P4 2016-2017

Friday 28th April

We are all excited for our assembly on Thursday and we have started practising a lot for it.

” I enjoyed writing an adventure story this week. ” Ruby

” This week we made an ‘Advertisement for a Friend’ and I liked doing that” Zoe

“I enjoyed my new Boss Club- we made bracelets.” Libby

“I liked it when we made a summary for Harry Potter” Angelina

“I learned about solids, liquids and gases in Science.” Calvin


Wednesday 29th March

P4 have had a brilliant afternoon starting off our ‘Sharing Skills’ sessions. I was so impressed with the pupils skills in planning and organising their session and then their delivery to the pupils. It was fantastic to watch. Well done to those who shared their skills today!

Friday 17th March

Lots of us enjoyed the badminton festival this week.

“I enjoyed doing a rally with  my partner.” Sadeer

“I liked throwing the bean bags and toy animals in the nets.” Angelina

“I liked sorting times with my cooperative learning group. I learned some half pasts and o’clocks.” Zoe

“I enjoyed writing about the Chick’s Adventurous Day Out.” Cerys

“I learned about childrens’ rights- article 32 says that children should be protected from harmful work. Children cannot work until they are 13” Evie


Friday 3rd March

Thank you to all friends and family who came in to school yesterday to see the chicks and have a go at the activities the pupils made. The boys and girls were delighted to share their  learning with you.

Friday 24th February

All of the chicks have now hatched from the eggs- they are all adorable.

“All the chicks survived, it is hard to concentrate with the chicks here!” Jack

“This morning I enjoyed helping to clean out the brooder.” Ruby

“I enjoyed seeing one hatch.” Layla F

Thursday 23rd February

We have had such an exciting week in primary 4!

The eggs arrived on Tuesday, we watched them the whole day on Wednesday and although there were cracks none of the chicks arrived.

After the class left and overnight 6 chicks hatched from their eggs.

Some of the pupils were lucky enough to see our 7th chick hatch and the rest of the pupils were so excited to come in and see the baby chicks.

Through the excitement we have managed to write in our chick diaries and made some lovely invitations.

Well done p4 for being so good with them and concentrating on your work!


Friday 10th February

We made rain gauges recently in p4, we are looking forward to putting them outside next term to record the rainfall.

We had our last week of circuits in PE- we all really liked doing them.

“I got better at long jump” Ben F

“I got better at the basketball shoot” Layla F

We made posters about the polar regions.

” I learned that global warming is bad for the Earth.” Murray

” I learned that there is an animal called the Arctic Bee.” Nico

We had a workshop called ‘Body Builders’. We learned about the different parts of the  body and how they work.

Well done to Sophie, Nico and Ruby who were awarded certificates at our special assembly.

Also Miss Robinson has been mega impressed with the Creative Homework this term- keep up the good work!

Have a lovely February break everyone and I look forward to seeing you all Tuesday the 21st with our chicks!

Friday 20th January

Another busy week in P4, the pupils enjoyed trying Nessy online for the first time- this programme will help their spelling and reading. We also have continued to improve our times table tests!

“I liked doing circuits- the best one was basketball.” Angelina

“I enjoyed new Fitness Friday and I did running around the pitch.” Sadeer

“I liked when I had to improve Miss Robinson’s story.” Ben L

Friday 13th January

We had a good first week back at school. The things we enjoyed most were:

starting circuits in PE

Having visitors who sang Scottish songs, played the bagpipes and did some Scottish Dancing


Playing maths games and learning our times tables.

“I really enjoyed watching Ainsley doing Scottish step dance and it made me want to try it.” Libby

“I enjoyed playing the maths pair game because it helped me learn.” Cerys

” I liked the times table test because the first day I had 1 minute 32 and then I bet my score by 20 seconds.” Matthew

“I liked doing the cirucits because I was the best at long jump.” Faris

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