2008-09 Class Pages

Here are the class pages from school year 2008-09.  Click on the links to the right to view the pages.

[rockyou 92711606]

Some examples of the excellent work from last year.
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4 thoughts on “2008-09 Class Pages”

  1. There are some amazing. well done!
    My most favourite ones were:The fruit ball,The rain forest and the minibeasts and the Elmer Writing was superb.

  2. I really like P5! We even got a new teacher after Mrs Brydon-Reid left. The new teacher is very nice and to let everyone know she is called Miss Craig. That’s just if you have to tell her something she will listen and be kind of course! P5 is learning about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. I really like it because I LOVE history SOOOOO much! E.S. is so fun! P5 is a fun, happy and nice and healthy classroom and most of all are new teacher! Oh yeah! And us of course! (The class!) I love Stoneyhill Primary School because it is healthy, fun, happy, exiting and great! The teachers are nice, not to mention the children too, We learn exiting new things and its the best place ever! From Rosie. 🙂 Thats my smiley face I made! Here is another! (:

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