Friday 10th June 2011

Yesterday P6 took part in an Enterprise event at Musselburgh Grammar School.  The children worked in mixed groups, to produce a variety of items.  The price they were paid for the item reflected the quality of their item and the team with the most money at the end won.  Well done to Bradley and Sarah.  Also the team who produced the best quality products won a prize – well done to Neve and Megan. 

In class we have been busy continuing our work on Decades and look forward to presenting our Top of the Pops showcase to you on 23rd June.  Invites will go out for this next week.

Friday 18 th march RED NOSE DAY!!!!!!

This week was are health week this week we did Basketball , American football , Rugby ,Brazilian Soccer Skills ,Football, golf and healthy cooking and today everbody in the hole school done strip the willow. 

Now here are some coments.

I didnt get a shot of the dance.

hendo p6

American FootBall was fun

Thomas p6

i enjoyed Brazilian doing Soccer Skills

Sammy p6

i liked golf  by aimee p6

golf was fun kirsty p6 


 Friday 4th February

Thank you to everyone in P6 who supported the Childline Spelling Sprint this week.  The children did really well to master some very tricky words and i’m sure you’ll agree it’s for a very worthy cause.

This week we’ve also been hearing our Burns poems.  I was very impressed by the way the children presented their poems and remembered the verses.  We scored everyone individually and our top 3 will recite their poem to Mrs McGillivray and Mrs Rae next week, before choosing a winner. 

We’ve continued to work hard on our Solar System topic this week and the children have begun preparing a presentation on different aspects, which they will deliver to the class.  Reading with the P2’s continues to be a big hit, with both classes thoroughly enjoying the experience.  In maths we are continuing to work with angles and the children are showing great skills with the protractor!

Finally, Siri has put a note on the website about secondhand chessboards.  If anyone does have any at home which aren’t being used we’d be really grateful if you could get in touch.


Friday 14th January 2011

I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year break.  We’ve had a good week back in P6 and at last the children can enjoy the playground again.  This week we have begun out new IDEA, The Solar System, by sharing our current knowledge and what we’d like to find out.  We’ve also started to do some research on the planets.

Yesterday we buddied up with children from P2 for reading.  The P2 children really benefited from the P6 buddies help and all the children enjoyed this experience.

Next week we have two trips.  On Thursday the kids will take part in a Euro Quiz at the Grammar and on Friday we will be at the Brunton Hall for the culmination of our Role Models project.  Parents and friends are invited to see the children’s work from 12.45 – 4.30pm on Friday 21st January in the Brunton Hall Supper Room.  You can browse the work input across the Musselburgh cluster and take part by adding your own role models or trying out some games/objects from days gone by.  I hope you enjoy it.


A Message From Mrs Hyndman

I hope that you are all enjoying the extra days off school!!  By now I’m sure you have had lots of fun playing in the snow, building snowmen and igloos and having snowball fights.  Perhaps you have had to start “rationing” in your house because your parents have been unable to do the shopping so, now would be a good time for you to get on the internet (if possible) and start researching Rationing during World War II.  Start looking at the subject and make some notes that you can share with the rest of the class when school resumes.  You might also find the time to do some research into “Make Do and Mend” which has had to happen in my house this week to make outfits suitable enough to go out into the snow.  Remember you can always be practising your Times Tables if you’ve had enough of snow, tv, game boys, etc.  Good luck, I can’t wait to find out what you’ve managed to.

Friday 12th November 2010

Yesterday P6 had some visitors to our class, who will be working with us on a Childhood Rolemodels project, based on the post WWII era of 1950s.  The chidren had great fun in our 1950s classroom, dressing-up, trying out 1950’s games and practising the hand-jive to some old Bill Haley records.

This week we also had the second of our Rugby taster sessions. We are all improving in our rugby knowledge and technique and look forward to participating in the Festival later on th is month.

The class are really enjoying our WWII IDEA, as can seen from some of their comments below;

‘I really enjoyed drawing my World War II character and think I made a good job of this.’ Blair O.

‘It’s cool to see what they did back in wartime’. Kayleigh

‘WWII art was really fun’. Kirsty Sutherland

‘I like going and doing activities around the classroom’. Tommy

If possible can the children bring in a cardboard box next week as we will be making evacuation suitcases.  Thanks.

Monday 1st November 2010

P6 enjoyed an exciting first few days back after the holidays.  We finalised our Commonwealth Games presentations and all voted on the entries.  The standard was extremely high and it was very close, but Blair Orr, Alex and Blair A’s group came out with the most successful bid.  Well done on a fantastic presentation.

