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Sporting Heroes, Sports Relief 18th March 2016

Throughout the year we hope to share what we have been learning and enjoying in Primary 2/3. The children love it when you leave a comment about their work and experiences. You are welcome to do this at the bottom of the page.

Our last week in P2/3!

June 2016 – our second last day in P2/3

Friday 10th of June

I liked sports day because we got extra points for cheering. It was quite hard because lots of times we couldn’t beat the high score but we did try to our best and we had fun! – James

I liked when we done a worksheet with Mrs Naysmith about our new reading book. We had to answer questions about our book and draw a picture of a motorway. The book is called The Long Journey. – Ava

The worst part of my week was when I tripped up during the race on Sports Day. I learned that when you get close to someone in a race you need to try to jump over their feet. I also learned that it’s ok to be last. – Matthew W

At football it was the P3 and 4s turn to have a tournament. We (The Jazzy Jockeys) played against the Groovy Golfers, and they won. Then it was the Awesome Actors against the Rockin’ Romans. Our team came last but I felt ok because we might win another time and I had fun! – Sadeer

I liked doing art with Emma this week. We got to look at lovely special shells and we painted and drew them. We used charcoal, oil pastels and pens and pencils. – Olivia


Friday 3rd of June

I liked when some people done football and some people did singing. I done music and it was a competition and all the house teams had to sing ‘Lean on Me’. The Rockin’ Romans won, Miss White chose the winning team. – Erin

In writing this week we wrote all about what we learned and liked in P2/3 and what we would like to learn in our new class. – Olivia

I liked when Awesome Actors won the football game. – Rudi

I liked meeting the Town Champion. His name is Neil Wilson. He told us that he got to pick the colours of the feathers on his helmet. He chose green and blue. He answered lots of questions. – Matthew W

We all drew a picture of the Town Champion in his armour. – James

I liked doing maths outside. We had to see how many hops we could do in a minute and write our name as many times as we could in a minute. We used sand timers to measure the minute. – Grace

We were building famous buildings from Musselburgh. I built Newhails house with wooden bricks. Other people made DiRollo’s Ice Cream shop, the sports centre, the Brunton Theatre. We used cardboard boxes, lego and duplo. – Bailey

The Town Champion

Friday 27th of May

This week we went on our school trip to Dynamic Earth. I liked when the elevator took us back in time! – Libby

Please watch the slideshow of our photos from Dynamic Earth here:


My worst part was the volcano because the ground started to shake and it stank! – Aurla

I liked that bit! – Max

I didn’t like when we were in the aeroplane and the hammer head shark came out. – Buddy

I liked when we felt the iceberg because it was freezing! – Sadeer

I liked when it started to rain in the rainforest where the snake and some of the rainforest animals were. There was a crocodile, a parrot, a snake, a lizard and an ape. – James

I liked when we went on the coach because we went past cool stuff like other coaches and buses. – Bailey

I liked when we made cards to say thank you to the adults who took us to Dynamic Earth. – Olivia

I liked maths this week. I managed to finish my worksheet that was counting up and counting down. – Ava

This week we started our Riding of the Marches IDEA. Today we were looking at all the important people who are involved in the Riding of the Marches, for example the Town Champion. – Matthew W

We looked at photos of the people at our colour tables and we wrote some questions that we want to ask when the Town Champion visits our school on Monday. – Sadeer

I liked seeing the photos from Dynamic Earth. – Erin


Friday 20th of May

I liked learning about the water cycle. We made posters of how the water goes up and there was hard words like evaporation, precipitation and… (condensation!) – Sadeer

We went to Primary 5 to share our posters and they gave us more information because they’ve also been doing the water cycle. – James

I liked walk to school week because we got dressed up as animals. – Niamh

I really liked dressing up in our pyjamas for cookies and milk and a bedtime story for Reading Is Braw. – Libby

I liked typing my adventure story on the computer. We have learned to save and log back in (open) to a document. – Bailey

