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Starting School 2015 012

Friday 6th May 2016

I liked drawing my favourite character from Little Red Riding Hood. The Big Bad Wolf had really sharp teeth. Dan

I liked PE in the dining hall this week. We jumped over hurdles, hula hooped, ran around cones and we skipped. Daniel

I was really good at using the hula hoops in PE. Max J

I really like writing about Little Red Riding Hood. Toby

I liked jumping over the hurdles. Jessica

I really liked doing take away because I really like doing sums in class. Hamish

I liked doing maths this week. Yona

I drew a castle. We are going to build a castle in the class next week. Tom

I liked doing the celery experiment. We poured some food colouring in with the water. On Monday we will see what happens to the celery. Freyja

Friday 29th April 2016

Mrs Newton has loved her first week in P1 at Stoneyhill! The children have all made me feel very welcome and we have had a busy week together. Firstly, a huge thank you to the parents who came to join us for Come Learn With Us on Tuesday afternoon. We loved playing maths games together and learning about how you all use maths every day.

I have enjoyed reading Fairy-tales. I like Jack and the Beanstalk. I like books because they help me to read better. Max N

I liked doing our flower pictures because we were doing art work and I like art. Eve

I really liked doing the flowers as well. We had to label the part of the plant. Hamish

I liked leaning about the flowers and Jack and the Beanstalk. Yona

I really enjoyed sorting the numicon shapes into groups of odd numbers and even numbers. Daniel

We have been working really really hard on Reading is Braw. Louis

I liked the assembly today when Mrs Macartney was giving out the certificates. Dan

I like when we made the flowers. I think they look good on the wall. Poppy

I think I was really good at making my flower picture. Neive

I think I did really well cutting out neatly when we were doing maths. Freyja

I liked writing a sorry letter from Jack to the Giant. Imram and Luke

I liked doing 5-a-day fitness because it keeps you fit and it’s really good fun. Martha

Monday 21st March 2016

We have had lots of fun learning to make soup, bread and cakes for our Cupcake Café. They were delicious!


We have been learning about our senses. We used our senses to describe the different fruits from the story ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’.


In Maths we have been learning about Measure. We drew around Poppy and used cubes, paper clips and lego to measure her arms, legs and fingers.


We loved taking part in the Tough Mudder to raise money for Sports Relief…..even Miss Craig!


Friday 11th  March 2016

Apologies for not updating the website last week!

We had great fun on the launch day of ‘Reading is Braw’. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters and  sharing and writing about our favourite stories……we even took part in our fitness session at QMU in our costumes! In the afternoon we had a special storytime session with P2, P2/3 and P3 with cookies and milk. Mr Baptie came to share his favourite books later in the week and Miss Craig went to read in P6. It was fun. I wonder which teacher will read to us next week?  At 12 o’clock the whole school stop their work and read… even Mr Gray the school janitor!

The children have worked really well together to create the cupcake cafe in our classroom. They created super menus and are currently learning how to write recipes/instructions. We have been working hard to make different foods and learning where the ingredients come from. Last week we made delicious vegetable soup. This week we read and sequenced the story of The Little Red Hen. We then made raisin bread. It was amazing! Poor Mrs Sim wanted a piece but we had gobbled it all up!

In Numeracy we have been calculating the total cost of items in the cafe. We are becoming really good at using money. There are lots of potential bankers in the class! Next week we are going to learn to take away. In Maths we have been learning to measure accurately using non standard units. We drew around Poppy and then measured the length of her body parts using cubes! Miss Craig also showed us how to use a ruler and measuring tape. We then drew around our shoes to find out who had the longest and shortest feet in the class. Thankfully no one had smelly feet!

Next week we are looking forward to raising money for Sports Relief by paying £1 on Monday and taking part fitness sessions every morning. We can’t wait to get muddy when we take part in the tough mudder challenge on Thursday! We are also making special  cupcakes in school during our baking session and selling them to other pupils to raise money. Remember, if you’re not busy, join us for our fitness sessions. We love it when you are part of our experiences at school!


Friday 26th February 2016

Today we have been thinking about everything we have learned this week. We have been sharing our achievements and identifying what we would like to work on/ learn more about next week.

“I am proud of my reading. I liked reading Mrs Wobble the Waitress and sharing my favourite bit of the story.” Jessica.

“I am really proud of my money work.” Martha.

