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Friday 5th June

Over the last couple of weeks we have continued to work hard, alongside P4/5, designing and making items for our exhibition on Tanzania. We have also been doing writers craft, which involves continuing a story which an author has started. In PE, we have enjoyed getting outside and playing games.

Thursday 21st May

This week we had a visit from Christy’s mum. She came to tell us about her visit to Tanzania last year. She brought jewellery and clothes which she let some of us try on. We have also been working with P4/5 to create an exhibition about Tanzania and our link with Makabe Primary School, Dar Es Salaam. We have been working collaboratively in groups – geography, history, life in Tanzania, religion and culture, animals and environment and the link. In PE we learned a new game called Swedish Hit Ball which we have been enjoying. In art we painted our clay trees and now we are going to create a rainforest with them.

Friday 8th May

We have had a busy start to the new term. This week we visited St Andrews Church. This links with our RME topic which is Places Of Worship In Musselburgh. Mrs Atkins told us all about the church sent us on a treasure hunt to find out even more about the church. In maths this week we have used grids to create our own islands. Next week we plan to bury treasure on our islands and set clues for a partner to find the treasure. Primary 4 have also been arguing this week! Don’t worry though, the arguing was to help us develop our drama skills! Remember that you can leave Primary 4 a comment at any time by scrolling right to the bottom of our page…

Photos from Health Promotion Week!

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Friday 20th March

This week we have continued our Musselburgh project by planning a walk of Musselburgh. In groups, the children decided on the places they would like to visit then used a map to decide on the most appropriate route then shared these with the class. Also this week we have created a character which next week we will use as the main characters in our imaginative stories. As well as drawing our characters we wrote a little about their personality and their background. I am sure some of the characters will be involved in some interesting adventures next week!

Friday 13th March

What a busy week Primary 4 have had. As it is Health Promotion Week we have had activities each day including judo, Brazilian Soccer Skills, dancing, fruit tasting, badminton and What a Load of Rubbish, a play about the need to recycle. Today we doing Something Funny For Money to raise funds for Comic Relief. We are going to take part in some whole school dances including a 1960s dance to the song Do You Love Me which we learned earlier in the week. Photos of the week to follow…

Friday 6th March

This week we took part in the second part of our drama workshop The King Who Liked His Food which was about a King who ate too much unhealthy food and didn’t do enough exercise. The children had to persuade him to to take their advice in order to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Also this week we created art based on Picasso’s Blue Period. We created portraits of each other which had a blue theme. On Wednesday the children worked with Mrs Townsend for the first time, she will be with the class every Wednesday. We are looking forward to Health Promotion Week next week and hopefully we will have some great photographs for you to look at next week!

Friday 27th February

This week we enjoyed taking part in a drama workshop called The King Who Liked His Food and are looking forward to the second part next week. Recently in writing we have been learning about and writing cinquains and haikus. In science we have had great fun learning about electricity, creating static electricity using our hair and building circuits. Our art focus over the last few weeks has been creating a frieze of Musselburgh High Street using our knowledge of the street and photographs. In maths the children continued to learn about gathering and interpreting information and creating a variety of graphs to display this information. Today we said goodbye to Miss McLeod, a student teacher, who has been with the class for five weeks. We would like to thank her for all her hard work.

Friday 6th February

This week we have been very busy week. We have taken part in an African Drumming session and performance which was fantastic and enjoyed by all involved, including Miss McLeod and Miss Harper. Check out the pictures below. We also had a visit from PC Smith, our local community police officer, who was talking to us about rights and responsibilities. This week the children have also begun planning and sketching for the Musselburgh class collage of the High Street. In science, the children created static electricity which they used to pick up small pieces of paper and make their hair stand on end!! Also this week the children all recited their Burn’s poems to the class. Miss McLeod and I were very impressed with the standard of the recitations, well done to all the children!

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Wednesday 28th January

We have had a busy week so far… On Monday we welcomed Miss McLeod to our class. She is a student teacher and will be with us for the next five weeks. On Monday we also researched the life of Robert Burns and presented our findings to the class.

This morning we took part in an athletics festival at Meadowmill. It was great fun and we used the skills we had learned before Christmas in PE as well as learning new events that we hadn’t had the chance to try before.

Check out the pictures below of us researching the life of Robert Burns.

[rockyou 131676068]

Friday 23rd January

Over the last couple of weeks we have planned our Musselburgh topic and created our own maps of Musselburgh and in RME we have thought about how we would like to learn about places of worship in Musselburgh.

P4 have also begun writing poems and this week created their own limericks. Over the next few weeks we plan to write lots of different types of poems.

