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Friday 17th May

This morning we had a great time acting out a range of different scenarios at the Risk Factory. Hopefully if we ever encounter any of these dangers/ risks we will know exactly what to do – perhaps not help the burglars like we did today!!!

We have started creating our memory books. This week we revised the features of different types of poems and wrote a poem about Primary One. It was lovely hearing the children’s stories and memories. I’m sure you will enjoy reading them. Next week they will be writing a newspaper report about an event that happened in another stage of the school – perhaps they will choose when Chris Hoy visited Stoneyhill?

The children have been working hard in their Guitar Hero bands to produce band names, logos and tour buses. McCraig Productions have organised for each band to tour America. The children have been researching the different states their bands will be performing in and planning the most suitable route. Next week they will be planning how they are going to get there and booking accommodation. Unfortunately they won’t be able to travel in a private jet as their bands are just starting out and have a restricted budget to keep to. Some of the children’s work can be found at We will create a slideshow shortly of the fantastic characters and profiles they have created.

The bands are very popular in France. The children have been learning how to describe their guitar hero characters in French so they can communicate with their many french fans.

It was really interesting listening to the results of the children’s music research homework task. Thank you for supporting them with this. 

In Maths the Nonagons have been revising Level E concepts and the Octagons have been learning how do carry out long multiplication. Next week they will be moving onto long division.

In Science the children have been calculating their carbon footprint as part of their sustainability project. They will be designing energy efficient houses shortly.

Homework Tasks

The children have spelling words to learn and a reading task to complete for Wednesday 20th May. They have been assigned the challenge of creating their own song lyrics for Wednesday 27th May.

Next week we have a very busy week. On Monday we are going to MGS to participate in a Forensic Science workshop and on Thursday we are going to ‘Choice for Life’.

Have a lovely weekend, Jill Craig



On Thursday we opened our Art Gallery to the school. Please enjoy looking at our slideshow.

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Friday 20th March 2009

This week Primary 7 shared their India research projects. All talks were very interesting and informative. Some children used powerpoints, others shared information through posters, magazines and models. Maria even made Indian cake!

In Language the children studied the features of persuasive texts. They then wrote their own persuasive letter to a chosen supermarket encouraging them to stock more Fair Trade products. Factfiles for our Primary 7 Yearbook were completed too. 

In Maths we have been revising angles and we have been using and creating formulas.

Most art work is now mounted and displayed in our Art Gallery. This week we have been creating Indian fabric designs. The t-shirts have finally arrived so we can create our t-shirt designs next week!! Job applications have been considered and the children have been allocated roles in the Gallery.

We have been making the most of the good weather. Everyday this week the children have been trying to improve their long distance times in preparation for the East Lothian long distance competition. 

This week’s class badge winner is Matthew. He was awarded ‘responsible citizen’ for his contributions to the Fair Trade tuck shop and Primary 7 responsibilities.

Several of the homework tasks were OUTSTANDING. The children have now selected a new task. They have two weeks to complete this so it is due on Wednesday 1st April. The class are enjoying carrying out independent novel studies on a book of their choice. The next reading task is due on Wednesday 25th April.

Have a great weekend!


Health Promotion week

This year health week was a big success. These are a few of the activities: badminton, judo, food tasting, 60’s dance,hip hop and we also made fruity cereal bars [MMMMMMM…… they were great!!!!]  We made apricot, tropical fruit and cranberry. Lots of people enjoyed this whole health week but unfortunatly P7 will not be here next year! We all enjoyed the activities but the most popular was the Fly right 60’s dance! It was really fun because it was silly and the fly right people (Susan and Gary)were fantastic teachers!

by Katie, Thomas, Joe and Rachael

[rockyou 134703857]



This week we have been making gas masks, which P7’s have really enjoyed making. We researched them at I.C.T and learned how they look, and some other interesting facts. We planned what they would look like and there was some interesting designs, like punk, pudsey bear and minnie and mickey mouse.

1930?S SONGS

We have also been practicing our 1930s songs. Some are Goodnight Sergeant Major, You Are My Sunshine, We’ll meet Again, Lamboth walk and Quartermasters Store. We are singing them with P6 and P6/7 at a sing-along on the 1st of December.


In class last week we were making model Anderson shelters. They look GREAT!!! Not all of them are finished yet but they are definitely taking shape, and we also made a class anderson shelter out of the library stands.


This week we have Mr Fairnie, a survivor of World War 2. We will be asking him lots of questions about his childhood in WW2. We have questions about air raids, school, interesting memories and lots, lots more! We hope to use this information in our writing and our learning about WW2.


As you know last Friday we raised money for Children In Need by wearing our pyjamas and bringing in a donation, and our class raised about £30.

Jennifer M and Jennifer S



Friday 24th October

I hope you all had a relaxing and fun October break.

