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Friday 10th June

This week has been a fun week because in idea on Monday  we planned our floats with p4/5 because all of the classes have been looking into riding of the marches it was really fun .

In numeracy we did word problems they were sometimes hard but our class liked the challenge .

On Tuesday we actually made our floats with p4/5 they all look great. In RME we learned about Jesus and his miracles . We did some drama to retell these miracles we got into our groups and made a scene about one of the miracles. We also did some French . In French we learnt some colours and   played a game where we had to goto  a corner when a colour was shouted out. we also did a French colouring sheet.

On Wednesday we did numeracy. In numeracy we did more complicated word problems with Ms Atherton. They were easy for some of us and hard for some of us. In literacy we did some drama. We made plays in groups about the great mouse plot from Roald Dahl’s autobiography. We didn’t finish them but they looked amazing and creative.

On Thursday we did mental maths. In mental maths we did a game where you had to use your brain to get the toads and frogs to the opposite side that they were on. In numeracy we had to draw a 3 by 3 grid and colour in some boxes that made some lines of symmetry. In science we went outside to find a flower and draw a detailed drawing of it.


by Sophie and Holly


Friday 13th May

This week has been amazing because we went to Newhailes.  At Newhailes we were learning about two birds, Skylark and Meadow Pippets. We also found a Reed Bunting which is a bird. We were the first people to see it at Newhailes. It had a black head and a white stripe around its neck. We also listened to the sound of Pink Footed Geese.  We played a game to try and understand what happened when birds migrated.

In numeracy we have been doing number patterns. We were making our own ones and played a game to help our understanding.

Today we worked with Primary 2 to design a new superhero. We were dressed as Superheroes for Reading is Braw as that is this weeks theme. We have also began decorating the door for Reading is Braw. We are doing Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. Mr Bryant read us Gangsta Granny and he did funny impressions.

In IDEA we have been learning about the water cycle and we did a big poster about it.

Some people did finger knitting at lunch for the Riding of the Marches. We are going to display our work around the playground. Our knitters are going to help the nursery next week.

Friday 29th April

Come Learn with me

On Tuesday we had Come Learn with me. Some parents came in to talk about their jobs to help us make a poster about numeracy and how it helps them in their everyday lives. We had Gemma’s mum, Aaron’s mum, Gabriella’s mum , Tom’s grandad and Lyle’s mum. When we made the posters we had to draw a picture and write lots of facts about numeracy and their jobs. Everyone was really nice. At the end Tom’s granddad gave us a video to watch to show us how if you don’t get your calculations right what might happen. Tom’s granddad was a structural engineer. Thank you for coming.


On Wednesday we went to Newhailes. We were learning about Climate change and how climate change can effect us. We also learned a little bit more about bats and we did a bit of bird watching at the end. When we did the bird watching we were looking for a Nut Hatcher. Stuart the ranger pressed a button and it did the birds call and the bird answered back. The bird only used to be in England but because of climate change and it has got warmer it has come over here. We played a game called Day and Night and we pretended to be bats.

Reading is Braw

On Thursday we went to The Burgh Primary school to see an author and an illustrator. The author was Stevie White ( Stref) and the illustrator was called Finn Cramb. They told us all about Peter Pan and the first Peter Pan book was written in 1904 by JM Barrie. We could buy books and he would sign it. We got a picture of Captain Hook fighting with Peter Pan to save Princess Tigerlily.

Friday 15th April

We all had a great Easter Holidays and were ready to work super hard again on Monday.

On Monday Mrs Lawrence from the Grammar came around and told us a little about the Riding of The Marches. Every school is going to get a horse and they have to decorate it. Every school will get a different theme. Our theme is Fishing and The Sea. We had to make patterns and draw them on the fish with sharpies. We have decided to name our Pony, Taylor. Once the pony is finished it will be displayed in Musselburgh and then eventually back to Stoneyhill.

On Tuesday we wrote thank you letters to QMU  to thank them for using their gym hall while ours was broken. We organised our writing into paragraphs explaining why we were writing, what we enjoyed and showing how grateful we were for using their hall.

