Primary 6

Friday 8th May

We all had a lovely 2 day holiday, filling it up with good things to do!

We started the short week with electricity and finding out how to make circuits with Miss Brown, our student teacher. We learned all the symbols of batteries, wires, switches, crocodile clips and  light bulbs.

We also had fun making carrier bags out of paper and found out it wasn’t as easy as it looks. We all made it through the folding and cutting and finally made very good carrier bags.

Mr Fulton made us work very hard going round his energetic circuit with a few games of dodge ball at the end to cool us down. It didn’t work though!!

All of us enjoyed the short week and to finish the week off, the boys thoroughly enjoyed getting their nails painted.

Holly and Amelia did very well at the cookery competition.

Nicole and Keira.

Friday 13th March

Well,what a week Primary 6 have had. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Health Week. Here are some comments made by the children: ‘The Fly Right dancing was really good’. Keira

‘The baking with Mrs Rae was really good.’ Lindsay

‘Basketball was fun and different’. Jade

‘ I liked the jazz dance when Alpha Dance came in.’ Erin

‘ The show was interesting and funny.’ Lewis

‘ I liked the Hippy Dance because it was fun and I enjoyed it.’ Dylan

‘ The fruit tasting was nice.’ Rosie

On Friday we all joined in with Comic Relief. We dressed up as something funny or as someone from the 60’s. The whole school went outside and did some dances including the Fly Right Dance, the Birdie Dance, the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide and Superman. Some children also danced to Abba. It looked fantastic when everyone was dancing outside and we should all be very proud that we contributed to raising funds for Comic Relief.

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27th February

Primary 6 have been working hard on their homework based on the Human Body. This week they were given some very valuable research time in class to make their homework even more interesting

In langauge we have been continuing to write poetry and now know how to write a Cinquain. The children are now writing poems based on the Human Body. They are to choose any style of poem that they have been introduced to and have practised. I am looking forward to reading their poems. We received an email from the Librarian in Haddington thanking us for all our Scottish poems which were entered into a recent competition. She is still trying to work out winners and will notify us soon if we have been successful. Some of these poems will be displayed in Musselburgh library.

In art, we have been looking at collage and have studied a painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo called Summer. We made our own ‘Summer’ pictures out of pictures of fruit and vegetables. These will hopefully be on display at Parent’s Night.

We are looking forward to our hockey competition on Thursday. This should be an enjoyable morning and we wish all the children the best of luck.

Friday 6th February

Primary 6 have been very busy these last 2 weeks. We have enjoyed our Scottish Opera performance last Thursday, Sands of Time. It was very fun and we all loved the costumes, especially the head dresses. Pictures will be on website soon.

We had fun when Generation Science came in and gave us a wonderful performance called Body Builders. We learned lots more and we all had good fun, the characters were very funny.

We have enjoyed writing our haiku poems. They were very hard to write but they were all very good. We all managed to get the right syllables in each line.

We have been making a 3D model of the digestive system and it is looking very good, it includes Oesophagus, Stomach, Gall bladder, Liver, Appendix, Pancreas, Large intestine, small intestine and the rectum.

We have been learning some Scottish poems written by Robert Burns. The three people who were chosen to go to Mrs McGillivray and Mrs Webster were Jason Cameron, Emma Sinclair and Amelia Stott. We all wish them the very best of luck.

We also say well done to everyone that learned a poem and tried their hardest to say it in front of the class.

By Nicole, Eryn and Lindsay

Friday 23rd January

Primary 6 have had a very busy week. This week everyone in the class wrote a Scottish Poem. This was really challenging and everyone tried their very best and produced very good pieces of work. All the poems have been entered into an East Lothian poetry competition and we will wait patiently to see if we have any success. I was delighted with the children’s efforts and hope they all do well.

We have been continuing to look at the Human Body and have been learning about the effect of exercise on your pulse rate and have been looking at muscles and bones. Next week we have our visit from Generation Science which will reinforce what we are learning and will be fun and enjoyable.

