Friday 10th June

Here are some of the comments about what the children enjoyed this week.

This was a fun arty week

Calum milligen

I¬†liked the assembly this week because it was awesome :-0 and funny!!! Cameron Bain ūüôā

I liked art this week:)

Finn Ritchie

I liked making my habitat out of real stuff you can find outside:)

Becca Addie



Our last topic of Primary 5 is a Living Things. This week we have been having lots of debates and discussions about living and non-living things.  We have started to look at animals and plants in our environment- with our focus on British wildlife.

In class Maths we have been busy learning about measurement: using measuring equipment, working out perimeter and area.  In Numeracy we have been focusing on division and fractions. 

In Literacy and English we have been focusing on reading for enjoyment with the children completing various activities on books they have read.  We have also been looking at newspaper articles in Writing.  We looked at the key features of a newspaper and this week we were trying to write our own headlines to match with an article. In the next couple of weeks we will be planning and writing our own newspaper article.

This week we  have been  starting a new topic it was living things it was fun finding out the differrence between living an non-living.

Regan Fyfe ūüôā x

I really enjoyed drawing a sculpture in art

SEAN ūüôā¬†

This week in maths I was  learning fractions and  doing times  table challenge and it was fun playing games.

By Rachel cameron ūüôā x

In P.E I really enjoyed playing rounders with everyone in my class and I was in the winning team.

Ellie Taylor ūüôā x

I really enjoyed rounders. I thought our new topic living things was interesting.  I am looking forward to looking outside at the wildlife and their habitats

Jamie Kenny

Friday 1st April 2011

This week we have had a busy week organising and getting ready for parents night.  The children have been working hard in Numeracy this week continuing with their work in money with Miss. Gault, number skills withMiss.Tait and decimals and fraction work with Mrs. Colville/ Mrs. Naztaztzcuk.  In literacy we have been working on spelling common words that we can use in all areas of our learning.  This week and next week we are focusing on group work in our IDEA.  We have been given roles within our groups and we will be researching and preparing a group presentation  next week. 

This is how the children have been getting on this week:

I liked participating in the group for IDEA work especially as I was the project manager

Sam Heaney

I enjoyed looking around the book fair this week

Ross Walter

I found I got on well with my magic square challenge in Numeracy this week

Cameron Sandilands

I learned this week how to add up money and use different coins

Emma Forsyth

Friday 25th March 2011

We have had a busy couple of weeks in P.5.¬† Health week last week was so busy and filled with lots of fun things e.g. baking with Mrs. Smail, Live ‘n’ Learn workshop, Taek-won-do, athletics and much more.¬†¬† We also had our class assembly last week.¬† The children were superb!¬† We had decided to do a three-part assembly:¬† The Human Body, Australia and Red Nose Day.¬†We worked really hard all week to learn all about the Skeleton and the Heart and then on our individual presentations for assembly.

This week has been¬†another busy week.¬† We had an exciting visitor on Wednesday to talk to us.¬† We had a pharmacist come in and tell¬†us all about his job and role in the community.¬† He also taught us lots about keeping healthy and the difference between drugs that help us and drugs that are dangerous.¬† We were able to ask lots of questions and discuss some health issues too.¬† In preparation for his visit we had discussed our thoughts on what we wanted to do when were older.¬† We talked about how school helps us and what qualities we will need for that job.¬† It was interesting to see how much school will help us.¬† We have been busy in Literacy too- practicing handwriting, learning to spell some new words containing ‚Äúic‚ÄĚ and continuing with imagined personal response with Mrs. Thomson.¬† In IDEA we have being continuing to learn about marsupials and Australian animals.¬† We also have been learning to create some aboriginal paintings using finger-painting to create the dotted patterns.¬†




Friday 4th March 2011

Sorry we have not written in a while.¬† We have had our week off and have had a busy couple of weeks.¬† This week I have asked some of the children to help me to write what they have felt about their learning this week.¬† Here are some of the things they have said….

I had fun playing badminton because it is a sport I enjoy.      

Cameron B

 I learned this week that there is a rock called Ayer’s Rock in Australia.  I found ICT interesting learning about Google Applications but it was quite tricky to see the password and get used to using it.                                                  


This week I learned how to exchange in subtraction of HTU and TU.  I found out lots about the dangerous and poisonous animals in Australia and learned about the mountains and rocks and waterfalls that can be found there.         