We started Substance Misuse. We brainstormed what we knew about smoking and made a mind map up about what we knew. We then made some amazing posters explaining lots of facts about what smoking can do to you so people know the risks.

On Wednesday and Thursday we did the Reading is Braw bookmarks. We started Solids, Liquids and gases and we put thermometers in different places to see how cold and hot it was. Then we had a thermometer in a container with icy water and write down how many degrees it was.

Thursday was child led parents night. Our parents were amazed at all the work we had done, especially the rides.

Today we got our lanyards for reading is Braw. 🙂

I loved this week,especially Thursday because of parents night and me and Holly got to show our reading homework and we got a positive referral. from Maia

I liked today cause we got our Lanyards. Ms McArtney presented them to us. from Skye

I liked doing the bookmarks for Reading is Braw from Erin.

Friday 18th March

this was a swag week

on Monday we done multiplying with decimals we also made Oompa loompas but miss Atherton calls them umpa lumpas!

on Tuesday we did more decimals and finished are umpa lumpas

on Wednesday it was a sad day we found out that Mrs Taylor passed away but we will never forget her. True fact.

on Thursday we all did fractions and times tables and we also did cars and transport for Charlie and the chocolate factory.

today we had yummy cakes from p1 as they made treats and other people helped out [Isla had 5]

this report has been written by Isla Ewan and Skye

Friday 11th March

This has been a epic week

On Monday  we  did music and our last performances  in p5 .  Abigail   sung I can do anything better than you and the boys went totally mental with there’s . Everyone was very good.

In numeracy we were doing time. It was tricky but fun.

On Tuesday we did a diary of when Charlie went to the factory from when he woke up till he got to the gates . It was very fun because we got to write what Charlie’s emotions were.  THEY WERE AWESOME .

We went to qmu to do p.e. we were doing passing and using nets / volleyball   and table tennis.

On Wednesday  our new teacher Miss Atherton started she is nice and fun.

We  made up our  one willy wonka sweets. They were very good . We made up what happened when you eat them and who they are for.

by Erin, Ellie and Georgia



Friday 26th February

This week was the best

On Tuesday we went to the Queen Margret University and done P.E with miss Barclay and did lots of fun activities with partners. We focused on activities with ball throwing. In maths we did multiplication with money. we worked from Heinemann 6 maths book. We found out what our new idea was, it was Charlie and the chocolate factory we all got the book to read and it is amazing.

On Wednesday we did P.E with Mr Barrie. We were focusing on golf, we did two types of games they were the forecaddie and the champions league.We also came up with our team names the team names are: Crazy hamster pigs, Cheeky chocolate team, Sponge bob chocolate pizza, Super awesome Segway riders, Wreck it readers, The famous three footballers, The classy phoenix glasses, M l g sweats Audbamaing and made our table poster.

On Thursday we finished the maths work sheet. we came up with team cheers they are amazing! We went on to the net books and played hit the button it was to do with maths and was really fun to play.

On Friday we did some idea and read more of Charlie and the chocolate factory. We also had golden time it was amazing.

By Holly and Jenna.

Friday 5th February

On Monday we looked at Flooding and we heard a story about a boy and a girl who had to go to their  nans because there was a flood. On the way they saw stuff and we had to answer questions about what they had to do.  We had to decide what we would take with us in a flood. We made flood posters, telling people what to do before, during and after a flood.

On Tuesday we wrote our poems about personification and we got to choose from a list about what we wanted to write about, like stars, trees, wind, etc. They were fab. Mrs Colville was very proud of everyone because they really thought about description and personification. She was a very happy teacher!

We looked at Tsunamis in IDEA. We watched a video about how Tsunamis happen. We read the story about Tilly who saved hundreds of people in the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. We had to write a passage about Tsunamis and fill in the gaps.

On Wednesday we focused on Literacy and we had to write down a passage and correct the spelling.  On Wednesday we did time in our maths.  We had to make minutes into seconds and years into days. There were mild, hot and spicy activities. In IDEA we learned about the Earths crust, mantle and inner and outer core.

