Primary 5

Week Ending 5th June 2009

The great weather this week has meant that we have been able to get outside for PE and take full advantage of the sun.  We have been dissecting flowers in Science this week to find the stamens, anthers and styles.  We have also been feeding flowers with food colouring to find out what the effect would be.  The children were very impressed when they turned white flowers red.  We are also seeing some great results in our broad bean growing experiments.  

The class are continuing to put a lot of work into their endangered animal project and are now starting to produce some great work.  We will begin to look at the work of some famous conservationists and organisations very soon.

We have moved from information handlling to fractions in maths this week.  We will continue to work on this next week and steadily move into the realms of percentages and decimals.  Hopefully things will not get too “fractious”.

In language we will be starting on a new project.  The children will be taking the view point of a poacher and will have to justify why they poach endangered animals from the wild. 

Week Ending 22nd May 2009

P5 have worked very hard this week and have achieved a great deal in maths and language.  We are nearly finished our Magic Box story and the class have taken a great deal of effort over them – in our next lesson we will be evaluating our own stories and that of one other person in the class.  We have some real data whizzes at the moment in maths who are showing great skills in interpreting the information in tables and graphs as well as constructing their own.

Our glue pictures are underway in Art and next week we will be painting them with acrylic paint and buffing them with black shoe polish for maximum antique effect.  The children are working hard on their endangered animal projects and their booklets are now beginning to take shape.  We have been potting up broad beans in science this week and we will be growing them under different conditions to see which ones fair the best.

In Health & Wellbeing we have been playing playground games, creative team games, dance and drama.


Week Ending 15th May 2009

The weeks are flying past – before we know it, it will be the Summer holidays.  This week P5 have started a new art project to support our Endangered Animal topic and we will be making glue pictures of our animals.  I’ll try to keep the mess to a minimum.

The children were lucky this week to have Kate Green from Club Golf join us and take the children out to the park for 6 holes of golf.  There looks to be some budding golfers amongst the class.  You will also have received the Club Golf information this week – please note that this is returned to Kate Green at Meadowmill and not the school.

The class were also budding film score composer this week.  We have started to put together our own musical sound tracks to go with the trailer for Ice Age 3.  This week we watched the trailer a number of times and came up with a list of all the different sounds we would need to create.  Hopefully we will be able to record with the images and upload on to the website.

Information Handling work continues in Maths and we next week we will finish our current writing project with it being peer and self assessed.  The children have been considering moral dilemmas this week in RME and were able to argue and share their views with regards to whether it is ever right to steal.

Week Ending 8th May 2009

A short but productive week.  We are motoring on with our language and maths projects – lots of bar graphs and tables about the different preferences in the school and lots of great stories shaping up around our Magic Box theme.

In science the children have been timing thirsty plants and working out the life-cycle of dandelions.  With the short week we didn’t have an opportunity to do much work on our Social Studies project but that will be back to normal next week.  The children are especially enjoying PE just now because we have two PE students with us.  This week we have been doing, athletics, fitness and playground games.  In RME we have been discussing moral standards and what influences the way we behave.  A very adult discussion ensued with some very mature and reasoned arguing – well done P5!

Week Ending 1st May 2009

This week has just flown by.  The highlight of our week as I’m sure you already know was our visit to Broomlee.  The children seemed to have a great time and were all very enthusiastic about the different activities and in supporting each other.  I think most of the children enjoyed the Flying Fox the most (not sure that I did!) and found the Mohawk walk the most challenging.  The Mohawk Walk was the one activity which was destined to failure if the childrendid not work together as a team.  I’m glad to say that after a few false starts the children realised this and all managed to work together really well to achieve a shared end goal.

We have been busy in Maths and Language since coming back after Easter.  We have embarked on an Information Handling project in Maths and are currently surveying and questioning other classes in the school about their favourite this, that and the other and compiling tables and bar charts to present the data.  In Language we are writing about a Magic Box in a 3 chapter exercise and at the end of the writing we will be assessing how well we think each other did.

We have started our Endangered Animal project and are busy researching information on our chosen animals.  The children are doing this independently and are using the internet and books to find out about their animal.  The culmination of the project will be a booklet to share with the class.  Our science topic sits very nicely with this as the children are currently studying the processes of life with Mrs Townsend.

We are very lucky just now to have PE students from Moray House in the school and they will be working with the children a couple of times a week on Fitness and Playground games.  We also have lots planned over the coming weeks for Art, Drama and Dance.