We are also looking forward to our visit from the Scottish Opera next Thursday. Everyone is looking forward to this visit. As advised in the newsletter only one parent per family is able to attend the performance in the afternoon due to limited space in the hall.

Friday 9th January

Welcome back to a new term and a new year. We hope you all had a very enjoyable time over Christmas and New Year and are ready to get back to work. This week we have started studying poetry as this will be our focus in writing this term. We looked at alliteration this week and the class produced some excellent poems based on the actions and appearance of different animals. Next week we will start looking at Scottish poems with the intention of writing some Scottish poems and also learning some Scottish poems which they will recite to the class.

We have also started our new topic which is The Human Body. As a class we considered the different things we would like to learn about the Human Body and started looking at The Skeleton. We will also be looking at the Digestive system, the respiratory system and circulatory system. We will also have an exciting visit from Generation Science.

Lots to look forward to this term. This term some of P6 will be contributing to the writing of our page on the website so keep an eye for their contributions.

Friday 5th December

What a busy week we have had. We started the week off with our exhibition and singalong. This was a great success and the children demonstrated a great knowledge of WW2 when they showed parents, grandparents and friends round the exhibition discussing evacuation and making identity cards and gas masks. The singalong was fantastic and the children in P6, P6/7 and P7 looked and sounded brilliant. They were all wearing their outfits from the Make do and Mend task and a lot of work and time had clearly been spent making their clothes.

On Tuesday the rest of the school had the opportunity to come along and see the exhibition and from the comments that were returned they all had a great time too.
The children really enjoyed this experience this week and it was lovely to share what they have learned with others.

Well done P6, P6/7 and P7.

Tuesday 25th November

P6 invite parents and friends to their WW2 exhibition and sing-a-long on Monday 1st December at 1.00pm. The exhibition is in collaboration with P6/7 and P7 and will take place in the different classrooms and the GP room. We can’t wait to share our work with you ! The sing- a- long will start at 2.00pm in the hall. Everyone welcome.

On Tuesday the 2nd December we are also looking forward to welcoming all the different classes in the school to come and share what we have been learning. We hope you will enjoy visiting the different rooms and learning all about World War 2. Your invitations should be with you already. See you on Tuesday.

Tuesday 11th November

Here we are starting to build our Anderson Shelters

After a lot of hard work we produced some excellent Anderson Shelters.

Well done everyone. Your Anderson shelters are fantastic !

Primary 6 have been working very hard on Anderson Shelters this week. They have considered the design process and the different resources they needed and are now well on their way to making some fantastic shelters. This has been a great learning experience as some shelters have needed to be adapted, for various reasons, as the children have evaluated what they have done. Hopefully we will get some photos on our page next week so you can all see how the children have got on.

Good Luck Primary 6 next Friday at the Rugby Festival. The children have been working hard at TAG rugby and will take part in a festival at Musselburgh Rugby Club on Friday. We are sure they will have a great time.

Friday 10th October

Primary 6 have had another busy week learning about World War 2 and Space. They have also enjoyed TAG Rugby this week and are all looking forward to the next few sessions which will end with a tournament.

Primary 6 have also been looking at Judaism in RME and have made a Mezuzah. This term has been very busy and everyone deserves a great holiday which we are all looking forward to. I know we will all be raring to go once again when we come back. Don’t forget P.E will be with Mrs Selwood on the first Tuesday back after the October holiday. Have a lovely break Primary 6.

Tuesday 30th September

Primary 6 have been very busy learning about World War 2. We have been working on a fictional street called Balaclava Street and have a made a street scene from the 1930s. The children have made the characters and the families from the street and have also made biographies of the different family members. Our street will change as the War progresses and the effects from the war will be reflected in there. This will include adding blackouts and other unexpected events. We are still looking for any artefacts from home which could add to our display and make our topic meaningful.

