P3 2016-2017

Friday 9th June

Well done to everybody for completing the SYPS Muddy Mudder!

We wrote adventure stories based on the film ‘The Catch’ and included exciting openings and character descriptions.

We had the nursery assembly!

We learned about a famous orchestra from Venezuela and looked at the different instruments you might find in an orchestra.

In cooperative learning we have been practising taking turns. We made jigsaw puzzles in our teams.

We’ve started having ‘Special Time’ at the end of the day where we can gain/lose minutes of free play.

Friday 2nd June

This week we have been learning some new songs and games.

We have been looking at the features of adventure stories and wrote exciting openings to our stories.

We made posters to tell people how to look after their teeth.

We started our decade study for the schools 20th anniversary. We are going to be looking at the years 2000-2010 or ‘The Noughties’.

We learned some Roman Numerals.

We learned how to calculate the area of a shape by counting the squares.

We practised using our quiet voices in cooperative learning.

We can’t wait for the school fair!

Friday 26th May

This week we wrote recipes for noodles on the computers!

We have working together champions to spot people who are working well with others.

We made food chains.

We practise crossing the road safely.

We made 4 way symmetrical shape patterns.

We finished our hirameki pictures.

We picked our new BOSS clubs!

We got certificates and goodies from RBS Moneysense for being involved in a workshop about using our money.

Friday 19th May

This week we have been learning about local food and food that has been imported. We create healthy balanced meals with zero food miles!

We wrote imaginative instructions for ‘How to fix a tractor’. There were lots of wacky ideas!

We have starting learning the 3 and 4 times tables.

We watch a FANASTIC assembly by P1 – well done for an awesome show!

We made Hirameki art.

We learned the story of The Good Samaritan and we discussed what we could do to be friends to people we may not know so well in the playground.

Friday 5th May

An update on our plants growing in the classroom – the chives are slowly starting to appear and the radish plants are looking very happy!

We watched an AMAZING assembly by P4 – Well done!

We did a drama workshop and practised being clowns!

We have compared towns and farms.

We watched a short film called Farmer Dan and wrote a recount of the events from the story using sequence words.

We listened to a story called ‘The Best Musician’ and drew and wrote about what we found joyful.

We starting designing our farms.

Friday 28th April

On Tuesday we had a super exciting trip to the Hirsel farm! We cooked soda bread and kale soup. We saw baby ducklings and a baby calf that was 1 day old! We saw a swan sitting on it’s nest. We saw swallows that had flown all the way from Africa. We looked at the seedlings in the field and compared different seeds.

In school we planted seeds to grow cress, radishes and chives.

This week in maths we have been learning about rounding numbers to the nearest ten and measuring the weight of ingredients.

We talked about keeping our minds and bodies healthy.

We learned about what fruit we like in French and learned a song.

We did some creative art in the style of Hirameki, drawing what you see.

We wrote instructions for how to plant a seed.

We’ve got new BOSS clubs!

Friday 21st April

We hope you all have a fun and restful Easter Holidays!

We have has a very busy first week back at school. We went to the P3 Musselburgh football festival at Pinkie on Tuesday and did lots and lots of super exercise!

We had a taster lesson in Judo which was super fun! We got to wrestle!

We made birds nests out of natural materials.

We learned about Rama and Sita and made Rangoli patterns.

We wrote recipes for vegetable soup

We measured items in the classroom using a ruler and a metre stick.

We made 2D shape patterns.

We explored what plants need to grow.

Next week we have our trip to The Hirsel on Tuesday! Please remember to bring:

  • A packed lunch, snack and water
  • Warm and weatherproof outdoor clothes
  • Indoor gym shoes

Friday 31st March

Well done to everyone who participated in the Easter Bonnet Walk, it was fantastic to see so many creative hats!

Congratulations to all pupils who received a certificate at today’s Special Assembly. Very well done for all your hard work!

We have discovered a fantastic ‘Pyramid Challenge’ game. Try it at home, type ‘BBC History Pyramid Challenge’ into Google.

We’ve made Ancient Egypt information leaflets this week.

