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Good Morning


Another fun packed busy week.


In language we continue with our work on poetry, we worked really hard and enjoyed investigating the different key features of certain types of poetry.


In maths this week p3’s continue to develop their understanding of division in a variety of workstations. P2 continue to develop their understanding of subtraction and have enjoyed playing the different games on offer.


In Art this week we had great fun  using our observational skills in drawing our favourite cartoon character.



We learned about the festival of Wesak in the Buddhist religion and wrote a story for a visiting Alien about how we celebrate  our own birthdays.


In PE we enjoyed developing our gymnastic skills and had fun laughing at Miss Dunn trying to do a forward and backward roll! (Still suffering)


The children were given the times of the parent consultations last Friday. I have managed to give most parents/guardians the times they have requested.


Thanks and have a grrrrrEAT weekend!!




Good Morning to everyone from p2/3 and Miss Dunn. 

We have all settled in well again after the holiday and we are remembering lots of things that we were doing before the holiday. Let us tell you a little about our week….

In language we are learning about poetry. This week the children wrote their own Acrostic poem for a friend in the class. We also had a look at some of the different features of poems. This was fun! In grammar we were learning more about verbs and we came up with a BIGISSIMO List.


In maths the p3’s are learning about the concept of division. We have been physically sharing children between two  top of the range cars. p2’s are learning more about subtraction and are doing really well. During our mental moments we have been playing with a maths ball and playing a new card game trying to beat the 5 minute timer.

The children are researching a toy from the 1900’s and are making a fact-sheet about this. We are using our ICT slot to do searches on the web.

In dance we continue to  learn the St Bernards Waltz and we are getting to grips with the different steps.

In RME this week we were learning about the importance of a shrine in the Buddhist religion and we all made our very own shrine and then played a game of guess who the shrine belonged to.

Today your child will be given their appointment time for parents evening i have tried to accomodate all of your day and time requests. 

Children have now got a library slot on a Thursday afternoon and they may choose a book and keep it for up to two weeks if they wish to do so. (Just to remind them to put their book in their bag).

Have a good weekend and feel free to write on our blog.

P2/3 and Miss Dunn.










Greetings from p2/3.


 A little of what we have been up to this week……….



The children have been learning about the process of collecting, organising and displaying data in the form of pictograms. The children worked in pairs to formulate a question before carrying out a class survey. They then used this data to learn how to google safely for images during ICT time. The children loved this as they had chosen what the topic was to be. Some of the children chose favourite fruit others chose Spongebob, Footballers, Starwars and Wrestling figures to name but a few.



We have been looking at poetry by different Scottish writers and discussing the Scots language. They loved the story about the cheeky Puggies!



P2 have been learning about the life cycle of flowering plants and learning to identify the different parts of the plant.



The children have been learning about bathtime in the 1900’s with Magic Grandad. They then went on to draw their bathroom of today and the bathtub of the 1900’s. They did not like the idea of having to share the used bath water…. I don’t know why!



We are continuing with line drawing and finishing the peer portraits that we began last week.





If there are any parent helpers available for a school trip in the near future please could you write a little note and send it in with contact details for yourself.


We hope that you enjoy reading this blog  feel free to leave us a comment.


P2/3 and Miss Yvonne Dunn.




P2/3 have had another great week.

Scottish country dancing is now underway. The children have been learning The Prince of Orange and The Flying Scotsman. The latter is the dance that p2/3 will perform at the assembly in two weeks time.


Our project is a success and everybody seems to be enjoying it. This week our focus was on transport. We have had great fun sharing our show and tell objects with the rest of the class. The children also enjoyed making a poster of cars and bikes of the 1900’s with chalk.


We have started our Cool in School programme again. The children worked really hard and their answers were very sensible and honest in terms of the strategies that they felt they were good at and the ones that they felt they needed to work on. The booklets have been sent home for you to discuss with your child.


Children listened very well to the story of how Buddhism began. They found this very interesting and asked a lot of questions which will help take our learning forward.




Reading days have been changed slightly due to the timetabling of our use of the hall for dance. Reading will now take place on a Monday and a Wednesday.


We have gym on a Monday, Tuesday and fitness and dance on a Thursday.


If there are any parent helpers available for a school trip in the near future please could you write a little note and send it in with contact details for yourself.


We hope that you enjoy reading this blog and feel free to leave us a comment.


