Primary 4/ 5

Friday 12th June

The children have nearly finished their storybooks for the primary 2 children and they look fantastic! They are starting to advertise them by designing posters and thinking of a sales pitch to give to the primary 2’s. The primary 2’s will then have the chance to read them all and decide on their favourite story.

We have been working with garageband in music and coming up with new jingles for adverts which the class and I are really enjoying! 

We are continuing to work on information for our Tanzania exhibition which will be happening before the end of term. We will let you know as soon as we can when it will be opening!

Please remember to return all library books by the end of next week!

Friday 5th June

We have been working really hard on our story books for the primary 2 children. All the children have decided on their story and they are beginning to write them and illustrate them. We are really looking forward to seeing the finished products. Children will also have to create posters advertising their stories and ‘pitch’ them to the primary 2 class.

In art we are continuing to work on Andy Warhol inspired pieces. The children have chosen a variety of famous people and are recreating them in the style of Andy Warhol. They are very effective.

In science P4 are continuing to look at Electricity and P5 are looking at Light and Sound.

Remember the children are off school on Monday 8th June and we are all looking forward to ‘moving up morning’ on Tuesday morning.

Friday 15th May

We have been working really hard this week. In language we have been continuing to work on our stories for infant children. The children have thought of some very imaginative ideas! We are looking forward to the finished products. 

In music we are using Garageband to create our own piece of music. The children were working in pairs and groups to create a song related to what they have been learning in maths. the children really enjoyed working on this task and were very enthusiastic. We really enjoyed listening to them!

We are learning about time in maths so please practice with your child at home in real life situations.

In art we are continuing to look at the work of pop artist Andy Warhol. Children are learning about different techniques of printing.

We have started our collaborative work with P4 on Tanzania. We are planning to put on an exhibition for the rest of the school showing them what we have learned about Africa and Tanzania so far including information about our link with Makabe Primary School. Look out for our display at the School Fayre!

Friday 8th May

This week we have been busy preparing for our assembly. Children have been learning all about the British Red Cross and what they do to help people in Britain and around the world. Children worked in different groups and researched lots of information. One group discussed the meaning of the emblem, others discussed the work the British Red Cross do and others talked about how our donations help others. Well done to everyone in the class for their contribution to assembly, it went really well, and with only 2 days practice!

Thank you to everyone who dressed in red toady and made a donation. We will keep you posted on how much we made.


Friday 1st May

This week we have started to look at the work of Andy Warhol. Children chose a cartoon character and recreated it in the style of Andy Warhol. The finished results look excellent, just like the real thing! 

We went to primary 2 this week to carry out some market research for our own story books. We read them some stories and asked them questions about what they like to read and why. This has given the children some great ideas to start writing their own stories. 

P5 were at Broomlea on Thursday and had a brilliant time. Some of the activities they took part in were the Mohawk Walk, the nightline, the crate climb and the flying fox. Well done to all the children who gave everything a shot, even if their were a little scared. You should be really proud of yourselves!


Friday 20th March

Primary 4/5 have been busy learning about the Tudors this week.  We have been learning about Mary Queen of Scots arriving back in Scotland after leaving France.  As part of this topic the children will be making lots of models, puppets and costumes.  If you have any old material (curtains, old clothes, etc.) that we could use we would be very grateful to have them.  We are also looking for beads, ribbons, wool, cardboard tubes and boxes.  Thanks for anything you can donate.

We are also reading Roald Dahl’s BFG as our class novel.  We had great fun making Snozzcumbers’ – ours were much more tasty than the BFG’s!   Click on the link to have  look at our slideshow. 

Friday 20th February

This week we have had great fun making Dream Catchers, as we are reading the BFG. They are very bright and colorful!

In maths we have been gathering information, or data, about the class and looking at  different ways to represent it. This has been very interesting!

In drama, we made little sketches of newsround. Some of us were news readers, some of us camera crew, journalists, granny, Little Red Riding Hood and we even had a few big bad wolves! This was great fun.

P5 were learning about the lungs and breathing and carried out a fun experiment to demonstrate breathing.

P4 had some relaxing time doing yoga with the other P4 class during health and well being.

We are still looking at Mary Queen of Scots and we did some research on the computers to find out about her childhood. We made some comparisons between her childhood and our own.

Friday 6th February

This week has been a very busy week! The children had a basketball tasting session on Monday with a basketball coach from North Berwick. The children really enjoyed it and had loads of fun.

We also had an African drumming session which the children loved. They got to play on the drums, sing and dance. They also got a chance to perform what they had learned to some other classes in the school.

