w/e 18th March 2011

Primary 7 have been so busy that they haven’t had time to blog for a while!  Normal service has now been resumed.

We have had an extremely busy and active week – Health Promotion Week.  We have been learning an Orcadian Strip the Willow, playing basketball, trying out American football, taking part in motivation seminars, playing golf and much much more.  Some of the class have also been taking part in a cluster football league – they won their game 3-1 against Wallyford and some of the class have been visiting Musselburgh Grammar HE Department and came back with very tasty looking banana cakes.

Our Fair Trade IDEA is going well and the children have learned a great deal about free market trading and the different countries and products that are involved.  This week we have also been researching how Christians around the world celebrate Easter and presenting our findings as a poster. 

We have also been taking part in a number of workshops and seminars delivered by QMU students.  Over the last 4 weeks we have been working with 4th year drama students to put together a production on World War II which we hope to put on at the Brunton Theatre in the coming weeks – look out for more details.  A group of QMU students came into school this week to also teach us about the “Eat Well Plate” and the class now have a good understanding of the different food groups and how to ensure that they are eating a healthy diet.

Next week we have a number of trips and workshops.  On Monday we will be at last visiting the Museum of Flight to learn about East Lothian’s role during WWII.  On Thursday we have Generation Science coming in to give us a drama presentation on the human body.  I have attended Generation Science shows in previous years and I’m sure the class will be very impressed.

More news on that and a lot more, next week.

A Message From Mrs Walker

I hope that you are all enjoying the extra days off school!!  By now I’m sure you have had lots of fun playing in the snow, building snowmen and igloos and having snowball fights.  Perhaps you have had to start “rationing” in your house because your parents have been unable to do the shopping so, now would be a good time for you to get on the internet (if possible) and start researching Rationing during World War II.  Start looking at the subject and make some notes that you can share with the rest of the class when school resumes.  You might also find the time to do some research into “Make Do and Mend” which has had to happen in my house this week to make outfits suitable enough to go out into the snow.  Remember you can always be practising your Times Tables if you’ve had enough of snow, tv, game boys, etc.  Good luck, I can’t wait to find out what you’ve managed to.

Friday 19th November 2010 – brought to you by Amy

This week we have been doing Health & Wellbeing, we have been improving our fitness and stamina by doing different stations like skipping and ball rolls. After that we find out our heartbeats then we write it down on a chart that Mrs Walker has given us.

In science we were finding out how evidence would be analysed. We were told that someone had stolen Mrs Walker’s biscuit from the staff room… We got given some fingerprints and then we had to try and figure out who the theif was.

In WWII we are making leaflets to explain to our parents it as if we were in the present, before the war had started.

Friday 12th November 2010 – brought to you by Nicole

Everybody this week seemed to enjoy themselves, especially when doing our world war II project.

This week in world war II we have been learning to dance the ‘jitterbug’. Most people in the class seemed to get the steps right but others took some time to learn the dance. Also in world war II we hae been looking in books and searching facts about the outbreak of world war II.

In maths p7 have been looking a percentages, decimals and fractions. We have been learning how to convert and understand them. Also in maths we looked at different stratiges to solve problems.

Moving on to one of the classes favourite subjects. P.E. In P.E we have been learning lots of different teqhniques to pass and travel in Rugby. As you will know p7 are back having lessons with Mrs sellwood. The class have been traning for the schools indoor athletics compition.

Friday 29th October 2010

The class have come back full of great new ideas and enthusiasm.  Everybody seems to be really looking forward to doing our World War II project and this week the class has been sharing what they already know about the topic – which is  a lot!  We’ve come up with a number of areas that we would like to understand better to steer our studies.

We have finished our Commonwealth Games bids this week – including videoing them so that the children can watch them later to help them improve their personal presentation skills. 

In maths this term we will be moving on to fractions, decimals and percentages.  We have carried out a pre-test this week which everybody found hard but put in maximum effort – well done P7.

In expressive arts we will be concentrating on artist studies and on dance of the 1940’s!  I’m looking forward to learning to jitterbug!

We have also got a couple of homework  projects coming up soon so keep checking for more details.

Friday 15th October 2010 – this weeks blog brought to you by Craig! :)e

In class this term we have been learning about the commonwealth games .We have been making bids for who will host the games in 2014 . There is four groups with 4-6 people in each group. The commonwealth games closing ceremony was yesterday  at 2:15.We’re all glad that parents night is past – we all seemed to be okay atleast no one got grounded 🙂

In music we have been learning guitar and drums . We all enjoyed are trip to the risk factory. Some people want to go back but unfortunately you can only go once.

Friday 10th September 2010

This week we have been settling back into the old school routine after our fantastic time at Benmore.  Some of us have found it a challenge!  We have started putting together an exhibition about our time at Benmore so that we can share with the rest of the school (and hopefully parents).

We have continued our research into the Commonwealth Games and have been investigating the different countries taking part.  We’ll be moving on soon to looking at the different sports and using our maths knowledge to time different activities.

