Week beginning 2nd May 2016

On Wednesday the 4th of May we went to Pinkie to take part in the rugby festival. We worked on our tackling skills, kicking skills, we practiced passing and we played games. “I enjoyed the tackling the most” Kerr. “I enjoyed the tacking because I enjoyed tackling the bags” Matthew. “I enjoyed playing games against girls from other schools” Amy.

This week in literacy we learnt about similes. We changed a boring paragraph making it sound more interesting with some similes. “It was fun because I got to work on a fun paragraph about football” Jamie N. “I enjoyed learning how to identify similes” Liam.

Our school football team played against Campie this week and we won 13 – 0! If we win our next two games against the Burgh and Wallyford we will win the league. “Well done to all the boys who played and thank you to all the fans (whole school) for supporting us” Mason.

“I really enjoyed learning more Italian words” Tiegan.

“I enjoyed P.E. this week, because we were putting together the team for the athletics tournament” Michael. “I really enjoyed doing the long jump” Hannah. “Well done to all the people who are part of the Stoneyhill Athletics team” P6.

Week Beginning 25/4/16

This week in Primary 6 we have been learning Italian from our trainee teacher Miss Tersol – she is from Italy.  “She is really nice and really funny” – Olivia.

We finished our class song – Windy Coos – with composer Alan Penman.  We recorded the singing parts and then the brass and woodwind musicians recorded their parts for the song   “It was really fun working with him and was interesting to see what real musical artist go through during the recording process” – Michael.  The song is a comedy children’s song about how cows are contributing to Global Warming.  It has silly sound effects and a catchy tune – to engage listeners and have fun – but it also carries an important message about how our choices when shopping can have a impact on the health of the planet.

It was our last week of Tag Rugby workshops.  We have got our Rugby tournament next week at Pinkie playing fields where we can put our skills to the test.  “I really enjoyed the rugby sessions and would be keen to join the Musselburgh Rugby Club” – Cole.

“I really enjoyed the rugby sessions and am looking forward to the tournament” – Shaun.

“In literacy we have been learning how to write a good story opener using the zoom-in technique – it was fun coming up with your own ways to open your story” – Katie.


Week beginning 11th April 2016

This has been the first week back after the Easter holidays and we have been getting ready for Child Led Parents Evening.

Highlights from this week include:

“I enjoyed the rugby because we got to play lots of really fun games – my favourite was sharks and fishes” – Jamie S

“I enjoyed the song writing workshop, especially the part where we had to come up with ideas for the song.” – Bobbi F

“I enjoyed getting our Reading is Braw lanyards because it proves to people that we have completed the 5 weeks of reading.” – Olivia

“I enjoyed getting our gym hall back because now we can use it for P.E. and fitness” – Ben M

Children comments from parents evening:

“I enjoyed telling my parents about my blogs because I really enjoyed typing them up on a computer” – Shaun

“I enjoyed telling my parents about maths because I taught them how I do my sums on a numeracy map” – Abbie

“I enjoyed telling my parents about my blogs because I could show them the stages of how to make a good blog and confidently read it out to them (my parents enjoyed hearing them so that was good!)” – Tiegan

“I enjoyed telling my parents about my book – Stormbreaker – because it is exciting” – Cole

Week Beginning 11/1/16

This week in Primary 6 has been our first full week of school in 2016!  It has been a fun week.  In IDEA we have been learning about the European Union; we have been finding out about what the EU is, how and why it was formed, and who the 6 founding member countries were.  In our co-operative groups we came up with mnemonics to help us remember the countries.  The Icelandic Skating Sharks came up with: Footballers In Great Britain Have Lost.  Can you work out who the founding countries were from this mnemonic?

In literacy we have started a digital literacy project on Blogs.  We looked at examples of Blogs written by children around the world and came up with an extensive list of success criteria for good Blogs.  We have also written a first draft of our introduction to our Blogs.