I enjoyed playing tag rugby because we got to play outside.       


In Numeracy it was quite tricky to subtract with exchange but I am now glad I know how to do it.                                                     

Matthew F

In our IDEA I found out where the Australian Outback is.  I used the laptops to research it and find out some facts.                                             



Friday 4th February 2011

This week we have been learning about Robert the Bruce in our IDEA.  We watched a video about the events that surrounded Robert the Bruce and how he became a famous and important part of Scottish history.   We came up with some ideas of questions we would like to answer.  We then carried out some research ourselves and created a factfile or poster all about him.  We also discussed some of the key events Robert the Bruce was involved in.  We watched a video on the battle of Bannockburn and stareted our collage pictures to show what was happened there.  We are still concentrating on reading for enjoyment so we have been doing lots of ERIC this week were the children are reading their own choice of book.  Children can bring books in from home if they wish because we really want to encourage the class to read.

We have IDEA homework this week that is due in on Monday 7th February so hopefully we are really busy doing our fantastic ideas. 

Friday 28th January 2011

What a busy couple of weeks we have had! In IDEA we have been learning about Scotland in the middles ages and discussing what lead to the wars of independence.  We have created a timeline for our classroom to show the key events that took place and we have created a factfile using our research on William Wallace.  Also the children have been working on William Wallace wanted posters to display around the classroom- we used teabags to create an old paper effect.  In drama this week we were learning to use mime to show the Battle of Stirling Bridge.  The children worked in groups to perform a serious of events for the battle.  We decided that because the children had done so well we would perform our battle for the school at assembly. 

In¬†Numeracy this week Mrs.Colville/ Mrs. Naztaztczcuks¬†group were learning all about division of HTU.¬† In my group we have started to look at subtraction: we were revising subtraction of¬†TU.¬† Miss.¬† Tait’s group were doing a maths assessment this week.

In Literacy we have been learning our words for our sponsored Childline Spelling Sprint.  We also had to learn a Scottish poem for this week in order to perform it in front of the class to be in with a chance to enter the Burns competition.  We will be focusing on reading for enjoyment this term and as such this week we completed a book review on a book of our choice.  The children were doing all sorts of tasks to tell others about thier books e.g. book covers, windsocks, posters etc.

Friday 14th January 2011

A new year and a new topic!  We are all back from our break and excited about what we will be learning this term.  We have just started our IDEA (Wallace and Bruce).  We have planned together lots of things that we will need to find out and discussed how we were going to do this.  We also discussed a little bit about the background to Wallace and Bruce and their fight for Scotlands independence.  In Numeracy we have been doing a little bit of revision of our times tables and general maths skills.  We needed a little reminder after the holidays!  We have been doing some work on our reading skills this week too and showing our understanding of both our reading books and unfamiliar texts.  In addition in Language we have been practicing our joined handwriting and revising a little bit about punctuation e.g. full stops and capital letters in our sentences.  In Art we have been creating new labels for our trays in the classroom and our shoe trays.  There have been some wonderful creative designs! We have also been learning to draw figures this week in Art- although this was tricky the children seemed to really enjoy it.

Friday 17th December 2010

We have been busy learning this week about electricity.  We have been learning about elecrtical safety, how electricity works and in particular focusing on electrical circuits through our practical experments.

To help with decorating the hall for the Nativity we were doing some snowy art this week too.  The children created some amazing pictures using oil pastals, glitter and sequins.

P.5. have also had a very musical week this week!  On Monday we recorded Santa Clause is coming to town for the Forth One.  Boogie and the gang were in Stoneyhill- how exciting!  We also visited Greenfield Park Care Home on Thursday to sing some christmas carols to the residents.  It was a great success and the children and residents really enjoyed themselves.

Learning at home during snow days!

Hi boys and girls!! I hope you are all enjoying the snow and not missing school too much ūüėȬ† As you are all stuck at home for the rest of the week I am putting up a list of the topics we will be focusing on next week so that you can get a little head start.¬† You could do a little bit of research on the internet or find something to bring in for show and tell- use your imagination!¬† You don’t have to do all these activities but I do look forward to seeing what you have been busy with.