On Thursday  we looked at interesting rocks. We had four activities to  learn about rocks, draw rocks, put them into groups and see which ones were soft and hard. We had to make a poster about Time in our groups. We also wrote out our 30th days has September poem and decorated it.  Miss Atherton came in on Thursday and taught us a lesson.

Today we got back on to our reflective diaries which we haven’t done in ages. We did our spelling tests too. We also did Fitness Friday.

Friday 22nd January

We have been very busy this week in all areas of the curriculum.

We have been writing our own poems this week. We picked an alien, a dragon or a pet and wrote about what they looked like, sounded like, smelled like and the things they liked to do. We had to include similes and descriptive words and our poems are amazing. We are working on final copies that can be displayed in the classroom.

In numeracy we are getting more and more confident with fractions,looking at improper fractions, and fractions of amounts. We will be moving on to money soon.

In IDEA we have been looking at volcanoes and tornadoes. We tried to do an experiment to create  tornado in a bottle. We had fun doing it but not all our bottle showed us the tornado although we understand now how tornadoes are made. We learned a lot about Mount Pinatubo too and are hoping to display our information along with our volcano art work.

We are continuing to practise really hard for our assembly and are looking forward to sharing it with you next Thursday. We hope lots of you are coming along.

We are also looking forward to our Come Learn with me a week on Friday and hope to see lots of parents too.

Friday 8th January

This week has been an amazing.

On Tuesday we got a new idea natural disasters they are volcanoes, tsunami, hurricanes, tornados, floods and earthquakes. We had to do what we knew and what we would like to find out. We also made key questions they all looked awesome. On Wednesday we done front covers of natural disasters for our idea jotters. On Friday we learned about the Haiti earthquake and how serious it was, we had to do a fact file on it.

On Tuesday in numeracy we did our 8 and 9 times tables we had to write them out and practice  them. On Wednesday we done fractions of shapes it was fun. On Thursday we done equivalent fractions and it was a bit harder than Wednesday.

On Tuesday we done poetry and we had to rewrite My Monster poem. On Wednesday we looked at the poem Hot Food by Michael Rosen and we had to identify the different things about the poem.

On Wednesday we did P.E with Mr Barrie and we did volleyball. On Thursday in P.E we did Scottish country dancing with Ms Etchells,we did the Gay Gordons and another dance.

On Thursday we talked about our assembly everyone now has a part and it will be very good. Our assembly is based on Joseph and his wonderful coat. BY Holly and Gemma













































Friday 18th December

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

What a busy week Primary 5 have had. We finished our pitches for the perfect party this week and everyone from P4/5 worked so hard to work cooperatively with classmates and children from P4/5.  I would have gone to all of their parties.

On Tuesday we sang Christmas Carols at Tesco. If you were able to come along and hear the children you would agree they were absolutely fantastic and sang beautifully and were a credit to Stoneyhill. Well done to all of the children. It certainly got me into the Christmas spirit.

Wednesday was our party and there was lots of singing and dancing and games. It was a a great party and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Panto came on Thursday and it was Sleeping Beauty. The woodchopper’s son Eric got Ellie to go up and tell him what had happened and a while later Maleficent hid behind Jenna and Ellie and shouted you told on me, I’m turning you into a frog. Eric nearly drunk the poison. The troll, Sayface was really funny. He was Maleficent’s assistant but he didn’t want to be evil so he joined up with Eric.

We finished the week with a Christmas Quiz this morning.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2016.

From Mrs Colville, Ms Etchells and P5

Friday 11th December

This week was an extraordinary week.

This week we did cooperative learning with P4/5 and we made party bags and gifts that could go in the party bag.  We had to split ourselves so two people did the gift bag and two made the gift. Lots of people made bouncy balls. We had to do active listening so we knew what people were doing. They all look good. We made a floor plan and we had to decide what we wanted at our party and use different colours to show what they were and then stick them on paper and then make a key. We answered questions about maths connected to the party. We had a budget and for the budget you got £200 to spend and you had to decide what you wanted and how long you wanted things for.  You had to spend as much of the budget as you could. We worked out how much it was altogether and what change we had from it. Then we had to make a receipt of all the things we were buying, how much they were, the total and the change.  We had to stick all the work we had done onto card. We were preparing to share what we had done and put forward our pitch.