We also had a visit from our local community police officer, PC Smith, who was talking to the children about being a good citizen and rights and responsibilities.

The children have been working really hard on learning their Burns poems and Miss Sweeney and Miss Tait were very impressed with the high standard. Well done everyone! Congratulations to Bradley, Andrew and Darcy who were chosen by the class to perform their poems in front of Mrs McGillivray and Mrs Webster.

Some of the P5’s had fun carrying out an experiment on the digestive system. They learnt how food is broken down in the stomach.

The children are working really hard in groups in drama. They are looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood and they had fun getting into character during hot-seating.

Friday 30th January

This week we welcomed Miss. Sweeney, our student teacher from Moray House who will be with us for the next five weeks.

Our assembly last week was very exciting! We showed out African masks that we had been making. Everyone thought they were really good. Have a look for yourself on the main page of the website!

Boxes for A Day for Change are being handed around the classes next week so make sure you bring in your loose change to help the people of Papa New Guinea! Some of us brought in cereal boxes to paint which will be used to collect the money.

In maths we have been learning about data and information handling.

In drama we had fun with expression. We looked at the story Little Red Riding Hood and in small groups did little performances for the rest of the class.

In science P5 are learning about human processes and we look forward to carrying out some experiments over the next few weeks. P4 are looking at classifying living things.

We have also been reading Rabbie Burns poems. We have been practicing these in school for the Poussie Nancy competition.

Friday 16th January

We are currently really busy trying to finish off our Scottish tourist brochure to send to Makabe Primary School. We have also received a letter from the Head Teacher of MakabePrimary saying how much they are looking forward to working with Stoneyhill. We have registered our link with the British Council who are an organisation that support schools when forming international links.

We have also been trying to name all the countries of the world (all 195 of them) in 15 minutes. Our record so far is 155. The children are really determined to get all of them. The children and myself have learned some countries we have never heard off. This has created some interesting discussion.

In language we have been writing various news articles and we are going to be starting to look at poetry.

In P.E we are looking at dance. Children will be working in groups to create short dances to various pieces of music. Children seem to be really enjoying this. we will also be looking at some Scottish country dancing in times for Burns Day!

In art we are making African inspired masks from paper mache. The children are loving this and they are looking really good. Watch this space for photos!

In maths we are looking at information handling. Children will be gathering information and putting the results into graphs and charts.

Our new topic this term is going to be Mary Queen of Scots which we are all really looking forward to learning about.

In I.C.T we are learning about animation. The children have been having great fun creating short animations. We have all enjoyed watching each others work.

Friday 5th December

We have been finalising what is going to be said on the class visits about our link with Tanzania. Some children have already visited the nursery which was very successful. We are now working hard on finishing posters to go up in each class. We are also busy researching for our Scottish tourist brochure. Some of the different sections include scottish sports, attractions, castles, food and drink, Scottish stories and famous Scots. We are still collecting Scottish recipes for our recipe book so please keep sending them in. Thank you to those of you who have handed in some already.

In maths we have been creating virtual lives. Children have been given pretend families, applied for jobs and have had to work out their yearly, monthly, weekly and daily salaries. They are also having to buy items within their budget to decorate their homes, buy christmas presents and save to go on a holiday. This is proving to be a challenging but enjoyable project!

We are also starting to work on our class newspaper. Children will be choosing which section they would like to work on. We are also working hard on our news programmes in drama. Children have been making up jingles, a name for their news programme and getting into role as either a news reporter, a sports reporter or a weather girl/boy. Some of the sketches are very funny!

Friday 21st November

Our assembly withp4 last week was a great success. We told the rest of the school about our plans to create a link with Makabe primary School in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The children told everyone about Makabe Primary school, shared some facts about Tanzania, showed them photos and sang a traditional African song. Some children even had a conversation in Swahili.

Over the next few weeks children from p4 and p4/5 will be visiting classrooms to tell them some more information and answer any questions.

We are currently working on items to put into a welcome pack to send to Tanzania including information on Stoneyhill, Musselburghand Scotland. We are also hoping to create a Scottish recipe book. So if you have any Scottish recipes you would like to share withus please send them in with your name on it.

We are also working on newspapers in language. We are looking at headlines and how to write articles with the intention of creating a class newspaper. The children are also working in groups in drama to create a news programme.

In maths we are looking at spending, budgeting and saving.

In art we are looking at African art and in particular we are looking at working with fabric. We have been experimenting with tie dye and looking at different effects.

Thank you all for the kind donations to the Christmas hamper that have been brought in already.

