P5/6 2016-2017

Friday 9th December

We have been exceptionally busy and haven’t written on our class blog in a while…

We are busy practising for our Christmas show and learning our songs to go to St Anne’s Care Home for some carolling! We hope to bring some Christmas cheer to the community.

Last week we had a fantastic time at our Science Exhibition, we really appreciate all the classes and parents that came along, we really hope you learned something interesting!

Yesterday we went down to Musselburgh Rugby Club for a rugby festival, we played with children from Campie and the Burgh. It was really good to use the skills we had been learning over the past few weeks and get involved in the tournament.

We are really looking forward to our Christmas party and the panto!

Friday 4th November

This week we finished our robot designs by writing a set of instructions. These instructions were either how to build it or how to make it do a specific task, e.g. make a cup of tea!

We have finished our block on addition and subtraction and time. We have now moved on to multiplication and division and money.

On a Wednesday afternoon we now go to Mrs Naysmith, last week we did co-operative learning and this week we did imaginative story writing planning.

On Thursday we had the P6 assembly which was really good as we are also learning all about the Victorians, our favourite parts were the singing and the timeline!

Today we finished our willow plates and our autumn trees, they make our classroom look really bright and colourful.


Friday 28th October

Welcome back! We all seemed to have had a well rested and enjoyable October holiday.

As part of our Victorian topic we have been learning about Willow plates and the story behind their famous pattern. We have designed and created our own.

In writing we did two different things this week, we wrote about our October holiday and we also designed robots based on a video clip from the Literacy shed. We did this in partners and next week we are going to write a set of instructions about how to make it work.

In maths we are practising multiplication, division and money. This week we have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and some of us have even been doing some decimal work.

We made some pretty autumn pictures with Ellie this morning!

Friday 14th October

This week was really good because we had a trip to New Lanark for our Victorians topic. We got to see inside a Victorian classroom and dress up as Victorian children. We were able to compare our school life to theirs. We learned lots of interesting facts about how they used to live.

We did some co-operative learning, where we evaluated our learning and progress so far in P5/6 because it is the end of term 1. Mrs Colville came in to watch and took part in our lesson too.

We also had special assembly to mark the end of term, well done to Holly, Jack and Luca!

Friday 23rd September

This week we watched a video called the dream giver and we used this to write a really good story opener with interesting vocabulary. We have been working really hard on our story writing and have also been using video clips and images to help us.

We started our new IDEA on the Victorians, in Art today we made a replica of a Penny Black which was the first ever postage stamp. We are looking forward to spending some time working with P6 on this topic.

We have also started to make a Victorian timeline which we will add to as we go through our topic. Right now we have listed when Queen Victoria was born, when she became queen, when she got married and when she died.

Friday 9th September

This week we made dream catchers as part of our BFG project. This was trickier than it seemed as it involved a lot of weaving with the wool.

We had a visit from Dogs Trust this week, they were teaching us how to stay safe around dogs and how to look after them.

The British Transport Police came in to our assembly and were telling us how to stay safe on the railway. They showed us a video that had an important message.

For our homework last week we designed a brand new character for the BFG and this week we used this character to create a brand new imaginative story.

Friday 2nd September

This week we have continued our learning on the BFG and we have drawn and painted some of the characters and put these on our display wall.

We have been very busy in our writing. We have written stories all about our dreams and have displayed these in dream jars on our display wall. This week we have also written a diary entry from the perspective of Sophie – the main character.

We had another hockey session and in a few weeks time we will be going to a hockey festival! We are also doing some rugby with Miss Carmichael and Mr Barrie.


I’ve been very lucky in being able to take the class on again for another year and have really enjoyed hearing how their summer holidays have gone!

This week we did a piece of writing all about what we did in our summer holidays.

We were put into brand new co-operative learning groups (our home teams) and we made team identities in the form of a team name, a poster and a logo.

We made some times table posters to help us with our maths, we also did some mental maths work using the numeracy map cards.

As a class we brainstormed some ideas for activities we could do when learning about the BFG.

Lastly, we ended our first week back by tweeting all about it….DSC00653 DSC00654 DSC00655 DSC00656


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