We had a visit from Farm to Fork who let us taste different milks, talked about sugar content in food and we made (and ate!) muesli!


P3 Football Festival on Wednesday 19th April 9.00-12.30. Please wear a school jumper, comfortable trousers and trainers for wearing outside. No football strips please.

P3 visit to the Hirsel Farm on Tuesday 25th April 9.00-3.30. Please wear suitable clothes for being outside and bring a pack lunch. Please note we will be arriving back to school AFTER the bell.

And finally have a fantastic Easter Holiday!

Friday 24th March

IDEA – We made Ancient Egyptian papyrus paper to write hieroglyphics on. We also mummified apples!

Numeracy – We made time stories and solved time word problems. We also started learning about quarter past times.

Literacy – We wrote diary entries based on the film ‘The Egyptian Pyramids’.

Child led parents evening – Thank you all for coming to parents night, it was great to see all the class show off their hard work!

PE – we learned how to play a new game: benchball!

Red Nose Day – Lots of fantastic pjs today!

We will be visiting the book fair again on Monday!

Friday 10th March

This week we made pyramids! We also made Ancient Egyptian necklaces. We wrote fact files about Ancient Egypt.

We discussed the emergency services and how important it is only to contact them in an emergency.

We had football lessons on Tuesday. Next Tuesday we will hopefully be outside depending on weather so please bring appropriate clothes.

We’ve been talking about time and the likelihood of events happening.

Friday 3rd March

This week we have learned how to write our names in hieroglyphics! We’ve learned about farming in Ancient Egypt.

We watched a short film about Tadeo Jones and his adventure in the pyramids and wrote diary entries describing it and using adverbs.

We made treasure island maps to practise compass points and grid references. We learned how to give directions using quarter and half turns and turning clockwise and anticlockwise.

We learned how to sing Happy Birthday in French.

We’ve hit birthday season in P3 so Happy Birthday to everyone who’s birthday is coming up soon!

Friday 24th February

This week we have started our new topic, Ancient Egypt! We made posters to advertise Egypt and create a Venn diagram about the similarities and differences to Scotland. We also drew a map of Egypt and found where it is on the world map.

We have examined compasses and grid references using maps of Musselburgh and the world.

We have had much excited as in our next door classroom there have been chicks! We can heard them tweet from P3!

In numeracy we have been working out halves of numbers.

We had a chat about Growth Mindset and made our own learning pits that are unique to us.

In RME with Miss Herkes we made posters about our values.

Friday 3rd February

This week has been science week! We had a show on Monday all about forces which was amazing. We had a science afternoon where we took part in lots of sciences activities.

We have also been learning about Chinese New Year. We saw a panorama of the Great Wall of China and wrote diary entries imagining that we were there.

We have started our 2x table.

We have been practising using a dictionary and exclamation marks.

Have a good weekend!

Friday 27th January

This week we have been learning all about Robert Burns. We have learned about his life, listened to Scottish poems, written letters about him, sang Auld Lang Syne and even tasted haggis! On Thursday we went to p1/2’s assembly, it was incredible!

We have made a Beebot Ville city to practise giving and receiving directions. We have been learning about the months of the year in French.

We have started using Nessy everyday which is a computer programme that will help us with our reading and writing.

We have started our new boss clubs too!

Friday 20th January

This week we celebrated Martin Luther King day.

We made Martin Luther King fact files. We made I have a dream mobiles and wrote stories about our dreams to make the world a better place.

We made doves of peace using pointillism.

With Miss Herkes we are learning about religions around the world.

In French we’ve been learning about the weather and played Simon Dit.

Next week is Robert Burns week and remember to learn your Scottish poem! I hope your significant person project is going well!

Friday 13th January 2017

Happy New Year!

This week we have started our new topic: Celebrations!

We have learned about Epiphany and we put the story together of the Wise Men visiting Jesus.

In Numeracy we have been sharing items into equal groups.

After talking about New Year and making our New Year resolutions, we made amazing firework pictures using glue, salt and watery paint.

