Friday 17th June

This week we have continued to work with P5 and Mrs Colville. We researched the Musselburgh industries, in particular the wire mills, fishing and ice cream. We made leaflets all about this.

We finished our posters for the Riding of the Marches art competition, they look really good and are displayed in our classroom for the parents to see next week, we really hope they like them too!

On Thursday we had the school disco, it was really fun and a nice way to end the week/year.

Friday 10th June

This week with Mrs Colville’s class we continued with our Riding of the Marches IDEA and in our groups we started to design and make floats for the festival parade. They look really good and are nearly finished. Some of the themes are ice cream, fishing, the racecourse and the roman bridge.

We also learned about the turf cutting stations around Musselburgh and drew them for our display, there are 12 in total!

Yesterday we wrote all about our visit from Neil Wilson, even though it was a few weeks ago Miss Carmichael wanted to see how much we remembered and how much we have learned about Riding of the Marches.

A week today there is an art competition for Riding of the Marches, today we started our art work for this. Some of us are drawing the nine principals in detail and some of us have chosen to do a collage showing all the famous landmarks in Musselburgh. We hope we win!

On Wednesday we had our Sport’s Day, we were really lucky with the weather and had a super day in the sunshine. Well Done to the Awesome Actors who won the house trophy.

In our weekly house football competition the Rockin Romans won in the P3/4 competition!

Friday 3rd June

This week we started our Riding of the Marches IDEA, we made life size drawings of the nine principals. The nine principals we drew were the town champion, two squires, turf cutter, turf cutters assistant, two halberdiers, town crier and drummer. Neil Wilson came into visit us on Monday and he was really impressed with our display. We were able to ask him lots of questions about the festival. This week we also wrote acrostic poems to do with the festival.

We worked collaboratively with Mrs Colville’s class to create a timeline all about Musselburgh’s history, it dated all the way back to 163 AD!!

Today we started our house competitions, there was football and singing to take part in. The weather was fantastic and we really enjoyed being outside for some inter-house challenges. The awesome actors won both the girls and boys football today, next week the younger ages will compete.

Friday 20th May

This week we have finished off our topic on Healthy Me and now we are moving on to Riding of the Marches, the whole school will be doing this as their IDEA.

On Thursday afternoon we buddied up with P3 and read bedtime stories in the hall. We really enjoyed the cookies and milk and finishing the school day with a story!

This week was walk to school week and we enjoyed doing the different challenges each day.

Monday – painted faces like an animal

Tuesday – Dress up like an animal

Wednesday – Bring a cuddly toy

Thursday – Design your own animal

Friday – Something for  the desert

Friday 13th May

image2 image1IMG_8226

This week we had our second trip to Newhailes. We were learning about birds and migrations. We looked at different species including skylarks, barn swallows, starlings and meadow pippets.

In maths we have been learning about perimeter and area. This week Miss Mcartney came to our class for a visit when we were making perimeter and area robots.

On Wednesday we were really lucky because we got to do athletics outside with Mr Baptie. It was nice for him to teach us for a change.

In IDEA/Art we have finished our fruit and vegetable faces/bodies, they look really cool and they are inspired by an Italian artist.

This was a sad week because we said goodbye to Mrs Smail,  we will really miss her!

Friday 29th April

image IMG_8101

We have had a very busy week!

On Wednesday we spent the afternoon with Stuart at Newhailes. We learned about climate change by looking at the local environment, including trees, plants and birds.

On Thursday we went to the Burgh to listen to two authors talking about their graphic novel ‘Peter Pan’. Kieran read out a few pages while the authors drew the chapter in the background. We couldn’t believe how good the drawing was in such a short space of time. We really enjoyed listening to them talking about their job and we got to ask them questions too.

In maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties, vertices, edges and faces. We made posters about different shapes of our choices and labelled their properties.

We have been learning about persuasive writing and the difference between fact and opinion. This week we pretended we were a company launching a brand new Hoverbike and we created a poster to advertise this. We thought about emotive language, rhetorical questions and how to persuade our reader.

Some Broomlee photo’s from Miss Carmichael’s Group…IMG_8062

image2 image3 image4 image7 image5 image6 image1image8

Friday 22nd April

This week was really exciting for the P5s because we went to Broomlee. We did four different activities – Mohawk Walk, Nightline, Crate Climb and Catwalk. We had to work in teams and some of us really had to conquer our fear of heights. Photos to follow soon!

The 4s stayed behind with Mr Bryant and the other P4s. They did some writing and some art work. They created a leaflet for children about what it is like and what to expect when you start school at Stoneyhill.

We started our new IDEA which is Healthy Citizens. We started by learning about the skeleton and the different bones in the body.

