Primary 6/7

P6/7 have been working hard to produce a presentation on India, they have researched a topic of their choice and will be presenting their findings to their class mates. We have lots of interesting topics including Bollywood, fashion, school life and famous faces.

This week we assigned jobs in the art gallery and have begun displaying our art work. It already looks amazing! Next week we look forward to printing our t-shirts and making jewellery.

Health Week

P6/7 had a fabulous week, enjoying the many activities and experiences. We learned dances, played badminton and basketball, explored nutrition, found out more about recycling and tasted fruit. What a busy week!

The week ended with a Red Nose Day event- a whole school dance marathon in the playground!

P6/7 have been very busy discovering India and are enjoying working collaboratively with the P7 class in producing their research projects. Each pair have selected a topic to study related to India for example education, food, lifestyle and culture. They will be producing this project over the next few weeks and we can’t wait to see the final results.

In art we continued to develop our skills using pastels, to produce a landscape scene in the style of the artist Tilly Willis. Some stunning artwork has been created!

P6/7 had a great day on Tuesday, developing their operatic singing with the Scottish Opera. The class are very much looking forward to performing The Sands of Time at the end of January and are particularly excited about the costumes!

In language we have been writing My Life’s Journey, a personal imaginative piece, in whihc the children have imagined they are 80 years old and are reflecting back on their life! We’ve had great fun doing this and have singers, actors, doctors, footballers and vets in our midst!

In maths we are currently looking at fractions through a holiday context. We have created our own travel agent called Escape Holidays and will be looking into booking our dream holiday.

P6/7 have had a brilliant few days sharing their knowledge on World War II! We had a very busy exhibition, which was enjoyed by family and friends. We had a range of fantastic presentations on display, from baking WWII cakes, to cross stitch, to make do and mend ideas and even a silent movie on rationing.

Afterwards we performed WWII songs to a packed audience, who even joined in with the singing! What a brilliant show! Well done to all of the upper school for their hard work.

December 2008

This week P6/7 have been very busy preparing for our World War Two exhibition on Monday 1st December. We have been learning 1940s songs, designing displays, making posters and preparing art work. We really look forward to sharing our learning and knowledge with you!

P6/7 have been exploring personal writing this week and wrote an imagined personal response to evacuation. We thought about what it might feel like to be evacuated away from all our friends and family, what we might pack in our suitcases and what our new home in the country might be like.

Over the next few weeks P6/7 will be very busy organising our Winter Art Gallery. We have already begun studying artists, producing our own interpretations and planning how our gallery may look. We will be opening our Gallery in school in January. Further details and information will follow soon!

November 2008

Hope you all had a fantastic October break!

This week P6/7 have been learning about how World War II began and how the people of Scotland prepared for war. We designed posters advertising for volunteers to support the war effort and watched a documentary exploring the real-life experiences of Jewish and Scottish children living in the 1930s.

This term we are going to be reading The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, we will be studying the writer’s craft and using these techniques in our own writing.

In science we have been learning about living and growing and hope to link this to the war effort by growing our own vegetables. We will look at how Britain used self- sufficiency to overcome the challenges faced by rationing during WW2.

In PE we have had great fun learning the skills involved in hockey and are mastering the art of controlling and passing the ball. Could all children please ensure they have a full PE kit on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

P6 have Tag rugby training on Monday morning, please bring suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.

What a great week P6/7!

We have had great fun creating characters for our World War II street. We are now all in families and have designed character profiles for each resident. What great imagination and drama skills!

Next week we will find out how the residents will react as war is announced…

In RME we found out about Shabbat, one of the Jewish customs. We produced a mind map of our knowledge and next week exploring more of the Jewish traditions.

In maths we are learning about place value and will be busy designing posters on number facts.

Next week we will be visiting Musselburgh Library, to find out what they offer and how to borrow books. We still require a parent helper for this on Tuesday morning 8.50am-10.30am, if you can help, please contact Mrs Naysmith.

Thanks so much to the willing volunteers for assisting Golden Time, we had great fun today playing football, painting nails, baking, making cards and using ICT. The children are really enjoying the extra special Golden Time activities and we really appreciate your support.

Have a great weekend!

What a fantastic week P6/7 have had!

We have been busy beginning our study of World War Two and have been very fortunate to have had some wonderful artefacts and photographs donated to give the children an insight into what life was like in the 1940s.

If you have anything you would like to share with us, for example newspapers, diaries, photos we would be really grateful. We would also love to hear from anyone willing to share memories or expertise on World War Two. Please contact Mrs Naysmith if you would be willing to give your time.

We will be beginning a WW2 display next week and will be creating our very on street scene, looking at family life and housing in the 1940s. To help us create this display we would appreciate any donations of cardboard boxes, cereal packets, cardboard tubes, plastic and any other junk modelling materials.

P7 had an absolutely wonderful experience at Benmore and have been sharing their experiences, photos and stories with their friends. We are currently writing thank you letters to the centre for making it such a wonderful week and next week we hope to design leaflets for Benmore.

P6 will be designing welcome leaflets for new pupils in Stoneyhill and will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on life at Stoneyhill Primary.

In Maths, we have been exploring aspects of information handling and enjoyed designing and collecting data in questionnaires. We have collated our information in tables and tally charts and next week hope to design bar graphs and pie charts to share our findings.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

13 thoughts on “Primary 6/7”

  1. Hi Ryan I.
    Not sure which P7 you are in but I’m sure this will reach you somehow.

    Benmore was such an amazing experience that I am still telling family and friends new things that I remember doing.

    I think that the instructors are extremely good. They accurately make decisions about how much further pupils (and the adults) can push themselves.
    The activities are fun and difficult and tiring and mostly wet but never boring.
    My best memory of Benmore is watching my group work as a team, full of support and praise for each other.I was very proud of them and they helped me complete some difficult activities.
    I also have to mention the tea and cakes –
    mmmm and Kyle H.’s dancing – terrific!!!!!!
    Thank you to all P7 for a great time.
    Morag Tickell

  2. I like how you where listening to music from the 1940’s in my class we are listening to music from the 1970’s it is fun.
    From Eilhd walter p6

  3. We really enjoyed your World War II fashion show on Wednesday. You have worked very hard to make all the clothes. You were very brave for performing to the whole school. Daniel and Erin were very good commentators!

    From P4

  4. Great start to the year. Hope you are enjoying WW2! It Rocks. Miss Craig and Mrs Naysmith are the best teachers ever!!!! Hannah and katie

  5. this year has been great and I hope everybody is to .I like Miss Craig and Mrs Naysmith they are very good teachers.I hope i get to learn more about WW2.

  6. i really love getting taught by mrs Naysmith and miss Craig they are the best teacher in the school.Thanks for the great year so far.

  7. Mrs Naysmith and Miss Craig are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.They are soooooo great teachers.

  8. Mrs Naysmith has made my last year at primary so fun, and she has proved to me that I’m ready to go to High school!!! 🙂

  9. Good luck to all the primary 7s
    when they come up to the grammar

    and hi to everyone else !!!!!!!!!!!

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