Thanks for your comments Ellie and Georgia! To all the children in my class you are the best and i love working with you all. Have a good weekend.

Miss Dunn XXX.


P2/3 and Miss Yvonne Dunn.


A very Happy New Year to everyone! from p2/3

Well, its great to be back and the children have settled down nicely. We have lots of exciting things on this term and the children are all very excited about our new topics. Here are just some of them…..


We are going to be introducing Buddhism to the children next week and we will be learning all about this world religion.


Living things and the processes of life.. Looking at our bodies,minibeasts, and plant life. 


We are going to be learning about Cool in School. This is the next stage to the one that was completed with Miss Davidson. More information to follow.


Our topic has a historical context and we are doing ‘When Grandad was a Boy’, which investigates what life was like back in the 1900’s. Our journey has already begun and we have talked about the kitchen in the 1900’s and we made a comparison with our own kitchens. We do ask if you have any old photographs , toys, gadgets from the period 1900 – 1950 then we would love to borrow them for our discussions and class display.


We are going to continue to  focus on letter writing before moving on to learn about poetry. We are going to address a Haggis in class and we are also learning some Scottish country dancing. Once we get over the shock of having to hold a boy or girl’s hand we will have lots of fun!!

The p3’s are learning more about English grammar and punctuation. This term we will be focussing on the use of comma and trying to encourage the use of adjectives to make writing more interesting.


We are doing lots of mental maths, discussing mental calculation strategies and times tables. There will be a focus on multiplication and division as well as symmetry and collecting and displaying information.


In art we are going to be focussing on line drawing. this will be investigated by observation of objects and also by studying some famous artists work.

Hope you all have a good week.

Miss Dunn and p2/3








Good Afternoon Everyone.


P2/3 have had another jam packed fun filled week. This is what we have been doing…………

Maths we are continuing with place value as the children are finding this a little tricky.


In language the children received a letter from the teacher of Crumpole academy asking them about the strange things some humans have in their houses that look like trees. The children gave instructions on how to put up a Christmas tree.  The children had the real experience when we put up our own classroom Christmas tree.


In science the children are preparing to light up the crumpole campsite as they lost their torches. We are looking at making an electrical circuit and they will be having their practical for this at some point next week.


In Art the children are continuing to design and  make a 3d bag for their camping trip and they are coming along great. We are trying to get these finished so that we may begin our festive activities.


During all of this we have also been finding time to rehearse for the best Christmas show ever!!! I am saying this because I have got a class full of budding stars.


In ICT the p3 are continuing to use Superclubsplus and they can access this site at home. If you get a chance check it out.




All pre-ordered calender money is now due.


Christmas party money can be sent in with

your child.


We hope you have a good weekend and a good week.


P2/3  and Miss Dunn.


Greetings from p2/3 and Miss Dunn


Another busy week has come to an end! These are some of the things we have been doing:

In maths we are continuing with our money focus and the p2 have been practising adding money up to 20p using horizontal sums. The p3 have been learning about exchange tens and units and some of the children have now been introduced to hundreds tens and units. Please, if you get the chance do some of these at home. We have also been learning our 2x and 3x tables. The children love the quick fire round and playing the game of buzz.


In language we have been designing our own instructions on how to look after a pet. These are looking great and have all the key features of instructions. The p3 children are practising their nouns, adjectives and verbs and are doing really well. This has been evident in their writing.


In science this week the children carried out a practical investigation to see which materials are waterproof for their tents. They loved this experience. We talked about how scientists in the real world would make a prediction of what might happen and how we could ensure that it was a fair experiment. The children came up with ‘One of those things my mum uses that has a ruler on the side’ FANTASTIC.


We have all been busy practising our songs for the Christmas show and I must say we have the voices of angels!


In Art we are in the second lesson of designing and making a 3d bag. The children are very creative and lets just say that the designers at Mulberry and Chloe had better start looking for another career!



My thanks to those parents who have already given something for the Christmas hamper.


If you pay  for milk on a termly basis then the money is now due and your child has been given a form.


If you have any old kitchen roll tubes please roll them our way!!


P2/3 and Miss Dunn





Good afternoon from p2/3 and Miss Dunn.


This week we have been very busy indeed. Here are some of the highlights….


We are continuing to work with money. p2 have been working on adding money up to 20p. p3 have been adding 2 digit numbers that involve some carrying. They found this a little tricky so we practiced using the tens and units.