On Monday we made placemats. The placemats all looked really good. On our placemats we were allowed to do hand  painting or drawing. You could make a snowman, Santa, reindeers or anything Christmassy. They were for our Christmas dinner on Wednesday.

On Wednesday we did Christmas crafts. We had to plan them in our busy books and the next day we made them.

We also had our Christmas show this week. Everyone sang beautifully and Erin in our class won the hamper. Well done Erin.

Friday 4th December

This week was a fun week.

On magnificent Monday we had to work out word problems and we had to work out if they were dividing or multiplying and we had to write out a sentence explaining the answer.

In IDEA we were presenting our persuasive writing about Egypt to the rest of the class. At the end of it we got sticky notes to write comments about everyone else’s presentation. One table got no sticky notes about there presentation apart one from Mrs Colville who thought they were Awesome! They all look fantastic up on the wall.

On Tuesday we worked with Miss Carmichael’s class to plan a Christmas Party and we made business cards and invitations. All the teams worked really well together and we showed Miss Carmichael and her class how  to do  cooperative learning. On our business cards we had to have a name and a slogan and on our invitation we had to say where it was and when it was.  We had to say who our business was for when we RSVP.

On Wednesday we did RME and we were writing a script about the day in the life of our characters and everybody did very well.

We planned our TV adverts choosing a certain toy to advertise.

We have been practising for the Christmas show and everyone sounds great. We are going on a trip to Tesco soon with Primary 6 and 7 to sing Christmas Carols.

In numeracy we had to look at missing questions and work out if it was addition , subtraction , multiplication or division sum then do a chimney sum or a number line to make sure we were right.

In maths we have been looking at clock times on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, learning about to and past.

On Thursday we filmed our TV adverts. People made things and some people drew pictures. First we had to practise  then we filmed them . When we were doing the adverts  Holly made a wooden swegway and then the whole table got a positive referral.

On Friday it was special assembly and well done to Charlie, Ellie and Angus.


Friday 27th November

This week has been an epic week. We have been doing maths and numeracy and we have been doing division. We have learned a new strategy to do division. We did a new strategy because it helps our growth mindset.

On Wednesday we planned our persuasive writing for Jibo , a robot who we were trying to sell  and then on Thursday we wrote about it. We had to write what he could do and try and sell him in the newspaper.

We have been making up information or a poem about John Muir. We were doing cooperative learning. We did voice on the table first . We did an activity called jot thoughts where you had to think of as many facts as you could and stick them on a sticky and put them on a piece of paper. Then we did  a poem for two voices where we took it in turns to write a line for our poem or piece of information.

In IDEA we were writing a persuasive piece of writing about 8 top places to visit in Egypt.  Kerra and Dayle brought in brochures with pictures. Everyone did parts each but we all worked together.

In Assembly we all had to sing our songs and there was dancing and actions and everything.

In P.E we were doing badminton and rallies and keepie uppies with the shuttlecock. Sophie twisted her ankle in P.E.

Friday 20th November

This week has been a fab week. In numeracy this week we have been using protractors to measure degrees and have been looking at angles.  In mental maths we have been looking at numbers before and after. We have also been looking at factors and division with remainders. Reece got a positive referral in numeracy for helping Isla, Dayle and Oliver. understand.

In IDEA we are going to make a presentation on Egypt and we had to look up facts about places in Egypt and we had to write a paragraph about the different places. We had to do persuasive writing because we have been practising persuasive writing by looking at adverts in textbooks. The past two weeks we have been researching the top 8 places to visit in Egypt and we will put them into a presentation.

In RME/ drama we  were thinking about Joseph and his family and thinking about the good and bad decisions they made.

In Science we have been making posters about what we have already learned about sound.

On Monday we created our team identity and we had to do a three step interview to get ideas for it. We had to make up a team name and another form of team identity like a cheer or a handshake. Some of us made posters, flag and mascots.

In P.E we have been doing badminton and in badminton we have been doing rallies.