Numeracy: Times tables- we  will be doing division using our times tables so its important you know them!

RME:  The Nativity/ Christmas story

Literacy:  Planning a Story involving a dilemma (you could think of some ideas for stories and note them down)

IDEA:¬† Electricity- what it is, understanding circuits and electrical safety…

Health and Well-Being:  Making a Food diary (make a note of the foods you eat from now until Monday so we can look at how healthy our diet is and what we could do to improve it)

There should be plenty here to keep you busy!  I look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday.

Keep warm and safe.


Friday 26th November

We are coming to the end of our Endangered animal IDEA and this week we are having an animal parade in the dining hall for the rest of the school.  We want to show them what we have been learning.  The children presented their research that they had been doing for homework this term all about their chosen endangered animal. The class were able to ask and answer questions on their presentation and others too.  We designed some posters to advertise our animal parade this week and they will be seen stuck up all around the school.  We have also been busy in other areas of the curriculum too.  We have been doing lots of reading through our IDEA as well as in our reading groups and reading workshops.  Our spelling words this week were common words to help us with our writing in which we have been focusing on settings.  This week the children were writing their own setting within an imaginative short story.  There were some great ideas with some fantastic settings! In Numeracy this week we have been using our knowledge of various times tables to help us solve different division sums.  In RME we were finishing off our Hanukkah research- finding out about the story behind Hanukkah and how Jews celebrate.  Next week we will be moving on to our Electricity topic.

Note for Parents: Please ensure that all children’s clothes and shoes are labelled with their names and can I¬†also ask that your child has a pencil with them in school everyday.I sent letters home regarding children’s stationary last week¬†but this is just another note incase the letter did not make it home!

Friday 18th November 2010

We have been busy again this week doing lots of fun activities.  We have been doing some drama activites this week.  In our groups we researched and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of zoos for endangered animals.  The children then had to come up with a good argument to either agree or disagree with zoos.  We had two debates in which children had fun trying to convince the other side and the audience that their viewpoint was the right one!  Everyone made a good job of expressing their viewpoints.  For our IDEA we also learned a bit more about habitats of endangered animals.  We used this knowledge to make animal habitats using lots of different materials.

In writing this week we were thinking all about settings for stories.  We used a picture to help us set the scene for a story.  Also to help our writing this week we have been finsishing off our class novel The Twits and learning lots of new spelling words for homework.  In Numeracy we are all continuing to learn to our times tables and use these in a variety of ways.

We have been busy practicing our christmas songs with Mrs. Rae for our radio appearance!  We also have been busy in Basketball learning and improving our skills in passing and dribbling.

Just a note for parents….if you would like any advice on homework¬† tasks that you could do with your children you can go to the following pages of the school website:




Friday 12th November

On Monday P.5 and P4/5 went to Musselburgh Basketball Festival with Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Colville.  We had lots of fun playing lots of games and using all our basketball skills.  We particularly enjoyed the wheelchair basketball games.  We all participated really well and had lots of fun.

Also this week we had an exciting visitor.  We had a Calum in from Cool Creatures to teach us more about endangered animals.  He brought a hedgehog, scorpian, lizard and snake with him.  We were all so excited and really enjoyed it.  We hope he comes back again!  We have been learning lots about endangered animals in our IDEA through our research and artwork.  We made animal masks and sketch lots of different endangered animals.  We are working on planning a debate for Drama next week too based on the debate over how beneficial zoos are for endangered animals.

In maths we have been doing lots of multipication.  We are practing our times tables and some of the class were using them to help find solutions to bigger sums.  It is important we practice our tables all the time!

In RME we have been learning about Divali.  We watched some videos and made some rangoli patterns to help us understand how and why Hindus celebrate this festival of light.

It was another busy week for Primary 5 but we look forward to this week when we have lots more learning to do!

Friday 29th October 2010

Wlecome back! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  A short week this week! Although the children have been doing lots of activities! Today P.5 went down to P1/2 and P1 to read their spooky halloween stories.  We even had masks to go along with it.  All the younger children were so enthusiastic and they really enjoyed the stories.  I am so proud of the class for putting so much effort into your stories.

Happy halloween everyone have lots of scary fun!!