I liked when we did a taste test of rainforest fruits. Some of the fruits smelled really nice but didn’t taste nice. We had passion fruit, mango, lychees, pomegranate and some others. We filled in a worksheet for the things we liked and the things we didn’t. – Grace

I liked doing a new card game with Miss Jackie. We had to try to make a big number (3 digits) with the cards and if you got the biggest number you got to win all the cards. – Ava

It’s called war or risk! We also added 3 cards together. – Sadeer


Friday 13th of May

I liked putting lots of different ‘things’ into groups. We had to think of different ways to put them into groups. We worked well as a team because we thought of different groups that no other team had. – Katrine

I liked that too! – Ava

I liked when we dressed up as superheroes and I was ‘Super Old Lady!’ – Aurla

We dressed up for Reading is Braw. – Erin

We also went to work with Primary 6 and we made up our own superheroes. My one was called Super Girl! – Olivia

We were looking at different types of stories. There was a ‘horror table’, a ‘science fiction table’, ‘fantasy’ and ‘adventure’. We had to write lots of describing words for these types of stories. I think Superhero stories are fantasy stories because there is magic. – Matthew W

I liked when we made sum flowers. We had to write ‘1 less, 1 more, 10 less and 10 more’ on the flower. – Jacob


Friday 6th of May

Another busy and productive week in P2/3. We wrote the next part to our adventure stories, which was all about being chased through the rainforest, scary stuff! In reading we are practising reading with expression and summarising stories. Here are a few other things we have been up to this week…

This week we learned about the people who live in the rainforest. We saw a video where they made rubber from the trees. And they get medicine from the forest too. – Matthew S

I liked learning about what the people of the rainforest use and do. – Olivia

We made banners for our team tables. We needed to figure out a name for our team and we drew some pictures. – Ava

At my football BOSS club, I thought I always missed the goals. Then someone trained me and I got better and scored lots of goals! – Sadeer

Friday 29th April

I liked making the popcorn maths with Miss Jackie. We had to write a sum on a yellow piece of paper and scrunch it up like popcorn. We then got to practise the sums by opening up the popcorn and writing the answer on a whiteboard. – Erin

I liked when we went outside to go on a rainforest adventure. We were looking at a map that was filled with dangerous places that we would have to go through in a rainforest. For example we had to go passed the jaguar’s cave and through the sinking sand. – James

I liked when we went outside to draw with chalk and play on the trim trail. This was a class treat for getting all the pieces on Mrs Potato Head. – Matthew S

I liked P2s assembly. I liked the Little Red Riding Hood song. I was singing along! – Libby

I liked doing halves and quarters. We were colouring in the halves in different colours. – Jacob

I liked when we finished our class novel, ‘Fat Lawrence’ by Dick King Smith. It had a different ending from what we all expected. – Matthew W

Friday 22nd April

I liked making the spiders in maths because they were very fun and I made mines look like a tarantula. We had to put sums on all of the legs. – Aurla

I liked the talk from the ladies from Scottish Water. I learned that you shouldn’t leave your water running when you are brushing your teeth. – Olivia

I liked making our insects. We could choose which insect to do and we copied the insect from a book and we coloured it in with oil pastels. – Jacob

I liked when we had to guess which book belonged to each teacher. It was a competition for Reading Is Braw. –Bailey

I liked our new BOSS clubs. I was in the comic strips BOSS club and we got to make our own comics. The people who were running the club didn’t tell you what to do, you got to make it up yourself. –Nico

I liked doing fitness this week. I was doing running. Gym was good too, we were back in our Gym hall. We have been doing balancing this week, it’s a little bit like yoga. – Libby

I liked doing music with Miss White on Monday. We were making rainforest sounds in our groups with our hands and our bodies. – Erin

I liked doing a worksheet with my talking partner this week. It was about quarters and halves – Sadeer.