We are working on perfecting our instruction writing and have used one of our favourite games to write about.. P3 are continuing to learn about nouns, adjectives and verbs. P2 have been practising their capital letters and full stops.


p2 have been using kidpix and have been enjoying this very much. The p3 have been reading the rules of the superclubsplus website and have been preparing and sitting the rules quiz.

We continue our story with the crumpoles and now that most of our designed tents are finished we will be carrying out a science experiment to see if the material we have chosen to cover it with is waterproof.

In art the children are designing a bag to go camping with….. Watch this space.


The children learned how Italians celebrate their birthday in Italy and they also learnt how to sing Happy Birthday in Italian.




We are fast approaching our Christmas show and as such the children are learning the songs for the show.


Next week your child will come home with a little jotter for maths. This jotter will be used for learning their times tables. P2 are starting with their 2x table and the p3 will begin with their 3x table.


Thank you to all who have returned their item for the Christmas hamper so promptly.


Have a good week.


P2/3  and Miss Yvonne Dunn.






Hi Good Morning from p2/3

What have we been up to in class this week?……….

p2/3 have been designing a tent and making it in groups as part of technology. This had cross curricula`r links with literacy. We put up a tent outside of the nursery and we all had fun going inside. We used this experience when doing our instruction writing. The children helped me a lot! 

In maths we are continuing to learn about money. The p3 have been learning about change of £1. They are finding this a little tricky so any opportunities to pay for things in shops would benefit them. P2 have also moved on to look at change of 20p and 10p. They have been buying things in class and have even dined at the Stoneyhill Cafe.

In Pe we are continuing with ball games and our control of the ball using underarm and overarm throws. The children are having great fun.

The children made a a birthday graph in RME and even designed their own birthday cakes. Thinking about putting my order in!! 

In art we continue to get help from an art specialist and our wall display is coming on great, not quite finished.



Thank you very much for all donations for children in need. I challenged them to sing me a song and tell me a joke that would make me laugh, needless to say i am going home with an empty purse.

We watched half of an old classic film The parent trap with Haley Mills. Children liked this very much.

Hope you all have a good week.


Good Morning Everyone from p2/3

We have been very busy in p2/3 this week here are some of the highlights of the week…..

The children enjoyed the Sleeping Beauty production on Monday as a special treat for those children who had not lost any golden time from last term. All of our class were present (very proud). 

In maths we are continuing to work with money. We have been doing shop role play to help us with the tricky concept of change. P3 have been working within 10p and p2 within 5p. Next week they will be moving up to 20p and 10p.

In Language we continue to learn about Instruction writing. The children all had a shot of writing instructions for a friend on how to make toast. The p2’s are learning lots about capital letters and full stops and the p3’s are learning about the different types of Noun.

In art we have the luxury of an art student and so the children have been busy making the background for our Crumpoles go camping using the technique of collage. Lots of messy sticky PVA glue and happy children.

 In Problem solving the p2 have been looking at money problems whilst the p3  have been llearning about a strategy called ‘Act out a situation’ to solve a problem hmmm tricky and the children had great fun trying to work out how to solve the hoop problem.

Learning the songs for our christmas nativity is well underway, the children are learning these with our music specialist.

ICT this week the children have been learning how to log on to superclubs which is a socialising network especially set up for primary aged children. This is fully moderated and can also be accessed from home.


Homework will be given out on Monday and be due for a Friday.

Shoebox appeal deadline is next Friday.

any old tubes from kitchen roll would be great, we need these for our moving crumpoles. please send these in with your child.

Have a good week from p2/3










Week ending 24th October

Good Afternoon Everyone from P2/3

We hope that you all had a good break. This week P2/3 have been busy doing Homes Around the World presentations. These were fantastic!!!. Great photos. Thank you all for your time and effort. The children will receive a copy of their feedback form from myself and more importantly from their fellow classmates at some point next week.

What’s new? 

This term the children are going to be looking at instruction writing and letter writing. This will be introduced to the children next week.

In Maths, we are going to be focussing on money until Christmas – this is something that the whole school is doing.

The children have been introduced to their technology project, Camping with the Crumpoles, which will have cross curricular links with art, drama,science and language. Watch this space…….

The P2 have changed one of their active play stations to a cafe which is serving up the healthiest food in town. The children have had lots of fun doing this.


Anyone wishing to purchase their child’s photograph should return the completed slip with their child asap.