Friday 8th October 2010

As we are coming near to the end of term we have been working very hard to get all our work done.  We have been busy doing reading and writing activities, both through in our reading groups and through our IDEA work.  We have been continuing to build on our knowledge of the commonwealth games and we even had the chance to watch the opening ceromony in Delhi.  This brought together some of the things we have been learning about India as well.  We started looking at some time this week for our IDEA with to start to help us understand timetables (e.g. events in the Commonwealth games).  We will be continuing to develop our knowlege in this area next week.  Everyone has also been working very hard in numeracy doing lots of different calculations.  Also this week we had our first Aerobics session in P.E..  We all seemed to enjoy this very much and it certainly will keep us fit.  We are also continuing to improve and refine our skills in Hockey and to apply the skills we have been learning this term through participation in a mini-games session.

In addition to our work in class there¬†have been¬†lots of exciting things happening in school this week.¬† We had our first opportunity to go the book fair this week to have a look at all the brilliant books.¬† The book fair will be here until next week so we will have a chance to go back and buy some good books that we’ve seen.¬† On Thursday Primary 5 had a Music Workshop all day.¬†¬†In this workshop they¬†learned lots about sound waves, using your voice, breathing exercises, listening skills and how to create different sounds with instruments.¬† By the end of the day,¬†¬†using various instruments, the children had put sounds¬†to a story.¬† They¬†performed it then for the Primary 3’s.¬† They did so well and their performance was outstanding.

Friday 1st October 2010

Another busy week this week.¬† We have had lots of great designs and models for our Commonwealth stadium homework coming in this week.¬† There has been lots of hard work going on at home as well as school!¬† We have been doing some more research using the laptops this week to find out information on some of the Scottish Team representatives.¬† We then used this information to write a report.¬† Everyone worked super hard on this and we even had the opportunity to peer assess our work.¬† In Numeracy children have been continuing to develop their knowledge of place value and practicing their addition and subtraction techniques.¬† With Mrs. Rae the children have been learning more about shapes by making models of various 3D shapes and lots more shape challenges.¬† ¬†We have been learning at new warm-up game in P.E. this week and trying to beat our srint relay race times when working in our teams.¬† Mrs. Rae has been also teaching the class some new playground games.¬† There has been lots of discussions in class this week about body language and expressing our feelings.¬† We have learnt about the hidden messages our body gives even when we are not speaking.¬† For Literacy this week we have continued to build on our comprehension skills through reading workshops and some groups were working on a new game called “Silly Sentences”.¬† We had lots of new reading task cards this week too.

 We had the photographer in school this week too so all the children got thier photo taken.  Some children even got to get a photo with thier brothers or sisters.  We have a very photogenic class!

Friday 24th September 2010

We had a short week this week but still a very busy one!  In literacy we have been continuing to learn new words and completing spelling tasks for homework.  We have also been showing our understanding of what we read through a variety of activities e.g. book detectives, literacy circle and various reading task cards.  With Mrs. Rae we have been practising correct letter formation and where appropriate a linked script.  We also had the opportunity to choose an interesting book to read at the school library.  In Numeracy we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of place value and addition techniques.  We have also been practicing our mental maths strategies.  For Maths with Mrs. Rae we are continuing to increase our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes.

In health and well-being this week we have been learning control a ball using a hockey stick whilst walking around obstacles and talk about feelings of anger and how we might deal with these feelings.  Mrs. Rae was working with us on practising our playground games.  We also had a visit from PC Smith who talked about recognising the dangers of hoax 999 calls.

We were continuing with our Taj Mahal Sunset silhouettes this week.  We used paints for our sunset background and then put our black silhouette on top.  They look so good that we are going to put them on the display board outside the classroom for all to see!  For our IDEA this week we were also researching some of the commonwealth sports that the Scottish team will be participating in.  We worked in pairs to research one sport each and next week we will present our findings to the rest of the class.

There was an exciting finish to the week today with Stoneyhill’s Cookie March.¬† The whole school went outside for a walk around the school to raise money for MacMillan Cancer.¬† Our class were buddies for the Primary Twos in the school and we had some excellent responsible children taking their role seriously.

I hope everyone is getting on well with their Commonwealth stadiums for homework.  I cannot wait to see all your wonderful creations.

Friday 17th September 2010

In literacy and language this week we have been learning to identify advantages for joining handwriting, one being speed, and timing sessions to compare this with printing.  We have been talking about stories and answering different kinds of questions.