If you have any concerns or issues – as usual, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.

Week Ending 3rd April 2009

We have had a busy 3rd term and the children are looking forward to their Easter Holiday.  We have had a very busy past couple of weeks finishing off various topic work and maths and language projects.  The children have been doing group activities in writing to come up with the best story and have excelled at the challenge.  We have been concentrating on our number work in maths and have created multiplication machines that “buzz” when the children answer correctly.  It was a great project that all the children enjoyed and was a real challenge because they had to use skills that they had previously learned in science.  Our walls have beautiful sunsets of the skyline of Edinburgh which the children have created as part of their social studies project.  

Next term we will be looking at our Disappearing World in Social Studies, Processes of Life in Science, Information Handling, Fractions & Decimals in Maths and have some very innovative language projects planned.

Hopefully everybody will have a great holiday and the weather will be great.

Week Ending 6th March 2009

March already!  It was great to meet with you all again at Parent’s Night and really nice to hear of all the different things that you do to support from home.

We have had our usual busy week and Mrs Townsend has now settled in to teaching the class on a Thursday.  I will cover all the other days.  Mrs Townsend and I have worked together before so will be working closely to ensure continuity for the children.

We seem to have spent a lot of time this week “finishing off” tasks, ready to start new things in Language and Maths.  The children have really extended themselves in Maths with their mental agility and also taking on board 4 number grid references.  We have started a new art project and we are going to be making an Easter Egg mosaic out of seashells.  The children, for some reason, seem very eager to get their hands on the tiling grout I am proposing to use as our gluing agent!

Next week is a very active week with the whole school taking part in Health Promotion Week – we have lots of sporty activity planned, food taster sessions, etc and we also have the added advantage of having our John Muir Citizenship Award dance workshop.

I’ll need to get my trainers on!

Week Ending 27th February 2009

The class had a great time this week making their “Rubbish from Art” puppets and creating their own puppet shows which tackled different environmental issues.  They had a great time and I’m sure that they have shared with you the fabulous puppets that they created.

Today we have started looking at Easter in RME.  The class have shared what they already know about Easter and we have created a series of questions that we would like to answer about the Easter Celebration.  They have come up with some quite challenging questions so it will be interesting to see how things develop.

In language we are finishing our Writer’s craft project and the children are learning how to assess their own work and “edit” their pieces before handing it in for me to mark.  It is working well and the children are looking much more closely at the quality of their work and whether they could improve it before the hand it in.

In maths, we have extended our Measure maths topic, and we are now looking at position and movement.  We have been studying maps of East Lothian this week and finding various things by two digit grid references.  As we become more expert I am hoping to move the children on to 4 and maybe even 6 number grid references.

The children started Club Golf this week and all seemed to really enjoy it.  They are keen on their sport and also had a great time in Tag Rugby and Fitness.

Both our topics in science and social studies will continue to Easter when we will start investigations in new areas.  

That just leaves me to say that I am looking forward to seeing you all again on Parent’s Night next week.

Week Ending 20th February 2009

Fabulous news to come back to!  Primary 5’s hard work paid off and they won the East Lothian Orienteering Competition that we took part in at John Muir Country Park.  Well done to all the runners – we had some great times.  The outdoor team will be visiting soon to present the class with the trophy.

We launched back straight into things this week and the class have been working hard.  We have started our Cool in School programme and it has been very enthusiastically received by the children.  It’s a great programme and helps the children deal with tricky situations in positive ways and gives them lots of different strategies to help cope.  

Next week we have our Puppet Workshop, which is being led by a student from Queen Margaret University.  The children will be learning about recycling through making puppets and taking part in drama role plays.  I have reminded the children that they should bring an odd or old sock and some cardboard “rubbish”.  I’m looking forward to the fruits of their labour.

The children are continuing to study Sound & Light in science and Edinburgh in Social studies up until Easter.  In RME we will start to look at the Easter Story and we will also be focussing on Dance this term.  The children will also be starting their Club Golf from Monday next week.

Thank you for returning your parent night slips quickly, I will be sending out times on Monday and look forward to seeing you then!


Week Ending 6th February 2009

The class did fantastic at Orienteering on Wednesday.  We had a beautiful day for it – the sun was out and the ground was nice and dry.  We had some excellent times, so I am sure we will find out in due course how we did against the other schools.  Well done everybody – some budding explorers amongst you!