“I am proud of my writing about where I like to eat out. I like to eat at MacDonalds with my mum. My favourite meal is chicken nuggets.” Poppy

“I am proud of my reading work. My picture and writing about Mrs Wobble was good.” Yona

“I am proud of my fitness work.” Louis

“I am proud of my menu.” Dan

“I am also proud of my menu.” Tom

“I would like to practise money more.” Eve

“I would like to practise sums and counting backwards.” Yona

“I would like to always use finger spaces in my writing.” Jessica

“I would like to add more things to the Café with Miss Craig.” Max

“I would like to practise money.” Hamish

Friday 12th February 2016

We have had a really busy and exciting week in class. Our super ideas and organisation meant that our journey to the Antarctic was a huge success and Cuddles made it safely home. We got to meet his family and friends who were very kind to us but it was SO cold! We felt a bit sad saying goodbye to Cuddles but understand that he couldn’t stay in our classroom forever! Many thanks to Rebecca from Queen Margaret University who supported us with our adventure. We wrote super stories about our adventures to the Antarctic and look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Mrs Smail, our classroom assistant is an amazing cake decorator (and baker) and she taught us how to make Cuddles using fondant icing. It was great fun but very tricky! Mrs Smail made it look easy! We were very proud of our penguins and added them to our Antarctic landscapes.

After the holiday we are starting our new topic – The Cafe. We will be setting up and running our own class cafe and learning to recognise and use money. We will be making different foods, learning where the ingredients come from and writing recipes. We hope to go on a class trip to a farm. As soon as arrangements have be confirmed I will let you know more details as we will need lots of parent helpers.

On the first day back we are going to QMU for PE because unfortunately  we still can’t use our gym hall. Remember to bring your gym kit and gym shoes/ trainers. Have a super holiday everyone!

Friday 5th February 2016

We enjoyed reading lots of lovely messages this morning. Thank you!

“I liked French this week. It was fun learning the days of the week. The monkey song was really funny!” Eve

“I liked designing my suitcase. I am looking forward to going to the Antarctic.” Martha

“I liked learning French.” Neive

“I liked learning about looking after your teeth. I am really proud of my brushing teeth picture.” Poppy

“I liked making patterns for my outfit to the Antarctic.” Yona

“I enjoyed learning about the explorer, Roald Amundsen. He was from Norway and was the first person to get to the South Pole. I would like to be an explorer.” Daniel

“We would like to be explorers too!” Martha, Tom and Hamish

“I liked writing about going to the Antarctic. I didn’t need any help!” Freyja

“I liked dancing and singing to the French monkey song.” Louis





Friday 29th January

Today was our favourite day of the week because lots of parents came in to class to tell us about how they use Literacy at home and at work. Thank you!

Our favourite moments from the week…..

“I liked making my cheetah for the ‘ch’ sound.” Eve

“I liked making my basketball picture at Boss clubs.” Tom

“I liked writing about Cuddles.” Hamish

“I liked it when the mums and dads came in.” Poppy

“I liked making the symmetrical snowflakes and stars.” Daniel

“It was fun writing stories about Cuddles.” Freyja

“I liked making the huge domino cards.” Jessica

“I liked making our watches.” Yona

“We liked making the pictures for our sounds.” Louis, Dan and Martha


Friday 22nd January

We have had such an exciting day!  B.O.S.S Clubs started this morning and we have had so much fun!  Here is what we thought…

I made a vase of flowers in the art B.O.S.S Club.  Daniel

I was using the computer to go on the Internet and played some games.  Freyja

I was making a picture for Valentine’s Day in the art B.O.S.S Club.  Poppy

I was playing Basketball at B.O.S.S Clubs today and I was playing a game.  Hamish

I was at the Trick Shots B.O.S.S Club and I had such fun.  Max N

I made some chocolate truffles at baking B.O.S.S Club.  Martha

Friday 15th January

What a busy week!  This week we have been learning about telling the time.  In IDEA we were thinking about how to help Cuddles get home. In Sciences we carried out a fun experiment about freezing water. We have been learning a super Scottish poem called the Twa Leggit Mice and we look forward to sharing this in assembly next week!

My favourite thing this week has been gym,  we were running and playing tig.  Martha

I loved helping make Cuddles things to help him fly.  Max N

I enjoyed making a family for Cuddles.  Yona

I drew friends for Cuddles to play with.  Imran

My favourite thing this week was drawing Cuddles in art.  Freyja

I had fun doing an experiment about turning water into ice.  Eve

Wednesday 6th January 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Year. At the end of term we had a great time celebrating Christmas in school and took part in lots of fun activities.


