Friday 1st July

We really enjoyed P7 assembly today!

We’ve had such a fun last week of school. We watched Aladdin, we had a super quiz of football, healthy eating and French, well done to Ebie and Rockin Ruby and Awesome Angelina for winning! We had a fun afternoon and went outside to play some games. We did a book hunt with P6 and lots of other fun things!

Miss White thanks you all for being a fabulous class this year, I had great fun teaching you and I hope you did too! I wish you a happy and healthy summer – remember those early nights and vegetables! Good luck in Primary 4 – you’re all ready for it! Happy Summer Holidays!

Friday 24th June

This week we learned a new song for the Riding of the Marches’ The Jolly Herring’, we performed it at the exhibition and in front of all the principles who came to visit us.

We loved showing our guests our Riding of the Marches work. We finished our floats with Mrs Fraser. We used our imagination to created images out of doodles. We chose a genre and wrote stories based on that genre.

“I liked when we wrote our stories” Sophie

“I liked when we did the exhibition” Connor

“I liked it when the principles came” Layla R

Friday 17th June

This week we have been doing art to submit for the Riding of the Marches art competition. They are all looking fabulous! We have made maps of Musselburgh with 3D buildings. We look forward to showing you everything we have done next Tuesday afternoon.

We had our disco and we had lots of fun!

We learned a new song called ‘The Jolly Herring’.

We’ve been making floats with Mrs Fraser.

In maths we met Charlie the Crocodile who likes eating big numbers to learn greater than >, less than < and equal to =.

We’ve been practising calculating change with money and have tried out the calculators.

We met an amazing author Pamela Butchart who was very funny and we made up a story using a packet of crisps!

Vendredi dixieme de Juin

On Monday we talked about persuasive sentences to encourage people to come to the Riding of the Marches

On Tuesday we met a new member of our class, Nog from Planet Bong! He only speaks French so we need to keep practising! We made posters for the Riding of the Marches.

On Wednesday we had sports day! We took part in lots of potted sports in our house teams. We did some races and everyone did very well! Well done Chris and Rudi for coming first!

On Thursday learned about transport in French and genres of books. We learned a new song at assembly called ‘Lean On Me’.

On Friday we had our house football matches, Rocking Romans won! Miss White was very impressed with everyone’s football skills, well done! We also had special assembly, a big congratulations to Evie, Rudi and Murray who all got a certificate!

“I liked doing sports day because we got to do different things.” Zoe

“I liked starting our art projects on the Riding of the Marches” Sophie

“I liked sports day because in the race I came second” Ruby

“I liked when we did javelin because I threw the javelin stick very far.” Connor

“I liked meeting Nog because the box had weird stuff in it and the stuff looked cool” Murray

Friday 3rd June

On Monday we had a visit from the Town Champion. We got to try on his helmet and we felt how heavy his armour gloves were. We learned so many interesting things about his job in the Riding of the Marches

On Tuesday we started making models of the famous landmarks in Musselburgh. We’ve made the Brunton Theatre, the golf course, the race course, the harbour and the high street. We had a super handwriting practice and everyone did their best! Well done!

On Wednesday we went on a trip to The Brunton Theatre to see an opera called The Little Town of Never Weary. We fixed the town which was falling to pieces and we got to makes things.

“It was fabulous because we got to make tiles for the roof” Scott

“It was really funny when the baker came on” Calvin

On Thursday we finished our models, practised our French conversations and watched a fabulous P4 assembly all about friendship!

On Friday we had fitness Friday and we started house football tournaments.

Friday 27th May

This week we started our new IDEA: The Riding of the Marches. We learned about the key people in the Riding of the Marches and made pictures of them. The Town Champion, The Squire, Turf Cutter, Town Crier, Halberdier.

We had our class treat from winning the class star award in April. We watched Rio 2.

We discussion what Religion was like: a jigsaw puzzle of different beliefs and values. We made our own puzzle, we had a piece each to decorate with what makes us us.

We learned the second half of Reach for the Stars.

We got our wrist bands for Reading is Braw.

Friday 20th May

On Monday we learned about smog and how it is important to try to walk to school every day if we can.

On Tuesday we dressed up as an animal and we learned about the emergency services, we wrote a report about a piece of transport and we drew pictures of an emergency transport.

On Wednesday we had a special visit from Mr White who showed us his caravan. We then got to draw our own caravan. “I loved making the caravans and mine turned into a transformer.” (Calvin) We learned a new sport called lacrosse. In French we learned transport words.

