P1/2 2016-2017


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Throughout the year we hope to share what we have been learning and enjoying in Primary 1/2. The children love it when you leave a comment about their work and experiences. You are welcome to do this at the bottom of the page.

Our first week in Primary 1/2
Our first week in Primary 1/2


Friday 12th May

Our highlight of the week was definitely our trip to butterfly world. Check out this slide show of photos and please feel free to leave a comment…


I liked when we went to butterfly world. My favourite part was holding the tarantula. – Nathan

My favourite part was the big tortoise. – Caitlin

My favourite part was seeing the baby chicks. I nearly got to hold one but it ran away! – Connor

I liked making a butterfly with paint this week. We did it with thick paint on one side then we folded it and opened it and it was the same on the other side. It was symmetrical. – Adam

I liked going to gym in the hall. I liked going through the tunnel. – Imogen

I liked learning French this week. We did our calendar where we need to know the days, the months and the weather in French. – Jessica

I liked my BOSS club where I made cookies! – Elliot

Friday 5th May

I liked making a caterpillar with rhyming words on it. – Ella

I liked writing instructions about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. – Jaimie-Lee

I liked making a spider and a web. – Poppy (we hope people at home liked them too!)

I liked doing maths this week. I did a worksheet where I was counting in 2s. – Quinn

I was practising writing ‘e’ in handwriting. I did lots of ‘e’s with paint. – Elliot

I liked learning about ai and oi – Sophie

‘i’ is scared of losing his head so doesn’t go on the end of a word. ‘y’ takes his place instead for ay and oy. – Caitlin

I liked our music and storytelling workshop. – Max

Friday 21st April 2017

What a fun first week back!

I liked doing French this week. I like the word for when it is raining in French – il pleut! – Rory

I liked our music and storytelling workshop. I got to play the ukulele. – Yona

I liked when we had a drama student and she played games with us to know who we are. – Max

I liked the Judo taster session. I liked when we were holding elbows and trying to get the beanbag. – Hamish

I liked the Judo too. – Poppy

Friday 31st March 2017

Thank you to everyone who came to our ‘Granparents and V.I.P. day’!

Enjoy our slideshow of photos!…


Friday 24th March 2017

I liked doing fitness Friday. I was doing situps and working on my strength. – Neive

I liked parent’s night because I got to show my mum and dad how the computer works. – Toby

I liked making clothes for my red nose at my BOSS club. – Imogen

I like doing pupil council. – Hamish

I liked making paper chains in maths. – Rory

I liked pyjama day! – Yona

Friday 3rd March 2017

I enjoyed learning about the olden days. We watched ‘Magic Grandad’ and learned about how they went on horses in the past. In groups we drew a horse and carriage, an old car and a new car. – Poppy

I liked my new BOSS club. – Caitlin

I liked my new BOSS club too, we were building bridges. – Max

I liked gym with Mr Barrie. We were learning about gymnastics and tennis too! – Yona

Our sound this week was ‘ie’. I like the song for ‘ie’. – Ella

I liked doing my maths worksheet. We were adding and taking away numbers. We had to see how quickly we could do it. – Neive

Friday 27th January 2017

A huge well done to everyone in P1/2 for the amazing assembly they did on Thursday! Lots of  people from other classes said that they loved it, and we hope all the friends and family who came to see it enjoyed it too! Miss Glissov was so proud of everyone.

I liked my new baking BOSS club and we made sticky truffles. – Zoa

I liked doing our assembly. My favourite part was the Shoogly Woogly. – Ella

I liked showing our Humpty Dumpties. – Neive

I liked ‘You won’t find a Nessie in the zoo.’ – Hamish

I liked the Scottish dancing. – Nathan


Friday 2oth January 2017

We have been learning about Scotland. We made humpty dumpty with a kilt and have been doing animals in Scots. – Max

I liked making a piggy bank. We drew coins in the piggy bank. – Joshua

I liked learning about money. I have learned to make different numbers in different ways. I can make 3 pence with a 1 pence and a 2 pence. – Rory

I liked learning new Scots songs, like the Nessie song and 3 craws and Humpty Dumpty. – Nathan

We heard the Primary 6s playing bagpipes and drums today. It was awesome and loud! – Yona

I liked doing the tricky word hunt in the other class rooms this week. – Zoa


Thursday 22nd December

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a lovely holiday!