Friday 11th December

We have had a lot of fun in school this week. On Monday we had Christmas lunch. It was delicious! We have also been learning to retell and act out the Christmas story. In Maths we have been learning more about patterns. We wrote thank you letters in Literacy to Charlotte because we have really enjoyed learning French with her and we wanted to wish her a Merry Christmas. We also made super Rudolph Christmas cards. We can’t wait to take them home! On Thursday we loved taking part in the Christmas show. We hope you enjoyed our singing and dancing!


“I loved being Mary in the show.” Martha

“I liked dressing up and going on stage and singing our song.” Freyja

“I liked dressing up as the Angel.” Hamish

“I liked making Christmas patterns with the Christmas trees, snowmen and Santas.” Frankie

“I liked making Christmas pictures with Primary 2.” Yona

“I liked doing the Snow Globe picture. I would go sledging with Euan if I lived in a snow globe.” Daniel

“I liked the snow globe too.” Ayden


Friday 4th December

We have started our mini Christmas project. This week we learned  about the Christmas story by taking part in Messy Church with the school Minister Mrs Atkins and her team of amazing helpers. Many thanks to all the parents and grandparents who supported this event. We had lots of fun!

We have been practising lots for the Christmas show and for our Community  singing event at the local playgroup in the last week of term.

We have also been learning to write letters and on Tuesday we wrote a very special letter to Santa. Next week we are learning to write thank you letters. We are still practising our sounds lots. This week we learned about the ‘am’ and ‘ss’ sounds and learned to spell more tricky words.

In Numeracy we practised our adding skills and learned about patterns. Today we made crowns with patterns. We are looking forward to wearing them at our Christmas lunch on Monday.

The children are looking forward to all the exciting Christmas events in school in the final weeks of term. Below is a selection of their highlights from the week.

“I liked when it was Messy Church. I made Jesus in the manger. I liked the snack too.” Eve

“I liked when we wrote a letter to Santa.” Poppy

“I liked when we made the crowns. We had to make a pattern. It was a bit tricky.” Yona

“It was hard making our star at Messy Church but I really liked it. Mum and Rosie came. It was good.” Hamish

“I liked making our crown. We are going to wear them for our Christmas lunch on Monday.” Max N

“I liked when we made the crown too.” Neive

“I liked opening the advent calendar on my birthday! I got an elf.” Toby

“I liked making the crowns too.” Imran

Friday 27th November

We have had a great week in Primary 1. We have started rehearsing for our school Christmas show. We are very excited because we are reindeers and we are singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer as part of our performance. Further details about costumes etc. will be issued  with homework on Monday.

“I liked writing about Buzz. At night Buzz ripped everything in the classroom!” Eve

“I liked learning sums.” Daniel

“I liked writing about Buzz and Woody. They went in the water tray for a swim when we weren’t there!” Poppy

“I liked learning new sounds and words. The word hunt was fun!” Max Neill

“I liked the word hunt.” Jessica

“I liked doing the word hunt too.” Max Jack

“I liked sharing my lemon experiment with the class.” Freyja

“I liked playing with the Victorian ball. It’s quite funny that they played football with a pig’s bladder.” Hamish

Friday 20th November

The children are really enjoying their toys topic. This week we have been learning about Toys in the Past. Yesterday Primary 6 showed us some games and toys children played in Victorian times. It was very interesting and lots of fun! Primary 6 told us that footballs were made out of pigs’ bladders in the olden days! Yuck! We are glad toys are made from plastic and leather now.

DSC00503DSC00507DSC00510DSC00511DSC00514DSC00516DSC00519DSC00521DSC00524Friday 13th November

This week we have been reflecting on our learning and thinking about our achievements.

“I am proud of my story writing because I wrote lots of words on my own. I went to dinosaur land with Buzz!” Tom

“I am proud of my reading.” Poppy

“I am proud of my skipping . At first I found skipping tricky but now I can do it.” Jessica

“I was proud when I did my dice patterns. I know them really well.” Daniel

“I wrote my own words in writing. It was hard but I kept trying.” Luke

“I am proud of my writing because I sounded out sandcastles all by myself. I went on an adventure to the beach with Buzz!” Freyja

“I’m really proud of my story writing too.” Hamish

” I am proud of my handwriting.” Max J

“I am proud of the words I made at the writing table like ‘it’ and ‘tin’.” Max N

“I am proud of my book. I liked my reading.” Ayden

Friday 6th November

We have had another very busy week in Primary 1.

