Friday 10th June

This week p4/5 we have been learning about what we could do to help our world about religion. We came up with recycling, turning taps of and this we did this because we were learning how Sikhs believe that it is better to keep the world tidier.

In writing we have been doing newspaper articles. In music we have been making music sound maps. We are now starting to put music onto it. Some of our  sound maps and creations are really imaginative with some very dramatic sounds.

In language we done sentences and added in  speech marks. We found them quite easy.

Jack got the badge this week because of all the hard work he has done in our class. He showed us his learning story and there were lots of pictures showing us all the different things he has done here and at the Hub. Well done Jack.


Lauren, Ellie, Georgia and Mrs Colville

Friday 1st April

This week we have been practising our presentations based on different topics about Australia. Some have been doing power points and  posters. We have also been videoed while we were working.  We have all enjoyed it and will be showing our presentations to the rest of the class on Tuesday.

We have also been practising our Badminton. P4 went to the Badminton Festival at Musselburgh Sports Centre. There was an obstacle course that everyone took turns on. Chantelle thought it was good.  We all got a certificate.  The rest of the class practised Badminton skills and we had a mini competition of two against two.

P5 have also been playing golf with Mrs Smail.  We were doing putting and we had to see how many shots till we hit the target.

We all went along to the Book Fair and lots of people bought books, posters, pointers and stationery:

I bought Shadow by Michael Morpurgo – Abby

I bought Tinkerbell and Friends – Sara

I bought Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson – Georgia

I bought Half a Sister by Kelly McKain – Rachel

I bought a Toy Story 3 poster and a hand pointer – Murryn

I bought Alien Invasion  by Guy Bass- Angus 

I bought  Ninja Warriors. It tells you how to draw Ninja Warriors and a story about them – Idrees

We are all enjoying reading our new books.

In ICT we worked on Google Apps and went on documents and shared them. It was fun to talk to people.

by P4/5

Friday 18th March

We have had a fantastic Health Week this week. We have been able to take part in many activities and everyone has had a great time. We all enjoyed the whole school Strip the Willow on Friday  because it was fun and it was great to dance round everyone. The music was really good too and put everyone in the mood. 

We all loved the Golf.  We liked the big targets and it was fun swinging the club. Zak managed to get 500 points and he was the first one ever to get it. Well done Zak. It was great fun having a class competition with the rest of the school.

We also had the opportunity to play American Football. Max really enjoyed this because he had never had the opportunity to play American Football before.

We made lovely healthy cereal bars with Mrs Smail and Mrs Foley. Everyone joined in to help and the cereal bars were delicious.

by P4/5

I really enjoyed badminton because it was fun playing the activity and playing the games by Nicole, Murryn

I liked the Curling because I had never done that activity before and I enjoyed it. by Georgia

I loved the Orcadian Strip the Willow and I was quite dizzy. by Jack

Friday 14th January

Welcome back and a Happy New Year!  This term P4/5 are very lucky to have Miss Morgan, a BEd 4 student with us. She will be working with the class until the Easter Holidays and has many interesting and exciting lessons planned.

This week we started our IDEA which is Wallace and Bruce. We did a mind map to see what we already knew about Wallace and Bruce and realised that actually we did not know a great deal. We then discussed what we would like to find out and that was a very detailed mind map with lots of well thought out questions. Next week we will be finding out about William Wallace and looking at his life.

We also looked at different Tartans in art and were very lucky as Murryn came to school with a lovely tartan sash on which she modelled to the rest of the class.  We made our own tartans by weaving paper. We have not quite finished but hopefully we will get some pictures on this page next week.

In Maths we continued to revise devision and multiplication and we also started 2D shape.

We were very fortunate to have our first Handball taster session which everyone really enjoyed. We learned basic skills this week and will be developing our game over the next few weeks. We also started Scottish Country Dancing this week.

Every Tuesday this term P4 and P5 will be working on our Health and Wellbeing topic ‘Cool in School’. We will be introducing  strategies that should be used in different situations. You will hear alot more about Cool in School over the next few weeks.

Friday 26th November

This week was Challenge week in P4/5. The children have been working very hard at home preparing talks based on Endangered Animals and this week they shared their talks with the rest of the class. The talks were excellent and everyone listened very carefully, asked questions and offered 2 stars and a wish. Well done everyone.  We also completed our Art work on Endangered Animals this week and now have bright and colourful pictures that have been painted and have had different materials added to create texture and effect. They look great.

In writing we have been looking at  descriptive writing and imagined we were looking through the keyhole of a mysterious house and wrote about what we saw.  Everyone tried hard to add adjectives to make their writing really descriptive.