Next week we are looking forward to taking part in an indoor athletics festival at Meadowmill Sports Centre. Last term we learned lots of athletics events in PE and are looking forward to taking part on Wednesday.

Friday 9th January

Primary 4 would like to wish everyone a very happy new year. All of the children seem to have had a great Christmas and are back full of enthusiasm for the term ahead.

Our topic this term is Musselburgh which the children will plan together early next week. I’m sure theyn will have lots of ideas about WHAT and HOW they would like to learn. Poetry, including Scottish poetry will be our writing focus and we will also learn a little about the life and works of Robert Burns. In science we are going to be learning about electricity and electrical circuits.

Over the course of this term we will also spend a little time working on the link we are creating with Makabe Primary School, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

This week we started sewing our tie dyed materal into cushion covers! Thank you to Mrs Smail for all her help.

Monday 15th December

Over the last 10 days we have been listening to the Roman talks prepared by the class at home. They have been very interesting to listen to and for each talk, we have had 2 people giving feedback and asking questions. We have been enjoying reading Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator and hope to finish it before the Christmas Holidays.

Last week we made the P4 classroom look very festive by putting up and decorating our Christmas tree. We also enjoyed watching the P1-3 Nativity -‘It’s A Party’ and loved making our huge poster to help decorate the gym hall!

Our knowledge of countries of Europe, Africa and the whole world is increasing by the day – we can now name all countries in Europe and Africa and today managed to name 128 of the 195 countries in the world!

We are all looking forward to Christmas and are hoping that Santa will be good to us! We wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

By Lewis, Callum He, Thomas, Aimee, Ryan M, Ross, Kirsty Su and all of P4.

Friday 5th December

This week we have continued our work on our link with Makabe Primary School, Tanzania. We have been busy finalising our class visits and plan to visit other classes in the school early next week. We have also continued our research for our Scottish brochure by finding out about attractions, sport, beaches, castles, rivers, famous Scots and Scottish stories. Remember, you can still hand in any of your favourite Scottish recipes for our Scottish recipe book!

In maths we have have applied for jobs and worked out our weekly, monthly and annual wages and are now looking forward to spending some of our hard earned wages from our various jobs – waiter, childminder, bank manager, financial advisor, policeman to name a few! In RME we have been learning more about the life of Muhammad.

Friday 21st November

Our Assembly input with P4/5 last week was very successful. We informed the rest of the school all about our plans to create a link with Makabe Primary School, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The children told everyone about Makabe Primary School, shared some facts about Tanzania, showed them some photos, sang a traditional African song and some children even spoke some Swahili! Over the next couple of weeks children from P4 and P4/5 will visit each class to tell them even more and answer their questions. We are currently putting together a welcome pack to send to Tanzania with information about Stoneyhill, Musselburgh and Scotland and we hope to create a Scottish recipe book…

We have also been busy learning about newspapers and newspaper articles including how headlines give us information about an article and looking at different opinions and how they are included in news articles. In maths, we are beginning to explore real life spending, budgeting and saving.

Friday 7th November

This week P4 have continued our Global Citizenship work by collaborating with P4/5 and learning more about Tanzania. We have been finalising plans for our Global Citizenship Assembly next Friday. This week we have started our work on newspaper articles by writing catchy headlines about a football match, a cat stuck up a tree and children finding treasure! We have also continued to make our Roman inspired mosaics and in PE we have enjoyed taking part in unihoc and indoor athletics.

Friday 31st October

We have continued our citizenship work this week by working hard in our groups to make flags, leaflets, posters and plan class visits, assembly and a Global Citizenship board. We have learned lots about Tanzania, for example how long people live for, class sizes in schools (up to 100 children!!), the games children play, the currency is Tanzanian shillings, they speak swahili, the population is 40 million people. Over the next few weeks we hope to learn lots more information.

Also this week we have been busy making mosaics. The Romans used Mosaics in baths and important buildings for decoration. When we finish our mosaics we will put some photos on the website…

We have also enjoyed the beginning of Fantastic Mr Fox, our new class novel!

by Erin, Daniel, Jamie, Alex, Lewis, Blair A, Emma, Aimee, Sammy, Katie, Sarah, Kirsty Su, Ryan S, Blair O and Ross

Friday 24th October

P4 have had a busy first week back!