“I liked making the push and pull Buzz puppet. I can’t wait to take it home.” Neive

“I liked making the Buzz push and pull toy too.” Daniel

“I liked writing about Buzz.” Toby

“I liked writing about Buzz aswell.” Hamish

“I liked learning French. I can say my name and hello now! I want to go Paris on a little holiday.” Freya

“I liked writing about Woody.” Luke

” I liked telling the class about my mum’s toy. Karam Diyah and Aine like playing with it!” Tom

“I liked making my push and pull toy.” Imran

“I liked doing show and tell about my mum’s toy.” Dan

I liked learning my sounds and making words.” Martha

“I liked sharing my favourite toy army car. It is a push and pull toy.” Max N

“I liked my football BOSS club.” Frankie

Friday 30th October

I hope you all have a super time celebrating Halloween. Below are some of our highlights from the week…..

“I liked learning about toys that push and pull. I liked cutting out different push and pull toys in the toy catalogue.” Jessica

” I liked learning about the ‘w’ sound” Max Neill

“I liked learning about the ‘w’ sound too.” Daniel

“I liked drama. I liked pretending to be toys. Snakey was my favourite.” Frankie

“I liked being Woody in drama.” Hamish

“I liked learning French. I can say Je m’appelle Freyja now and I liked having a little conversation with my partner.” Freyja

“I liked being Buzz in drama. You had be a toy when the music came on. It was fun.” Toby

“I liked drama too.” Imran

“I liked when I was pretending to be Woody.” Eve

“I liked reading the Kipper stories and hunting for the words.” Tom

“I liked drawing and writing Woody.” Yona

“I liked being Woody.” Louis


Friday 23rd October

I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable October break. It was lovely to see the children again and hear their holiday news.

We had an exciting start to the term. On Tuesday we began our new Topic Toys by sharing our favourite toys. Over the next few weeks we will learning how different toys work and how toys have changed over the years. We will also be reading ‘Toy Story’ and watching extracts from the popular Toy Story DVD to inspire our imaginative story writing  and work in drama. We will also be designing and creating our own toys that move.

On Tuesday afternoon we were joined by Charlotte, a French language assistant. Charlotte, who is studying in Edinburgh, told us all about her home city of Paris and showed us pictures of her friends and family,  places she likes to go to and foods she likes to eat. It was really interesting! She then taught us some popular french greetings. Charlotte will be working with us throughout the term every Tuesday afternoon. We are very lucky!

On Tuesday we borrowed books from the school library for the first time. We will be going to the library every Tuesday. Please help your child return their book on Tuesdays.

On Tuesday afternoon we had gym. Gym will continue to be on Mondays and Tuesdays this term. We are concentrating on our travelling, jumping and throwing and catching skills. On Friday mornings we are joining the rest of the school for short fitness sessions. The children had lots of fun at fitness this week. Some children participated in running and skipping and others played rugby and learned a dance.

The children were very excited to take home their first reading book on Thursday. Reading workshops will take place on Mondays and Thursdays. We are concentrating on pointing to each word as we read. We are also learning to recognise key words automatically and blend sounds together to read words. We had lots of fun making predictions, discussing the events in our stories and sharing our favourite part.

In Numeracy we practised counting forwards and backwards from different numbers. We also practised our sequencing skills and enjoyed working out missing numbers. Next week we are undertaking some spooky halloween maths challenges. We will be focussing on counting backwards, dice patterns and adding.

This week we also tried to remember the months of the year and practised sequencing the seasons. We shared our knowledge about Autumn and created super paintings of autumn trees. Our classroom will look like an Art Gallery when they are displayed! We read a story about a hedgehog too and made our own super prickly hedgehogs using collage. Lots of the children are looking forward to the school Halloween disco. Next week will be making some Halloween art and on Friday we will be having a ‘Witch’ drive (beetle drive).

Friday 2nd October

We have had an extremely busy week in Primary 1. We are really enjoying our houses and homes IDEA. This week we had lots of fun designing and making our own houses using junk. We also had to work in small groups to make houses out of straw, twigs and bricks. Fingers crossed the wolf doesn’t blow them down next week!


This week our class book was ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. It is a super book about Gerald the Giraffe who thinks he can’t dance. However, with a bit of encouragement from others he learns that he can! On Thursday we participated in a dance workshop. We learned to Cha Cha and Waltz. The children were given the task of teaching parents and grandparents the dances. Have you participated in your dance lesson yet?

