the children will be getting a homework task based on technology linked with our IDEA. They will be asked to design a stadium or part of a stadium and this will be due on 1st October.

Friday 3rd September

This week we have been learning about the Commonwealth and what it does. We learned that it is made up of billions of people from lots of different countries who share the same values and that it organises the Commonwealth Games.

As part of IDEA we were learning to understand the idea of 1 minute in maths. We did lots of activities for 1 minute where we estimated how much we could do in 1 minute and compared it with how much we actually did. This was lots of fun with some surprising results!

We have really been enjoying reading ‘Matilda’ and have looked at the character, Miss Trunchbull, in more detail. We drew, coloured and labelled a picture of Miss Trunchbull and wrote a description of her appearance and what a terrible headmistress she is. Lots of us were fascinated by ‘The Chokey’ and also how she deals with little girls with pigtails!

In ICT we opened our files we made last week, added more information then changed the size, font and colour. This was a lot to do and we all managed to save our work too.

We have been practising our travelling and balancing skills in PE and have been working together in groups to make sequences using these skills. We then showed our sequences to the rest of class.

This week we all received personal Star Charts, which are displayed in our classroom. We can earn stickers for good work, good behaviour, working together and being kind and helpful towards each other. When we complete our Star Charts we will earn a bronze, silver or gold certificate and choose a special prize!

Friday 27th August

The P3s have come back from their summer holidays bright and enthusiastic! They have been keen to share their summer holiday experiences and have all made postcards to the class which we have hung up for all to see. Our mini-topic for the start of term has been ‘Getting to Know You’. We have been working really hard making our own booklets of facts about ourselves and describing things we like, don’t like and would like to be better at. These have been colourfully illustrated and some shared with the rest of class.

I maths we have been practising counting on and back in 1s, 5s and 10s using actions and have discovered a new game called ‘Number Popcorn’ which is fun and energising!

In Circle Time we have been learning to pay and receive compliments and talk about how this makes us feel. The P3s came up with some wonderful words to describe their feelings and everyone was able to feel positive about themselves and others.

Our class novel is Matilda. Many of us have read other Roald Dahl books and are really enjoying the colourful language and exciting events!

We are looking forward to starting our new IDEA next week, ‘The Commonwealth Games’. We will be finding out all about the Commonwealth Games, which is in India this year, the countries making up the Commonwealth, the events and also Scottish athletes past and present. We will be learning about time and looking at timetabling and also measuring time by taking part in our own events.

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