P6 2016-2017

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Throughout the year this page will be updated with blog posts, news and information – so keep an eye out!

Week Beginning 23rd January 2017

This week in P6 we have been learning about Blogs and how to write our own.  We had to create our own interesting introduction to open our Blogs.  In numeracy we have been exploring negative numbers and in particular temperatures: Did you know water freezes below 0oC and boils above 100oC.

In art we have finished our amazing City Skyline Sunsets.

We had our last workshop with O’Duo where we perfected our Samba drumming skills.  We performed with a few other schools in the Brunton Theatre – it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun.  Thank you to Oliver and Owen for teaching us how to groove!

“Performing with O’Duo was really fun!” – Erin

“I loved doing temperatures in maths” – Lyle

“I enjoyed our city skylines because it was fun to draw and it looks nice and pretty” – Maia

Next week we will be taking part in the Euro Quiz at Musselburgh Grammar – get revising your European Geography!

Week Beginning 7th November 2016

This week in P6 we have been learning; how to work out fractions of numbers in Numeracy where we played Bingo, we planned and created persuasive advertisement posters about the Great Exhibition of Stoneyhill and in literacy we wrote fantasy forest setting descriptions.

“I enjoyed making the poster because it was the first time we have done something like that in P6” – Lyle.

“I enjoyed the bingo because it was fun” – Daniel.

“I enjoyed making electrical circuits because I really like the scientists who founded/discovered electricity and find them inspiring!” – Gabriella.

“I was really proud of myself for getting a positive referral in literacy this week for my SLOW writing” – Kerra.

“I enjoyed P.E. because we got to do basketball with Mr Baptie and it was really fun!” – Maia.

“I enjoyed P.E. with Mr Barrie because I felt that I pushed myself and did better than I thought I would” – Erin.

Week beginning 31st October 2016

This week has been an exciting week – kicked off by some ghoulish fun on Monday.  We were using interesting vocabulary to help us Slow Write and spooky setting description.  It was our class assembly this week – the class has done a lot of work in preparation for this and the performance was great.  We had a lot of great feedback from the audience members – thank you P1/2 for your kind email.

‘The assembly was really great; I enjoyed singing “Consider Yourself” because the dancing was funny!’ – Skye

‘I enjoyed dressing up for the assembly because I got to see all of my friends in Victorian costumes and it was good fun’ – Charlie

‘I enjoyed doing the bleep test in P.E. because I tried hard, didn’t give up and was awarded with a positive referral!’ – Kimberly

‘I enjoyed doing the spooky Slow Writing because it was fun and everyone produced good work – I liked hearing other peoples work.’ – Maia

‘I enjoyed learning about the Great Exhibition that was held in the Crystal Palace – I liked how people could go and test inventions.  I’m looking forward to our classes Great Exhibition.’ – Isla

Week Beginning 26/9

This week we have started practicing our timestables using Hit the Button game in Numeracy – it is a helpful and fun way to practice and learn your tables.  In literacy we have continued to use SLOW writing to write quality sentences and paragraphs.  We watched a short film called The Eye of the Storm, about a man on a flying ship making his way to the middle of a storm which we used to inspire our SLOW writing.

In IDEA we have started to research Queen Victoria’s life in co-operative groups.  An interesting fact we discovered was that she used to play the piano, even though she didn’t like her teacher, she once slammed the piano lid shut onto her teachers fingers!

I have enjoyed:

“Invasion games in P.E. even though I got hit on the ear by a ball” – Dayle

“SLOW writing because it is fun and it helps you with your writing skills” – Erin

“I have enjoyed the hockey workshops and am looking forward to the tournament next week” – Tom

“I enjoyed the House Captain elections because everyone was really good and funny” – Maia

Next week we will be attending the Musselburgh cluster P6 Hockey festival.  Keep an eye on the weather and dress appropriately on Wednesday for spending the day outside.

Week Beginning 5/9/16

This week in P6 we have been:

– in maths we have been practicing our number bonds within 20 by playing games online, using whiteboards to test each other and timing ourselves to see how fast we could do our sums

– playing invasion games in P.E. (like hockey and rugby), it was good fun

– we had another hockey session with Mr Wright where we learned through mini games and skill sessions

– we have explored the world of Roald Dahl and we are looking forward to dressing up as characters next week

– we’ve had our first spelling and reading homework this week

– we have also had a visit from the Dog Trust where we learned how to properly take care of a dog.

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