DSC00395 DSC00400 DSC00401 DSC00409


Friday 25th September 2015

This week we had fun learning the sounds e, h and r. We now know lots of sounds and are working hard to write and read words with all the sounds we know. It’s tricky but we are trying really hard!! In writing we drew and wrote about very important people in our lives – our mums and dads! There were some super drawings that looked just like our parents! In reading we read more adventures about Biff, Chip and Kipper. We met Kipper’s dog Floppy and learned why he is called Floppy. We also practised the key words we have learned so far.

In Numeracy we practised recognising different numbers, counting skills (counting on and back from different numbers) and sequencing and ordering numbers. We had lots of fun writing our numbers outside with chalk but then it started to rain 🙁 

In IDEA (our topic) we learned about different kinds of houses and talked about the type of house we live in. We then built our houses using a range of construction materials. We also started to create a street in Art for our class display.

We had lots of fun sorting different types of materials in Science. The children were great at finding other items in the class that were made from wood, plastic, glass and metal. We had to use some clever words to describe the materials – bendy, waterproof etc. Next week we are going to build houses using different materials. I wonder which materials will be best?

We didn’t change our clothes for gym this week because there were lots of other things happening in school which impacted on the length of our gym time. We will change into our PE kits for gym next week.

Friday 11th September

It was exciting in our class today because when we looked at our blog there were some special messages for us to read. Thank you!

It has been another busy week in Primary 1. We have shared some of our highlights below.

“I liked looking at everyones baby picture and guessing who it was. Some of the facts were funny. I liked Ninja Poppy.” Daniel

“I liked drawing my Ninja turtle pjs when I was writing about bedtime.” Max J

“I liked looking at our baby pictures too and sharing our baby facts.” Dan

“We liked making Inky when we were learning about the ‘i’ sound.” Yona and Eve

“I liked learning to write 2 and 3.” Jessica

“I liked cutting and sticking the things a baby needs.” Freyja

“I have liked playing outside with my friends. I like when the boys chase the girls and the girls chase the boys.” Eve

Friday 4th September

“I liked working in the story corner with the puppets.” Dan

“I liked when Neive’s mum came in to our class with baby Lucy and told us how to look after a baby.” Poppy

“I liked making my birthday ballon and the snake. We have been learning about the ‘s’ sound.” Yona

“I liked making some sandcastles and practising ‘s’ in the sand.” Freyja

“I liked playing the maths games on the computer. I liked the teddy bear cake game best.” Eve

“I liked playing outside on the trim trail at break time.” Hamish

“I liked when my sister came to our class.” Neive

Friday 28th August

We have had a very busy start to Primary 1. This week we have been reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and sharing how we can be a good friend like the fish in the story. We have also been practising the names of the different letters in the alphabet. We made our names using magnetic letters and practised writing them. This was tricky for lots of us but we will keep practising. We started to make a graph to find out the most common initial name letter in our class. I wonder what it will be? D? M?

In Numeracy we practised our counting and number recognition skills…..we even learned to count back in 2s by singing and performing ten fat sausages. There are definitely some potential actors in the class! We made a super number display with sausages and alphabet spaghetti.

The children enjoyed getting changed into their gym kits for PE on Monday. We had lots of fun practising our travelling and underarm throwing skills.

One of the highlights of the week was going for our first school lunch with our parents. Lots of the children are looking forward to having school dinners next week. It’s fish and chips on Monday. Yum!

Today we read with Primary 7 buddies in the library. We are looking forward to working with them more throughout the year. This morning we also had Golden Time with Primary 2 and Primary 2/3. It was so much fun! There were lots of toys in the classroom but children can bring in a small toy from home if they wish. It’s important that it is not a special or expensive toy incase it gets broken.

Next week we are looking forward to learning about the sounds s, a and t. We are also drawing and writing our first stories in our jotters. In Numeracy we are continuing to practise recognising, counting and sequencing different numbers. As part of our mini ‘Special Me’ topic we are learning about birthdays and thinking about what we were like when we were babies. Baby Lucy (Nieve’s little sister) is coming in to class. Her mummy is going to teach us how to look after a baby. We can’t wai





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  1. Hi Hamish Delaney’s mum here. Just a quick message to check what time the primary 1 curricular meeting with Miss Craig is at on the 9th September . Thank you

  2. Poppy has loved having the sound box home tonight. She has found lots of fun things that begin with the p sound.

  3. Hello P1,
    I have just had a look at your blog for the first time and it is awesome!
    I had a great time with the other mums tonight having a look around your classroom and hearing about your first few weeks at school.
    Keep up the good work guys and I look forward to regular updates on your blog.
    Tracy (Max Neills mummy)