Friday 15th April 

Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break! This week…

I liked RIB (Reading Is Braw) because we got our lanyards. I can write the book that I am reading so that I can talk to other people about books. – Rudi

I liked when we coloured in a fish for our school’s RIB horse. Buddy’s mum helped us!– Sadeer

I liked doing my initials butterfly. We made the starting letter of our first name and our second names. We tried to line up in alphabetical order. – Erin

I like doing parent’s night. I liked playing the layers of the rainforest game with my family. – Katrine

I liked parent’s night, we could show our mums and dads what we have learned in P2/3. We could show them our artwork on the walls. – James

I liked parent’s night because all the grown ups came and I could show my mum and dad my ‘angry guy’. – Buddy

We got new talking partners this week! – Nico

Friday 18th March 2016

Primary 2/3 have really enjoyed Sports Relief week, we have all had so much fun! Thank you for all the donations. We watched a video from the Sports Relief website to see how the money will be used to help lots of children all over the world!

I liked Sports relief, dressing up, doing fitness every single day and the bake sale! – James

I liked doing the tough mudder! – Aurla

I got to do three belly slides in the mud! – Bailey

I liked getting all muddy. – Katrine


DSC00395 DSC00394 DSC00393 DSC00392

I liked making spinning chameleons because we got to paint them and put pins in them so that you can spin them and they change colour. – Olivia

I liked writing a report on a chameleon. – Matthew S

Friday 11th March 2016

I liked when we were drawing animals from the rainforest. We got a chance to play in the rainforest. – Rudi

I liked when we were doing the writing this week about Orangutans. We were writing what they ate and what they like to do.  – Bailey

I wrote about a sloth. Their diet is leaves and they live in the canopy layer of the rainforest. – James

I liked writing a report on a jaguar. – Ava

I like drawing my picture of a macaw. It lives in the canopy and the emergent layer. – Olivia

I liked doing maths. I did a pirate ship maths worksheet. We had to try and make a target number up to 18 when we already had one number. – Erin

We learned a new maths game called back to back. And you have to guess the other persons number. – Jacob

I liked Miss White came to tell us a story. Every Thursday a different teacher will come in and tell us a story as part of Reading is Braw. Next week it’s going to be Mr Baptie! – Nico

I liked learning football skills. A man came to do it with our class. We played a game where two people had to try and score a goal. – Libby




Friday 4th March 2016

I’ve liked learning about the rainforest. This week we have been learning about the different layers, and where the animals live. We looked at a slideshow and we learned actions for the layers. – Sadeer

I liked learning about the layers of the rainforest trees too. – Bailey

I liked doing our reports. I liked writing and learning about parts of the trees. – Ava.

I liked writing reports too. – Matthew S

On Tuesday we got to dress up because it was the launch of reading is braw. And we drew our own favourite book cover. – Olivia

We got to sit on a bucket like ‘Oor Willie’ and get our photos taken. – Grace (see slideshow below!)

Friday 6th February 2016

I liked learning about the rainforest, our new topic. We have been looking in books and finding out all about the rainforest. – Max

We have learned about the climate and the weather in the rainforests and where we live! – Jacob

We are writing reports now in writing. They are different to stories because we are writing about facts, they are real and we are not making them up. – Matthew S

I liked doing animal sorting. We had to sort animals into jungle and safari animals. – Amy

I liked doing spelling with Mrs Smail. We get magnetic boards and make words. – Libby

Mrs Smail asked us to make up a silly sentence using our spelling words. Off, cliff, here. We could win a prize for the silliest sentence and I won a special pencil! – Rudi

We went to QMU for gym. It was exciting! – Liam

 12th February 2016

I liked doing adding with tens this week. – Bailey

We learned about how to say the weather in French with Charlotte, our French assistant. I like singing the French weather song and it cools me down! – Olivia

The children in P2/3 have loved our Ancient Greece IDEA, which sadly has to come to an end now! I am sure they have been sharing with you all the weird and wonderful mythical creatures and Gods and Goddesses we have learned about along the way.