In Numeracy we have been continuing our number work.  Some of us have been working with number squares and while others have been doing lots of addition number work.

For our IDEA work this week we have been researching various Indian animals.  We then compiled our information in a variety of ways e.g. posters and leaflets.  We found out lots of information, including diet and habitat, for the Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant, Cobra snake and Indian camel.  On Thursday we just got started on our Taj Mahal Silhouette Sunsets.  We will continue this next week.  For RME we have also been learning about life in India.  We have been discussing the Hindu religion in India.  Our focus this week was on forms of Hindu worship.

We have been continuing to develop our Hockey skills.  This week we were focusing on our passing.  We have also been doing fitness through relay races.  This week we timed each team at each relay race and next week we will try and beat our times to see how we improve!  Not only have we been thinking about our physical health this week we also thought about our emotional health this week.  We discussed bad moods and ways in which we can try and deal with them.

Friday 10th September

This week we have been doing lots of reading and writing activities.  We had a discussion about what is meant by comprehension and the children participated excellently.  With Mrs. Rae the children were working on thier writing through exploring punctuation and joined handwriting.  The children have been working really hard in numeracy with lots of addition and subtraction.  We also explored place value and we will continue to build on this next week.  In P.E. we have been keeping fit through a variety of relay races.  We have just started hockey this week too so we have been exploring how to hold a hockey stick and to control the ball with the stick while standing still.  Mrs. Roberts was showing us how to play percussion instruments this week and we were learning to practice our skills.  For IDEA this week were were learning all about India.  We were able to identify India on a world map and then explore India more closely.  We explored some of the geographical features of India which included some of the large cities, the rivers and the countries that are beside India.  We also starting looking at the culture of India.  We discussed clothing, food, transport, housing and weather in India and looked at pictures and videos to help us see what life was like in India.  With Miss. Harper the children went out to take pictures with a digital camera and next week we will upload these pictures.

Next week there will be an exciting homework task for the children.  To link with our topic the children will be asked to design a stadium or part of a stadium.  This will be due in 1st October.

Friday 3rd September

This week we started our IDEA work on the Commonwealth Games.  We carried out our own research using the Young Commonwealth website and we used this information to create an information leaflet or poster.  We found out lots about the Commonwealth e.g. how it came about, what countries were involved and what benefits the countries involved gained from being part of it as well as the Commonwealth games.  Everyone worked really hard on this and we had lots of opportunities to discuss our ideas and thoughts.

We had the opportunity to choose a library book. We also had our first spelling homework this week and everyone got on really well and tried their best with learning their new words!

For health and well-being this week we have been doing lots of nice activities. In P.E we have been playing playground games outside and keeping out fitness levels up with more circuit training this week.¬†For a display in class we were thinking about¬† our feelings in order to write a positive comment about another person in the class in the style of ‚Äúpositive graffiti‚ÄĚ.¬† We used chalk on black cardboard and everyone really enjoyed it (even if they were a little messy going home!).

We also had lots of opportunities to practice our maths.  Some children explored place value while others explored addition of two-digit and three digit numbers.  At the moment we are all still getting to know each other and our abilities so we are having lots of opportunities to identify the things we need to work on and things we feel we are good at.

Friday 27th August

The term has started and the children are back with lots of enthusiasm! It has been a busy start with lots of activities and games which the children have been great in participating in. We have been practicing our times tables through fun interactive games e.g. Buzz. We have been doing lots of writing this week as part of out “Getting to Know You” IDEA. For example the children have written all about their summer holidays and have written a letter to themselves! I will send out their letter at the end of the year to their house and they will be able to see how their interests have changed and if they have been able to reach their goals. We have also started to read Roald Dahl’s the Twits and in Art we have been creating a pet for Mr. Twit and Mrs. Twit. We have been playing lots of games in P.E. and children were great at circuit training this week aswell.¬† We have started our reading and will soon be starting our new IDEA.¬† Next week we will be starting the Commonwealth games and have lots of interesting things planned for Social Studies, Maths, Language and Technology around this IDEA!¬† For example we will be learning all about why the common wealth was formed aswell as learning all about Delhi in Indian where this years games are held.¬† We¬†will explore and research lots of different aspects of the Commonwealth games.

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