Primary 1

Week ending 5th June

Our week started with a great trip to Newhailes estate.  It was a very hot day and we saw lots of interesting living things.  Hannah, the ranger, asked us to look in the woods and then we went for a walk and she showed us the different flowers growing in long and short grass.  Thank you to all the mummies who volunteered to help with the trip. We made some wonderful models of transport this week – cars, planes, boats and buses.  Later in the week everyone designed their own fantasy form of transport and described what is was that made it work and what we would use it for. In our writing lesson we wrote an invitation to a Teddy Bears’ Picnic for the new P1 class. We each had a new friend to write to and look forward to meeting them at the picnic, which is in a couple of weeks’ time. 

 Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and remember – stay safe!



Week ending 15th May

We have been busy in P1 this week with our usual activities such as reading and maths.  We’ve also been getting some seeds planted and hope that they will have grown enough for us to be able to sell them at the school fair.  Just to be sure that we are doing the right things we have started an experiment with some cress seed.  Some of the seeds were planted in soil and others on cotton wool; some were watered and some not; some have been given light and others are being kept in a dark cupboard.  Everyone is very keen to see what the results will be. Thank you to those people who have ben sending in “junk” for us to use for model making in our transport project.  We have been thinking about all the different sorts of transport and what they are used for – moving people and animals, as emergency vehicles and on water.  We hope to start making our models soon. We also had a very exciting visit from some firefighters and everyone was able to climb up into the drivers cab.      



Week ending 24th April

Great to see Primary 1 back after the Easter holidays!  Everyone looks ready for the challenge of the new term. We have been thinking about our new topic on transport and deciding what we would like to learn.  We hope to be able to make some different forms of transport of our own and experiment with different ways of getting them to move. Our science topic this term in about living things and we will be getting to work on the plant tubs in the outside play area very soon. Everyone continues to work hard with their reading and maths – well done. The week ended on a high note with the visit of Sir Chris Hoy to the school to open the library.  Everyone in P1 was very excited about it and thought of lots of questions to ask him.

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  1. Well done P1 for excellent listening skills in your ICT lesson. We had lots of fun today using kidpix painting tools. See you next week.

  2. Hello to Primary 1 from everyone at nursery.
    I have been looking at all your lovely work and it has made me smile!!
    I think I like the ‘favourite seasons’ words and pictures the best.
    Well done to all the pupils and Mrs Gracie for an amazing page.

  3. Thank you Primary 1 for letting me come with you on your Autumn walk. Even though it was raining a little bit (!). We all had such fun looking at the leaves, jumping in the puddles and making shelters under the big trees. You were all exceptionally well behaved, very responsible citizens and a credit to your teacher and Stoneyhill School.
    I am looking forward to our next outing.
    Wendy Shiells

  4. Well done P1! Looks like you’ve been as buzy as anything! 😀 Hope you enjoyed your walk and the little slideshow on your page was very nice. Hope you enjoyed your ‘Toys Party’! 🙂


  6. Well done P1 and thank you for letting me join in with the generation science workshop, i was very impressed at how hard you all worked on your chutes and how well you all listened to achieve your end results, well done to you all x

  7. I love you pirates you’re good at collage. It looks like you have fun in p1 like I did.from Sammy,


  9. were glad you all had fun and robbie goes on and on about p1 and his friends every single day.

  10. Thank you so much P1 for asking me to help on your trip to Almond Valley…It was so good to see you having such a great time, learning and playing together and you are all so well behaved….well done!

  11. Hi there,

    Did Kippers finger get stuck down the plughole??? Did his mum help to get it out??

    Julie (Eilidh’s mum)

  12. i really liked making bread this week, i also liked baking cakes, they were really tasty. The coffee morning was good as the money raised went to a good charity.

  13. Hello everyone, hope you all had a very merry Christmas. I did and I went skiing twice. I start my new kindergarten tomorrow. I still think about my friends at Stoneyhill and hopefully I will see you soon. I would like to know how you all are so please send me an email to my new address. Love from Grace C.

  14. To Grace C,

    Happy new year. P1 were very glad to hear from you and are happy that you are having a good time in Austria. Mrs McMath is typing this for us, but we were wondering if you could answer a few questions about what you have been up to.