I liked learning about the Greek Gods and Goddessess and writing about them – Jacob

Mine was Hades, God of the underworld! – Jack

We did a ‘mini olympics’ event with Primary 3. We did races and then we all won an olive leaf crown. – Nico

We learned how to write our names using the Greek alphabet. – Erin

I liked the homework sheet this week about how to write numbers in Ancient Greek. – James

Our ‘River Path’ music workshops also came to an end this week, finishing with our spectacular show yesterday. Well done to all the performers and a huge thank you to everyone who made it along, and to Moira who led the workshops.  Don’t the animals from ‘Conker Bank’ look adorable?…

Oh, and Matthew W has a confession to make…

When no-one was looking I was a wee bit cheeky and I was sticking my tongue out to my Grandad! – Matthew W

the soaring eagles
the cute wee mice
the fierce black bears
the cheeky rabbits
the smelly skunks!

Friday 29th January 2016

Thank you to everyone who made it along to our literacy focussed ‘Come Learn with Me’ today! We had a good laugh making some new mythical creatures and writing WOW words to describe them. It was also interesting to think about, and hear about, how everyone uses literacy – listening, talking, reading and writing –  in their every day lives.

Writing WOW words
Discussing literacy

I liked when we were singing at the music workshop. We were singing about a river. I liked it when it was going fast and slow. – Katrine

I liked making a mythical creature with paper and folding it. So, one person drew the head and the other person drew the body. – Jacob

I liked come learn with me because we made another mythical creature and we could talk to the parents about what we are doing in literacy. We could ask how they use literacy and get ideas from them. – James

I liked doing my Ancient Greek vase, finishing the line patterns. – Sadeer

Friday 22nd January 2016

This week, we have been carrying on our Ancient Greek topic, we had a Scottish assembly, and of course, started our new BOSS clubs!…

I liked writing another story about Ancient Greece and meeting a mythical creature. My story was about a beautiful, lovely Pegasus. – Niamh

I liked doing our Ancient Greek vases. We had to make a pattern by looking at some examples from books and other vases. I think they look beautiful up on our wall in the classroom. I also liked my homework this week! – Olivia

I liked our Scottish assembly. We all put on tartan sashes and said our poem in Scots. – Matthew S

I liked learning new moves at the dance BOSS club because I did moves I didn’t know I could do! – Grace

I liked our new BOSS clubs because I was allowed to look at my Match Attax book at the Chillout BOSS club. – Nico

I liked doing my spelling test because I was trying to get 10 out of 10. – Sadeer

I like everything about school because it’s so fun! – Buddy (Buddy’s own words! I do hope lots of children feel this way about school!)

Friday 15th January 2016

We are now getting stuck into our Ancient Greece topic. We have looked at the Ancient Greek Temples, it was fun building our own class temple on this webpage:


Maybe you want to try it again at home?! We also started learning about Ancient Greek mythical creatures…

I liked learning about Ancient Greece, we’ve learned that they made Temples for their Gods and Goddess. We made our own temple on the internet. – Bailey

We learned about the acropolis and the Parthenon. The acropolis is a hill and the Parthenon is a temple on the hill. We made a paper Parthenon and there was questions inside it, we had to stick down the correct answer to the questions. – Nico

I liked learning about a Minataur, he has a face of a bull and the body of a man. – Aurla

I liked doing a picture for my story where I was to draw me finding something in an Ancient Greek Temple – a vase, a statue, or jewellery. It was fun. – Olivia


I liked colouring in our picture of what it feels like to be angry. – Sadeer

I liked doing measuring with Mrs Sim. We had workbooks and paper clips and we measured how many paperclips something was. We had pens to measure in  the book. – Ava

I liked playing a game where we had a bean bag and we had to knock over a basketball and make it roll onto the other team’s side. – Jacob

Friday 8th January 2016

Welcome back everyone, and ‘Bonne Année!’ What a great start to 2016 we have had…

I really liked doing P.E because it’s so fun. We are playing new team games and learning about good sportsman ship and ‘ladyship’. – Jack

Good sportsmanship means if you get tug, you have to be ‘he’. If you lose you’ve not to go in a huff. And we shake hands at the end. – Bailey

We don’t say to other people, ‘I won, you didn’t, ha ha!’ – James

I liked doing tricky maths sheets – Erin

Our new topic is Ancient Greece. I didn’t know anything about it but now I already know some things. – Nico

They played the first Olympic games. – Matthew W

Greece is very hot and we learned where to find it on a map. – Sadeer

Friday 18th December 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

We had a very busy and exciting last week at school filled with Christmas parties, singing in the community, our Christmas service and the Christmas panto!