This week we have been learning about how Scotland prepared for the start of WW2. We designed posters advertising for volunteers to support the war effort and watched a documentary exploring the real life experiences of Jewish and Scottish children in the 1930s. Next week we will be making Anderson Shelters and Gas masks. It would be great if you could help remind your child to bring in any junk from home.

This term we are going to be studying writer’s craft through the novel ‘The boy in the striped pyjamas’ and will be using these techniques in our own writing. This book has been made into a film and is currently being shown at the cinema.

In Science the children have been learning about Living and Growing with Mrs Rae. It links to our theme of ‘Grow your own veg’ in our WW2 topic. It is a very topical subject and will hopefully encourage the children to live a more sustainable life.

The children are fortunate to have the PE specialist, Mrs Sellwood on Tuesdays this term. They are focussing on Athletics. On Thursdays they will be developing their hockey skills.

Congratulations Eilidh Walter who is this week’s Responsible Citizen. Well done Eilidh!


I have become obsessed with making slideshows now I know what to do. Hope you enjoy this one too!

[rockyou 122538644]


I hope you all enjoyed looking at the slideshow of Benmore on our school homepage. I was extremely proud of how the children supported each other and their determination to complete activities. They really challenged themselves.

This week we have been designing and completing Benmore Questionnaires. Next week we will use this information in maths to create and interpret different types of graphs.

In language we have been writing about our greatest achievements, drafting letters of thanks to Benmore staff and completing our Biographies. The children have chosen really interesting people such as Margaret Thatcher and Jesse Owens. I’m sure you will enjoy reading these at Parents Evening.

We have finally started our WW2 topic. Next week we are creating a 3D frieze of a street during WW2 so if you have any junk (cereal boxes, toilet roll holders etc..) please send it in.

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help with Golden Time. It will make a big difference.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Nick Waddell who is this week’s badge winner. He was awarded ‘successful learner’ because of his excellent attitude to learning.

I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend!

Jill Craig

33 thoughts on “Primary 7”

  1. Thank you to the P7 pupils who visited the nursery to show us their gas masks.
    I particularly liked the skills described on the labels. There must be lots of tidy bedrooms and scrubbed houses nearby!

  2. We really enjoyed your World War II fashion show on Wednesday. You have worked very hard to make all the clothes. You were very brave for performing to the whole school. Daniel and Erin were very good commentators!

    From P4

  3. Your podcasts are great. I particularly like the way in which you have used sounds to create effects.

  4. Well done to you all!!! Your gather round about charities was excellent. I could tell that you had all put in 110% effort, it was well planned and executed. Congratulations again, you should all be very proud of yourselves and your work.

  5. What a fun and fantastic gather-round! As well as being fun, it was really informative, and you’d all put in so much hard work. Well done everyone, I just wish I’d been able to see it all the way through!

  6. Wow, sounds like health week was lots of fun. I hope you all had a great time.
    I would like to thank P7 for helping out at many of these activities and for all the hard work you do for P5/6, and the whole school, throughout the year.

  7. Really enjoyed accompanying the P7’s to The Risk Factory and even managed to learn a thing or two! Just don’t tell your grannies about the fire simulation!

  8. Bugsy Malone is going to be great! Im one of the dancers and we have been working so hard to make the dance really good so i hope it all goes well!

  9. Congratulations to all the P7 pupils who played at the Tag Ruby tournament at Murrayfield on Sat 31st May. You were all a credit to Miss Davidson & Craig who have coached you and of course to yourselves. You all appeared to enjoy your day and 2nd place out of 16 teams from around Scotland was an excellent result. Thanks to you all for making it a great day.

  10. Well done P7 on a brilliant show. Everyone played their part expertly and it was a pleasure to watch. Hope you all had a great leavers party and good luck at The Grammar.

  11. I really enjoyed Benmore, it was great. The best activity was probably gorge walking even though I got a sore hip from when I slipped trying to find a foot hole. The Primary sevens next year will enjoy it soooooo much.

    I am also looking forward to going back to Broomlee again. It is great that we get to mix with other schools when we do our activities. The activity I want to do the most is rafting but I don’t know why.

    Well done with the slide show Miss Craig, you did a really great job for your first try.

  12. good luck every one for the rest of the year and i hope you all enjoyed benmore

    GOOD LUCK:) !!!!!!!!!!!!

    FROM KATY (P7A 2007-2008)

  13. Looks like you all had a great time at Benmore, the disco looked great fun. Well done to Miss Craig and Mrs Naysmith for all there HARD work in looking after you all for the week.
    Vikki Simpson

  14. Good luck everyone 🙂
    Missing everbody LOTS 😉
    Grammar is so big and i’m missing stoneyhill 🙁

    Good Luck Again
    Katy M. (P7 2007-2008)

  15. A big thank you to our Primary 7 pupils, who became sixties dance teachers. You did a fantastic job of motivating the nursery children, Your lesson included everyone even our most reluctant dancers into joining in and having lots of fun. you have certainly been effective contributors, responsible citizens and confident individuals and most of all excellent role models.

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