I am sure all the children are looking forward to their break – they have been working hard and deserve some time off – hopefully the weather will stay nice and give everybody the opportunity for some nice days out.

Thank you to the parents that  have already returned their parent consultation slips.  I will arrange individual appointment times as early as possible on our return to school.  I am looking forward to meeting with you again to update you on your child’s progress.  

Everybody have a great holiday!

Week Ending 30th January 2009

The end to another busy week in primary 5.  We have been very creative this week and we have created a giant jungle mural for the class wall.  The children paired up and did a small section each and then we were able to piece it together a bit like a jigsaw.  It looks great!

In science this week we had a real design challenge and the class made their own periscopes out of boxes, card and tinfoil.  Whist the absence of mirrors was a bit of an issue in that they didn’t work properly, at least the tinfoil allowed the children to see how the light was reflected.  

Social studies has also been very creative this week.  The class are currently creating a topographical model of Edinburgh and this week they have started applying the plaster to it.  A messy job but someone has to do it!

We have nearly finished our leaflets in language and quick finishers are now creating them on the i-books so that we have a comparison for our display.  The class have created some very exciting tourist attractions to write about.

TAG rugby continues in PE, the class are also still enjoying the expertise of the cluster music specialist and we are progressing well in our Measure topic in maths.

Please remember that we are off to Dunbar on Wednesday of next week to take part in an Orienteering competition.

Week Ending 23rd January 2009

We have had a really active week this week in P5 between our TAG Rugby sessions and our trip to Newhailes for Orienteering.  The class did very well at Newhailes which bodes well for our upcoming competition in Dunbar in the next couple of weeks.  We have some very confident map readers and very fast teams so if the conditions are right on the day, who knows!

We have been creating leaflets this week in Language – we have created our own tourist attraction and are writing the text and drawing the graphics to make it interesting and informative.  If we get the time we will also be re-creating them using our ICT resources.  We are continuing with measure in maths and will soon be moving away from length and looking at how we measure mass.  

Science this week saw us trying to find very dark places so that we could experiment and investigate the effect different materials have on how light travels.  The children are very confident in carrying out experiments and they are very focussed in writing up their reports to capture results.  Next week we will be making a periscope to show how you can manipulate light through reflection, etc.  The children need to bring in a long rectangular box or similar for Tuesday.

In art we were blending pastels this week and creating still life images of fruit and vegetables.  The children are continuing to study Edinburgh and have begun to make a topographical model of Edinburgh in the classroom.  


Week Ending 16th January 2009

The children have well and truly settled back into the old routine now.  A few things to note for next week; class to bring in pictures of food (from packaging, magazines, etc) this is to help us with our next art project.  Also if would be useful if you could start looking for a long rectangular box which we will be needing in our science lesson in the next couple of weeks.

Our maths topic has started well.  The class have been measuring school classrooms, corridors, furniture, etc as well as their own body measurements.  Did you know that the length of the inside of your arm from elbow to wrist is the same size as your foot?  We’ve worked out the average size of a person in our class and made a great display. 

Both our science and social studies topics have kicked off now and the class are approaching them with real enthusiasm.  In language next week we will be designing leaflets using text and graphics and we will eventually produce them using ICT resources.  In RME this week we have been talking about people who inspire us and the class came up with some very interesting choices.

Next week we will be going to Newhailes to take part in an orienteering course (Wed 21st).  Shortly after this we will be going to Dunbar to take part in a county event.

Week Ending 9th January 2009

From all the tales and stories, the children appear to have had a great Christmas and New Year holiday.  They have all come back with a very positive attitude which is great to see and they have all already knuckled down to their studies.

We have a very busy term planned and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the areas of focus.  In maths we will be studying “Measure” as well as continuing with problem solving exercises.  The focus in language will be functional writing and there will be a special emphasis on handwriting this term.  In science we will be investigating the properties of light and sound and in social studies the class will be researching the geography of Edinburgh.  In Health & Well-being we have a number of programmes planned covering physical education (co-operative games & fitness) and under social & emotional issues we will be looking into Substance Abuse.  We will also be continuing with our John Muir Citizenship Award scheme which will be complimented with a dance workshop, puppet making workshop and an outdoor visit with the county Ranger this term.

Hopefully this gives you a taste of “things to come” this term and I would be only too glad, as usual, of any offers of help or resources that you have at home that you are happy to share with the class.