We did our last fitness Friday today.

Friday 30th October

On Monday we found change from £1 mentally. All the amounts ended in a 5p so they were multiples of five. We had a little challenge to take the amounts away from £5 too and found out how to do that.

In Music we were doing lots of tongue twisters and they were hard and they were nice and long.

In IDEA we learned the Osiris tale and we had to pick a scene from it to illustrate it. Mrs Colville thought we worked really hard on this.

On Tuesday we were looking at Tutankhamun’s tomb and we used the computer to look at the  items that were in the tomb. We learned there was different ways to spell his name. We discussed how we thought Tutankhamun died, there were many conspiracies.

On Wednesday Ms Etchells taught us the grid method in maths and it was really really tricky. We also did handwriting and we did the letter ff.

On Thursday we went to John Muir’s birthplace. We had to get most facts and some people filled the whole sheet and onto the back. The building beside it was John Muir’s real house.


Friday 23rd October

We had a very busy week this  week. We started with a trip to Newhailes on Tuesday .DSC00210 DSC00211 DSC00212 DSC00213 DSC00215 DSC00216 DSC00217 DSC00218 DSC00219 DSC00220 DSC00221 DSC00222 DSC00223 DSC00224 DSC00226 DSC00227


At Newhailes we had to figure out how old the tree was by measuring it with a measuring tape, putting it all the way round the tree – times by 100 and then divide it by 2. We had to figure out what type of tree it was. We had to look round us for the colour of the seasons and then we had to get the colours and scribble the colours of Autumn.  We also had to use all the children to form a tree – the heart, the bark, the roots. The people left over were the beetles and they had to get past the bark. We also did bark rubbing.  All these activities are part of our John Muir award. We also had a drama workshop as part of our John Muir award on Thursday. We were told two different stories about John Muir. The first was fake and the second one was real. We had to act it out a bit of the story and we had to freeze frame in the middle of it. We played John Muir’s favourite game called oocha, oucha. You had to whip each other with seaweed and you had to shout out ouch or ow. He played it with his little brother David. When we first heard the story of the Dandy Doctors a few people had to pretend to be the children at the school. It was a scary story and we played a game about it. The two Dandy Doctors were known as Burke and Hare and they sold dead bodies to people at hospitals.



Friday 9th October

We had a wow week.

On Monday we planned chariots in idea and wrote information about them .They looked good.On Tuesday we made our chariots and when we were finished we put them on the back bench .


on Monday we were looking at bigger and smaller numbers.

on Tuesday we  did the final touches and they look very very very good.

We did our power points on tuesday and showed them to the whole class the power points were rockin.

We did a reading work shop there was mild hot and spicy cards and we based it on our reading books.

On Wednesday we made mummies.We made it out of clay paper and pipe cleaners . we rapped the mummie up in paper and glue and put the mummie in our buriel chambers.After thatour hands were covered in glue.

We also did libary and it was fun and peaceful.

On Thursday in idea we made treasure out of plasticene and stuck them with our mummies. Now our pyramids that we made are complete.

We did p.e and we played bench ball and the awesome actors won becuase we were doing it out of house teams .

On Thursday in maths we did this awesome game on a sheet and you had to roll the dice and what ever number you got you would right it down in the square box. Then when your box is full you would roll the dice and if you got the same number thats on your box then you cross it out the first person to cross out all your numbers then your the winner.

On Friday we had special assembly Dayle Cameron and Gabriella got the certifacate .We had golden time and Jazzy Jockeys got extra play

I enjoyed making the mummies -Maia and Sophie

I enjoyed making the pottery out of plasticene -Gabriella

I enjoyed golden time -Reece



BY Maia and Gabriella




Friday 2nd October

On Monday we did fitness and we did runing and   sprinting and all had a great time!!!!!We also did maths   and we were doing word problem but most people needed help but they all tried their best. In IDEA we were all doing chariot planing and they will all look amaizing when they are done.

On Tuesday we did the stories about going to the vally of the kings and exploing a unexplored tomb that nobody has ever discoverd befor and we all did amaizing stories.