On Thursday we had bedtime stories where we got to dress in our pjs all day and then get milk and cookies! We filled in our applications to be a junior flight attendant, they are now submitted to the airport! Good luck everyone!

On Friday we had fitness Friday and Boss clubs!

“I liked doing spelling and maths because it was mixed up maths.” Zoe

“I liked seeing the caravan Mr White built.” Scott

“We did bedtime stories and I loved it!!!!!” Fraser

“I really liked designing our own caravans because it was really fun.” Ruby

Friday 13th May

This week we had a Science Week in P3 and we have been learning all about electricity. We learned about being safe with electricity and we made electrical circuits. It was tricky to make the circuits but we got to experiment with wires, buzzers, fans, light bulbs and most importantly batteries.

We made posters to warn people of the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe and we put them up around the school.

In assembly we learned more of ‘Reach for the Stars’ and we haven’t been able to get it out of our heads!

On Friday we had superhero day for Reading is Braw, we got to dress up and create our own superheroes with the P7s.

Friday 6th May

This week we learned a new song in assembly, it’s called ‘Reach for the Stars’!

We had great fun making streamlined zoomers in art and then going outside and testing them. It was very funny when the wind zoomed them away into the nursery!

“I liked drama because we made short plays about Tom and his journey to work on the Innocent Railway” Ruby

We wrote about Tim Peake and we had some very interesting facts.

We had lots of fun doing athletics in PE.

We were learning about being careful in the classroom and being aware of hazards and how to avoid risks and accidents. We are getting very good at crossing our playground road!

Friday 29th April

We have been learning about the adventures of Tim Peake the astronaut. We are going to be writing reports on his trip into space.

We had a special assembly, well done Connor, Libby and Chris for getting certificates!

We made rockets in Art and we thought of different jobs people could do on transport.

We had so many birthdays this week, Happy Birthday!

We invited our parents into our class for Come Learn with us. We made fortune tellers to ask our parents how they use numeracy at work and at home. Then we played lots of card games!

Have a super long weekend!

Friday 22nd April

This week we have started learning about fractions and time.

We’ve started some super cool new BOSS clubs.

We had our first assembly as a whole school back in our gym hall!

We finished our bicycle art works.

We were thinking about our values in RME.

We were creating pieces of drama about the Innocent Railway.

We practiced our spelling words on Word and changed the font, size and colour.

“I liked doing road safety in Health and Wellbeing.” Ruby

“I liked going to my BOSS club because someone said a funny joke.” Fraser

Friday 15th April

Last night we welcomed our parents into our classroom and showed them what we have been doing in P3.

“I liked showing my mum and dad the forces we have learned” Eve

We have started doing PE with Mr Barrie and had lots of fun playing handball! We have also had football training.

We did some drama where we had to create a machine out of making different movements and sounds.

We did some music with Mrs Roberts and we learned two new songs.

” I liked doing my spelling and my maths.” Ben L

“I’ve liked doing the football lessons.” Fraser

We also got our Reading is Braw lanyards!! Our first prize!

“I’ve enjoyed reading books that I’ve really really liked.” Calvin

Friday 11th March

This week we’ve been practicing our school song ‘Count on Me’. On Thursday we had some super fun football lessons!

With Mrs Fraser we have been learning about forces and we learned push and pull by rolling balls to each other. We also made some colourful pictures using 3-4 colours.

We learned all about the Innocent Railway which went under Arthur’s Seat and is now a cycle path.

Next week we are doing Sports Relief. We can come to school in fitness clothes every day and we are going to do lots of fun activities!

Friday 4th March

This week we had our class assembly! It was all about Ancient Greek gods and we got to dress up as gods. “It was the best assembly ever!” Ben F. We did some role play in the assembly and we sung a cool song. Miss White was very proud of everybody!

On Tuesday we had the launch of Reading is Braw. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and read books along our corridor. We had biscuits at the end of the day whilst we read a story with some other classes.

We went to QMU for PE and it was amazing!

Today we got new table teams to start our Transport projects!

Friday 26th February

This week we have started practicing for our class assembly and we are very excited about it but we’ll keep it a surprise!

We have written poems about the Sound Collector coming to school and have learned all about onomatopoeia.

On Tuesday we went to QMU to do PE, it was very exciting! We have started our 50-a-day challenge where we have to do something every day that makes us out of breath for 50 counts.

We found out about the new project ‘Reading is Braw’ were we have to do extra reading to win super prizes!