Please note that homework will be out on a Monday and returned by Friday.

The class have PE on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, please ensure that your child has their kit and that their gym shoes fit them. This week we have been practising our overarm and underarm throws.  





Week ending 3rd October 2008

 The children have been busy this week. They have all worked really hard and had lots of fun. The highlights….

Maths –  the children have been introduced to 3D shape and we have had fun learning some of the tricky names!!  The primary 3s were learning the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

PE – the children have continued to work their bodies on our circuit. This week the focus was on working co-operatively in teams.

Art – the children have continued to use the technique of wax and wash and have been painting fruit bowls. These are very colourful and also build on the cross curricular links to health and harvest.

Health and Wellbeing – the children enjoyed creating their very own restaurant name and planning a healthy eating menu for the day. The children worked in pairs and then presented back to the class at our very own annual convention. This activity led to a very interesting debate about whether chips or potatoes were a more healthy option. The children then suggested that they would like to turn the active play area into a restaurant. This will happen when we come back from the October break.

Science – the children have been learning about energy in the home and this led to a great discussion about where fuel comes from and why it’s important to save energy. The children designed their own save energy posters.



  • Parent consultation slips have been given to your child today.

Have a Good Weekend Everyone!!

Miss Yvonne Dunn and P2/3.





Week ending 26th September

Another Busy week from P2/3.

This week the children have been learning more about Harvest time and have been fortunate enough to spend some time with the local minister. The children took part in some art activities and they had lots of fun. On Wednesday the children baked some bread. The children were able to discuss where flour comes from and make the connection to harvest time – this was reflected in their story writing.

In Maths, the P2s have nearly completed their 2D shape booklet for the class – looking good! The P3s have been working on pentagons and hexagons and coming to grips with regular and irregular forms. This has been a little tricky but we are getting there.

In P.E, the children have been busy working their bodies on our circuit. They have learned about setting up the circuit and the safety issues that they should be looking for.

In Art, the children have been making fish using the technique of wax and wash (crayons and paint). These are looking great.

The children enjoyed making cakes for our coffee morning and they loved decorating them. Great photos.


The P3’s presentations on homes around the world, which will take place week commencing 20/10.

Have a Good Weekend Everyone!!

Miss Yvonne Dunn and P2/3.


Week ending 19th September

Good Afternoon from P2/3


This week the children have been learning more about Harvest time and have been introduced to the parable of the sower. This led to some lovely stories and pictures from the children.

In Maths, we are continuing to work with 2D shape. Whilst the P 2s have been busy creating their very own 2D shape booklet for the class, the P 3s have been busy getting their heads and tongues round the vocabulary including the ‘parallelogram’. They have also been introduced to the octagon and the different types of triangles. Both the P2s and P3s have designed a belt for fashion week using 2D shapes. Ooh la la!

In P.E, we are concentrating on the basic moves skills, which have been developed by Mike Jess, Edinburgh University. We are doing this by using them in the context of circuit training over the next few weeks.

Our Topic, Homes Around the World focussed, on the American Indians this week. The children listened to a traditional story from the Cheyenne tribe. This influenced many of the P3’s stories during imaginative writing.

In Art, this week the children have been creating a design for the exterior of their tepee, using the technique of printing (finger). The children enjoyed this experience.

In Science, the children are continuing with their energy topic. This week the focus of our lesson was sound and sight. The budding scientists enjoyed carrying out their experiments. They investigated different materials to make a talking device, a musical instrument from tissue boxes and elastic bands. Some of the children visited the dark room (torch and blanket in the library corner). The children’s favourite experiment was being able to see the vibration, which involved a large drum and an abundance of pudding rice (needless to say I wasn’t very popular with the cleaners!)


On a Monday your child will be given a homework sheet, which is due in on a Friday. The P3s will be getting an extra task which could take a number of forms i.e. maths sheet, Spelling etc.

I have had a few enquiries regarding the P3’s presentations on homes around the world, which will take place in 3 weeks time. The children were to choose a home from a selection. They have already chosen which home they would like to investigate. They were to create and deliver a 3-minute presentation, which should have the following elements:

An Introduction

Information about the home, the material used etc, perhaps a little geography where in the world do these people live.

The children were also to have a visual display. This could be a model of their home, poster or even just a picture from a book. Please note that the children will be making a model of their chosen home in class.

Conclusion – E.g. Thanks for listening to my presentation.