Some photos from our community singing at the playgroup and our Christmas party with our special visitor…



Friday 2nd December

I liked making a stable out of sticks and glue. – Rory

I liked going on to the stage to practise our song for the Christmas show. I kind of felt embarrassed. – Yona

It was a little scary being on the stage. But it was good. – Poppy

I liked seeing the Primary 6’s experiments. I liked dipping a bit of black paper into water with nail varnish in it and it changed into different colours. – Zoa

I liked the experiment in the bowl that looked like goo and when you punched it it felt hard but when you put your hand in it felt like goo. – Jessica

I liked when we went upstairs and we were singing. – Nathan

I liked BOSS clubs. I did hair and nails. – Neive

I liked everything this week! – Deniz

Friday 18th November

I liked when the optician came. I learned about the special lens that you look through and everything is upside down. – Rory

I didn’t know that cats, at night time their eyes (pupils) get bigger and in the day time they went smaller. – Poppy

I liked when the danicing teacher came to teach us about Giraffes’ can’t dance. – Toby

We learned the cha cha cha. – Zoa

And the tango. – Sophie 

And the waltz. – Jessica

I liked making lolly-pop people with glitter and paper. – Yona


Friday 4th November

I liked playing in the sand for Golden Time and I like playtime. – Nathan

I liked getting a new sound ‘x’ because I have had an x-ray before. – Rory

I liked when the police officer visited us, his handcuffs were excellent. – Imogen

I liked hearing the siren from the Police car. – Neive

I enjoyed when we went outside and saw the police car too. – Poppy


On no, Connor!
Oh no, Ella!


Friday 28th October

I enjoyed having the new toys about People Who Help Us. Some things changed when we were on holiday. I liked playing with the doll house people because it’s turned into a hospital – Poppy

I liked the counting game where we have a fly swat and we have to high-five the numbers from 1-10 and then from 10-20. – Rory

I liked our new sound ‘w’ because I liked the song. – Jaimie-Lee

I liked our new sound ‘z’. – Quinn




Friday 14th October

I liked getting the new sound ‘j’ because there’s a ‘j’ in my little brother’s name, Jack. – Rory

I liked it when we were colouring in the different types of houses because I like colouring in. – Caitlin

I liked playing in the house corner when I had finished my work. – Zoa

I liked the sand and the house at golden time – Nathan

Friday 7th October

When my friends were joining in with my games in the playground I felt happy. – Zoa

In phonics I helped my friend who didn’t know what letter to colour. – Rory

I liked counting the beads and putting them on the pipe cleaners – Clare

I liked guessing what was in the sound box. – Yona

Friday 30th September

In gym I liked learning about shapes and jumping. When you land you must bend your legs. – Yona

We were also doing frog jumps onto lily pads. – Poppy

And kangaroo jumps! – Quinn

I liked learning new sounds. We learned ‘g, o and u’. – Caitlin

We learned about germs. We need to wash our hands after the toilet and before eating – Hamish

Here is a funny little song we learned to help us to remember to wash our hands properly…

At home and in the primary,

When you need to do a pee,

When you need to do a poo,

Here is something you must do!

Front, back and in between, front, back and in between, front, back and in between, now your hands are nice and clean!

 Tuesday 13th of September

Happy birthday Roald Dahl!

Look at our amazing Roald Dahl character costumes!
Look at our amazing Roald Dahl character costumes!

And we had a very special visit from the Osiligi Warriors today!


Everyone joining in
Everyone joining in


Hamish, jumping high with the warriors
Hamish, jumping high with the warriors

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