“I really enjoyed numeracy this week” Angelina

“I really enjoyed going to QMU because the gym hall was massive!” Scott

“I really enjoyed getting new reading books” Layla

“I really enjoyed making our new class contract!” Ruby

Friday 12th February

On Monday we had a practice for our River Path show. On Tuesday we visited the P4 exhibition and had so much fun learning about their IDEA ‘Superheroes’. We also had our mini Olympics where we had running races and won our leaf crowns! On Wednesday we finished off our chariots and we did a puppet show. Thursday was a very special day because we did our show!

“I liked the songs we did” Evie

“I liked it when people came to watch us” Faris

“I liked it when everyone was telling their stories” Ruby

“I liked it when we got to play instruments” Cerys.

Thank you very much for coming to watch us! – Layla R

This week we got our new special free writing diaries in which we can write anything we like and we can share them with Miss White. We like how we get to decorate them in whichever way we like.

“Instead of keeping all the stuff in your head we can just write them down now!” Rudi

Friday 5th February

On Monday we had a ‘crafternoon’ with P2/3 and celebrated our learning in Ancient Greece by making different Greek crafts. We made medusa heads, protective eyes and Olympic headbands.

On Tuesday we continued watching a bit of Hercules. We talking about presentation skills and introduced our new word of the week: effort.

On Wednesday we continued working on our chariots and worked with money. In drama we made different twists to well known fairy tales.

On Thursday we worked on our River Path show and we are really excited about presenting it next Thursday! We finished our superhero stories and completed a measurement challenge.

Today we have had lots of fun in boss clubs and shared our Ancient Greek character presentations. Miss White thought they were absolutely fabulous and was super impressed with all the effort that was put into them!

Friday 29th January

A big thank you to all our parents and grandparents who came to our come learn today! We loved sharing what we’re doing in class and hearing how you use literacy every day.

This week we’ve made chariots with Mrs Fraser. We got a special show from P5 which we loved! We learned about the difference between non-fiction and fiction books.

We had some fun pretending to be children in Ancient Greece and we thought it was quite strange that the girls had to stay at home whilst the boys went to school!

Our word of the week has been ‘co-operate’ and we’ve been thinking about times when we’ve needed to co-operate with one another and how to be successful at this.

We started work on a very exciting musical show we will be performing in 2 weeks! We chose the animals we are going to be and started learning a song!


Friday 22st January

This week we really enjoyed our Scottish Assembly. We learned a poem called ‘Elephant’ by JK Annand and the three finalists read it out at assembly. Well done Ruby, Calvin and Layla F!

“I really enjoyed designing the Ancient Greek temples. We needed to follow instructions and make sure that we followed the measurements.” Chris

“I really enjoying making the table names of Ancient Greek gods.” Eve

“I enjoyed doing the maths test.” Peter

“I enjoyed the lunch,” Faris

“I enjoyed playing with my friends at break.” Ben F

“I challenged myself by doing the hot task and I normally do the mild.” Evie

“I liked writing stories about my superhero.” Cerys

“I enjoyed doing reading.” Angelina

“This week I enjoyed learning the ‘skyscraper wean’ song.” Ruby

We are looking forward to our ‘Come Learn’ next Friday!

Friday 15th January

This week we drew patterns on Ancient Greek vases and we finished our Greek house. We learned about the Ancient Olympics and compared the Ancient and modern day Olympics.

We made a giant class brain because we were learning about how the brain works when we learn new things and the job of the neurons to help us. Our word of the week was determination and we’ve been talking a lot about how we show determination.

In PE we’ve been working on our team work and decision making skills in our hula hoop game and practising our throwing and catching skills.

In maths we have been measuring and making waistcoats out of paper!

In music we’ve been learning a new rhythm and we’ll need to practise it lots!

In French we now know lots of colours!

Friday 8th January 2016

Happy New Year!

Our new topic is Ancient Greece and we’ve started learning about the Gods and how the Greeks and Spartans were always fighting each other. We learned that the participants in the Olympics wore no clothes only olive oil! We started making an ancient Greek house  for our new friends Apollo and Persephone who are named after Greek gods. We looked at where Greece was on a map and made some Greek patterns.

We have been drawing pictures of what we think our brain looks like to find out what happens when we are showing determination to learn new things.

In reading we were looking at words that we didn’t know and guessing what they meant. In PE we enjoyed a game of traffic lights and focussed on working in a team, we played an amazing game with hoops and bean bags!

We are looking forward to learning about the Olympics next week and getting to know Apollo and Persephone better.

“I’m looking forward to everything about Greece!” Cerys

Friday 18th December

This week we have been very busy! On Monday we went to QMU and sang Christmas carols and we enjoyed singing to other people. On Tuesday we really enjoyed our Christmas party, playing games and boogying! We made Christmas cards for the people who help us and delivered them. On Thursday we watched the panto and we really liked the songs and the happy ending. We have also made Christmas cookies this week!