The highlight of the week was the Animal Parade on Friday. The children wore masks and  costumes and walked around the hall showing the other children their costumes. The classes involved shared some of their presentations about endangered animals with the other classes and Max, Angus and Lauren showed the classes pictures of Calum from Cool Creatures and the different animals he brought in the week before. It was very informative and I am sure the classes in the school enjoyed it and hopefully found out something new.

Friday 8th October

P4/5 have been working very hard this week. Now that the Commonwealth Games have started we have been following the progress of Team Scotland and the other home nations. The children have been busy researching athletes in Team Scotland and have created Factfiles and reports on them and have created a display where they are collecting relevant newspaper articles and photographs.

Last week P4/5 brought in their completed stadiums and they are absolutely fantastic. The children spent time giving the other stadiums two stars and a wish and next week during Challenge week the children will be talking about how they went about designing and making their Commonwealth Stadium. Please take a look at the photos below.

On Thursday P4/5 were very lucky to take part in a Music Initiative. They listened to different types of music and discussed what it made them think of . They also created and played music to accompany a story called the  Dream Thief which they then performed to P6/7. Through this workshop they also learned about how sound travels through sound waves and found out how we hear by investigating what the inside of our ears look like.

Well done everyone in P4/5. Your stadium’s are fantastic. What a huge amount of work. We have loved looking at them.

Friday 24th September

P4/5 have had a very busy week. We all enjoyed our Monday holiday and came back on Tuesday feeling refreshed and ready to go.

In Art this week we have been studying the work of Paul Cezanne and have been drawing some still life images. The children have put a great deal of effort into their work and next week we will complete our pictures by using oil pastels on black paper.

We have been very busy in our IDEA as we have been learning all about the different sporting events in this year’s Commonwealth Games. There has been a great deal in the news about the Commonwealth Games in Dehli and whether the village and the venues will be ready in time  which has generated a lot of discussion in the class. The children spent a great deal of time working on the logos for the different events and they look very effective in the classroom. They have also been researching some important information about the different events including the venue, the training venue, the different categories in the event and when the event will take place within the Games timetable.

PC Smith came into School this week and spoke to the Primary 4 children about how to keep safe when I am out and about and explained to the Primary 5 children what they should do in an emergency.

This morning we had a whole school Cookie March in aid of MacMillan Nurses and in connection with the  MacMillan Coffee Morning. This was great fun and the weather stayed fair as we marched around the school grounds. We then enjoyed the cookies the children had baked with Mrs Smail. Thank you very much for all your generous donations.

Friday 10th September

P4/5 have been very busy working on this term’s IDEA – The Commonwealth Games. We have been learning about India as this year’s host country.  The children have been researching the climate, transport, food, wildlife and  geography of India. P5 have also been drawing very detailed pictures of the Taj Mahal  on which they have spent lots of time and care.

P4 have continued to make good progress in swimming and have been filling in their diaries. On Tuesday they will be taking their diaries along to the swimming to share their progress.

We have continued to learn and play new Playground Games. The aim is that our class will try and teach some of the younger children the games and encourage them to play them at breaks and lunch time. They have also been learning hockey dribbling skills and have had great fun.

Next  week the class will be given a homework task based on our IDEA and technology where they will be asked to design and make a stadium or part of a stadium. The homework should be completed by the 1st October. A detailed letter will be sent home next week.

Friday 27th August

Primary 4/5 have had a fantastic start to the term. We have spent a long time getting to know each other again after the holidays. We celebrated coming back to school by talking about our holidays and then we discussed Ice Cream, a favourite memory of the Summer Holidays. The class enjoyed reading Ice Cream poems, making up Ice Cream Sundae collages and writing recipes for a great holiday. All our hard work has produced a bright and colourful display in the classroom.
We have also been learning more about each other. We learned what each other liked, disliked and enjoyed doing and we also wrote poems using adjectives to describe what we are like. Everyone came up with some fantastic and original adjectives to describe themselves. In art we drew portraits of each other, looking very carefully at our individual characteristics and detail. At Circle Time we made a class garden where everyone wrote something positive about their classmates in the different petals of their flower.
We have also started looking at Hinduism in RME and have enjoyed learning Hockey skills.
Next week we will start our IDEA which is the Commonwealth. We will plan what we already know, what we want to learn  and how we would like to learn all about the Commonwealth. Through our IDEA we will be looking at writing, maths and technologies activities. Our IDEA sounds very interesting and I am sure everyone will enjoy the different activities.

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  1. i have enjoyed p4/5 so far i liked doing indian art work and taj mahal i also like maths with mrs collvile and mrs nastasqueke[sorry if i got the spelling wrong] from ellie

  2. i have been enjoying maths these couple of weeks beacause i never used to consetrate and i did not feel confident but i have been doing better in it but i do still chat a little


  3. i love being in 4/5 mrs n and mrs c class wee were lerning about the rainforest but now wee have been lerning about the climate change

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