Friday 7th November

This week we have been continuing our work on global citizenship by collaborating with p4 and learning more about Tanzania. We have been finalising plans for our Global Citizenship assembly next Friday. We have also been performing African songs in music which the children are really enjoying and they have had lots of positive comments from staff members walking by!

In maths we are starting to look at money. Please encourage your child to experience money outside of school in a real life setting such as buying items at the shops and working out the change etc.

In language we have started our work on newspapers. The children have been looking at newspapers and choosing articles to discuss. This research will then help the children when writing their own articles.

In drama the children are researching news programmes and will be creating their own programme in groups so please encourage your child to watch some news this week.

In P.E the children are enjoying gymnastics with Mrs Selwood and cross country running. We are continuing to look at fitness and what contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Please remind children that they need to have a full P.E kit in school , including a change of shoes.

On Friday 14th November the school will be participating in Children in Need by wearing pyjamas in school. If your child wishes to take part they need to bring a donation of £1 and they can change into their jammies at school.

Friday 31st October

We have continued our Global Citizenship work this week and we have been working really hard together. We have been finding out lots of information about Tanzania. We have been making flags, posters and leaflets, models of classrooms, preparing class visits and an assembly and organising a Global Citizenship board where we can display all the information. We are really looking forward to learning more about Tanzania.

In Music, we are looking at call and response and we have started learning a traditional African song which is great fun and sounds really good!

In Art, we have been drawing skeletons with moving limbs.

We went to the sports centre on Thursday to take part in a badminton festival. We had to take part in lots of different activities which also helped our fitness.Thank you to the parents who came along to help.

Happy Halloween!


Friday 24th October

This week we have been working very closely withthe pupils from P4. Collaboratively we have been learning about Global Citizenship and in particular the formation of a link with Makabe Primary School,in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The children have been working in various groups to develop the link. The children decided on the following groups: Assembly information, class visits, Global Citizenship notice board, flag designing and posters/leaflets on Stoneyhill and Tanzania.

Over the coming months we are hoping to strengthen this link with the assistance of the British Council and to form a Global Citizenship committee made up of pupils, parents and teachers.

Watch this space!!

Friday 10th October

The children have all been working really hard despite being very excited about the October holidays.

The children have been finishing a lot of their work this week and have produced some fabulous work. All the children produced excellent leaflets on climate change which will be getting sent out to other classes to tell them what Climate Change is and what we can all do to help.

The class have been really enjoying making their spelling words out of clay and painting them. The finished words look really good up on the wall and we have had many positive comments from passers by!

We have been working really hard on Stig’s den and it is starting to come together. All the children are really enthusiastic about making it look right! I will put photos up of the finished article after the holidays.

We have also had fun watching ‘The Witches’ DVD which the children are enjoying as much as the book.

Thank you for attending the parents consultations this week, it was really nice to meet you all.

Have a great October break!

Friday 3rd October

This week in maths we have been looking at making nets of cubes. All the children worked hard on this task and we will be moving onto nets of other 3D shapes next week. The children have all been working hard on their times tables and have all improved. We have also been looking at the link between multiplication and division. The children have really been enjoying competing in the round the world league and it has motivated them to practise their tables. The October league has now started so keep practising! The children have also been getting better at the loop game but we haven’t managed to beat our record.

In language we have been finishing off our climate change leaflets and getting them ready to hand out to different classes to inform them about climate change and what we can do to help. We have also been making our spelling words out of clay which are now ready to be painted.

In gym we have been looking at team work through the game of benchball and there has been a huge improvement since the start of term. Everyone is getting involved and really enjoying themselves. We have also been looking at fitness and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. We have been doing 30 minutes of exercises every Tuesday morning. The children have measured their resting heart rates and they are going to be re-tested after the October break, so keep active!

I look forward to seeing you all at Parents Evening next week.

Friday 26th September

P4/5 have been working really hard this week and have produced some great pieces of work. In maths we have finished making our models of 3D shapes and are now working on nets of 3D shapes. The class have also been working hard on improving their times tables and managed to beat their previous time for the loop game. The current record is 3 minutes and 46 seconds. We are aiming to get our time under 2 minutes so please continue to practise times tables at home!

We have been working really hard in our climate change topic and have been producing leaflets in language related to the topic. The children are giving tips to others on how we can help reduce climate change.

The children have been busy making and decorating cookies to enjoy at the Macmillan coffee morning. Thank you to those of you who brought in a donation and to the children who made a lovely chocolate cake for the teachers and pupils. It was delicious!

