P4 27.5.16

This week in P4 we have been looking at friendship. We looked at how to build friendships, what it means to be a good friend. We enjoyed singing songs about friendships and performing small dramas about friendship. We have decided to use friendship as our focus for our class assembly next Thursday.

We have been practising our songs and writing acrostic and couplet poems about friendship and compliments.

We also have started our new IDEA topic which is riding of the marches. We have been looking at the different roles involved this includes, the town crier, the town champion, the squires, the halberdiers, the turf cutter and the turf cutters assistant. We have created pictures showing these roles in our home team groups.

We have continued to enjoy learning French words and phrases with Mrs Fraser.


P4 6.5.16

During our writing these week we were continuing our diary writing looking at using reflections and emotions to make our writing better.

In health and well being we were looking at who we can talk to in different situations, like parents, police and teachers. it was quite fun as we played a game called yes or no.

In drama we started using scripts to help us with our acting Lewis did really well and got artist of the week for his performance. his wolf was really funny.

We started looking at weight this week and using grams and kilograms it was a little tricky to do. we have also been practicing our times tables.

we have been looking at synonyms as well and it is really funny as Mr. Bryant said it wasn’t cinnamons. It made everyone laugh especially Skye.

tsunamis  are really dangerous we created sheets showing how they are started.



P4 29.4.16

we really enjoyed working with our tables to create volcano posters, we used different coloured paper to game the main volcano and we used both crayons and chalk to create the gas cloud, ash and lava.  we learned that when two tectonic plates push together they can form mountains or volcanos.

We also used the computers to find facts and research different natural disasters. We then mounted the work and Mr. Bryant put it on the wall.

In music we are learning to play the ukulele, which is really cool its like a little guitar.

In maths we have been looking at how we measure accurately and how to change different units like mm, cm, m and km. We have also been looking how we can add and take away using different lengths.

We also had special assembly where Natalie, Alfie and Skye got their certificates. We really wanted to win the most stars of the month but we didn’t so we are going to try even harder next month.

by P4


P4 22.4.16

We really had fun when Mr.Bryant created an earthquake simulation, chalk made dust, the tables shook a little, things fell over and sirens went off.  it helped us understand what an earthquake might feel like.

In IDEA we started to research different natural disasters using out computer skills to create posters.

We wrote a diary pretending we were in an earthquake using what we learned from the simulation.

In maths we were estimating lengths using cm and m. it was fun guessing the length of different things in class.

we also had a visit from Scottish water they told us how to keep water clean and what we can flush down the toilet and what not to. they also taught us about wasting water.

We had a lot of fun on Thursday when the other P4’s joined us for the day. We really enjoyed some outside art looking for detail on our pictures. We also created leaflets for nursery and new pupils joining the school to help them know what they need and expect.

By P4

P4 15.4.16

This week in class we have wrote a diary on what we got up to during our Easter holiday. we found it a little tricky as we had so much to say.

We are continuing with our Reading is Braw and have started a new Michael Morpurgo book called the Dancing Bear. We have been working really hard and some of us have earned our lanyards.

We had great fun in maths learning how to estimate and measure things that were outside using hand spans, cubit and feet. We are also refreshing our rounding skills.

We have been looking at prefixes and really enjoy the game called fortunately and unfortunately.

We learned some French with Mrs Fraser including heads, shoulders,  knees and toes.

We have introduced our new topic of materials and natural disasters. We had a great experiment looking at different materials.




P4   4.3.16

We had a fantastic day on Tuesday as we got to dress up as book characters we got to read all our books together in the corridor. We loved Jenna’s costume in P5 and Lewis W as gangster granny in P4, Aimee’s  fantastic Mr Fox but they were all great.

We had a lot of fun doing dance and commas with Mrs Gallagher.

For IDEA we made blue prints for our restaurant looking at what was luxury and what was essential. We worked in our home team groups. We wrote to a celebrity asking them to open our restaurant so we looked at how letters are written.

We had a story read to us by Mrs Sim for world book day.


we were learning about Islam, and Islamic art.  Humans and animals can’t be drawn according to Islam.  they have geometric patterns made of lots of shapes and colours. they use mosques in their art and writing.

we have been looking at commas in a list and how we use them.

we looked at the Incredibles and how to write direct speech using speech masks.

we were planning our creative stories using a story mountain, with the idea of our heroes first save.

we were very excited to have the parents come and learn with us. Mrs Robertson read scots poems to us  and a short story and Mr. Chalmers gave us mini note pads and pends which was very generous.







This week we started our new topic on heroes.  We have been learning heroes are not always just superheroes but can be just people. these people include, police officers, fire officers, nurses, doctors, mums, dads nearly anyone can be a hero. We created a description of our superheroes using a Facebook page.

We have also started learning about time in maths. We have learnt about quarter past, quarter to, half past and o’clock as well as 5 minutes. We have been learning how to write the time.

We wrote what we did and got for Christmas and worked on our spellings.

In art we were making self portraits in the style of Picasso.

we also started learning about Islam. We learnt about the 5 pillars Sawm, Hajj, Sahadah, Zakah, Salah.

we enjoyed coming back to school and seeing everyone.




Brydon joined our class this week, and is happy to be with us.

We enjoyed watching some Christmas movies. We watched Inside Out and Arthur Christmas.

We had an amazing Christmas party. We played games like, Corners, musical statues, pass the parcel as well as having a dance contest.

We also went to QMU and performed with the P3’s a Christmas concert it was fun and they gave us cake and juice.

This week we also had our Christmas panto, it was really funny and it was called sleeping beauty. It was really funny when Mr.Bryant was made to go up and dance.

We made Christmas card with Ms Gallagher, and stars of David and dreidels with Mr.Bryant out of clay but some of them broke which was sad.



P4   11.12.15

This week in p4 we have been looking at the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. We made clay stars of David and Draidles. It was really tricky.

We loved performing in our Christmas show on Thursday morning and evening. We have also been looking at 2D and 3D shapes its a lot of fun.

In maths we have been looking at money and how to work out change. we have also been focusing on our times tables, 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 times tables.

In reading we have been summarising stories. and in writing we have been looking at adverbs and past present and future tenses.

We all really enjoyed singing this week.

We are looking forward to meeting Brydon and going to QMU and our Christmas party.

by all of P4


P4.      4.12.15

This week we have been looking at a Christmas Carol and looking at what scrooge believed and how what he believed changed. We have been looking at rhyming poems which are hard. We have been doing our times tables 3, 4 and 5’s. We made Christmas sashes and stamps for our song. We finished our Viking topic. We have been counting money and doing dividing, but what I really liked was watching the singers in special assembly.

By Mia


During P.E. we invented our own ball games and then showed other groups how to play them we need to make up rules.

we have also been learning what men and women Vikings wore. we really enjoyed making them. Vikings also were good at making things up to sound more impressive in stories.

We also got to make round shields which was really fun.

we have also been learning about fractions. We made fraction cakes and chocolate bars and fraction pizzas.

we wrote about how to start a story and use a story mountain.

By Skye

This week we learned about the inside and outside of Viking longhouses.

chloe said ‘ I like  how the animals were allowed inside.’

we have been learning about fractions, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3. you can split a number divide it share it and find a fraction of it.

In P.E.  we have been learning about the skills and rules of basketball and working as a team.

we are doing our spelling everyday.

we have also learned out rights and respect this  week.

we are writing about settings here are some examples a sunny village, a lovely forest, a dark longhouse.

written by Jenna

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