  4. Hi P1,

    I have just read your blog and have learned all about the fun things you do together with Ms.Craig. P1 sounds great. I came to see your classroom yesterday and saw all the hard work you’ve been doing. Keep up the good work.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mum)

  5. Wow, P1! I read your blog and it sounds like you have been very busy learning new sounds, playing with sand, cutting and sticking, drawing pictures and lots more too! P1 sounds like great fun and I can’t wait to read what you get up to next week! From Martha’s mummy

  6. Hi P1

    Just been looking at your Blog and it looks like you are all having a great time in P1. Jessica is having lots of fun learning with Ms Craig. Keep up the great work guys.

    Kimberley (Jessica’s mummy)

  7. Hi P1,

    I’ve just read your blog about last week. Gosh! You’ve all been very busy. I don’t know how you fit it all in. We had the sound box at our house last week and it was lots of fun finding “K” things to put in the box. It’s great to hear you are all working really hard at reading, writing and numbers. I bet you are all a bunch of clever clogs. I hope the grown-ups get to see your street when it’s all finished. Keep working hard and I’ll look forward to hear what you all get up to next.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  8. Hi P1

    It looks like you were very busy building houses last week. I wonder which house turned out to be the strongest? Martha made a haunted house out of an old box this weekend. It will be a great decoration to put up in our house at Hallowe’en!

    Martha has also been teaching me the Waltz and the Cha-Cha. It’s tricky but lots of fun! I hope you all had fun dancing at home this weekend too!

    From Gillian (Martha’s mummy)

  9. Hey there P1
    Glad you are all having fun learning so many new things . Hamish said that you were all helping each other, which is great to hear. Looking forward to reading what you all get up to next . Judith ( hamish’s mum)

  10. Hi P1,

    Well, I see you’ve all been busy as always. I bet you all had fun learning how to dance. Martha and Freyja showed me the dances in the play park after school and then Freyja and I went home and had a practice too.

    Last week, Freyja and I had lots of fun looking at different types of houses and working out what they were made of. I hope the wolf stayed away from the straw, twig and brick houses.

    From Lynsey (Freyja’s Mum).

  11. Hi P1

    Looks like you have all been very busy. Jessica was telling me all about making houses with straw and all the fun you all had. Jessica said she was like her daddy as her daddy was a builder. Jessica loved learning the cha-cha cha. Keep up the great work guys. Xx

  12. Hi P1,

    It sounds like you are all having lots of fun in school learning about the changing seasons. Your pictures sound great. I like the sound of your new project. TOYS!. I can’t wait to see the toys you are going make in class.

    Freyja told me all about Charlotte and now Freyja would like to go to Paris to see it for herself.

    We are enjoying reading the books in our house. I hope everyone else is having fun with reading too.

    I hope everyone has a great time at the Halloween party on Thursday and I can’t wait to hear what you all get up to next.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy).

  13. Hi boys and girls! I have just been reading about all the interesting things you have been doing since coming back to school after the holidays. Wow! You are a bunch of busy bees!

    I have really enjoyed reading Kipper, Biff and Chip with Eve and I still can’t believe the strange ingredients he put into his birthday cake. I wonder what they will get up to next.

    Have fun with your Halloween projects this week!

    Julie (Eve’s mum)

  14. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve just been reading last weeks blog. Your topic work sounds great. I bet you’ve all had fun making and learning about toys and taking part in drama too. I hope you are all enjoying French. This seems to be Freyja’s favorite at the moment.

    Well done everyone and keep working hard.

    From Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  15. Hi P1,

    It sounds like you’ve had another busy week. I don’t know how you and Ms.Craig find the time to do all these interesting things. It’s good to hear that you are all enjoying the “Toys” topic. Are your toys different from your Mum and Dads?

    BOSS club sounds like lots of fun and it looks like Freyja still likes French.

    Work hard and be good for Ms.Craig

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  16. Hi P1,

    I’m so proud of you all learning to read and write so well. You are all learning so quickly. Being able to read is one of the best skills you can have because you can read all the story books that ever been written…EVER. I love reading books. I hope you all like reading too.

    Well done everyone

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mum)

  17. Hi boys and girls

    Sounds like you have all been super busy the last few weeks. Jessica has been using some French words in the house recently and tells me how much she enjoys Charlotte teaching you guys French. I see you have all been doing really well with the toy topic well done guys keep up the great work.

