Friday 25th March

In primary 4 this week we have been doing some interesting things…

we have been:

  1. Publishing documents  in ICT,

2. doing athletics,

3. setting out divsion sums,

4. writing adventure stories,

5. recalling the story of Joseph

Updated by Josh and Seb.


Friday 21st January

Hi mums and dads, our IDEA is Wallace and Bruce and this week we have been learningabout Sir William Wallace by making big posters, learning The Gay Gordons and watching a video.  In Cool in School we have learned a lot about cool responses to tricky situations.

Friday 26th November

This week the children have been sharing their presentations on endangered animals. The detailed information, posters, pictures and models highlighted the effort the children put into creating their presentations. Well done everybody!

Thank you for the amazing animal masks the children created at home. The other classes enjoyed looking at them and selecting their favourites during the animal parade today. Thanks again for all the hard work.

Next week we will be starting our new IDEA on electricity. Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 12th November

This week we have been looking at adventure stories and what is needed to make a good one. We have written a plan in the form of a story mountain. The children have produced some very imaginative ideas for the stories, including exciting cliffhangers.

In art the children craeted a variety of endangered animals from clay and are looking forward to painting them next week. 

On Thursday we had an exciting visit from “Cool Creatures.” The children had a  chance to learn more about endangered animals and were able to handle a hedgehog, snake and some other amazing animals.

Friday 10th September

The children have been finding out which 2D shapes tile and which ones do not. Some of the children completed activities on the active board, while others drew  or coloured flat shapes to make interesting patterns. 

In our IDEA we have been looking at maps of India  to find information about the countries physical features . Next week we will be looking at India’s wonderful wildlife.

For art this week the children produced some amazing pencil drawings of buildings and in drama the class enjoyed taking on different roles.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 27th August

Welcome back everyone. Hope you all had a lovely Summer holiday!  Everybody has settled back into the school routines and are eager to learn.

This week we have been revising number by counting forwards and backwards within 100 and 1000, identifying numbers and sequencing numbers . We have also been looking at  which 2D shapes tile.

For literacy we read a poem and discussed its content and highlighted rhyming words. Many of the children managed to write their own verse using the poem as a model.

In art today we looked at the work of the Russian artist “Kandinsky” and began creating their own abstract pictures using line and shape.

The children also made a fact file book all about themselves.

Next week we will be starting our IDEA on the Commonwealth games.

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  3. Hi i had so much fun in p4 last year and i hope its lots of fun for the pupils this year!!!!:):):):):) and some facts-p4 is much easer than p5!!!!!!!!

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