    What has it been like in Austria over Christmas? What present did you get for Christmas? Did Santa manage to find you in Austria? Are you enjoying Austria? What do you do in Kindergarten? What is your teacher’s name?

    Since you left we have been learning about materials in Science and we are starting to learn about Dinosaurs. Today in Assembly, Ritchie got the badge for doing well in his maths. Ramsay has Mojo today and he got him for being a helpful member of P1.

    We miss you lots and hope to hear from you again soon.

    Love everyone in P1 x x x x x

  15. Hello P1’s

    Yes Santa managed to find me, although here in Austria he has a helper called Kriskindl who brings presnts.

    I like my Kindergarten very much. My new teacher is called Annette and she and the other kids are helping me learn German.

    My Oma and Opa (Gran and Grandad) came to see my new flat last weekend and I was able to speak to them in German.

    I went skiing to Kitzbuhel for 4 days last week – it was very good and I did lots of skiing with my friend from Wales who is also called Grace. What was really funny was that our ski teacher was called Grace too although in Japanese.

    Today is very snowy and me and Dad walked home from Kindergarten in the snow and I threw lots of snow balls at him!

    Please keep in touch as I like reading what is happening at school,

    Love from Grace C x.

  16. To Grace C

    We thought that you throwing snow balls at your dad sounded funny and hope you both had a good time.

    Jack M has Mojo today and Lewis L got the badge for assembly. P1 have had a busy week. In maths we have been learning how to do takeaway sums. This is when you take one number from another. It is fun.

    We have also been learning more about dinosaurs. We have been finding out about what dinosaurs eat. Some dinosaurs ate just meat, these dinosaurs are called Carnivores. Some dinosaurs eat just plants, these are called Herbivores. Some dinosaurs eat a bit of everything and they are called Omnivores.

    We made a collage that looked liked one by an artist called Mondrian. They were all very good and Mrs McMath was very happy with them.

    Next time you write, please can you write something in German to us, so we can learn some German words too.

    Speak soon,

    Love P1 x x

  17. Hi Mrs McMath,
    You are the best teacher and I will miss you when you leave to have your baby. I wonder what you will have, a boy or girl.
    See you tomorrow.

  18. Hallo P1.

    How are you all? Did you have a nice holiday? It is very cold here and it snows a lot. My Kindergarten is covered in snow. At the weekend, I went ice skating with my Mam and Dad. It was brilliant. There is a big ice rink in the middle of Vienna.

    As promised, here are some german words for you to learn. A head is called ‘der Kopf’, the neck is ‘der Hals, the ears are ‘die Ohren’, the eyes are ‘die Augen, the hair is ‘ die Haare, the nose is ‘die Nase’ and the mouth is ‘der Mund’.

    That is enough german for today. Hope you are all well and I miss you a lot.

    Love Grace C xxx

  19. To Grace C,

    Thank you for all the German words you told us. Some of the words were hard, but we will practice them. They are very good German words. We were wondering what the German words for ‘tummy’ and clothes are.

    Our teacher, Mrs McMath, is going away tomorrow to have a baby. She is having a girl. Mrs McMath might come back into P1 to show us the baby. On Monday, our new teacher is coming in. Her name is Mrs Thomson and we met her last week.

    Instead of having show and tell, P1 are now having news time. Four people get a letter on a friday telling them to look in a newspaper or a magazine to find an interesting story to share with the rest of the class. So far, we have had stories about a polar bear, an animals charity, a lady who went all around the world in a boat, pancake day, whales, a tree that makes faces, a squirrel and 2 swans. We are loving our news time.

    Grace M would like to tell you that she had a mole hill in her garden!

    Mrs McMath hopes that even though she will not be here for a while, that you still keep in touch with the class through Mrs Thomson.

    P1 have started going to the new school library and you get to choose a book to take home. You stand in a line and Mrs Smail or one of the library helpers scan your book and ticket for you.

    Some people in P1 have stated gym club we played ‘Taxi’ and it was quite fun.

    We are missing you lots, hopefully hear from you again soon.

    Primary 1 x x x

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