We will have TAG Rugby on Monday 6th October,27th October and 3rd November so all children will need old trainers and joggers.

Friday 12th September

Primary 6 have had a very exciting week. We have started learning about World War 2 and been considering the different things we already know and what we are going to find more about. If any friends or family have any artefacts or memoribilia relating to World War 2 we would greatly appreciate if the children could bring them into school. We will take good care of them and return them at the end of the topic. Please name all your items. We are also looking for any friends or family members who would like to come in and talk to the children about their experiences during the War. We would really like the children to know what life was like during this period.

We have also started learning about the Solar System which everyone really enjoyed and are looking forward to learning a lot more about. The children have made up Mnemonics based on the Planets of the Solar System this week.

We hope everyone enjoys the Monday Holiday and we look forward to another busy week next week.

Welcome back

Primary 6 have all settled in well to their new class and classroom.

We have been busy learning about the Olympics and have been writing imaginative stories about how we would feel if we won a Gold Medal at the Olympics just like Chris Hoy.

We have also been making up our own Olympic emblems and for homework we have been set a challenge of making up our own mini Olympics.There have been lots of really original ideas as how to do this challenge. The homework should be handed in by Monday 8th September.

We are also looking forward to our new topic World War 2 and we had an excellent performance of Pack up Your Troubles by the Fun House Theatre to prepare us and give us a little bit of information about World War 2. As a class we have planned lots of exciting activities related to this topic.

We have got a very busy term ahead and we are all really looking forward to it.

Don’t forget to look at the Newsletter to see what else Primary 6 have been up to.

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  1. You are working very hard on your 70s topic and I am looking forward to the disco. Must look out some platform shoes!

  2. I realy enjoyed doing our 1970’s disco, fashion show and exhibition and I hope the rest of P6 enjoyed it too.

  3. I really enjoyed the 70s disco it was tiring but was great fun. I also really enjoyed the fashion show and the exibiton and I think the rest of primary 6 did.

  4. I think we really worked hard and Sam worked very well as our Managing Director. We had lots of fun at the disco and we were all very nervous when we did our Fashion Show. Our Exhibition was also a great success and everyone was very kind to each other.

  5. I thought you all did brilliantly with your 70s theme and disco. I didn’t manage down to the disco but my feet were tapping in the office. I actually found myself singing along to The Wombles which is a bit worrying that I can remember the words!

    Well done everyone in P6 and well done to Mrs Colville and Mrs Nastaszczuk.

  6. Well done for creating an excellent 1970s exhibition and a fun fashion show. We really enjoyed coming to see them. From P4

  7. p6 have worked really had on your topic and I loved you your slide show I loved your exhibition it was great.

  8. what a brilliant slide -show you made on the sports day, and p6 have worked really hard on their games.I think everybody really misses miss McCague.

  9. fab website, hope yol havin FUN, check out inshes primary school website (well better than yours LOL) great to see wat yol up to. see ya ( write back)

  10. I really enjoyed sports day even though I didn’t come in any of the finals. I am really going to miss Ms. McCague because she was a great teacher. We will all miss her.

  11. HI P6,




  12. I thought the exhibition was great! There was lots of people and I thought they all looked very excited! The classes also enjoyed it alot. I thought they enjoyed making I dentity cards and trying on gas masks. They also enjoyed the suitcases and liked smelling the soap inside them!

    All the parents loved the singalong. Everyone was joining in with the songs. They liked the Brass band there where playing too. My favurite song was Sing as we Go because everyone enjoyed it, everyone was joining in and the actions where so fun. It made everyone happy and excited!

    The outfits where good as well. Everyone liked the fashion show that was at the singalong!

    I hope we do somthing a bit like that again! It was so fun!

  13. Hey P6

    Was SANTA good to you this year, he was good to me!!! Hope you all had a good Christmas and i hope your New Year will be just as good>

    Cameron xxx

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