Week Ending 12th December 2008

We have had an extremely busy week finishing off lots of projects and work so that we have the decks clear for the New Year.  I hope you like the photos of the Wallace & Bruce masks that the class have now completed.  I’ve also included some pictures of the tissue mosaics that we made this week as a stain glass effect for the classroom windows.

In language this week we have been designing adverts for a toy – we’ve got better offers than Woolworths in our adverts!  In maths we have been finishing off our virutal lives and we will be moving on from our money topic to measurement and position & movement in the new year – this will fit nicely with the up and coming orienteering in PE.  

The class have finished their investigation into Solids, Liquids and Gases with Miss Davidson and I think that they were all disappointed to have finished their class Tag Rugby sessions.  

I hope you like our photos this week and I look forward to having a very Christmassy week next week.  We’ve got lots of great activities and treats planned to reward the children for all the hard work and effort that they have put in this term.  Well done everybody.


Week Ending 5th December 2008

There’s been a lot of activity in the class room this week!  Our papier mache masks are nearly complete.  The children have put in a lot of effort and some of them are looking pretty authentic.  

We have been working on Haiku poems this week.  As with our Winter theme poems, the class have shown a real flair for this and most went above and beyond the call of duty and wrote numerous poems.  Next week we are moving into functional writing and will be creating adverts for toys.

Most of the children have finished their Christmas shopping in maths as part of their “virtual lives”.  We also had an activote quiz this week to see how well we were doing on the topic of money. The class showed improvement on their previous performance which is a good indication that learning has taken place!  Next week we will be looking at profit and loss.

We are nearly at the end of our Wallace and Bruce topic and we were fortunate this week to have the Drama Specialist from Arts Services pay us a visit.  She ran a workshop for the class and we were able to re-enact a banquet for Alexander III and the imminent arrival of the Maid of Norway.  We are lucky to be getting another visit next week as well.

We have now finished studying Hinduism in RME and in the time remaining before the end of the term, Miss Davidson will be looking at the “road to Christmas” with the children.  


Week Ending 21st November 2008

I can’t believe how quickly we are creeping towards Christmas.  The children are looking forward to their trip next week to the Brunton Theatre.  I’m outstanding a few permission slips to date – hopefully I will receive them early next week.

We have have had a busy time in Language this week writing Winter poems.  We have had some very creative efforts from the children and hopefully some of the children will be happy to share these with your and I will post on next weeks weblog.

We are continuing to live our virtual lives in Maths and I think that the children now have a real appreciation of the cost of a holiday for a Family of 4.  Next week we are going to be looking at our monthly expenditure and putting together simple spreadsheets to manage our budgets.

We were getting rather messy in art this week as we started our Paper Mache project.  We are making masks of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.  The children were very enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to get stuck into the project after putting together some pretty comprehensive plans and success criteria.

We are coming to the end of our RME project on Hinduism, the children will start to look at the “Path to Christmas” with Miss Davidson in the coming weeks and I will use the time that I usually looked at RME to extend our literacy skills and reading.

Hope everybody has a good weekend and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have anything you would like to say.


Week Ending 14th November 2008

What a strange feeling coming to work in your pyjamas!  It was great to see so many of the children supporting Children In Need and it made for some interesting teaching!  

On the subject of another good cause I would like to let you know that we have extended the deadline for Operation Christmas Child to Monday 17th November – to date we have received around 50 boxes and we were hoping that we could increase this number over the weekend.  I appreciate that some families may have already donated through their local church or another club or organisation but any further shoe boxes would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

We have had an exciting week using the Promethean Activote system in the class during our maths lessons.  I’m sure the children will have told you all about it (I hope!) but incase they didn’t I’ll explain more.  The children are given a voting pad and as the questions come up on the classroom interactive board they select which answer they think is correct, choose the appropriate letter on their electronic handset and the software on the Promethean system captures their vote.  The children love it – they don’t think it is work – and it gives us a great tool to assess how well the children are learning and where we might have to spend a bit more time.  Miss Davidson and I plan to use them in other subjects in the near future, so watch this space.

We are wrapping up our Language project at the moment and I have received some very creative imaginary stories about lost dogs, aliens, soldiers, leprechauns, you name it and its been included in someone’s story.  

The children have been working hard with Miss Davidson in their Science subjects as well as their Tag Rugby and Drama.  We also had our final John Muir Citizenship Award drama workshop this week and again the children really enjoyed it.  Drama is a great medium for learning and they have certainly worked hard and know lots of facts about John Muir and his efforts towards conservation.