  18. Hi P1,

    I’ve just had a look at the photographs of you all playing Victorian games. It looked like so much fun. Although I’m not as old as the Victorians, I used to play some of those games when I was little too. I used to like to play hop-scotch but we called it “peevers”. I think that’s an old Scottish name for it. My Mum (Freyja’s Grandma) used to play hop-scotch too but she lived in England when she was young and they called it “beds”. Isn’t it funny that one game can have different names? Whatever you call it I hope you enjoyed playing it.

    Keep learning.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  19. Hello P1
    I have just come across this blog! How did I miss it lol. I have enjoyed reading all your comments, you have all been so busy 🙂 Tom and Dan have told me that you have enjoyed playing with my tree house, that toy is very old!
    I look forward to reading more exciting adventures!
    Jo (Tom and Dan’s mum)

  20. Hello P1,

    I bet you are all getting excited about Christmas. I hope Santa brings what you asked for in your letters. Remember, you’ve got to be good. I’m really looking forward to the Christmas show. I want to hear all this singing you’ve been practicing. Enjoy the last two weeks of school before the holidays.

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  21. Hi,

    I wish you all a merry Christmas 🙂

    In french : Je vous souhaite un joyeux noel 🙂

    I hope you will enjoy yours Christmas Holidays !!!!

    See you soon in 2016 🙂

    Bisous (like little kiss un french)


  22. Hi Boys and Girls

    Just wanted to tell you I loved the Christmas nativity and you all done so so well. You should all be super proud of yourselves!! I hope you all had fun visiting the playgroup today. Jessica told me the school panto was really good and she really enjoyed it. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and Santa is good to you all.

    Kimberley (Jessica’s Mummy) xx

  23. Hello P1,

    Happy New Year!

    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. I bet you’re all glad to be back at school with your friends, Miss Craig and your new class mate, Cuddles the penguin. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun finding out about Polar lands with Cuddles.

    Work hard and be good.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  24. Hello P1,

    I’ve heard you are all learning to tell the time. Well done! You’ve no excuse for not being on time anymore. Freyja told me you’ve been doing some exciting science too. Science is my favorite. I like the poem your are learning for assembly. It made me laugh.

    Take care Everyone


    (Freyja’s Mummy)

  25. Hi P1,

    Boss club sounds great. Freyja told me all about the animation club and Martha showed me the yummy truffles she made at baking club. I wish I had boss club when I was at school.

    Have fun everyone

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mum)

  26. Hi Primary 1

    It was brilliant coming along to your class this morning and getting to learn with you! It’s amazing how much we all listen, read and write everyday without even thinking about it. I especially liked being able to see all your fantastic pictures around the classroom – your penguins rock!

    Keep up the good work.

    Julie ( Eve’s mum)

  27. Hi P1,
    I had a lovely time coming into your class with the other mum’s and dad’s on Friday morning. It was fun being able to see your lovely art work on the classroom walls and share our information about our different jobs. Hopefully Miss Craig thought we all behaved and we get invited back soon. Sarah, Poppy’s mummy.

  28. Hello P1!
    We are sorry that neither of us could come in to class on Friday to chat with you all about Literacy, and see your great work in the classroom. We are looking forward to coming in another time!
    Julie and Bill (Daniels mum and dad)

  29. Hi P1,

    It’s me again. I just wanted to say thank you to you all for allowing the grown ups to join you in your class room on Friday. I had a great time dancing and sharing your work sheet. It was really interesting to hear about how we all use literacy in our every day lives. It helped me to see how important it is for us all to learn how to read, write, talk and listen well all the time. Have fun with literacy.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  30. Hi Primary 1!

    Martha has been reading ‘The New House’ to me and I really enjoyed it. The Biff and Kipper stories are great! I am very curious about your trip to the Antarctic this week. Are you really going there? It will be very cold! I hope you all have woolly jumpers. Have fun! From Gillian (Martha’s mummy)

  31. Hello,

    Did you all make it back from the Antarctic safe? Was Cuddles pleased to get home?
    I hope you all had a great time with Rebecca. Drama is a great way to learn new things.

    Keep up the good work

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy).

  32. Hi Everyone,

    It sounds like you’ve all been very busy and working hard. Well done to you all. You are all super stars.

    Have fun learning

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  33. Hi P1, I have been hearing all about your cupcake cafe from Poppy it sounds like lots of fun. I hope you are all remembering to do your reading for your Reading is Braw challenge, the party at the end sounds like lots of fun. Sarah, Poppy’s mum.