Have a lovely holiday, filled with fun, love and kindness! See you all again when we come back in the new year on Tuesday 5th January.

Friday 11th December 2015

This week we have been doing all things Christmassy!…

I liked the Christmas show. We were singing Boogie Woogie Santa. – Nico

I was speaking! – Bailey

I liked hearing all the songs from all the classes at the rehearsal for the show. – Katrine

We have learned some new Christmas songs like ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ and ‘Hosanna Rock’. – Sadeer

We made pop-up Santas and Christmas cards on our Christmas craft morning.  – Ava

We made bird feeders with the P3s. – Olivia.

Friday 4th December 2015

This week…

Special assembly was this week.  Some people got certificates. I feel happy for them. – Sadeer

We decorated our classroom because it is now December – Jacob.

We made different colour patterns when we made paper chains. – Ava

We have a challenge every day for a Christmas act of Kindness. We have one on an advent calendar and one on a Santa’s beard. I liked cutting off part of Santa’s beard when the whole table has done the challenge. – Erin

One of the challenges was to smile at people – Buddy

Another challenge was to give a compliment to as many people as possible and to feed the birds. – Nico.

We made elf hats for our Christmas show. – Katrine

We read a story called ‘The Snow-globe Family’ about people living inside a snow-globe. We drew pictures and wrote a story about if we lived in a snow-globe. – Olivia

When we were doing maths it was tricky. We were adding hundreds and tens and units. It was hard at the start, but then when I started to know what to do, I got even better at it! – Grace

I enjoyed our spelling quiz. – Libby

Friday 27th November 2015

Recently, in Primary 2/3 we have been trying to reflect on our learning in a different way. We have met some new superhero characters and are discussing how we have been like these characters throughout the week:

Achieving Superhero – I am proud of what I do.

Have a Go Hero – I will have a go.

Fantastic Focus – I join in and concentrate.

Keep it up Captain – I keep trying.

Please click on the attachments below to read about some of our discussions from throughout November.




Friday 30th October 2015

This week…I liked when we wrote a story about a Halloween party. I met a ghost in my story and it was scary! – Katrine

I liked making place value robots. We had to make it with a one hundred square, tens sticks and unit cubes. Then we wrote the number for our robot. – Erin.

I love fitness Friday. Today I learned to throw the rugby ball. I have also learned about division this week, it is like putting things into groups. – Nico

At fitness Friday I found it hard to keep running around the park. Next time I could go a bit slower to pace myself. We have been talking about stamina and pacing ourselves when we do P.E. – Aurla

At fitness Friday today I found skipping difficult, but I kept trying and I got better. – Matthew W

I got better at football at the football BOSS club. – Sadeer

We have also started looking at nature art this week. Please check out the slideshow below…


Friday 2nd October 2015

What have you enjoyed learning this week?

I liked when my friends are happy. – Aurla

I liked doing our assembly, it was exciting! – Katrine

It was all about Hansel and Gretel, we told two stories: a healthy and an unhealthy one. – Grace

We sang the ‘apples and bananas’ song. – Erin

In maths we have been learning about tens and units. – Jack

I liked doing the maths quiz, when we practise doing speed sums. – Matthew S

And we’ve been learning about time – o’clock. And there’s 60 minutes in an hour! – Jacob

We’ve been doing half past, quarter past, and quarter to as well. – Max

In writing, I enjoyed making up a new ending for the Hansel and Gretel story. – Matthew W

Friday 25th of September 2015

What have you enjoyed learning this week?