The children enjoyed making Rangoli patters today in RME today and learning about the Hindu Divali festival.  They also attended a whole school assembly with an international flavour and a proposed Global Citizenship partnership with a school in Tanzania.


Week Ending 7th November 2008

It was a bit of a drama in P5 this week!  We had an exciting start to the week with the Theatre visiting school and the class being entertained to their production of Sleeping Beauty.  Also on Tuesday we took part in a drama workshop as part of our John Muir Citizenship Award.  The class were great and I can tell you that there are some real budding actors and actresses out there.  We have our second workshop this week so hopefully everyone will enjoy it as much as they did this week.

We are still working on money in maths and getting lots of practice in working out what we can and cannot afford to buy.  We were “active learning” how to add and give change this week.  Half the class were waiters and waitresses and half were customers.  I think there were a few disappointed customers when there food never turned up but they were still charged.

In language we are using the Story Mountain concept to write an imaginary story.  The class were free to choose their own theme and there has been some furious writing going on.  Imaginations are working overtime and the class have been very creative.  They have also been working hard in spelling and grammar.

This week Miss Davidson and the class were experimenting with boiling water and salt to investigate evaporation and also making a huge mess in the classroom creating musical instruments from household rubbish.  The class have been extremely creative and there are some great models of instruments taking shape.

Please remember our Operation Christmas Child appeal – boxes have to be in school by Friday 14th November.  Thanks.

Week ending 31st October 2008

Congratulations to P5 for a brilliant assembly. Well done everybody and lets hope that we have motivated the school to fill shoe boxes with small gifts for less fortunate children. Remember the deadline for sending back shoe boxes is 14th November.

We now have a classroom of Policemen, Plumbers, Waitresses and Finance Directors to name but a few of the professions that we have taken up to learn about managing money. This week the class have been working out how much disposable income they have and have started shopping and spending their salaries. We’ve had great ideas and contributions from the children about how to save money and how to get the best deal on prices. Well done everybody – keep it up!

We have been scene setting in Language and everybody found it quite a challenge to write a “hook” to get the readers interest and make them want to read on. We used our ICT skills to type them up, using lots of interesting fonts and layouts. Next week they will be adorning our walls for everybody to see. If these were the openers from real books there are definitely a few that I would want to read and who knows we may have a budding author in our midst.

The children all seemed to really enjoy their Badminton Festival with Miss Davidson. Everyone seemed to enjoy learning how to play badminton and take part in the various activities. On the PE side of things, Tag Rugby seems to be going well both during school and after school. The class have the PE specialist this term and are currently doing gymnastics with Mrs Selwood.

We are back working hard on our Social Studies topic of William Wallace and Robert The Bruce and the children are currently doing their own research (using the internet and books) to find out information on a variety of aspects of this topic. They will be using their findings to create an “All You Would Want to Know” book. They are all working well together in their groups.

Any problems or concerns please let myself or Miss Davidson know. Have a great weekend and don’t eat too many sweets when you are out trick or treating!

Week ending 24th October 2008

I hope that everybody had a great October break and that you all managed to enjoy some time together. I know that I certainly enjoyed mine!

We’ve had a flying start to the week. The class enjoyed a visit to John Muir’s birthplace as soon as they were back. It was a great outing and we all learned a lot about John Muir’s life and his work. This is just the start of our topic and over the next few weeks we will be having lots of drama and dance sessions with specialists.

This week we launched our new Maths topic – money – and the children now have “virtual lives”. They have all applied for jobs and most now know what their salary and role will be. I managed to amass a number of catalogues and leaflets during the holidays but if you have any at home (especially anything to do with food) we’d really appreciate you sending them in. Next week the children will be learning about paying their bills before they can spend any of their salary. Hopefully you will start seeing an appreciation at home about the value of money!

We have been scene setting in Language this week and the class have produced some really creative and interesting “hooks” to the opening of their fictional novels.

Next Friday P5 will be responsible for Assembly and our theme will be Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal which I am sure most of you will be familiar with. The children have started working out the structure for their assembly and who is going to be doing what. I will only be “facilitating” the Assembly, the majority of input and hopefully all of the presentation on the day will be done by the children. Look out for your leaflet next week!

Any problems or issues that you are concerned with please let myself or Miss Davidson know so that we can work together to resolve.

