Friday 10th June

P6 have been working really hard with children from Mrs Hyndman’s class on their decade studies. We have been researching fashion, sport, music, inventions and much, much more. We have had fun listening to music from the different decades. Primary 6 also visted the Grammar this week for an enterprise event. P6 are beginning to look forward to Benmore after the summer!

Some people also to got to bake with Mrs Smail this week. We got to make whoopie pies which were lovely!

P7 have been working hard organising the beach party and rehearsing for the end of term show. We have been busy making programmes and making the scenery and props. The rehearsals have been going well and the songs are now stuck in our heads!

In language we have looking at persuasive writing for our ‘Dragons Den’ project. We have made some adverts including a radio advert for Edinburgh Zoo. We have also invented our own products and we are currently trying to advertise them and write our pitch for the ‘Dragons.’

Next week the P7’s have their 2 day visit to the Grammar, everyone is really looking forward to it!

Fingers crossed for good weather next Friday!

Friday 6th May

This week in French we have been using bilingual dictionaries to learn vocabulary related to the Royal Wedding. In other areas of language we have been learning about verbs. Some people have been learning about auxiliary verbs and some people have been looking at active and passive verbs. We have also started our new class novel, The City of Ember.

Primary 6 started their new I.D.E.A. They are looking at facts and information about different decades. They have created timelines and factfiles for their chosen decade.

Primary 7 have also started their new I.D.E.A which is to plan and organise their end of term beach party and also to work on their end of year production of The Rocky Monster Show. The auditions for this will be during next Wednesday and Thursday lunch time.

Primary 6 have also been continuing to their Health and Wellbeing tiopic of Sex Education. So far we have discussed the difference between boys and girls and how babies are made.

Primary 7 have continued to learn about Cool in School and they also had a visit from Gwen Harkness who talked to them about road safety.

The children also had athlectics with our specialist, Mrs Sellwood. Many children did not have a P.E kit. Please can you ensure that your child has a full P.E kit in school at all times.

Friday 25th March

This week in P6/7 we have been to East Fortune and went to the Museum of Flight. The P7 part went on the Monday and the P6 part went on Tuesday.

We went on the big plane, the Concorde, it could probably fit more than 1000 people in it.

Some of the boys went to a football tournament and came 4 out of 7. On Wednesday the people that go to cross-country club went to Dunbar for a running competition. They came 4th. Well done to Bradley from P6/7 came 2nd in the boys race, well done!

 On Thursday people from Generation Science came to school and told us about the human body and they were very funny. We all really enjoyed it. My favourite patient was the skateboarder, Timmy Hawk.

 We have also been practising our WW2 play with students from QMU. We are going to do a play with people from Queen Margret University and they are teaching us drama. The play will be on the 7th of April at the Brunton Theatre at 11am. More details to follow!

 Megan and Elle

Friday 25th February

Last week in French we have been learning how to say familiar class items. We have also had drama workshops with QMU students we are going to be performing a play at the Brunton Hall about World War 2.  P.7 and p.6 are also doing the play with p.6/7.We have been practising our back hand in badminton. We have played doubles and singles aswell. In I.C.T we have been learning and making our own edubuzz page and sending emails to class pupils. P.6/7 have been teaching the morning nursery how to work with computers. In the maths sets we have been finishing off angles and moving onto measure.

                           Shelley and Erin

Friday 28th January

This week we have been continuing our solar system I.D.E.A with some science experiments related to space and gravity, afterwards the classroom was covered in flour and coco powder! Also we have been continuing our Badminton miniture games and practicing forehand drives and clears. Our Joan Eardley paintings are also coming on alot with pencil,paint and oil pastels. We have been teaching the Nursery children how to use a computer so when they come to primary school they’ll know. In maths we have been learning about angles. We have been drwaing and measuring acute, obtuse and reflex angles. In language we have been learning more cursive handwriting and we are trying to use this in other areas of the curriculum, its quite tricky! We have also been carrying out book reviews on our own choice of short story.

Lewis and Elliot

This week we have carryng on with our Solar system IDEA. We have been playing badminton and playing miniture games of badminton. We have been working with the nursery children in ICT and teaching them how to use the computer. We have been learning how to draw in the style of Joan Eardly paintings. In maths we have been learning about angles and how to use a protractor and the P6:s went to musselburgh grammer to do the EuroQuiz.

Jake and Andrew

This week we have started our new topic the solar system. We have been looking at the Sun and eight planets Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune. We have been finding out facts about each planet such as their size and distance from the Sun.

We have also been learning badminton in health and wellbeing. We are focusing on forehand and playing rally’s.

In maths we were assessed on our knowledge of angles. We will be working in our new maths groups next week.

We have also been learning cursive handwriting.