Today, with Ellie, we finished our flower art work.

Friday 15th April

Welcome back!

This week in Art with Ellie we started to make flower pictures for spring using newspaper and magazine cuttings.

In maths we have been practising our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills and have completed a few assessments.

We are really excited because we have finally received our lanyards for Reading is BRAW! We are currently on week 7 and are working toward week 10 where we get a wristband.

In PE with Mr Barrie we have started a block on football

We are really excited for next Thursday because the P5’s are going to BROOMLEE.

Friday 10th March



This week we have finished our Viking longship sea pictures. They turned out even better than we thought and we think they look really good! We used dry brush strokes and splatter painting to make the sea. We ripped up the painted sheets to create the sea effect. We designed our own sails too.

In writing this week we wrote a letter. We pretending that we were Viking warriors and we were writing home to our families in Scandinavia.

In maths we started working on percentages. We learned that per cent means part of a 100 and we were colouring in 100 squares to show different percentages. We were also looking at how percentages and fractions are the same.

We are still going to QMU on Tuesday’s and we are really enjoying it! We are continuing our skills in central net activities.

Friday 4th March


This week we had the Reading is BRAW launch. We were chosen to join the reading mile on Musselburgh high street. We joined up with the Burgh Primary school and read on the street for 15minutes to promote the start of the project.

We also dressed up as our favourite book characters, some of us dressed up as Tom Gates, Harry Potter, Gymnasts, Friday O’Leary, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Gangsta Granny.

Today, we started some exciting Viking art using sponge painting and dry brush strokes. These will hopefully we finished next week.

Our thoughts for this week;

  • It was really fun making the class display about the Vikings (Lia)
  • I enjoyed the Reading is BRAW launch (Coral)
  • I really liked dressing up and bringing in books (Daniel)
  • I really liked being able to dress up at school (Mikaella)
  • I enjoyed starting to make our Viking paintings today (Aleena)
  • I enjoyed writing a newspaper article pretending we were living in Viking times (Kieran)

Friday 26th February

Welcome back!

This week we started our Viking topic, we have made a giant longship for our display board. We also started reading our new class novel ‘There’s a Viking in my Bed!’ by Jeremy Strong.

In maths we have started learning about Information Handling. This week we created surveys collaboratively and made giant graphs to show our results. Some of the surveys asked what your favourite sports was, favourite pets and favourite cartoons.

On Tuesday, we have a long P.E session at QMU because the gym hall is still out of use. Mrs Barclay took the lesson and she was teaching us all about central net activities including table tennis, tennis, volleyball and badminton.

Friday 12th February

This week we have finished our natural disasters topic, we created leaflets in pairs about all the information we have learned.

We were lucky enough to watch the P3 rehearsal of River Pathways which they have been working on for a few weeks, we were very impressed!

On Wednesday, Miss Mcartney came to our class to visit us. She was watching us during our writing lesson. We were writing a set of instructions about how to make the paper mache volcanoes explode.

In PE we have started golf with Mr Barrie, some of the boys are really enjoying it.

Today, Lia, Katie and Ellie were invited to the new opening of the Co-op. They were given some freebies and will hopefully be in the next issue of the Co-op magazine.

Have a lovely February break!

Friday 5th February

DSC00521 DSC00522 DSC00523

This week we finished our paper mache volcanoes, and today P6 helped us to make them explode. We used bicarbonate of soda, fairy liquid, vinegar and red food colouring to do the experiment. We learned that vinegar is an acid and the soda is an alkaline and this is why there is a chemical reaction.

Today, we brought in our homework posters all about tsunami’s, volcanoes and earthquakes, we shared these with the class. They had some really interesting facts on them!

In maths we have been doing some really tricky work on equivalent fractions and how to simplify them.

Last Friday we had Come Learn which was all about literacy. We made posters about different jobs and how they use literacy – we split our posters into talking, reading, writing and listening. Thank you to the parents that came in to talk about their jobs!

Friday 22nd January

DSC00511 DSC00514

This week for a change, due to the rain outside, we teamed up with P5 and did yoga for our Fitness Friday session. This was Star Wars yoga which was really cool! We also started our new BOSS clubs, it’s really good to have them back up and running again.

In IDEA, we have been doing a lot of art based activities. We painted volcanoes on black paper using toothbrushes to get the splatter and exploding effect. Today, we have started to make model volcanoes using newspaper and papier mache. We are going to paint them to look more lifelike and then we are going to do an experiment to make them erupt. We can’t wait to do this next week.

This week we had a scots assembly and for homework we had to learn a Scottish poem. Lia, Luke and Alan were voted by the class to say their poem to the rest of the school. Alan was the winner for our class, Well Done!


