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We have had an email from Alex in New Zealand.

Dear Mrs Sim, Mrs Banks, Mrs Tickell and all the kids in the morning nursery.
I am having lots of fun at school. We are doing around the world as a topic this term. I have had my hand painted with henna, like they do in India. We are going to do a parade and I need to dress up in something from where I come from. 
I have 8 stickers on my sticker chart. I like doing reading and writing and drawing. 
What are you doing at nursery? I miss you.

from   Alex. 

Summer Outing-Monday 15th June


Arrangements have now been confirmed for the summer outing. An information poster can be found on the nursery door.




HEALTH PROMOTION WEEK  We will be very busy next week thinking about how to keep ourselves healthy. The children will have the opportunity to take part in a fruit tasting session and a vegetable tasting session. We will be keeping fit by taking part in a session with “Melody Bears” and the morning children have the opportunity to attend a production of “What a load of rubbish” on Thursday morning with the rest of the school.  This show is intended to help the children think about reusing, reducing and recycling rubbish.

PLANTING AND GROWING We have started looking for signs of Spring with the boys and girls and they have already seen crocus, daffodils and blossom. To give the children opportunities to find out about planting and growing there are seed potatoes in the nursery for the children to observe. The children will soon be able to plant the potatoes and other vegetables in the nursery garden.


The last nursery day before the February week holiday is Friday 6th February and all the children return on Tuesday 17th of February. We hope everyone has a good break.

The nursery children have had a very busy two weeks. They have been learning about Scotland and the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns. The children have been practising some Scots tongue words and  there has been the opportunity to try haggis, neeps, tatties, cock-a-leekie soup, stovies and shortbread with raspberries.  We have had fun in the gym with some Scottish country dancing.

It was Chinese New Year this week and the children have had more chances to experience different kinds of food including noodles, rice, prawn crackers and lychees. We will be using some gym time to experience Chinese music and the Dragon dance.






We have been very busy getting ready for Christmas in the nursery. The children have been making beautiful decorations, painting fabulous Santa pictures and decorating the floor with lots of glitter. 

The children have been making crispy cakes and chocolate top hats for their parties and they look delicious. All the boys and girls are very excited and looking forward to the party day.


Thank you very much to all the helpers who came with us to Newhailes on our Winter Walk. The children learned a lot about how hedgehogs hibernate and we all enjoyed making a cosy hedgehog nest.




The pre school group have settled back in, they have been listening to the story of Little Red Riding Hood and are enjoying dressing up as the different characters and role playing the story.

If any pre school parents wish to volunteer to help in the nursery please add your name to the list in the cloakroom.

COFFEE MORNING  –  EVERYONE IS WELCOME.    For more information look at the poster in the cloakroom.

The ante pre schoolers are settling in and becoming familiar with the routines.

They will soon have the opportuntity to take part in a series of  workshops with the theatre company “Lickety Spit”. The first workshop takes place on Friday 12th September and the children will be helping to develop a new production.

CARE COMMISSION     The Care Commission officer would like to speak to six parents on the telephone. If you would like to take this opportunity please hand your name, telephone number and times when you can be contacted to Mrs Sim.

The children are busy talking about moving on to primary one. They are going to have their teddy bear picnics soon and some are visiting their new schools, making new friends and meeting their teacher. We are organising some playground sessions with the primary six children to let the nursery children see what it will be like in a “big” playground. 
As you all know, the outing is to Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline. Further details about this outing will follow soon but you may like to know that the coaches will depart from the main road near the co-op at 9.30. If you have children in primary one or two please jot down their name and class and hand it to Mrs Sim if you need your child to be supervised until the coach returns at 3.15. 
 Home BakingMany thanks to those who sold home baking at the end of last term. You made over £40! New ChildrenWelcome to Euan, Ewan, Amy and Oliver in the afternoon session.  We now have 28 ante pre school children.PlantingThe children are continuing with planting as an activity in the playroom. So far they have planted broadbeans, courgettes and sunflowers. Just as soon as the children have had an opportunity to observe the seeds beginning to grow they will be able to bring the plants home. We have been talking about roots, shoots, sunshine, water, soil and encouraging the children to say what a plant needs to grow. Summer OutingWe are busy collating the feedback from the outing questionnaire and will soon be able to tell you the result. The outing is most likely to be on Wednesday 25th June. If you are going to be on holiday that week could you please make a note of the dates and place in the letter collection box in the playroom so that we can make arrangements for the correct number.



The morning nursery children will not have gym this week as they are taking part in the school timetable for Health Promotion Week. Gym will be replaced by Judo on Monday and Dance on Thursday. Therfore we will be outside on Wednesday and inside on Thursday.