From Emma , Shelley and Molly )

A Message From Mrs Thomas

I hope that you are all enjoying the extra days off school!!  By now I’m sure you have had lots of fun playing in the snow, building snowmen and igloos and having snowball fights.  Perhaps you have had to start “rationing” in your house because your parents have been unable to do the shopping so, now would be a good time for you to get on the internet (if possible) and start researching Rationing during World War II.  Start looking at the subject and make some notes that you can share with the rest of the class when school resumes.  You might also find the time to do some research into “Make Do and Mend” which has had to happen in my house this week to make outfits suitable enough to go out into the snow.  Remember you can always be practising your Times Tables if you’ve had enough of snow, tv, game boys, etc.  Good luck, I can’t wait to find out what you’ve managed to.

Friday 12th November

This week primary 6/7 have been continuing with there maths sets,the maths sets are Mrs walker and her set has been learning how to convert decimals,fractions and percentages. Mrs Thomas and her set have been working on equivelant fractions. Mrs Hyndman and her set have been simplifying fractions.

In expressive arts p6/7 have been learning the basic steps to the jitterbug and have been understanding world war 2  styles of art,they have also been researching world war 2 artists.

They have also been doing science, They have been discussing topical science issues in the science world.They also recently learned how to email on GLOW SCOTLAND.

In modern languages they have been learning how to count to 12 german and say my name is(ich bin).

Happy Guy Fawkes night 😀 hope you are all going to enjoy the fireworks tonight if you are going but if you are having one at home be careful and remember all the rules .

Well in P6/7 this week we have started our World War 2 IDEA and so far we have made our families and now we are making houses to put in our street called Stoneyhill Main street, we are also reading and working on our class novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, which is the perfect book to read when we are doing WW2. Also we have been finishing our Commonwealth games bids for 2018 so we can fully work on WW2. For ww2 we have made a timeline for our IDEA folders and we also made one in groups of three where we had to figure out when certain events happened in history. We are are learning some dancing for the ww2 project and we watched a little clip of what we have to do and it look really hard ! We will have to put our dancing shoes on and learn every step. Fingers crossed we will be able to dance the Jitterbug and all the other dances they danced in the 1930’s to 1940’s by the end of the project.  Also to do with our class novel we have been writing diary entries for Bruno, the main character from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, but i wont say anymore to give it away just in case you want to read it.

Thanks fot reading! Beth  

Friday 1st October

We have been rehearsing our item for assembly this week. We are singing ‘Conkers’ but not as you know it!

Primary 7 went to Musselburgh racecourse for a Childline event. We also got a treat… we got to see some of the racehorses and cheer them around the track. Villancy won! Primary 7 also went to the risk factory this week. We had great fun! The primary 6’s will love it next year!

We are competing in The Global Childrens Challenge. We all have a pedometer to wear everyday. We record how many steps we take everyday and join a ‘virtual’ walk around the world. This is to try and make us more active! We want to become the most active school in 2010! We are competing against schools from around the world and after day 1 we are beating Campie!!!!

Happy stepping!!!

Friday 24th September 2010

This week P6/7 have been learning place value in Maths. In P.E. we have been learning how to referee a basketball game and understand the rules. We have been learning how to say brothers,sisters,mums and dads in French.Sox has just been at the zoo with Emma and had a great time. In R.M.E we have been learning about hindiuism.

by ross

Friday 17th September

This week p6/7 have been learning how to have a conversation in French. In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning the rules of basketball and refereeing the games. We have been having a 60m running race to see who has the fastest time out of the boys and the girls in the class. We then worked out how fast we would be over 100m. We then compared our times with the Commonwealth Record holders. We used microsoft exel to make graphs of the results. We also have been playing on the nintendo ds’s again to improve our mental maths. I finaly got my brain age down to 67. Sox has had another great andventure. He was in Dublin last week end with Sophie. We dont no where he will go this week on his adventure but he will have fun where every he goes.

By Bradley

Friday 1oth September

Rachel and Sophie:

This week we have had a new member join our class. His name is Sox. He is made out of socks! We are going to use him in language. Sophie is taking him to Dublin this weekend on his first ever holiday! He is very excited! remember to bring him back Sophie!

Sox wrote his first ever letter today to Rachel thanking her for the glasses she gave him. he now finds it much easier to read!

we have been taking photos of Sox in the playground in ICT. We will upload them soon. Watch this space!

Thursday 9th September

Lewis: So far p6/7 has been one of the best classes I have been in. Today we played basketball and we made factfiles on Commonwealth countries.

Lawrie: Today I enjoyed working with Andrew on the Nintendo Ds’s and working on the computer. I enjoyed creating factfiles on Pakistan and South Africa.

Megan: We have a new member in our class, Sox, the sock monkey! We are going to be writing about him and his adventures in language.

Bradley: Sox enjoyed watching us playing basketball today… he was on the red team. I am looking forward to taking him home!

Sox: I have really enjoyed my first two days in P6/7, I cant wait to start my adventures!

Primary 6/7 have been learning how to blog. Have a read of our first attempts at blogging.