To be continued by Charlie and Tom…..


Friday 25th September

This week was a incredable addition and it was really challenging and lots of people didn’t read the instructions. We managed to do it though, we didn’t give up. In ICT we got to do Epytian powerpoints and they were looking really cool with lots of pictures and facts.

On Tuesday we found out about our special starts to the day – Maths Monday, Chooseday Tuesday, Word Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Fitness Friday.

On Word Wednesday we had to think of five words to describe a banana and write five sentences using these words.

On Wednesday we did shape work and we went on to a workbook and cut out different net shapes for cubes and we also made 3D burial chambers for IDEA. All of them looked amazing and colourful. It was a craft day.

On Thursday we had PE and we did bench ball and the non bibs won and in the second game non bibs won again but it was a draw in the last game. At the start we had to get into our table groups to do Yoga at the start. We practised lots of different passes and then a big game of benchball.

Today we did a Learning Pit in our cooperative groups and it was about the three stages of learning – not wanting to do it. starting to want to do and growing in confidence and then doing it and succeeding.  When we were doing the learning pit we learned about the 6 Bs.

In Golden Time Gabriella brought in playmobile related to the Egyptians  and lots of people built it and played with it.

Friday 11th September

We have had an awesome week this week.

Oliver enjoyed ICT on Monday, it was fun. We made an Ancient Egyptian powerpoint.

Sophie enjoyed fitness on Monday. We made up a routine to the song Watch me Whip. We had to do press ups, jumping jacks, lunges, punching and bopping.

On Monday in numeracy we made hot air balloons and we were rounding up and rounding down to the nearest 100. Now they are on the wall looking amazing.

On Monday we did writing planning and it was good. We were planning a story about An Accident. On Tuesday we wrote our stories.

On Tuesday, in IDEA we did a chalk background and we made the Sphinx. They are outstanding. They look effective and they really stand out.

On Thursday in maths we did 3D shapes. We had to name the 3D shapes on the sheet.

In P.E we did scoutball which is a bit like benchball. The goalie had to catch the ball and whoever had the most people on the bench was the winner.

On Friday we were learning about Growth mindsets. We made a learning pyramid.  We had to write about something we can do well now and think about how we practised it and all the different stages of learning.

Monday 7th September

On Monday we were planing our stories for making something of things we found at the dump.We did pictures about ancient pharaohs and we stuck our pharaohs on our timelines we made.

On Tuesday we did literacy and  story mountains.We did numeracy sums without carrying

On Wednesday  we did P.E with Mr Barrie we done hockey.

On Thursday we made our red Egyptian crowns.

On Friday we did a maths and spelling test.




Friday 4th September

Mrs Colville is very very sorry, she accidentally deleted our page today. Abigail, Charlie and Jenna have very kindly volunteered to write it up on Monday.  They are absolute stars!!!!

Friday 28th August

In IDEA we made timelines for the Egyptians. We were also making the red crown and the white crown and finding out about them.

In numeracy we made maths wizards with four sums using the same numbers. We in have also been learning how to make shapes in maths.

In cooperative learning we made a team name and they were awesome.

In P.E we joined with another class.

We made up stories in writing. On Monday we planned our stories and we wrote them on Tuesday.

I enjoyed writing my story because we could let our imaginations spread. Maia

I liked doing the Ancient Egyptians timeline because I like the look of them. Sophie

I liked the cooperative learning – Angus

I enjoyed extra play because I got to hang out with the other Jazzy Jockeys. – Skye

I found reading fun because I like reading new books – Isla

I enjoyed numeracy because I liked linking the numbers – Skye

I liked playing outside because it means I can help Miss Crawford. – Isla

I enjoyed IDEA and Friday – Daniel

I enjoyed Golden Time – Kerra and Daniel

We liked learning about ancient Egypt – Jenna and Oliver


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  1. We have enjoyed listening to Gemma tell us about the John Muir award and the photographs look great – amazing autumn colours. Looking forward to finding out al about Children’s University.

  2. I enjoyed the trip and learning about John Muir, also maths if getting good and it’s is fun. Carmen.

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