Picking up the Halloween theme, we have been busy with Halloween Art,  writing scary stories and a little bit of dooking .

The class were delighted by a surprise vistor on Friday as Mrs Taylor, Hamish and Finlay came in to see us.  Baby Finlay was so content and was showing off a very impressive head of hair! 

We started our World War II IDEA today, creating timelines of  key events in history.  If anyone has any WWII items they could bring in to school to talk about that would be fantastic.


 Congratulations to Mrs Taylor on having a baby boy, Finlay. From the whole class.

This week we have really enjoyed putting the finishing touches to our 2018 Commonwealth Games bids. We are looking forward to presenting these to a mixed audience of P6 and P7 next week and then voting for who was the most persuasive.

We have also been planning and preparing for the P6 2010 Stoneyhill Commonwealth Games which we will be doing next week. We decided on which sports to include and which countries we will represent. We have made gold, silver and bronze medals.

I really enjoyed Mr Wyeth coming in to teach us hockey. By Ross

I liked doing the brain training. By Callum He

I really liked the hockey. By Blair O

I really liked doing the Commonwealth Games bids. By Alex

I really enjoyed preparing for the Stoneyhill Commonwealth Games. By Ryan S

I enjoyed the philosophy. By Emma

Friday 24th September
Even though we were off on Monday we seem to have crammed a lot of work into a short week!

We have started personal account writing with Mrs Hyndman. It was fun to hear about everyone’s special memories and we will continue with this next week.

We created some fantastic posters of Hindu Gods which look great on the classroom wall and one group even made a mobile.

We practised our hockey skills in the week because today we went to the P6 hockey festival at Pinkie. It was a great morning, although Miss Harper and Mrs Thomas got a bit cold! Thanks to Mrs Wyeth for coming along to help.

We have continued or work on persuasive skills in listening and talking. We hope to be able to use some of these skills as we prepare our Commonwealth 2018 bids next week.

Tuesday 7th September
Well done to Sammy for being elected Pupil Council Rep. for P.6 and to Thomas for being elected Health Promotion Rep. for P.6! Thank you to all the candidates who presented their statements to the class. It was very difficult to choose!

A huge thank you to Emma for providing edible homework this week! As part of our Commonwealth IDEA, Emma chose to research Indian food and made a delicious Rogan Josh curry for the class to sample. What a creative and tasty way to share your knowledge Emma!
Well done to Callum for e.mailing his cousin in Australia to find out more about sports in this Commonwealth country. Your folder full of facts about Oz looks amazing.
Mrs Mercer and I are really looking forward to seeing the different ways you have chosen to share your learning about the Commonwealth.
Well done P.6 – you are a fab class!
Mrs T.

Friday 3rd September 2010
Another busy week in P.6! We enjoyed a very thought provoking philosophy session today about fear. Thanks for all your contributions P.6. Please remember your homework activity for Friday 10th September. We will be holding our Pupil Council and Health Promotion elections in class next week and we will be continuing our Commonwealth IDEA. P.6 will be recording quiz shows using their knowledge of Hinduism. We are also looking forward to continuing our improvisation scenes in drama.

It was a good week, ThomasFrench was fun, I feel confident pronouncing things, Ryan

I enjoyed the game show format in RME-Hinduism, GrantI have been really enjoying our Commonwealth IDEA, Alex

P.6 enjoyed covering the P.7 responsibilities, Callum

Friday 27th August 2010

Primary 6 have made a great start to the term. Everyone is showing great enthusiasm and we have already seen examples of lots of different learning styles.

The class learning wall is already virtually full! We have a great display of factfiles full of information about the history of the commonwealth. We have also created silhouettes of all of the commonwealth sports. These look very effective and everyone did a great job of representing their chosen sports.

I really enjoyed making the silhouettes. By Jamie.

I am enjoying French and Mrs Taylor has a good accent! By Sarah.

The teachers are awesome! By Daniel.

I really liked fitness. Blair, Daniel and Liam’s football session was really fun. Katie, Amy, Kirsty and Kayleigh’s stretching was really relaxing. By Ross.

I am enjoying the IDEA. By Thomas.

I liked doing the silhouettes and posters for the IDEA. By Callum He

I really enjoyed doing the commonwealth games, especially the silhouettes. By Blair O.

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  1. i have really enjoyed the start of p6. My favourite lessonso far has french.I totally agree with sarah that mrs taylor has a great accent. Thank you Mrs Taylor and Mrs Mercer from Aimee.

  2. i miss all of you in stoneyhill i am enjoying my new school but would still like to go to stoneyhill again lots of love erin p.s miss you xx

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