The children have been enjoying the class novel, ‘Stig of the Dump’ and have suggested a great idea. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to create a replica of Stig’sden in the classroom. We are all really looking forward to starting it! We will post some photos of the finished result on the website.

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Friday 19th September

P4/5 have been working hard this week. In maths we are finishing off our models of 3D shapes and covering them with tissue paper. The children have worked really hard on these and seemed to have enjoyed it. Have a look at some of the photos in the slide show. We will post photos of the finished products soon! In language we have been using what we have learnt about 2D and 3D shapes to create ‘Wanted’ posters. We have been continuing to work hard on learning our times tables and our time for the loop game is gradually improving! We have also started a ‘Round the World League’. Ask your child about it! Next week we are starting to look at nets of 3D shapes.

In our Islamic topic we have been discussing the 5 Pillars of Islam. We have also been making Islamic mosaics in art. This is a very challenging task as the children need to accurately measure triangles and squares and then cut them out. The children are working really hard on them and we will post photos of the finished products in the future.

We have finished our class novel of ‘The Witches’ which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The children were so enthusiastic about the book that we will hopefully get time to watch the DVD.We have just started our new book, ‘Stig of the Dump’.

Friday 12th September

Another busy week for P 4/5. We have been looking at 2D and 3D shape in Maths and the children have been making models of 3D shapes using art straws. The children really enjoyed this task and produced some really good models. We will continue to work on these next week.

We have been designing Islamic mosaics in art. The children have been using the knowledge about 2D shapes they have learnt in Maths. They have been measuring and cutting out squares and equilateral triangles to use in their designs.

In Science, the P4s have been working with Miss Harper’s class looking at water conservation. The P5s have been looking at solids, liquids and gases and carrying out experiments to see how different materials mix together. We made small ‘bricks’ in class using different quantities of materials to investigate what mixture creates the best ‘brick’. We will be looking at the results next week. Fingers crossed!

The children have been working on miming in Drama and have been having really good fun miming different scenarios to the class.

In gym, at the moment we are working on improving our fitness and working well as part of a team.

Hope you all enjoy the holiday Monday!

Written by P4/5

Friday 5th September

P4/5 have had another busy week. On Monday the school watched a great performance of the Railway Children which they all seemed to enjoy.

We have been looking at the Greenhouse Effect in our Climate Change topic which has created some very thoughtful discussions in class. We will be looking at the effect this has on us and how we can help.

We are continuing to work on mental maths and in particular our times tables. Please continue to practise times tables with your children. Next week we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes.

We planned our new R.M.E topic, Islam, together and the children decided what they wanted to find out. The children have produced some fantastic pieces of Islamic art based on symmetrical, geometric patterns and we will start to look at mosaic in the next few weeks.

In P.E we are working on fitness and co-operation in team games. Please remind your child that they should have their gym bag in school all week.

We are continuing to enjoy our class novel, ‘The Witches’ and in language the children have been creating their own spells to carry out on adults, including, ‘The Formula 1, parents obey children potion’. So beware if your child starts to make potions at home!

P 4/5 have had a busy week! We have been learning about a school in Tanzania and the children have been writing letters to the African children asking them about their life in Tanzania. We are really looking forward to their replies!

We have also been really enjoying our class novel, ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl. It has really caught their imagination and created great discussions. The children have been producing some fantastic language work relating to it.

We have also been revising our times tables this week through a variety of fun games and activities.

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  1. Well done P5 – It looks like you all did a great job researching the Chinese New Year and you were enjoying yourselves. Keep up the great work.

  2. The Gather Round performance looked fantastic especially the Chinese Dragon!!Wish I could have seen you all in action. Well done P5.

  3. Thank you to P5 for puting on an extra performance of their fabulous Chinese New Year celebration for the morning nursery pupils. Well done to everyone.

  4. looks like you had lots of fun!!!! read the script through with my sister! wish i could have been there to see you perform!!
    from Lisa

  5. Well done P5, you all look fab and it looks as though you had lots of fun making all those fantastic costumes,wish i was there to see the performance, keep up the good work.

  6. How r u p5 hope u all have a wonderful Easte r have a brill 2 weeks and 2 days see u soon (Don’t eat to many easter eggs!!)

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  8. i think everyone has been very very good at the silent auction work and I hope everyone is exited for p6 🙂 and we have done well in all work this term so keep it up p5

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  9. Hi p5 i had a great day on Saturday!!!

    Good luck in P6 I will miss you all. I will come and visit you sometime but I think the school I am going to is meant to be busy working.!!!

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