Primary 2

Friday 5th June

 As part of our homework task this week the children had to find out about homes around the world. Many of the children produced fantastic models of various types of houses and they all enjoyed sharing their findings with the class. Thanks for all the hard work.

In science the children were using their sense of taste to identify which foods tasted bitter, sweet, sour or salty. Sweet came out as the most popular taste and few enjoyed the sour lemons!

Due to the better weather we were able to enjoy our P.E lessons outside.

Remember no school on Monday.  



Friday 15th May

We have been very busy this week thinking about ideas for next Friday’s assembly. The children have decided to base it on Houses and Homes and seem excited about presenting their work to the school.

On Thursday we had a visit from the Fire and Rescue Service. They talked to the children about fire safety and the importance of having smoke alarms fitted within the home. The class were then shown inside and around a fire engine, which was very exciting!

This term we are looking at functional writing and the task this week was to draw and write instructions about how to plant seeds. The work the children produced was fantastic!  



Friday 1st May

What an exciting end to last week!  Thank you for all your support in helping the children to complete the homework task about their own special hero.

We have been very busy this week thinking about different types of  houses and homes we find in this country  and learning about the sense of sight in science. We have been researching both topics using non-fiction books and the internet.

In art we have created some lovely pictures of street scenes and today we made clay tile houses, which will then be painted and displayed.


Friday 20th March

Hope everyone has recovered from a very busy and energetic Health Week. The children enjoyed the activities, especially the fruit tasting and learning the 1960s dance.

This week the children have written some fantastic imaginary stories about Katie Morag.  I am looking forward to putting them on display so everyone can see their great efforts.

We have also learned about schools in the 1950s and how they compare with those today. Next Tuesday afternoon we will be creating a 1950s classroom with 1950s lessons, should be fun!

Friday 27th February

Welcome back and I hope everyone had a great holiday!

This week the class especially enjoyed watching a video about the toys and games children played in the 1950s. We then went outside into the playground and experienced some of these activities. The chalk drawings, skipping and clapping games were particularly popular.

In art, the children have produced fantastic observational drawings of various minibeasts and colourful 3D butterflies which will soon be hanging in the class.

Look forward to meeting all the parents on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Term 3

Welcome back after a lovely holiday. We hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Primary 2 have got back into their work and school life quickly and with a very sensible attitude. The first week of term saw every child in P2 gaining all their Golden Time. A great start to the new year. We hope that this keeps up.

We are now learning about history and looking at ‘When Grandad was a boy’. We are looking forward to interviewing our Grandparents and have been creating interview questions for them.

In RME we are learing about Buddhism and have been looking at photos of some of the Buddha statues around the world. We thought that the famous Reclining Biddha in Thaland was amazing.The Reclining Buddha

In Art we have been learing about colour mixing and have been mixing greens and purples.

Term 2

October to December

This term Primary 2 welcome Miss Budd to the school. Miss Budd will be teaching in P2 for 5 weeks and is busy helping the P2’s to create their own street of people and families. P2 have already enjoyed a taster session of Judo and are looking forward to beginning their Nativity Performance for Christmas.

In Maths we will be focusing on money and will be creating shops and cafes in order to practice using money in a real context.

In ICT we will be learning how to use Splosh and Pictogram as well as using Education City and digitial cameras.

In Art we are looking at colour mixing and will be using paints as our main media for artwork. We have already begun creating fruit baskets and are looking forward to putting them together and adding pictures of them to our webpages.

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Turpie

Week Ending 14th November 2008

What a busy week! A quick entry to say thank you for all your support in helping the children bring in items/photos/stories about People Who Help Us. The children are learning so much from these real experiences. The class got into the spirit of Children in Need and enjoyed the pyjama activities which included maths, art and dancing! Thank you to all children and parents who made a donation. Have a lovely weekend.

This week started with a lovely treat of a performance of the Railway Children for the whole school. The Railway Children by E. Nesbit

The class have been working hard on their ideas of the Toy Box story and on their patterns. They have begun discussing and identifying people in their lives that help them and have also made a great effort in their independent writing this week.

31 thoughts on “Primary 2”

  1. It’s great to hear all about P2 and what they are learning. All those practical activities and outings must be fun! Can’t wait to see the photos.

  2. It’s great seeing what you’ve all been doing. A very busy time with lots of exciting projects. Well done.

  3. Just wanted to say a big well done to everyone for their fantastic firework posters and pictures. I can’t wait to add glitter and sparkle to our pictures tomorrow!

    Mrs Hill

  4. I am surprised to see my pictures that I have been doing in class. I really enjoyed learning about people who help us. I also enjoyed making robots.

  5. I loved going Domino pizza I brought it home for mum and dad and Paul they loved it. It made me feel really proud that they had eaten something I had cooked.

  6. Great to see the slide show, looks like the pizza making was taken seriously but good fun. I know Gabriel enjoyed the results. good to get a look at what you all do.

  7. Looks as though Primary 2 have been really busy – but also having lots of fun. Matthew really enjoyed going to Dominos pizza and even made his Dad taste a small piece, although he does not like pizza, thanks.

  8. I loved going to Dominos pizza’s and making the pizza their then eating it when I got home. I also enjoied making the robbin pictures with my fingers today.

  9. Harry,
    I am glad to see you are learning about houses around the world.
    As you know Dad is involved in Building and is working with IKEA on their new houses so can provide pictures if required.

    Keep up the good work Mum + Dad are very proud of you

  10. Well done to Ellie, Calum and Jack! Your drawings of the nursery staff are excellent.
    Thank you for allowing us to have a look.They made us smile. We hope the display at The Grammar goes well.

  11. I saw you on your trip looking at houses in the area. I tried waving to you but you didnt see me. I hope it was because you were concentrating really hard. glad you enjoyed it
    love dad.

  12. Wow, you have been busy this week. Your pictures look fantastic. I’m looking forward to coming with you to Newhailes next week. It sounds like it will be great fun!

  13. I was so impressed by how well everyone behaved on the trip to St Andrew’s High last week- well done everyone – it was a pleasure to come with you. It was lovely to have some time to stop and watch the signets and goslings too!

  14. Dear P2 ~

    I miss you all very much and I hope to see you again soon! I have been very busy with my classes and have been learning so much. How are the Crumpoles doing? I am writing you a letter that should arrive at Stoneyhill Primary School shortly. I hope that you’re all doing very well (I’m sure that you are) and that you will all have a wonderful holiday!

    ~ Miss Budd

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