This week I have enjoyed:

“The city skyline art because it was really fun to draw but really hard to cut out…it was still fun though” – Katie

“Learning about using speech marks in my writing – New Speaker, New Line – because it has helped me to know how to write speech properly” – Michael

“Doing Star Wars yoga because it was really fun, like going on an adventure” – Olivia

“Looking at the Blogs and reading the interesting things people have written” – Mason

“Using the ActiVote for a class Euro quiz because it got me in the mood for the big Euro quiz at the Grammar” – Tiegan

“Creating country profiles because I got to find out about a country, Latvia, that most people don’t know about” – Ewan

“Starting our new class novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, because it is one of my favourite books” – Hannah.


Week Beginning 5th January 2016

Happy New Year!!  I hope everyone had a really great Christmas and New Year.  Information about organisation and will come out next week in the class newsletter, and homework will start up again next week.

We have started our new IDEA, Children in Europe, this week which all of the children seem to be enjoying.  We have been working on map skills and improving our knowledge of European geography.  We looked at some really cool interactive maps which the children enjoy looking at.  This map uses Google Translate to show what a word is in all of the different European languages – http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/interactive/2014/jan/15/interactive-european-language-map

This map, found on a website with lots of other resources for the Scottish Euro Quiz, is an interactive map which provides facts and information about all of the countries in the Europe Union – http://europa.eu/kids-corner/countries/flash/index_en.htm

Feel free to have a look at these maps and let me know what you have learnt from using them.

Week Beginning 30th November

This week we have been on a class visit to the glass house to sing a collection of Christmas songs for the elderly.  We sang; Let It Snow, Merry Christmas Everyone, Last Christmas, Jingle Bells, Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer, Santa Claus is coming to town and We wish you a Merry Christmas.  It was great experience to sing front of such a big crowd and we were rewarded with an excellent spread of sandwiches and marshmallows!!  We were also fortunate enough to be interviewed on 107.6 East Coast FM where we answered questions about our most desirable presents and sand our show song!

In P.E. we have been learning some Scottish country dancing – Mr Barrie was very impressed with the maturity and dance skills of the class.

We have started our Christmas crafts and getting ready for the Christmas show.

“I enjoyed the country dancing because it was fun to see everyone dancing with each other” – Charlie

“We all enjoyed performing at the glasshouse – it was really fun to see everyone enjoying themselves and singing along with us” – Amy


Friday 27th November


On Friday we held our P6 science fair based on The Great Exhibition of 1851.  For homework we had to either make a model of an invention or create an experiment to demonstrate to visitors different aspects of science.

Our exhibitors were:

  • Jamie S: a homemade torch
  • Sophie: a model of a Victorian camera
  • Emma: raining blood
  • Olivia: mixing colours lava lamp and Victorian bike
  • Ben M: lava lamp/explosion
  • Holly: a model of a computer and internet
  • Fraser: lava lamp
  • Michael: tornado in a bottle
  • Shaun: an air resistant flying torpedo
  • Charlie: a floating and sinking egg experiment
  • Matthew: heart rate experiment
  • Ben S: rubber egg
  • Tiegan: fizzing lava lamp
  • Cole: avoiding pepper
  • Kerr: lava lamp
  • Abbie: lava lamp
  • Liam: cleaning coins with vinegar
  • Bobbi: lava lamp
  • Mason: rubber eggs
  • Ewan: radio receiver
  • Ailsa: inflating balloons with gases
  • Jamie N: floating and sinking oranges
  • Erin: model of a Victorian car
  • Hannah: lava lamp
  • Evan: rubber egg
  • Amy: model of the first steam railway
  • Dawson: experiment to weigh still and fizzy lemonade
  • Oliver: ocean in a bottle and tornado in a jar
  • Katie: rock and roll eggs

Thank you to everyone who attended our science fair and for our lovely feedback – we all really enjoyed the day!