This week we have been working very closely with the pupils from P4/5. Collaboratively we have been learning about Global Citizenship, in particular the formation of a link with Makabe Primary School, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The children have been working in various groups to develop this link. The children decided on the following group; assembly information, class visits, Global Citizenship notice board, flag designing and posters/leaflets on Stoneyhill and Tanzania. Over the coming months we hope to strengthen this link with the assistance of the British Council and to form a Global Citizenship Committee made up of pupils, parents and teachers. Watch this space…

Thursday 2nd October

This week we have enjoyed writing Imagined Personal Responses in role as Roman soldiers. We have also begun to research aspects of the Five Pillars of Islam with each group researching one of the pillars. They will then create part of our display and will teach the rest of the class what they have learned.

Next week we will visit the book fair on Tuesday (1.00-1.30) and Wednesday (9.00-9.30). Children will have the opportunity to browse and purchase books if they wish.

In maths, we have made nets of cubes, cuboids and pyramids and enjoyed making skeleton models of cubes and cuboids using art straws and plasticene. Check out the pictures below…

[rockyou 123892695]

We also enjoyed creating and colouring our Islamic art symmetrically…

[rockyou 123515659]

19th September

P4 have worked hard this week to colour our Islamic patterns symmetrically. This was a really challenging task but everyone did very well to complete the task accurately. Also this week, we wrote Imagined Personal Responses pretending that we were the headteacher for a day. Mrs McGillivray was interested to read some of our ideas – a water slide at school, all day PE, TVs on all desks and chocolate fountains in each classroom!!

12th September

This week we have carried on our Roman topic by making maps to show the where the Roman Empire was. Our maps are all different – coloured, painted, 3D – and are taking shape nicely! Pictures will follow when they are all completed! In science we have continued to create posters to encourage others to save water which we hope to display around the school for everyone to see.

We also learned how to use a compass this week then used this skill to help us create Islamic patterns which we plan to colour symmetrically. In writing, we adopted the role of an alien and wrote about the school from the point of view of someone from outer space. The aliens had some interesting ideas about our school!

5th September

We have continued our busy start to the term by creating positive statements that we can use to praise our classmates and their work. We have also planned our Social Studies topic, The Romans, and our RME topic, Islam, together as a class and look forward to learning and sharing lots of information about these in the coming weeks. On Monday we enjoyed a great performance of The Railway Children. In writing, we have written in the role of an Olympic athlete, describing our thoughts and feelings as we won (and lost) Olympic gold medals!

The group who have started their swimming block seem to be enjoying their lessons so far and the group in school have been creating some challenging PE games. Thank you to all of the parent helpers who have volunteered to come swimming with us.

Check out these pictures of us enjoying Golden Time

[rockyou 121960507]

25th August

Primary 4 have had a busy first week back. We’ve been learning about the Olympics and were delighted to watch lots of gold medals being won and we designed pictograms to represent our favourite sports.

In maths this week we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes and have been telling the time. We have also been enjoying our new class novel, Matilda, and have been doing some language work linked to the book. The class (and Miss Harper) have also set targets for themselves for the year!

Today we wrote imaginative stories about a beach and a treasure chest.

Written by P4.

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  1. we worked very hard and we love all the classes work


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  2. Miss Harper is a very very very very very very very very very very good teacher.If you have her next year you’ll love her.


  3. P4s work is very good! It looks like you have all worked hard on learning about the romans. The mosiacs and models are really good and hope you have fun on your next topic. Miss Haper is a really good teacher so im sure you will learn alot! :-xx

  4. you have worked very hard on your topic the people who I think have worked hard is Annie, Ellie, Megan and Lauren. Well done to everyone you have worked really really hard. Miss Harper must be pleased!!!

  5. Hi I like the clay modles and I liked the tripe to the
    muesem it was very, fun are you having fun? from Rory Rock on bye

  6. This is a super site. It’s lovely to see all the great things you are doing. I’m glad you all enjoy your work. Keep on having fun and learning.

  7. Website is great, looks like you’re all having fun. Enjoyed looking at the photos, good to see you Alisdair C. (miss you).

  8. Well done p4 hope you are enjoying learning about the romans. Lawrie is enjoying p4 so far, hope this continues.
    Vikki S.

  9. Well done P4 your project on the Romans sound great! Hope you enjoy learning about the Romans.

    From Kyle (p5) and Lewis (p1)

  10. I really enjoyed making Roman Swords.. with my group (Aimee and Sarah).
    I liked making the skeleton cubes with (Kirsty St).We seached in the internet about a Islam pillar called Saum.


  11. I realy enjoy working in citizenship Erin kirsty S and me are doing alot of storys. I am doing a story called Hamish the hairy haggis it is a funny story.

  12. I really enjoyed working on the romans and listning to all the talks and doing my project and I think I will enjoy doing mussleburgh. I am really enjoying doing citezinship with Erin and Kirsty st.

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