Wednesday 8th March 

Continuing our IDEA of Dark Night Day Light the children have been busy painting night time pictures.

The children have also been learning some songs and poems about the topic.                                                                       

February 28th 2017

Today is Pancake Tuesday and the morning children had pancakes at snack time. Euan, Aaron and Ella Jane helped to make them.

Stoneyhill’s pancake tossing experts at work!


The afternoon children also enjoyed Pancake Tuesday. 



As part of our new IDEA Dark Night Day Light the children have been using papier-mâché to make a model moon and sun. 


We have started a new “IDEA” or topic called Dark Night Day Light where the children will be exploring day and night, dark and light, animals that like the dark and some simple information about the sun, moon and stars. 

The children have been very excited about the chicks in P4. All the children have been to visit them and some of the afternoon boys and girls would like to share their photos.


February 2017

A very busy week at nursery for all the boys and girls. We have been trying out some science experiments and are looking forward to a visit from Generation Science next Tuesday. The children will be exploring “sound” in a very exciting way at the workshop called”Ella’s Wobble”. I’m sure the children will be full of exciting news and we will put up some photos to share their learning.

What happens when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are added to ice?



What happened to the snowman in a coat?

The afternoon children had messy finger paint fun creating some polar animal paintings. 

Freya T
Ellie Ro

Modelling the Inuit clothing, created by the children, a young Inuit enjoys the role play activity. Notice the homemade ice holes and fishing rods which the morning children worked on. Lots of children were inspired to make the fish and are enjoying exploring how the magnets work.

An Inuit goes fishing!

The small world activity has also been a well used resource this week.

Small world play with the polar bears.

REMEMBER February holiday Monday 13th till Tuesday 21st. Monday the 20th is a staff in-service day so nursery will be closed. 

January 2017

Welcome back everyone, we hope you had a very happy Christmas and New Year. 

The children have started a new “IDEA” /topic called Snow and Ice and are thoroughly enjoying discovering new things. So far finding out about how water can change into ice and ice into water was amazing for some children. We all held an ice cube in our hands, predicted what would happen and then waited……… Great excitement all round!  We have had ice in the water tray, taken water to the school freezer and generally had fun with science. 

That was only the beginning. The children went on to explore what it would be like to be an Inuit living in the ice and snow. Our igloo and snow cave are popular role play areas and the vintage wooden sledge that was kindly loaned to us is causing great excitement. Some children have been continuing their learning at home, asking questions and discovering answers (with help from mums and dads of course). Please come in and see the amazing anorak and boots made by some of the children while learning about traditional clothing. 

Over in the creative areas the children are learning about giving opinions on the work of famous artists and then creating some beautiful winter art work. Using junk gluing some children have been busy making model igloos complete with little Inuit characters, fishing lines and even one with a fish! 


The boys and girls have been very  interested in the sledge and finding out about husky dog teams and other animals that live in cold lands. They were also fascinated to see the position of the North Pole, South Pole and Scotland on a globe.

Finally we are starting to learn a song which was thought to be a traditional Inuit song about fishing. You can find it on YouTube and it’s called “Okki Tokka Unga.”

November 2016

We have been taking part in Children In Need. We dressed up and brought a donation to nursery. We had fun making some spotty bow ties and ears at the gluing activity.

We looked at some information on the website about why we bring in some money. This is what the children think:

“It goes to children who are sick.” Lola

“It goes to charity, you take toys to charity.”

“Maybe it goes to people who don’t have any toys so they can have toys.”


Tuesday 11th October 

We are having a very busy week in nursery. The boys and girls looked super for the Christmas calendar photos today. Thank you for sending in the outfits and accessories.

The children are still enjoying finding out about sound and as this is the last week of this IDEA (topic) we were wondering if any parents/careers/grandparents would like to come in on Thursday to play a few simple songs for us. If you are free on Thursday morning about 11.30 or Thursday afternoon or Friday morning for the afternoon children please speak to a member of staff.

Thank you very much for sending in all the leaves, conkers and twigs. The children are having fun playing with them and using them to be creative at the art and craft area. 


Have a very happy October week break and we will see everyone back at nursery on Tuesday 25th October.

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