Friday 15th January

Today we started Fitness Friday again, we are doing the same activities as last time; dancing, running, skipping and rugby. We had an assembly afterwards to listen to the P7s telling us about the new BOSS CLUBS starting next week.

In maths, some of us have been working really hard to learn our 6 and 7 timestables, this has been quite tricky. We have also been continuing with our work on fractions.

In literacy we created our own set of instructions. We chose a skill that we were good at, for example, how to make meringues, how to draw a pug face and how to make a cup of tea. We shared our instructions with the class and we discussed all the different features of instructional writing.

In IDEA, we have designed earthquake proof buildings. We worked in partners and planned our building then drew it out properly.

We have a new girl in our class called Mikaella, she is from Cyprus. We hope she feels very welcome and happy in our class. We have really enjoyed getting to know her.

Friday 8th January

Happy New Year everyone!!

This week we have made some new year’s resolutions and targets for the remainder of the school year – these are being displayed in our classroom.

We have started our Natural Disasters topic and today we have made a class display with Ellie. We have made a big volcano a tornado and a flood in a small town, it looks really good.

We have started our topic by looking at Earthquakes first, we did lots of research about an earthquake in Haiti in 2010. We have discovered how and why they happen and the problems they cause.

In maths we have started to learn about fractions. We compared different fractions by filling in a fraction wall. We used to think they were quite tricky but now we realise they are easy!

In PE with Mr Barrie we have started a block on volleyball, it was fun because we have never been taught it before.

Friday 11th December

DSC00422 DSC00428 DSC00441 DSC00447

We have been continuing with our Christmas project with P5. This week we were working on our budget, we had £200 to spend and we had to use as much of this as possible. We put all the things we wanted onto a receipt to show how much we had spent and how much change we had. We put all our pieces from our project onto big boards, ready to present next week in the style of a pitch, just like dragons den.

Some of us had our Christmas school lunch, it was really good and we got crackers!!

On Thursday we had our Christmas performance. We worked really hard to sing our best and look our best for our family and friends. It really got us in the Christmas spirit.

Today, we did a very special Christmas performance AGAIN for Ellie. The whole school was involved and Ellie was given the choice of what song to listen to first! She loved listening to our songs and had a very big smile on her face. We really loved that she managed to hear us sing.

Friday 4th December

DSC00415 DSC00417 DSC00420 DSC00421

This week we have started our Christmas project. We are working with P5 to plan and create a hypothetical Christmas party. Our first task was to come up with a business name and create a business card. We did this in mixed co-operative groups. Next, we designed our Christmas party invitations that we would use for our event. We really enjoyed it because it was a nice change to work with the class next door and work in different groups.

In PE with Mr Barrie we learned a really cool dance called ‘Waka Waka’. This is a song that was created for the world cup when it was in Africa so it fits in really well with the work we  have been doing in IDEA.

We are really proud of Aleena and Katie who received awards at Special Assembly.

Our thoughts about this week;

  • I have really enjoyed this week, especially the Waka dance – Lia
  • I really enjoyed the problem solving tasks we have been doing in maths this week – Jessica
  • I’m looking forward to working with the P5s again to finish our project – Katie
  • I enjoyed making our costumes for the Christmas show – Tino

Friday 27th November

DSC00414 DSC00391 DSC00390

We are very sorry that we have not written on our class blog in a while, we have been very busy!

In maths we have been learning about money, we have been calculating change, working with budgets and talking about the differences between credit and debit cards. This week we have completed a mini-assessment to show how much we have learned and we are all very pleased with what we have achieved.

We have also been working in partners/small groups to practise some really tricky chimney sums using borrowing and carrying. We have been using whiteboards to support and test each other.

In writing, we have been developing our skills in learning how to write an imaginative story. We started with effective openers, then looked at the build-up/middle and finally a conclusion. This week we are bringing our skills together to write our own stories. We have used a plan to support our ideas and will begin to write them next week.

As part of our John Muir Award we had a visit from Stuart the ranger and some of his friends. They told us all about bats and even brought in a bat for us to look at. He was telling us about how he cares and looks after the bats at Newhailes and even brought in some of his equipment.

We have come to the end of our Africa topic and all of us have handed in our African Animal projects. The classroom looks great with all our projects on display and Miss Carmichael is very impressed with the work we have put into this.

We are very excited that the Christmas holidays are getting closer and closer and we have been trying really hard to practise our song for the Christmas show. We are looking forward to performing to our friends and family.


Friday 30th October

We have had a very busy week with some trips out and people visiting us in school.