As mentioned in the newsletter, a big thank you to everyone who helped us with the Brunton Hall visit. Everything appeared to go very smoothly and the children were wonderful. Well done to those children who drew or painted a picture for the Lickety Spit Theatre Company. Virginia came into the nursery and was delighted with the effort the children had made.

Signs of Spring

The children are enjoying the daffodils in the nursery garden and will soon begin planting vegetable seeds to observe growth and change in living things.


We have, with your generous help, been able to purchase another ten waterproof suits for the children. That means we can provide enough suits for every child. A big thank you to those who baked and bought the delicious home baking.


It is now time to think about a nursery summer outing. We are keen to get your views. The outing generally takes place in the last week of June.

It is important to note that to keep our children safe and give parents/carers the chance to join in the fun we ask for one adult to accompany each child. We will try to choose an outing that makes it possible for younger siblings to join us. 

  • Would you like a full day with both morning and afternoon children going together eg: North Berwick on the train? (costs approximately £5)
  • Would you prefer two short outings eg: Lewisvale Park in Musselburgh? (no cost)
  • Do you have any other suggestions?




NEWSFLASHWe have managed to arrange a workshop for the morning children with the Licketyspit theatre company. The only time it can take place is Tuesday 5th February and therefore we will not be having outside play.Chinese New YearChinese new year is this week so the children will be busy singing, eating, doing role play, painting and gluing with a Chinese theme.Happy New YearWelcome back and a happy new year to all our families.New Starters We have several new starters in the pm class this term. Welcome to Sam, Lewis, Louisa, Ewan, Zander and Matthew.Interests for this termThis term we will be taking an interest in looking after the birds in the garden and plan to make bird cake with the children. We will also be busy looking at cold weather. We have already begun to learn about the penguins of Antarctica.Autumn Walk Despite being a very wet day it was a successful visit. A big thankyou to all the helpers who braved the elements and to Hannah the ranger who showed us how to make a rainbow from leaves. AUTUMN WALKWe have arranged with the ranger at Newhailes to visit on Wednesday 21st November. We will leave nursery at 9.15 and be back for 11.00. We will need at least 14 helpers so please sign up in the cloakroom. It is well into the season so I hope there will be some leaves left!THE VIKINGSAn interest in the Vikings has emerged this week in the morning nursery and we will be following this up in the coming week. Some children have visited the school library to look for books and others have been watching a video showing the life of vikings and the story of Odin. The children liked seeing viking coins and the spinning of wool. Has anyone got any information or memorabilia from Yorvik Viking centre in York? Some of the children today had great fun dressing up as Vikings and sailing away in a Viking long ship.ROLE PLAYThe children are still interested in looking after babies and are busy in the house area inside and the play house outside.NURSERY RHYMESEncouraging children to learn rhymes helps them to develop their early literacy skills. To encourage this we will be learning rhymes each week. Next weeks rhyme is London Bridge Is Falling Down. This conveniently links with the Vikings but you will have to ask the children next week to find out why.

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  1. to mrs deckel
    hi its ryan irving i have been looking at the site i need to get a quote from you about benmore for my home work so i’ll ask you at school aswell cheers ryan irving!!:):S

  2. I am looking forward to hearing about the new topic of interest and learning all the new songs that go with it as the pirate songs have been sung in our house on a daily basis. I particulary liked Eilidh’s rendition of the song with lyrics “a bottle of rum to fill my tum, and thats the life for me”!!

    Hopefully I will make the autumn walk if it’s a day that i’m not working.

    Hope you all have fun during the next term.

    Julie Bonthron (Eilidh’s mum)

  3. I really enjoyed making my firework picture. I liked using lots of different colours and big splats. My mummy really liked the glitter on my picture.

  4. as per previous issues with the school parking it has now came to the crunch, as per the misuse of the car parking area and the constant threat to health and safety of your and other children the school gates are to be closed at times to be advised, if this causes further problems for parents and residents in the areas around the school then we should as a a group of parents address our local education department and local council as individually we stand less of a chance in getting the parking and green foot print for the school addressed. if you have further comments please contact me at

  5. I would like to commend all the morning nursery children who attended the Brunton Theatre last Thursday. They we the best behaved children in the whole theatre and it was a pleasure to accompany you along. You are all a credit to your teachers.

    I must say, it was a very intriguing show !!

    Julie Bonthron

  6. i hope that the nursery had fun dressing up as the roles of the story little red ridding hood.

    from Daniel and Becca p3

  7. Hope the nursery all had fun on friday dancing with the P7s. I thought it was grate fun. Hope to see you al again soon and will have as much fun as we had dancing last friday. (13th march 09)
    Eilidh P7

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