“I enjoyed making collage vegetable houses.” – Aurla

“I enjoyed singing practice with Mrs Taylor, and learning new songs with the P3s.” – Jacob

“I liked doing the lego men, working in a team with James. We agreed on every colour each of us chose.” – Matthew W

“I liked going the lego girl too. We were learning to work as a team.” – Amy

“It was hard to make the lego man the same as my partner when we were working together.” – Sadeer

“I like ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class) time because I like reading ‘Mixed up Fairytales’, because it’s funny.” – Jack

“I liked ‘Thoughtful Thursday’. We do a morning starter every day and there’s a different subject for each day, for example ‘Maths Monday’ and ‘Word Wednesday’. And I liked lining up in our new lines, by our house teams.” – Nico

“On ‘Word Wednesday ‘we had to try to make words out of the letters on the board.” – Bailey

What about maths, what have we been learning in maths?

“I liked doing maths flashcards.” – Sadeer

“I like the new game we learned, ‘Odd and Even tag’”. – Matthew W

“I liked  doing the speed sums worksheet.” – Ava

Have you found anything difficult this week, and tried really hard to ‘grow your brain’?

“We played Kim’s game, where there are a few objects in front of us, and someone takes one away and you have to remember which one has been taken. It got really difficult when we started taking two objects away. It’s good for your memory.” – Nico

“I’ve learned how to spell ‘children’ and ‘before’. I didn’t know that last week!” – Sadeer

“It has been hard to practise our assembly words.” – Ava


Friday 11th of September 2015

This week we had a visitor from the SSPCA who was telling us all about her job helping sick or injured animals. She taught us a lot about the ways in which the SSPCA help animals, and even let some of us try on some of the equipment she uses in her job…


“I liked topic work, when we were learning to put foods into the right food group. We made ‘food group mobiles’. The P7s helped us.” – Matthew W

“In writing we drew a picture of being lost in the woods. We had to use our imagination and think of our own unique ideas.” – Nico

“I liked P.E. playing and doing ‘tunnel-tig’ with Mr Barrie.” – Jack

“At story time we read a book about Super Heroes. I liked learning about Super Heroes.” – Niamh

“I liked learning about food groups.” – Max

“Mr Barrie gave us loads of fun in P.E.” – Sadeer

“I liked learning about time and playing games about time.” – Bailey


Friday 4th of September 2015

We’ve had a very busy week this week…

“We have learned about Hansel and Gretel. We have been talking about what was the same and what was different in different versions of the story.” – Amy

“I liked learning about Roald Dahl, how many books he has written and what they’re called.” – Nico

“I liked making the gingerbread houses with paint, we made lots of patterns like the house was covered in sweeties.” – Erin

“I liked learning about superheros. We made pictures  and wrote about our own superhero strengths.”  – Olivia

“In reading we are learning about different questions, like why, what and where?” – Aurla

“I likes playing games on the computer about the 100 square.” – Sadeer

“I have enjoyed making new friends.” – James

At assembly, we have been talking about what it means to ‘fail’ at a task, and how ‘failing’, is just a First Attempt In Learning. So, we also discussed the things that we still need more practise at, the things that we don’t know YET!

“I thought the spelling quiz was tricky.”– Libby

“I thought the Hansel and Gretel wordsearch was tricky. There was different ones we could choose from, the ‘spicy’ one was the trickiest!” – Ava

9 thoughts on “P2/3”

  1. What a Happy class photo P2/3, lots of smiley faces!!! Hansel and Gretel was one of my favourite stories at school. Have fun! – Baileys Mum.

  2. Its great to read all the fun things P2/3 have been up to. I know it was a while back but well done with your assembly. It was amazing… we loved your aples and bananaes song! Keep up the good work. Libby’s Mummy.

  3. I loved the river path performance last week. I was so impressed that everyone put together such a brilliant show in such a short space of time. The musical accompaniment was excellent and everyone managed to concentrate on playing their parts in front of the audience. I really enjoyed watching it and it looked like you guys enjoyed it too.

  4. Hi P2/3, thank you very much for letting me come with you to Dynamic Earth. I had a great time & I hope you all did too. A big thank you also to Ava, Max & Grace for the lovely cards you made me.

  5. Hi everyone, Olivia has been telling me all about school sports day, sounds like you all had great fun and enjoyed a nice ice lolly to finish!

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