You may have noticed that your child has been bringing one book home a week instead of two. This is because we are now in a period of consolidation. This means that we are looking back over what has been covered ensuring that there are no gaps in the children’s learning or in the skills they have acquired. This process should take us up to the October break.

A number of parents have asked how they can help develop their child’s reading at home. The answer to this is by introducing them to a variety of books, different genres, and reading with and to your child and through plenty of discussion. Visits to the library are also a good idea. Hope this helps.

Overall, this week went well. The children have worked hard and more importantly had great fun and learned loads.

Have a Good Weekend Everyone!!

Miss Yvonne Dunn and P2/3.






Good Afternoon from P2/3.

We have had a very busy week continuing our Homes around the World Topic. This week we were looking at the Eskimo way of life. The children wrote some amazing stories about Eskimos in their imaginative story writing. In art the children practiced their painting techniques . The children painted an igloo in true Monet style!

In Maths we have been learning about 2D shape.

The P2s have been creating some patterns using different shapes. They have been getting to know these shapes better.

The P3s have been looking at the properties of shape and have been introduced to the right angle, hexagon and the pentagon. It would be helpful if, when out and about, you could discuss shape in our environment and why a certain shape is perhaps better for a job than another one.

In Science, the children are continuing to learn about energy. This week the focus was on how we get our energy. The children wrote and illustrated a food diary. We then discussed which foods were a healthier choice.

Homework is given out on a Monday and should be returned by the Friday with the exception of holiday Mondays when homework will be given out on a Tuesday.

You will recall that the P3 children, as part of their homework for last week, had a task that concerns their chosen home from homes around the world. This is due in four weeks time. The idea behind this task is that the children will develop their research and presentation skills.

I hope that you have a great holiday Monday (if you are off!).


Miss Yvonne Dunn and p2/3







Week Ending 5th September

I have spent the last couple of weeks getting to know the children and finding out where they are in their learning. This has been a period of revision and reflection and a time in which we have established class routines. We are now ready to move on.

This week we have been very busy learning about different kinds of homes. We are now moving our topic a stage further to look at homes around the world. The class will be investigating houses around the world and the P3 children will be undertaking an investigation at home.

Children have had a great time in drama, acting out the moment when Hansel and Gretel meet the witch for the first time. The children enjoyed this practical work so much that it had a very positive impact on the quality of imaginative written work they produced later.

We have also introduced our science topic this week which saw the children becoming detectives in a trip around our playground. The children worked in groups supporting each other to investigate different sources of energy.

In Maths, our P3s have been revising odd and even numbers and using this in problem solving activities. P2s have been revising number bonds and sequencing.

PLEASE NOTE: We have had a number of problems this week due to clothing not being named. Please ensure that ALL items of clothing, including each shoe, are clearly named. We have spent a great deal of time trying to match articles of clothing to the correct child.

Miss Dunn


Hello everybody

We have been very busy this week getting to know each other. We also have been getting to grips with the new timetable, which will commence next week. Letters will be sent out next week with important information.

Miss Dunn and P2/3

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  1. Alex, I think your work is so so neat and I think the rest of the stories are great to. I know that your the best class.

  2. Well done to the whole class, Lawrie you have worked hard keep up the good work. I enjoy looking at the photos and your website keeps me up to date with what is happening in class. Well done again.

  3. Great crocodile stories. My Dad has seen a crocodile. Sammy and Neve’s Egyptian story is very good. I am looking forward to going up to P3. George

  4. I hope everyone had a great start in primary 2/3.
    I know georgia is very excited about her new project wich is houses around the world. I enjoyed doing it when I was in primary 2

  5. I think all my work has been fun especially the dot painting of the igoo. Thanks for Becca’s comment too!! Hope shes enjoying p3

  6. Just want to say a big well done to all of the children who were involved in the P1-P3 xmas show. I came along to see it on Mon (pm) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

  7. well done you all sound like you have been working very hard and I enjoyed listening to what you have been doing!

  8. Hi Miss Dunn,

    I am enjoying PE, maths and the 4X table.
    You are the best teacher and I love being in your class.
    See you tomorrow.
    Angus B.

  9. i am enjoying the 4xs table and pe until the light collapsed [oh dear] i really like ERIC and i am trying not to talk to much. maths is a bit tricky but i am sure i will get better at it.i dont think i will be at school on monday the 18th may because i am on holiday.i will miss you.

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