Mrs Roberts has been teaching the children to play percussion this week.  We have been sharing our knowledge of Hinduism and Sikhism – amazing how much some of the children can remember!

We are starting our independent novel study next week so please make sure that you have selected a book and have not read more than one chapter.


P7 are learning how to blog.  We are going to use blogging when we go to Benmore to keep you up to date with our adventures.  Please read our practice blogs and leave a comment. 

Nicole : On the first few days of school I have had lots of fun.  The best two things I have done so far is the design challenges.  I loved making a boat with Jane and Julia and I also loved making a paper aeroplane.  This year I am looking forward to Benmore and our leavers show.  I hope that I can become even better in maths.  I think this is going to be the best year ever.  🙂

Ellie :  On the first few days back at school we did some fun activities and some not so fun. My faviroutes were the design challenges, on the first design challeng we had to make a boat that floats on water, on the second design challenge we had to make a paper plane that flew. The making of both of mine failed. My least favoroute was the spelling test (boo!)  What I am looking forward to the most is Benmore, especially the gorge walking. 🙂

Karen/Lauren : During the first few days of school i have enjoyed seeing my friends again and i have enjoyed having Mrs Walker as our teacher in p7. The design challengies were fun but hared. We found it hard making a tinfoil boat that could hold pebbles and float at the same time.

I am looking forward to going to Benmore and Choices for life. I am also looking forward to the year ahead of me.

 Jane :on the first few days of school i had lots of fun especially on the desing challange,we did two design challenges but the first one was the one i liked most and me julia and nicole made a tinfoil boat and it floated but the twist was that we had to see how many pebbels we can get but we only got 10 the winners got 106 but on the 3rd day we did another desing challeng and we made paper aroplanes but i have to say the boat one was the best and im looking forwarrd to benmore:)

Julia : On the first day back at school i really enjoyed that day because i catched up with all my work and get up to date with my friends, i really enjoyed seeing them ,Also i really enjoyed the second day, we did a new suject called design challenge,  Me, Jane and Nicole were in a group and what we had to do is make a boat out of tinfoil,and the boat that had floated in the water  but the twist was how many pebbles we could get on it befor it sunk, but my gropes one  one only holded 10 pebbles but i think the winner  got 106 pebbles in theres ! Today we did a  design challenge 2 and we had to  make paper airoplanes and my airoplane made it across the room !

Also im very excited and looking forward to bemore and all the extivtes! 😀

Craig & Jay : When I got back to school there were  alot of people playing on the trim trail and when I looked around it was weird not seeing all the old p7s.

My first thing to do was make name tags for coats. On the second day we did  a design challenge we all had to make a boat in pairs .Then after break the other class from upstairs p6/7 came through and we all put our boats in a tank and then we put as many marbles in the boat. The most in a boat was 111. 

 Everybody is really looking forward to Benmore! 🙂

Liam and Rory

On our first day of P7 we were happy to see my friends. The first day was really good because we didn’t do a lot of work. What we did do was mostly fun challenges. On the second day we made a heroic miracle come true. Make a boat out of tin foil. That was my favourite thing at the start of P7. We’re looking forward to Benmore as long as we’re in the same dorm as our friends.


The First Few Days! 🙂

During the first few days of P7 I  have enjoyed being reunited with my friends again. In school, when we were finding out our P7 teacher was Mrs Walker, I was overjoyed! We then made boats out of tin foil, then put it  in water the  then dropped pebbles in them, it was fun.

What I’m Looking Forward To ! 🙂

I will be looking forward to the coming year, especially Benmore! I am trying to improve my maths and writing, wish me luck! 🙂

Tom :  On my first day of school was not so exciting because I did not know who my teacher was, and I was very nervous. I started to play on the new playground equipment that was installed over the summer holidays which is quite fun but a tiny bit dangerous because most people don’t use it properly and people use it when it is not there turn!!!. And people don’t seem to play football anymore down in the park before school because they just want to play on the new playground equipment that I was telling you about earlier on and we had a design challenge on Friday to see who could get the most pebbles on there boat and the most pebbles was 111. I am looking forward to going to Benmore in one week’s time and it will be really really fun doing all the activities ,gorge walking ,rope climbing and abseiling and I’m looking forward to trying all the new food there.

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  1. The blogs have worked very well and they look great hope you have fun at benmore !!!!!!!!!!!! ( we will) 🙂

  2. im so enbarrassed :/ about my spelling mistakes but everone makes :L them and also its my first time 😀

  3. What a fantastic idea to keep in touch with your parents via the website when you are at Benmore. I hope that the weather is good and that you all have a fantastic time. Enjoy!

  4. hey people at stoneyhill am lauren from Campie School i was just sayin hi and i think ur school is good but i like my schoo better because i go to that school 🙂
    lauren xxx

  5. Well done to all the P6’s and P7’s who took part in the Indoor Athletics at Meadowmill this morning, you all did brilliantly! There were lots of very close races and I’m sure you’ll all sleep well tonight! What a team!

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