  34. Hello P1,

    I’m glad you are all enjoying “Reading is Braw”. I’m so happy that you all love reading as much as I do. I wish I had seen you all doing gym dressed up as you’re favourite book character. I bet that was really good fun.

    Have you all enjoyed baking and cooking for your cafe? I’m sure the cupcakes will be brilliant and once you’ve all learned to do take away sums you can add up the cost of all the things you sell and then give out the correct change.

    Did Poppy enjoy getting measured? Can you remember how big she is? Measuring things is good fun. It makes it easier to find out what is taller and what is smaller or what is longer or shorter.

    Have lots of fun raising as much money as you can for Sports relief and I might even come and join in at the end of the week.

    Keep working hard

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy).

  35. Hello P1,

    Thank you so much for inviting all your grown ups into your class room last week. We all had a lovely time looking at your jotters and great art work on the walls. I didn’t know that P1 children had so much to do at school. I liked watching the videos of you all dancing and doing gym. It looked like you all had lots of fun.

    It was great to see Ms. Craig again. I saw lots of children with great big smiles when they saw her. It was really nice to meet Mrs. Newton too. I think she’ll be a great teacher.

    Have lots of fun and keep up your “reading is braw” work.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mum).

  36. Hello P1

    I really enjoyed coming in to your classroom last week for parents night. It was lovely to see everyone’s great work all around the room and the videos of you all dancing and taking part in gym class. Euan (Daniel’s wee brother) loved the Cupcake Cafe and I think he would have stayed for breakfast if I had let him!

    Julie (Daniel’s mum)

  37. Hi P1,

    What and exciting week you have this week. You get to know your new teacher, Mrs Newton. The Mums and Dads are looking forward to getting to know her too. I hope you are all going to behave yourselves and show Mrs.Newton how hard you can all work and how much cool stuff you’ve already learned.

    Have fun everyone

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  38. Hi P1

    Me again!

    I just wanted to say that I had a great time in the class room with you all on Tuesday. I seem to be in school an awful lot just now but I do enjoy coming to see you all. I hope everyone enjoyed the numeracy games we played. I liked the scales.

    Have lots of fun weighing, measuring and counting.

    See you all soon

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  39. What a busy few weeks you guys have had and how exciting that Mrs Newton has started this week. I bet you are all enjoying getting to know her and welcoming her to Stoneyhill. I very much enjoyed coming into your classroom for child led parents evening and seeing all your artwork on the walls. Jessica is very excited to have Mrs Newton as your permanent teacher. Jessica enjoyed drawing our dog and her little sister as part of homework this week.

    Kimberley (Jessica’s mum)

  40. Hi P1,

    It’s good to hear that you’ve made Mrs.Newton feel welcome in your class. I hope she’s all settled in now. It sounds like you’ve had another busy week. Running, hurdles, hoola hoops, celery experiments and take away sums. Phew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

    Have fun and work hard. Let us know how the celery experiment goes.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mummy)

  41. Hi Everyone,

    I hope you all had fun at the school Fayre on Saturday. There was lots of fun things to do.

    I liked the wrist bands you got for “reading is braw” last week. Only a few more weeks to go until the big disco and by then you’ll all be super at reading.

    Keep working hard

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mum)

  42. Hi P1s

    I hear you have all been great helpers this week, showing the nursery children around the playground so that they know where to go when they start school in August. It’ll be really nice for them to have a big P2 looking out for them when they start!

    I enjoyed watching you all taking part in the Sports Day activities this week too. You all did really well! The one where you have to balance a ball on a spoon looked really tricky…

    From Gillian (Martha’s mum)

  43. Hi P1,

    Did you all have fun at sports day? It sounded like lots of fun. Did Mrs.Newton do any races?

    This week sounds really exciting. Meeting an author, P1 assembly, and a Disco.

    I hope you are all still working hard. It’s nearly the end of term and then we’ve got the whole summer to look forward to.

    Keep having fun

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mum)

  44. Hello P1.

    I really enjoyed your assembly this morning. You all did very well holding up the letter cards, and saying your lines, and you all did great singing too. The video about what you all want to be when you grow up was great too! Well done everybody!

    Julie (Daniel’s mum)

  45. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for inviting the grown ups to your P1 assembly. It was great. You are a clever lot.
    Freyja’s Grandma and Grandad came to see your “Riding of the Marches” work this week and they were very impressed at how hard you had all worked to make a lovely exhibition. They were also very impressed at how polite all the boys and girls were too.

    Well done everyone.

    Lynsey (Freyja’s Mum).

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