“It was amazing seeing the look on peoples face when they saw interesting experiments” – Michael


“It went really well and everybody’s stands were very impressive” – Ailsa

“All of the experiments were awesome” – Bobbi

“Thanks for all of the kind comments” – Sophie


P6 CLASS BLOG – week beginning 26.9.15

This week was our classes’ assembly.  We enjoyed doing the Queen Victoria timeline, reading our Poor Victorian Child stories and sharing our work with you.  We’d like to say a big thank for all the parents who came to watch.

Science Fair homework details will be sent home next week, so keep an eye out for that in the bags.

Have a great Halloween and follow the safety advice we looked at this week – don’t eat too many sweets now!

P6 CLASS BLOG – week beginning 22.9.15

A short week this week but we have managed to squeeze in a lot!  This week we have; played bench ball and we had to use positive communication with team mates, we created our own poor Victorian child characters, we created cartoons in French to practice our written French, we had to research by highlighting interesting facts about Victorian children’s jobs, in maths we have been testing each other on our number bonds – as well as having individual and family photographs taken (check bags for order forms if you have not received one from your child!)

This week I enjoyed:

“Making our poor Victorian children because we got to pick horrible jobs for them which could result in death!” – Ewan F

“Playing Hit the Button on the computer because I beat Mr Baptie’s score!” – Mathew S

“Playing bench ball in P.E. because I enjoyed the drill where we had to communicate without talking – it was hard but quite fun!” – Ben M

“Goldentime when I went to art and I created a Indian symmetrical painting” – Tiegan

“The Victorian children’s job research, it was fun because you found out facts I didn’t know about the Victorians” – Shaun and Sophie.

PRIMARY 6 CLASS BLOG – Wk Bg 14.9.15

A short week this week but we have managed to get a lot done.  It was great to see so many parents at the Welcome Evening.

This week we have had a hockey taster with Mr Wright (Rowan’s Dad), we found out our new House captains, we had some fun lesson tasks on characterisation (How an author creates a character), we voted for a Pupil council rep (congratulations Charlie) and a Health Promotion rep (congratulations Ailsa), we continued our research into the lives of poor and rich Victorians and in fitness we have started taking the stretching warm up in P.E. lessons.

I enjoyed playing Hit The Button on the netbooks, it’s a really fun way to learn and practice your number bonds – Hannah.

I enjoyed the IDEA research because it is really fun to find out about people’s lives in the past – Mason.

I liked the hockey taster where we play small team games against each other – Ben M.

I enjoyed playing Invasion games where we had to communicate to our teammates in a loud and clear voice – Millar.

I enjoyed finding out who won house captain – Abbie.

I enjoyed the Rugby World Cup launch – Millar, Ben S and Ewan.

Week beginning 7.9.15 – This week in Primary 6 we have been playing mental maths games (Splat and Hot Seat), we have been researching the lives of rich and poor Victorians, in P.E. we have been practicing our hockey skills (the Indian dribble, block tackle and push pass), we had a visit from an SSPCA officer who talked to us about wild animals in Scotland and the job she does to look after them.

This week I have enjoyed:

  • Getting our Free Writing jotters because I like to write and it gives me an opportunity to do this (Hannah).
  • Playing the mental maths games because it helps me learn my times tables in a fun way (Ailsa).
  • Getting to learn about the Victorians because I enjoyed finding out how they lived (Ben S).
  • Learning the guitar in music because I really like music and I’ve always wanted to play the guitar (Ewan).
  • The SSPCA talk because I now know how badly animals can get hurt (Amy).

–      Playing invasion games because it was really fun and we got to play in different teams against each other (Holly).


Welcome to the Primary 6 Class BLOG. I hope everyone had an awesome summer holiday and are all rested and ready for another exciting and busy year ahead!

The children have all settled into P6 really well and have taken it in their strides. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the welcome evening on Monday 14th September to talk about the year ahead, routines within P6 and how we can work together to make this year a really successful one.

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  2. Well done P6 on composing your Windy Coos song, it’s the perfect balance of information and hilarious cheekiness! Awesome

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