In Literacy we looked at a panoramic picture of New York on New Years Eve and thought about what we could see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Then we wrote letters home describing what it was like. We have also be learning about when we can use exclamation marks.

In maths we met Charlie the Crocodile who likes eating big numbers and learned the new symbol < >

We learned how to play Simon Says in French!

We have started our Golden Folder, we done to those who have been put in it first! Keep up the acts of kindness!

Friday 9th December

We are feeling festive in Primary 3! We put up our Christmas tree and have been practising lots for the show on Monday!

We made special art for the show and we had the dress rehearsal.

We have been planning and preparing for filming our Elfster advert in groups.

We have been learning some Scottish dances in PE.

” We hope you like our show! ” Sarah

” We are excited and we hope you are too! ” Libby

Friday 2nd December

We have had a busy week preparing for the Christmas show on Monday 12th December!

Please bring in your costumes next week if you haven’t done so already!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Friday 25th November

This week we have been making money pyramids.

We have written stories based on the film ‘Adrift’ and lots of people got positive referrals (well done!!)

We have been practising using rulers and drawing straight lines. We practised this is art and maths making tally charts.

We did a dance workshop on Giraffes Can’t Dance and we learned how to dance the waltz, tango and cha cha.

We did speed book interviewing about our favourite books.

Friday 18th November

Today we started our new BOSS clubs and we had so much fun! Thank you P7!

It has also been Children in Need day and we all dressed up fabulously in spots! We took part in lots of fun activities!

We had our stall at the Christmas Fair last night and we made £46.53, thank you very much to our mums and dads for buying our crafts! We will decide next week where the money will go. We have worked so hard this week preparing for the Christmas fair and Miss White is so proud of Elfster Ltd and it’s employees!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week at parents night!

Friday 11th November

This week we have started making our crafts for the Christmas fair.

In numeracy we have been practising adding 3 numbers together and we have looked at making bar charts.

We wrote stories about the adventures of the Unsinkable boat!

We learned about being positive and wrote in our reflection journals about something that we were really proud of in school this week.

We learned how to say numbers to 50 in French.

We started completing our All About Me booklets.

We were learning about the job of the neurons in the brain and how they send messages like little speedy postmen!

Friday 4th November

Well done to all those who participated in the pumpkin parade, wow they were amazing!

In our IDEA we are thinking of what we can make and sell for the Christmas Fair and we have made a logo and name for our company. We applied to our chosen jobs and congratulations everyone got the job they wanted!

We wrote amazing fantasy stories based on an interesting picture we examined.

We talked about the brain and the different parts of it and how it is like a sponge.

We have been learning how to calculate the missing number in addition sums.

We’ve learned how to say our feelings in French.

We made piggy banks and tally charts in maths.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday 28th October

We hope you had a great holiday!

This week we have started our new IDEA. We are starting a business enterprise. We have learned about the different kinds of jobs you can do, the roles in a business and have brainstormed ideas for our product we will be making and selling for Christmas. We have completed the first section of our business plan.

We have been learning about connectives and have written our own ending to the story ‘Once in a Lifetime’.

We have been learning how to find the difference between 2 numbers.

We have draw pictures of what we think is in our brains.

We have learned how to say the weather in French.

On Monday we have the pumpkin parade, look forward to seeing your creations!

Friday 14th October

This week we have been doing some art based on the pictures of Maia Walczak. We have done lots of co-operative learning practising the skill of using quiet voices. We completed an Under the Sea quiz and wrote an imaginative story based on the Magic School bus’s adventure under the sea.

Wishing you all a fantastic and restful October holiday!

Friday 7th October

This week we have learned about some fishing techniques from around the world. We know all about how to catch a shark in Africa and Ice Fishing in the Artic! We have written descriptions of our own Magic Beach based on the story and have labelled diagrams of fish. We made posters showing ways we can look after the sea and drew detailed pencil drawings of shells.

Next week there are lots of exciting things happening:

Tuesday 11th morning – Calendar photographs will be taken. Our month is January and our theme is Scottish. If you have Scottish themed clothes/items could you please bring them in on Monday or Tuesday. If not your blue t-shirt from the assembly would be great. Please no football or rugby strips. Thank you.

