P7 2016-2017


This weeks been a busy week for all of p7, we have been planning boss clubs that will start next week on Friday the 18th. The boss clubs we have  come up with are, backing, hair n nails, tennis, football, athletics, science, street dance, awesome autumn art and race track making. if you are in backing please bring your own tub/box, and if you are in hair n nails please bring your own hair brush. a lot of work got put into these boss clubs and we hope you enjoy them.

PE was fun this week because, I enjoyed doing the bleep test.- Sophie

I like doing the art with Mrs Naysmith on Thursday it was fun and creative. The artist was called L.S. lawrley.- Tiegan

I liked doing the literacy about the book wonder.- Evan

I really enjoyed planning BOSS CLUBS my club is really fun its tennis.- Mason

I enjoyed rugby the games were fun and exiting.-  Abbie and Holly



Friday 23rd September

I enjoyed the Hollywood walk of Fame because it was really good fun and I enjoyed designing our own stars: I also enjoyed P.E with Mrs Naysmith because it was really fun and really active –  Holly

We did place value and I have better understanding – Mason

I enjoyed the SSPCA coming today because we got know how we help animals. She was really funny so she was good to work with- Ben M and Abbie

I enjoyed doing the art with Mrs Naysmith because it was good fun looking at the differences between an old and new cinema and then designing our own. – Hannah

I liked doing the scale in maths because the class had a vote on their favourite food restaurant and we did a bar graph. – Tiegan

I enjoyed doing maths this week because I like doing graphs and I like the format of them – Bobbi

I enjoyed doing Geri’s Game because it was fun and you got to watch the movie. – Sophie



Friday 9th September

We are back from Benmore all in one piece. Thank you to Mr Baptie, Mrs Livingstone and Miss Vergani for taking us if you did not do that we would not be able to go so thank you.

It is our first week back after Benmore and it has been fun so far we have been getting settled down into our table groups and doing tests for maths and literacy. We have also been doing some work based on Roald Dahl for his 100th birthday such as fact files and character drawings. We also done some Benmore bubble wall writing. We also had a visit from transport police Scotland about train safety.

I enjoyed PE this week when we were doing dance because I liked learning new mooves, Holly

My favourite part of Benmore was the abseil because it was really fun bouncing down like a kangaroo.  Hannah

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Friday 19th August

Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely summer holiday.

Wednesday was our first day back at school and we did  some art.  We had to do arm tattoos and we drew round our arms then we decorated it with pictures that represented us.  We also had to write a story from a picture.  The title had to be ‘Time Stood Still’. We have played football in P.E and Mrs Naysmith got hit in the face with the ball. 🙁  We also played Kickball. On Thursday we continued working on what we had been doing the day before and made up some class rules.  Today at Fitness Friday we had to run laps round the field with Primary 5/6 and 6/ We didn’t all run!!! We did ‘Shout outs’ to other people in the class where we were celebrating everyones achievements. Then we did reflective diaries to celebrate our own achievements. Next week we are looking forward to some more exciting work and learning new stuff.

By Dawson, Jamie and Michael.




































































































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