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Week ending 10th October 2008

I will come as no surprise to you that the class are REALLLY looking forward to their holidays!!! Despite their excitement they have managed to work very hard this week finishing off lots of tasks and even starting some new ones.

It was a great pleasure to meet you all this week at Parent’s consultations – it’s nice to see that there are lots of very supportive parents out there. No wonder I have a fabulous class!!

I’m afraid I left the John Muir Birthplace planning to the last minute – most of the children have returned their forms but a number of children will have to remember to bring theirs first day back as this is the day we are visiting John Muir’s Birthplace in Dunbar (Tuesday 21st Oct). Sorry about that.

The highlights of the week were getting messy in art as we made our 3D castles out of clay. Apologies to your washing machines but the effort was worth it and we will have some very nice castles to come back to after the October break when we will paint and glaze them.

Today’s we’ve been making Rhaki (Hindu bracelets) in RME as we were finding out about the Festival of Raksha Bandham which celebrates the protection and love siblings have for each other.

We have now finished our shape maths topic and will be moving on to money after the break. If you pick up an argos catalogue, supermarket brochures, bank card leaflets, anything “real life” money related please send it in. The children will be adopting a “virtual life” on their return and will use this identity to solve and learn about money in context.

Anyway, have a brilliant October break and Miss Davidson and I look forward to welcoming the children back when they are suitably refreshed!

Week ending 3rd October 2008

Just a week to go and we are on our October break. I can’t believe how quickly this term has flown in. I’m looking forward to meeting you all on Tuesday and Wednesday at Parent Consultations and I hope you will enjoy seeing what your children have been up to.

We have been writing personal diaries in Language this week. Our theme was a power cut and the children have had to dig deep to come up with the things that they would have been able to do without electricity both at home and in the wider community. If you’ve noticed children rushing home to charge PSP’s and Nintendo DS’s, it’s because they’ve suddenly realised they’ll only work in a power cut if they had been charged before hand! The children have done well in mastering the informal style of a diary and writing in a chronological sequence.

In maths we are coming to the end of our 2D, 3D shape and lines of symmetry project and next week we will start looking at grid co-ordinates. From our mental maths session this week the children seemed to have successfully learned a lot about shape and are now familiar with lots of polygons, 3D shapes and the language that describes them, ie faces, vertices, edges, etc.

We have been “Goldmining” in PE this week with the class playing in co-operative groups against each other to see which team could win the most beanbags – I’m sure the children will let you know in finer detail the ins and outs of wearing a cone on top of your head. They are all adept at passing, receiving, trapping and controlling a ball now.

We’ve had a messy time in Art and Science this week. In Art we are at the final stages of making our 3D castles and in Science the children were experimenting on MUD! The object of the experiments were to try and turn some muddy water clear again. Miss Davidson said the children were very creative in their approaches and the materials that they used to achieve the end aim.

Week ending 26th September 2008

The week has flown past again. We have all enjoyed baking and decorating biscuits this week as part of our Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning project. The favourite part, of course, was eating them!

In Language, we have been finishing off our Battle of Stirling Bridge newspaper articles or challenging ourselves to rewrite a fairy tale in the style of a newspaper article. The children have risen to the challenge very well and have produced some very good work. The walls in the classroom are looking really good with our articles.

In Maths, we have been continuing with our investigation of 2D and 3D shapes and this week have been focussing on symmetry. The class have all managed really well and their investigations have produced very accurate reflections. We have also started our Properties of Shapes posters and we hope to use these to teach P3 what we have learned.

The class have been incredibly motivated in Art this week as we have been creating castles out of card in preparation for our 3D clay modeling lesson. The room is full of very authentic and detailed 3D card castles – we can’t wait to see the finished versions in clay. A number of boys in the classroom have also gone above and beyond the call of duty and have been busy creating 13th Century weaponry at home. The class have enjoyed their demonstrations.

In RME, we have been learning about Mandirs, the Hindu’s place of worship. During the lesson the children discussed their own special places and ones that they felt were important to the community. We are continuing working on our large ball skills in PE (foot and ball skills to you and me) and we have some very good footballers in the class.

Apologies for not having added any photos yet – I’ve worked out how to do it but now the camera is not talking to the computer. Hopefully they will settle their differences soon and I can upload some images for you.

Thank you for sending back your Parents Night slips so quickly. Miss Davidson and I will sit down early next week and sort out the appointments to give you as much notice as possible.

If you have any concerns or issues with regards to your child please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can work together to make sure they are addressed.

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