The past few days in p6/7 have been very exciting. We have done lots of stuff such as design challenges, music and learning about percussion and the P7s are looking forward to Benmore next week

Thanks for looking, Bradley and Andrew.

Today we made paper aeroplanes we also counted up how many days it is until Benmore & it is 7 days 😀

Rachel & Theo :L

Hi our names r Kayley and Sophie and we r in p6/7. For the 1st couple of days we have been sorting out things and talking about our holidays. We r looking forward to loads of things and heres some of them. Hi im Sophie im lookin forwards to Benmore. We r leaving on Monday 30th August 2010, its so close i cant wait. Hi im Kayley im lookin forwards 2 doin ww2 it will be so much fun.

Today we made paper aeroplanes and had a test flight. I am excited for Benmore. P6\7 has been fun so far.

Jake & Innes

So far P7 has been the best year ever we do loads of responsibilites around the school like JRSO and stuff around the school. My first job is toilet monitor with Beth :L On Friday we made boats out of tinfoil mine and Shelleys got 35 stones in it 😀 then it sank 🙁

I still cant wait till Benmore on Monday.


The first few days at p6/7 have been fun weve had fun 😉 . Design challenges have been fun we made boats out of tin foil!!!. Also we have made the worst paper aeroplane mankind has eva seen 😉 ;( we have big responsibility as monitors etc. p7s are going two Benmore soon. Our topic is Commonwealth Games and we think we will enjoy it. Also we will be starting to learn about French.                          Lawrie &Lewis                                  

P7 is awesome we made paper airoplanes mine failed, flew about 1 cm lol!!! Then we made boats out of tinfoil again mine and Beths failed !!!!cant wait 2 Benmore, sounds so fun! I enjoyed french it was gd

 We also did active expression i missed it though i was at a JRSO meting. It was fun today we did mental math, we were on the nintento ds’s.

Emma p7

Being in P6/7 is the best year ever, well if you are in P7 anyway. When you are in P7 you do lots of things like on Monday the 30th of August all the P7, even me, are going to Benmore. It is something last year that we were all looking forward to. Today we have done Gym, we did basket ball, it was fun but i don’t think it is the sport for me. On the first day we made boats out of tin foil and then had to put pebbles in it to see if it would float, mine and Emmas failed. Our teacher this year is really good I have had her three years in a row!!!

Beth P7

I cant w8 till Benmore, it will be good living with ur friends for 5 days, it will be fun going out 2 go the activities, the only bad thing is getting up early in the morning, rofl! Its good to be in 6/7 coz u can c ur friends from p7 like all the time :L 

To day in P.E  we had games of basket ball my team didnt win but its the takin part that counts!!!:$

    by David

Today I really enjoyed basketball in P.E because I was getting the ball passed to me more and yestersday me and the rest of the p6s were learning French for the first time. Last week I really enjoyed doing the desing challenges.  

by Megan !!! 

Today I really enjoyed art because the teacher had to take a picture of us and then she cut it in half equally and stuck one half  on a peice of paper and we had to draw the other half of our face it was fun but hard !!

by Erin

This week P6/7 have been drawing a half of a self portrait of ourself in Art. We also played games of basketball in P.E, IT WAS FUN!!!:D. In maths we got the Nintendo Ds’ and we also got a shot on the active expression which we really enjoyed.

We also had music with Mrs Roberts and ICT with Miss Harper. We have also been learning about the Commonwealth Games.

 Primary 7 are really looking forward to Benmore next week!


Watch this space!

Innes, Jake, Theo and Andrew





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  1. your page looks fab hope you all have fun at benmore:) I am looking forward to it!!!
    Love the colours on your class page 🙂

  2. Hi its sophie here just saying the web page looks so cool from my point of veiw see ya soon from soph xxxxxxxx

  3. I hope that P6 will not miss the P7 part of the class when they go off to Benmore. Have fun, take care and enjoy yourselves!

  4. Hi,
    Your class page is amazing and i love your your sock monkey. He’s so cool 🙂
    Thank’s for everyone that has added a comment on our class page xxx 🙂

    Love Shelley and Nicole xx

  5. I have had a really enjoyable week…. We have managed to get lots of work done and had fun while doing it. Please keep up the good work P6/7!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend and remember we are on holiday on Monday so don’t come into school! See you all on Tuesday.

    Emma, please look after Sox!

    Mrs T.

  6. Lewis and Lawrie, im sure your paper aeroplanes were not that bad, sounds like you are all having great fun in p6/7

    (Lawries Mum) lol

  7. Just been out side in the snow building and iglo and having a snow ball fight (it was fun) I have made 2 walls 2 protect me from snow ball fights already. Snowing AGAIN at this moment YESS ! Cya ltr


  8. hi i would just like to say how well the running after school club was organised, hopefully we can keep it running til the summer.

  9. Yeah basically just the same as Lewis the running club is so fun and keeping me even fitter than before


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