Tuesday 11th afternoon – trip to the beach! Please make sure you are dressed appropriately for any weather. Fingers crossed it’ll be dry!

Friday 14th October – Special Assembly at 9:15am

Friday 30th September

A very huge CONGRATULATIONS to Primary 3 for the most AMAZING, FANTASTIC, MAGNIFICENT ASSEMBLY EVER! Well done! We have worked so hard on it and all your hard work really paid off!

Parents – Miss White has a recording and will show it at child led parents night. We watched it today and it was great!

Have a super restful weekend, you all deserve it!

Friday 23rd September

This week we have been working on our assembly which is NEXT THURSDAY 29TH. It’s going to be awesome, we are really looking forward to sharing it with our families. What will happen in the assembly is top secret !

We have been practising using a range of strategies to help with our addition and subtraction and we have looked at the properties of 2D shapes, finding shapes in our everyday environment.

We had a very fun visit from the Scottish SPCA who taught us to be very careful around wild animals and showed us lots of cute pictures of baby animals!

On Friday we talked about when we feel angry and what this does to our brain. We have made a list of strategies we can use to help calm us down and stop us ‘flipping our lids’ and reacting with fight, fright or freeze responses.

We have also started on our ‘Ladder of Success’. We will move up a step each time we use a quiet voice and there are lots of certificates to be achieved!

Have a good weekend and see you on Thursday 🙂

Friday 9th September

This week we made a giant Roly-Poly bird! We thought of another Secret Plan and Clever Trick that the Enormous Crocodile could do. We watched a documentary about Roald Dahl books and tested our knowledge. We remembered 15 Roald Dahl books!

We had a visitor from the Dogs Trust and we learned about senses.

We had a visit from the Transport Police who taught us how to be safe near trains.

We have been practising putting numbers in order from the smallest to the biggest.

We are really looking forward to Roald Dahl day and dressing up as our favourite characters! Miss White can’t wait to see all your costumes! She is getting hers prepared too!

Friday 2nd September

This week we have been finding out about the Roly-Poly bird and realised that this character appears in several Roald Dahl books! We have been thinking of adjectives to describe the Roly-Poly bird in its natural habitat. We wrote stories introducing this creature.

We finished our crocodile traps. We wrote and drew a diagram of them and shared this with the class. We also found out some facts about crocodiles.

We have been learning some interesting facts about Roald Dahl who hung his diary on a branch of a conker tree high up so that his sisters couldn’t read it!

We started our new reading books.

We have been learning about place value and tens and units.

We went to the library for the first time in P3!

Friday 26th August

This week we have started learning all about the Enormous Crocodile. We designed and made models of crocodile traps. We drew pictures of the characters and made character profiles. We made ‘Wanted’ posters to help catch the crocodile. We even thought of amazing adjectives to describe the vicious crocodile! We learned at new song called ‘Never smile at a crocodile’ – ask us to sing it at home!

We create team names using cool adjectives. We started looking at joined up handwriting.

On Tuesday we took part in a super fun Olympic workshop and we did lots of different sports activities.

Friday 19th August – Our first ever P3 blog!

Welcome to Primary 3! Miss White is so excited to have such a lovely class and we’re ready to starting learning some fun stuff!

This week we have been getting to know each other and our new classroom. We had a treasure hunt to find classroom equipment. We made fish for our class wall. We played some maths games using the cards. We made a P3 time capsule that we will open on the last day of P3 – far away! We also made our class contract with our rules. We are going to try our best to:

  • try our best
  • be kind to each other
  • listen and look to who is speaking
  • follow instructions
  • help each other
  • ask for help when we need it.

We made ‘me in a bag’ and drew all the things we would have in a bag to represent us.

“I am looking forward to writing stories” Louise

“I am looking forward to going to the library” Innes T

“I am looking forward to doing cursive writing” Aurla

“I am looking forward to doing more art and everything” Buddy

Miss White is really looking forward to getting to know this super class and having a really exciting year!

Our School