On Wednesday we visited John Muir Birthplace in Dunbar as part of our John Muir Award. We learned loads of information about him and will be using this to continue our project.

On Thursday we had a drama session with Shonagh, she told us stories about John Muir and his life as a child and we acted out different scenes. We thought she was really fun and really good at teaching drama.

We had our first week of BOSS clubs, we had lots of fun doing various activities such as football, drama, music, ICT, face painting, make-up and nails, table tennis, gymnastics and painting.

This week was the pumpkin parade and Katie and Catarina won first prize for their houses, WELL DONE!!

Our thoughts on this week;

  • I did a front hand spring in BOSS clubs for the first time – Jessica
  • I really enjoyed the Halloween Disco – Alan
  • I did a front tuck off the vault in BOSS clubs – Lia
  • On Thursday we had rugby again and I scored lots of tries – Cameron
  • My favourite floor in the birthplace was the top floor because it had lots of games to test our knowledge – Angus.

Friday 23rd October

We have had a very busy and tiring week getting back into a routine after the October holidays.

On Tuesday the P5’s went to Newhailes and learned all about tree identification and how to work out how old they were. It was great to get outdoors and do some outdoor learning.

While the 5’s were away, the 4s continued with their weekly swimming lessons. This week Alan, Katie and Jessica were given star swimmer awards. Each week the children continue to develop their skills, becoming more and more confident. In assembly their ‘I can’s’ were read out to the whole school and we were all very proud of them! Keep up the great work.

We also had our first taster session of rugby with Andy. We were practising throwing, passing and catching and we played sharks and fishes. We have two more sessions with him and then we will be going to a rugby festival at Pinkie to demonstrate all the skills we have been taught.

In maths we finished our block on Time and we completed a small assessment, we all tried really hard and were proud of our results. We found this block really tricky but we continued to develop our growth mindsets!

We are continuing with our Africa topic and reading our class novel ‘The Butterfly Lion’. This novel is perfect as the story is set in the African dessert.

Our thoughts about the week:

  • I’ve been working really hard in maths, I have been trying to tell the time – Lia
  • I tried really hard in our maths assessment on time and I was pleased with my result – Jessica
  • I’m really excited for next week because this week we have signed up for our BOSS CLUBS – Cameron
  • I’m really proud with my maths assessment result, I was really surprised with how well I did! – Angus
  • I was really proud of my maths assessment and so were my mum and dad, they bought me a new DVD – Daniel
  • I was really happy I got a praise pad for my maths assessment result – Tino

Friday 2nd October

DSC00327 DSC00328 DSC00329 DSC00331

This week we have been using the good weather to get outside and practise our mental math skills. We have been working on +/- 10 from 4 digit numbers. We used chalk to write down our sums and test our friends.

We have started a new topic called Africa, we have been learning about the savannah, the desert, the mountains and the rainforest because these are the four main african landscapes. We have also made african silhouette sunsets with paint and paper.

We have also started our new novel called ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo, this is really good because it is set in Africa and goes well with our topic.

On Thursday, we played Victorian games with P6, this is there topic and they were teaching us what they had been learning. It was fun and they were really good teachers!

We have been continuing our work on Growth Mindsets and have created our very own Learning Pits to show our journey through challenging learning. They look great in our classroom.

Today we started learning an African greeting song called ‘Si, Si, Si’ it is really cheerful and we are looking forward to learning the rest of it.

Friday 11th September

This week we had a visit from the SSPCA, she told us all about different farm yard animals and we played a really good game afterwards. We really enjoyed her visit.

DSC00319 DSC00320 DSC00321 DSC00323

  • In ICT we were making posters about Stoneyhill’s Values because we have been learning about beliefs and values in RME.
  • In PE we have been learning basketball with Miss Carmichael; we have been practising our shooting skills. We have also been doing hockey with Mr Barrie and that is really fun too! (Jessica)
  • I have enjoyed doing a spelling bee on a Friday morning to practise our spelling words and have a competition against my class mates. (Aleena)
  • On Thursday we had a visit from the SSPCA and we learned that chickens are the closest relatives to the tyrannosaurus rex!! (Daniel)
  • We played a game with the SSPCA lady all about farm animals, which fits in with our novel study – Charlotte’s Web. (Catarina)
  • In writing we have been learning how to write a diary entry. We pretended we were Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web and we wrote about how he was feeling.
  • In maths we have been learning time, timetables and rounding.
  • Alan sang a song in assembly which was very brave, he was really good.

A great week from P4/5 with lots and lots of learning going on!

Friday 4th September


P4/5 have had a great full week back at school. We have begun our novel study ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and we are trying hard to develop our critical thinking skills using BLOOMS.

We discuss on a friday how we feel the week has gone;


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