P3 wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Friday 11th December

This week we have been practising a lot for our Christmas show! We have also been practising our songs for when we visit QMU next week. We’ve had our Christmas dinner which was very yummy!

“I liked when we were singing in the Christmas show” Chris

“I like making the headbands and necklaces for our costumes” Zoe

“I liked the Christmas show and the Christmas dinner. It was yummy!” Fraser

“I liked learning the actions for the song” Sophie

“I’ve liked cutting our acts of kindness off Santa’s beard. Today I have to tell my parents about a happy memory with them.” Cerys

“I liked making bird feeders.” Murray

“I liked making the rangoli patterns with Mrs Fraser outside” Cavlin

“I liked painting the tea lights with Mrs Fraser” Layla F

Friday 4th December

This week we have really enjoyed learning about Diwali with Mrs Fraser. We got to taste food and we made candles. We started our new IDEA ‘A Kind Christmas’ and we opened the first few days of our kind acts Christmas calendar. We’ve picked up litter, wrote cards for special people in our lives, given complements and smiled and as many people as we can.

” I liked making the snowflakes. We wrote something about somebody who has done something kind to you and we put it on our Christmas kindness tree.” Layla R

” I like writing the acrostic poems” Zoe

“I liked dancing for fitness Friday” Jamie

“I liked when we got to sing Hosanna Rock to P2/3, P4 and P4/5” Calvin

“I liked the reading task this week when we had to write about what we found scary, sad or funny” Ben F

“I liked making the kindness T chart when we talked about what kindness looks, sounds and feels like” Murray

“I liked painting the kindness tree” Layla F

“I liked it when we wrote in our reflection journals about what we had been learning this week” Cerys

“I like what we’ve been doing in maths this week. Adding 3 numbers” Sophie

“I enjoyed learning the months of the year” Libby

Friday 27th November

Today we put on an exhibition for P2/3 to tell them all about our Ice Age IDEA. We also loved seeing the Great Exhibition of P6. We have practiced our Christmas song lots and enjoyed making actions for it.

” I liked learning the songs ” – Sophie

” I liked the last lesson of symmetry we had ” – Libby

” I liked learning new facts for our big books ” – Layla R

” I liked drawing stuff in our big books ” – Ruby

” I liked doing our hundreds, tens and units ” – Rudi

” I liked doing drama on Hansel and Gretel and when we pushed the witch into the oven ” – Ben F

” I liked singing our Ice Age song to P2/3 ” – Zoe

” I liked the drama teacher and when the trees crept up on me ” – Jamie

” I liked when we practiced our Christmas songs ” – Connor

Friday 4th September

This week we have been practising our addition and subtraction sums using playing cards and we would like to show you at home! We have been practising our spelling words and started our new topic ‘Food from around the world’. We found out about two children from India and Mexico and looked at what they liked to eat. We did still life drawings in art of fruit. In PE we practised our travelling and movement skills and we’ve been practising our new song and we’re getting really good at it! We have been practising challenging ourselves in class by choosing activities and we’ve enjoyed this. We have also been practising our class rules and had several more entries into the golden folder. We can’t wait to show it to our families!

Friday 28th August

This week our topic has been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We’ve been learning about chocolate and we’ve been making chocolate factories. In the mornings we have been doing Brain Breakfast challenges to wake up our brains. We have made up our 6 class rules and have practicing them. We have also been learning a new song which we have really enjoyed. We have really enjoyed circle time games and getting to know each other. The Golden Folder has been a hit and we’ve been writing in all the fantastic and kind things that we have been doing in class.

17 thoughts on “P3”

  1. I love my teacher because Miss White does good topics like charlie and the chocolate factory and the ice age.

  2. I love my teacher Miss White because she teaches us good topics like Charlie and the chocolate factory and the ice age!

  3. I really like p3 because I get to challenge myself and I really like the work I get. I love
    my teacher very much.

  4. I like P3 because we do fun stuff and Miss White is a great teacher. I learn how to do maths, and all about ancient Greece. 🙂

  5. I liked Come Learn with Me and the Child led Parents night so I could show all the things we have been learning in P3 to my Mum and Dad.

  6. I love having Miss White and Mrs Fraser as my teachers because they teach us everything I know. My favourite subject is French because I learn a new word every Wednesday!!!

  7. I love p3 because Miss white teaches us cool songs and topics like Ancient Greece and transport and she always makes us challenge our selfs she is the best.!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. p3 is the goodist class in the school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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